Tuesday • April 23
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Go Gray Dame

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Instagram Sisterhood
Rene is joined by Christine Calzolano, to talk about sisterhood discovered on Instagram and Christine's path into entrepreneurship after becoming a mother. You can find Gems By Christine at @gemsbychristine or at her website.

Rene's Search for Answers
As we enter the weeks of family gatherings and giving thanks, Rene' shares her personal refection on why she began this podcast. Rene' has recently resigned her membership from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints commonly known as Mormon. Historical truths recently discovered and made available to the public have caused cognitive dissonance and confusion among some members of the church concerning doctrine and policies. Joseph Smith, the founder of the organization and self proclaimed prophet, actually practiced polygamy, illegal at this time, and married women as young as 14. This information and much more prompted Rene' to search for more answers. Acknowledging the role of women in the church was the call to action to tell the women, "Go Gray Dame."

Alison Monteith, London-based Gray Dame
Rene is joined by fellow Gray Dame Alison Monteith from London, to talk about the decision to go gray/silver, navigating the pandemic and her message to women about embracing their natural color.

The Path to Silver
Rene welcomes Jineen Silvery, a Nashville-based Jr. Gray Dame, to talk about her path to gray (actually silver), her faith journey and her other surprising life experiences.

Gray Dame Therapy
Rene welcomes therapist CA to talk about her non-traditional career path that she chose to pursue in her 40s.

Go Gray Dame, London Chapter
This week, Rene talks with London-based life and business coach Tracy Reid, to talk about going gray, adapting to health changes as we age, and more!

Faith, Family & Resilience
Rene welcomes Junior Gray Dame Stacey Legg to talk about faith, family, resilience in life and careers, and going gray!

Finding New Friends, the Gray Dame Way
Rene is joined by Junior Gray Dame Arlene Dyrvik to talk about how to find new friendships and tribes, and the huge steps Arlene has taken as she moves into the Gray Dame stage of life.

The Feminine Divine
Rene ponders patriarchy, obedience, righteous subjugation and the role of women from a Biblical and spiritual perspective.

What Defines a Gray Dame?
Rene sets the stage for what's to come on Go Gray Dame, as her show focuses on ways to embrace the third act of life and to live it to the fullest. She shares her journey to owning her story, and the freedom that has followed the decision to allow her hair to go gray.