Saturday • December 09
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You've Got The Power!
If you don't have the "won't" power to resist the tantalizing and tasty, high calorie goodies that pack on the pounds, Jimmy Moore, author of Livin' La Vida Low-Carb: My journey From Flabby Fat To Sensationally Skinny In One Year will share his amazing story and tips for smaller hips! Then, If you've been pondering a home-based business, well, you've got the power to make it happen! Andy Ali, "work-at-home" guru, will show you how!

Unlock The Power of Your Imagination!
Today's guest, Kevin Kowalke, will show us how to use ideas, imagination and inspiration for profit and personal success! He's a skilled business pro and true mastermind and will give us the keys that unlock the incredible potential we have within!

Think About It!
Life requires a lot of good solid thinking skills, and our guest today, acclaimed speaker and author of the motivational book "InCite", Scott Ringweiski, will talk with us about using critical thinking abilities to our best advantage. Scott is gifted with the motivational magic and insightful intelligence that will truly have us thinking about today's show for many days to come!

It's Time To Get More Social!
Advertising Executive Toni Bradshaw brings her branding and marketing expertise to the table! We'll talk about the HUGE impact of the social networking boom, and how this can help you get yourself and your product or service into the social mix!

Change Your Thinking!
Our guest this week is Dr. Rick Shaefer, author and creator of the revolutionary new program Extreme Thought Makeover: 37 Days to Maximum Life! We'll talk with Dr. Rick about transforming your life by transforming your thinking, the law of attraction and action steps to maximizing your future!

This week's FOXOLOGY focuses on wellness with special guest Dr. Ray Lueck, an innovator in the field of psychology. His work specializes in non-medication alternatives, and emphasizes the treatment whole person: mind, body, heart and soul. You'll have a richer understanding of your own personal dynamics and get tools for living a more healthy and "well-thy" lifestyle!

Treat Yourself Well!
Treat yourself to a storehouse of information this week with our health and nutrition expert, Sunday Muniz of Nutritional Designs . She'll help you kick your bad habits and put you on the straight path to health and wellness!

Find Your Purpose!
Are you currently struggling to find the perfect job or career path? Theory says that passion + purpose + position = a satisfying career! Join us as we talk with national speaker and trainer Jeff Percival, President of Percival Enterprises and author of "Work Makes Me Sick!" He guarantees you'll discover your combination to successful employment!

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Give Your Blues The Boot!
Feeling a little down? In a rut? Fallen down and can't get up? At some time or another most of us have faced a tough situation or a challenging circumstance that left us emotionally drained. The great news is that there are sure-fire ways to get re-charged, re-directed and back up and kickin'! We'll talk about tough times and tough-minded tips for taking charge!

Your Self-Esteem: Kick it Up a Notch!
You or someone you know need a "self-esteem" upgrade? YOUR SELF-ESTEEM: KICK IT UP A NOTCH may be the answer! LIFE COUTURE continues to get you thinking about your life's personal design by offering valuable tips for off-the-chart self-worth!

Plug In To Your Power
This show will give you the power surge you need to get yourself "charged-up"! You can reach your goals and aspirations, and we'll help by offering strategies that get you plugged into your potential!

Life Couture
This is the beginning of a 12-week designer course on life and how to make yours AMAZING! We'll cover every aspect of "stinkin' thinkin'," and all of the various ways to kick "but" to the curb and live your life with joy and satisfaction! No more excuses! From better health to greater wealth, you will learn to stop making excuses and chart your life's course with purpose and intention! You will be truly amazed at the limitless possibilities that lie ahead once you've kicked your "but" out of the way! Don't miss this!