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Face and Fashion with Cindy Francis

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Summer Then Winta
Cindy tells us how she spent her summer and does product reviews. Then, she's joined by guest co-host Winta Reagan for some dish on Fashion Week. You don't want to miss this!

Alcohol and Your Skin
There's nothing wrong with having a few drinks, but Cindy will tell you why you need to watch what you are drinking and how much, because every sip can affect your skin. Plus, Cindy's skincare tips for summer.

Fashion Avenue News Magazine
On this week's episode, we focus on the fashion, as the ladies welcome Sofia Davis. Sofia is the founder of Fashion Avenue News Magazine, the Global Luxury Fashion Magazine featuring emerging and established fashion talent. Sofia will talk about why she started the magazine, and also about what's happening in the New York Fashion scene

Men's Skincare FAQ
Cindy answers a bunch of the most common skincare questions her male clients have about shaving, moisturizing, and keeping their skin looking young, among other questions.

Paging Rae Holliday
Our scheduled guest is MIA, so Cindy fill the hour with face and fashion talk. Find out why SPF is so important and why you 9 to 5ers have in made when it comes to the sun.

Aloe and Your Skin
On this episode, Cindy discusses aloe and what it can do for your skin. We also talk about why you should be keeping your skin care products in the fridge and why most of Cindy's clients are men.

The Amazing Lemon
The lemon needs to be part of your skin care routine, and not just for your face. Cindy explains what the amazing fruit can do, from lightening your skin to reducing excess oil on your face. Plus, friend of the show Troy Atlas drops by to talk about skin care for men.

Men's Skin
On this episode, we're talking about what makes men's skin different from women's, and what guys need to do to keep things looking vibrant. We'll also talk about how what you eat can affect your skin, and how foods can change the taste down south.

The Cause of Your Acne
Your face keeps breaking out and you dont know why. Cindys here with some causes you might not have even considered. Also - Alve's Christmas party scandals, and the right shoes for all of the holiday festivities.

Liquid Oxygen and Pepper Spray
Cindy will introduce you to an incredible acne treatment called liquid oxygen. Plus, we'll meet creative wardrobe stylist Sheena Michelle, and if you are in the boroughs, keep those dogs away from Cindy, or else they get the pepper spray.

Teeth and Fashion
No Alve in studio today. Instead, Cindy has makeup artist extraordinaire Dal Eris as our special co host. We'll talk with dental hygienist Jonathan Chaucy about the relationship between your teeth, skin and health. And Alve will introduce us to Shelly B.

Flip the Script
Alve plays host, and Cindy is the guest, as the tables get turned when our favorite Esthetician gets interviewed. Plus, Cindy feels guilty because she is cheating... on her hairdresser.

Actress Xen Sia
Along with the weekly face and fashion talk, Cindy welcomes Xen Sia to the program. Xen is one of New York’s most successful models, and is also an actress who has appeared in films with Kevin Spacey and Chazz Palminteri.

Cindy talks with of mySkin, who will tell us all about dermograph, the first ever transdermal skin consultation system. Plus - the fashion of Claire Huxtable.

Know-It-All Syndrome
No, we aren't talking about our lovely hosts, but one of our host's daughter, who also has been stealing her mommy's lip gloss. Speaking of lip gloss, Alve has some lipstick tips in her fashion segment, and we also talk to Tricia Perry of Aramis.

Jelly of Switzerland
Our dynamic duo is a trio this week, when Cindy and Alve welcome LaTanga Blair to the program. LaTanga is a model, actress and flight attendant who just got back from Switzerland (and Cindy is jelly). She takes us inside the world of high fashion from behind the scenes.

Needing a Pick-Me-Up
Cindy's been working it since 3AM. Does she have the energy to make it through a show, and make it to a movie premiere? Listen find out. Plus, a lightning round of Q and A, and what was Alve doing in the roaring 20's?

Got Milk
What's our favorite esthetician's secret new skincare product, and can you really find it in the dairy section. Plus - alternative medicine, and why is Alve hanging with Phil Harris?

Good Boots and Better Manners
Cindy and Alve are back for another show. And Cindy promises to be on her best behavior. The ladies have some great new products to talk about, but can't seem to find the right boots for fall...

Back from Vacay
It's how I spent my summer vacation away from TalkZone with the one and only Cindy Francis and Alve Alexander! They'll let you know what they've been up to, catch up on the fashion scene, and fill you in on some great new products.

Hoppin' Events
We hit the Jazz Festival with Alve, the Government Ball Music Festival, and comment on Tracy Morgan. Plus, product reviews, You Better Not, and Q & A's.

The CFDA AWards went down last night in NYC, and Cindy and Alve have a lot to say about it. Plus, product reviews, Q & A and You Better Not.

Elevator Gossip
We don't like to gossip on this show. But after what went down with Jay Z and Solange, we have GOT to gossip! We've also got a big shout out to the Moms out there for Mother's Day, Q & A's, product reviews, and You Better Not!

Fashion at the Met
The stars were out the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute benefit gala celebrating "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" in New York Monday, and Cindy and Alve dish on their faves and duds. Plus, we debut our product reviews.

Loose Skin
As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity that it had in our younger years, and this causes it to become loose and appear saggy. Especially around your neck But there are ways to tighten things up. Then, there are other body types besides the hour glass. Alve's got the dish.

Expired Skincare Products
In the United States there are no FDA regulations for the expiration date for skin-care or makeup products. But yes, those products do expire. So how do you know when to keep it and when to toss it? Cindy's here again with the answers. Also, what's more important: what you wear to the gym, or what you are wearing underneath?

The warmer weather is here, and so is the sun. Do you know what you need to do to protect your skin? Never fear, cause Cindy Francis is here! We'll also tell you what nail colors are hot for this season.

Accessories and Your Skin
Sometimes we use accessories to help our appearance. Sometimes we use them to hide our flaws. And in some cases, you are making those flaws worse. Plus, Cindy and Alve present the first edition of YOU BETTER NOT!

Essential Oils
Cindy brings us the dish on the essential oils you can use to renew and protect your skin. We also talk about our favorite shoes for spring, purses to match your outfits, and bring you another round of questions from our listeners.

Makeup Before and After
Cindy talks about how to take care of your skin before and after you apply makeup. We've also go plenty of talk about shoes, and more Q & A from out listeners.

Keeping Your Skin Tight
You've lost a lot of weight, and your feeling great, but because of your loose skin, you aren't looking so great. Cindy's here with some tips to help you tighten up that loose skin. Plus, fashion tips to help you change your shape.

Food and Your Skin
You've heard the phrase you are what you eat? That applies to your skin too! Cindy outlines some foods that are good for your skin, and ones you should avoid.

Oscar Style
Cindy and Alve discuss the styles they loved and the looks they didn't at Sunday's Oscars.