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How Your Voice Can Attract or Repel Love with Guest Jill Mattson
Did you know that a slight edge in your voice can set your guy’s teeth on edge? It’s true! Men are highly sensitive to the slightest modulations in a woman’s voice. Your voice alone can trigger ANS arousal and withdrawal reactions in him. Join me to find out how you can use your voice to stop a guy from withdrawing and even inspire love with your voice alone! Tune in for a fascinating discussion with Jill Mattson, author, artist, musician and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing.

If you’re in the US, you can call me toll free at: 1-888-GOFORIT. If you’re outside the US, dial the US country code, followed by the numbers: 1-847-470-0937 or 1-847-470-1114.

Falling in Love Again with Guest Larry Bilotta
Are you in a relationship that feels like hell on earth? You’re not alone.This week, I’ll be introducing you to Larry Bilotta who lived 27 years in a marriage made in hell; but in the 28th year he fell in love with his wife! Now, he’s on the verge of celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary with his wife Marsha. So don’t give up hope. Tune in to find out how you can rekindle that spark, even if you think the spark plug is dead.

If you’re in the US, you can call me toll free at: 1-888-GOFORIT. If you’re outside the US, dial the US country code, followed by the numbers: 1-847-470-0937 or 1-847-470-1114.

Why Mary-Kate Olsen is Tying the Knot with a Daddy Figure
Why is Mary-Kate Olsen, a beautiful, successful and wealthy celebrity, getting hitched to a guy who’s old enough to be her dad? Tune in as I unravel this mystery and help you understand why so many women are going for older guys--and what younger guys can do to make themselves more appealing to younger women! If you’re in the US, you can call me toll free at: 1-888-GOFORIT. If you’re outside the US, dial the US country code, followed by the numbers: 1-847-470-0937 or 1-847-470-1114.

Loving and Lasting with Bestselling Author Ande Lyons
My special guest is Ande Lyons, the founder and Chief Passion Curator for where she tastefully and playfully shares tips, tools and resources with women who want more sensuality and sexual excitement in their lives. Tune in to find out more about how you can bring more passion into your love life!

If you’re in the US, you can call me toll free at 1-888-GOFORIT.

Are You Committing Bedroom Boo-Boos?
In this week’s show, I’m pulling back the covers to reveal the 7 most common male and female bedroom blunders and how to fix them fast. Join me to find out whether, when it comes to getting laid, you’re laying an egg!

If you’re in the US, you can call me toll free at: 1-888-GOFORIT. If you’re outside the US, dial the US country code, followed by the numbers: 1-847-470-0937 or 1-847-470-1114.

How Understanding Creates Longstanding Love
Did you know that happy couples are happy because they know how to enter each other’s emotional realities and see the world from the other’s vantage point? The technical name for this skill is Partial Identification. Because Partial Identification is the master key to heading off fights--and creating a solid bond--you’ll want to tune in to learn how to master this skill.

I loved hearing from you last week, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me this week. The number to call is: 1-888-GOFORIT.

Is Your Sex Life an Ex Life?
Are you wondering where’s the beef?

In this week’s show I’m going to show you how to bring home the bacon in bed!

Don’t despair even if your sex life is more like a wet noodle, my appetite-whetting, 10 step recipe for romance will put a jump start in your pants!

Speaking from the Heart
Do you speak from your heart? Many people will answer that question: hell, no! Many of us find the courage to be real and speak from our hearts when life shakes us up. In this week’s show, I’m going to introduce you to media personality Ann Quasman, host of WomanTalk Live. Ann’s found her voice following a sexual assault. Tune in to this week’s show and discover how you can leap off the ledge of love and speak from your heart right now.

If you’re in the US, you can call me toll free at: 1-888-GOFORIT

How to Ignite Passion this Valentine’s Day and Beyond
This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to tell you all about true love--how to recognize it and how to keep it alive using my Five-Step Recipe for Romance. Whether you’re looking for true love or you love life needs a shot in the arm, you’ve come to the right place! I also I invite you to call into the show and ask me your questions. If you’re in the US, you can call me toll free at: 1-888-GOFORIT. If you’re outside the US, dial the US country code, followed by the numbers: 1-847-470-0937 or 1-847-470-1114.

How to Listen with the Ears of Your Heart
Have you ever noticed that couples in conflict suck at listening? And did you know that on the road to conflict resolution, listening is the superhighway? In this show, I’m going to reveal why listening is nearly absent in conflicted relationships, and why so many couples fall into the deaf pit.

So tune in for my listening crash course, and discover how to listen your way to love.

Are You Ready to Kiss Your Fights Good-bye?
Are fights ruining your relationship? Are you on the verge of a breakup because of your fights? Well, have no fear, Dr. Love is here! My conflict resolution method is just what the doctor ordered!

In this show, I’m going to talk about the most common fight pattern. It’s called the Demand/Withdraw Negative Escalation Cycle or Husband Withdrawal for short. Tune in to find out how easy it is to kiss your fights good-bye and say hello to a lifetime of lasting love!

Messages of Hope
Are you feeling a little short on hope?

Don’t despair...In this week’s show, I’m going to be talking with Suzanne Giesemann who will be bringing her message of hope. An acclaimed inspirational speaker, she captivates audiences as she brings hope, healing, and comfort through her work.

How to Be Happy No Matter What
Is your happiness tied to what goes on around you? I mean, does your mood take a nosedive when life around you isn't going perfectly, when someone says something hurtful or nasty to you, when you are in conflict with your partner or when you are without a partner? Get ready to meet Cindy Teevens who discovered the way to stay happy no matter what goes on around her. Join us to discover how you can create radical inner peace and happiness no matter what’s going on around you!

How to Experience Intimacy without Intercourse
This week, I’ll be introducing you to Michael Russer, a highly regarded international speaker and author and TV personality who, beginning in September of 2011 began a year-long personal transformation that included a diagnosis of prostate cancer, radical prostatectomy, follow up intensive radiation treatments and full blown impotence, which he considers to be one of the biggest blessings in his life. It is because of his impotence that he and his partner discovered an entirely new approach to experiencing levels of emotional and physical intimacy that far exceeds anything either experienced before.

ENCORE SHOW: What Rats Can Teach Us About Making New Year’s Resolutions That Stick
Every year, millions of people across the globe make New Year’s resolutions to improve their career, health, fitness, weight loss or finances. Sadly, our resolutions fail not because we have no discipline but because humans are creatures of habit. Our brains are wired to maintain the status quo. In this show, I focus on 8 proven steps for setting yourself free of habitual behavior patterns that keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving your resolutions.

Dr. Love’s Guide to Surviving The Jolly Hollerdays with Family
If the days ahead have you filled with dread, fear no more!

In this Ask Dr. Love radio show, I explain why millions of people end up broken rather than happy hearted during the holidays. Tune in to hear my proven plan for turning your family hollerdays into truly joyous holidays and beyond! This show features special guest Rick Tamlyn, Master Certified Coach and developer of The Bigger Game, a tool that inspires executives, leaders and everyday people to get out of their comfort zones and invent the life they want.

Dr. Love’s Couple’s Guide to Surviving The Jolly Hollerdays
In this show, I’m going to discuss the real reason why holidays often become hollerdays. It is precisely the stresses of the holidays (extra chores and shopping, money worries, and time spent with families, etc.) that expose our relationship fault lines. Under this pressure our relationships rupture. This week I will be joined by special guest Larry James, the NY Times Bestselling author. former Associate Producer of “Mars & Venus,” the nationally syndicated Radio show. Tune in to listen to our proven tips for turning your hollerdays into truly joyous holidays and beyond!

Why Women Love Bad Boys
Are you suffering from a bad case of Bad Boy Blues? Well, if you find yourself attracted to guys who come from the wrong side of the tracks, you may be addicted to bad boys! So, tune in to this week show and receive a much needed dose of Bad Boy therapy! This week I’ll be talking with Victoria M. Howard, bestselling author of Why Women Love Bad Boys, about why women fall for bad boys and, most importantly, how to break your bondage to a bad boy.

The Secret Reason Why Menopause Makes Many Women Suffer
Are you struggling with menopause? Or is someone you know and love (and sometimes hate!) struggling? Join me this week for a fascinating discussion with Lynda Wyzda, author of Menopause in Crisis: The Summer I Lost My Mind. In this week’s show, I will reveal the little known fact that menopause can expose pre-existing psychological fault lines.

How to Win Over Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend's Pet
Internationally Known Pet Expert Harrison Forbes and I will be talking about how to win over your boyfriend or girlfriend’s pet--the secret key to winning your honey pie’s heart too! As you’ll discover, getting along with your boyfriend/girlfriend’s pet is the way to make your relationship a surefire bet!

Join Me For Some Chicken Soup with Jack Canfield
It is my great honor to introduce you to Jack Canfield the driving force behind the development and delivery of more than 123 million books sold through the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise (and over 500 million copies in print worldwide) the inspirational anthologies that have grown to a billion dollar market. Jack and I will be talking about his newly released success principles for improving and mastering every aspect of one’s life and relationships.

Cat Got Your Tongue?: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Voice
n this week’s show, we’ll be talking about why women find it so difficult to speak their truth. As a result of “stuffing” what needs to be said, women often fall into a rebound reaction that causes them to blow up over the smallest things--a see-saw effect that wreaks havoc on intimate relationships. Join me and my guest, Judy Cohen, a leading presentation expert and author of the book Red Hot Presentations, as we discuss why it’s so difficult for women to speak up in an effective, not bitchy way. I will also be introducing a remarkable teenager named Elani Latsios who is beginning her career as a motivational speaker for teens. I’ll be talking with Elani about her own observations about why today’s young women face tremendous obstacles to self-assertion. Join me for what I know will be a fascinating show.

Are You In An Imaginary Relationship?
Could you be trapped in an imaginary relationship? Are you, for him, nothing more than a friend with benefits? Do you often feel rundown in relationships? Does it feel as if you keep giving more and more and not getting back what you want? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you may be clinging to the ghost of a relationship that doesn’t exist. Millions of women find themselves trapped in an imaginary relationship without realizing it. Could you be one of them?

3 Secrets to Cracking The Man Code
This week, I will introduce you to Mat Boggs, a true difference maker who has dedicated his life to increasing love in the world one heart at a time. Mat has co-authored the best-selling book, Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America’s Greatest Marriages.

More True Love with Bestselling author Robert Fulghum
Join me for a continuation of the wonderful discussion that Robert Fulghum and I began last Valentine's Day. In our first encounter, we talked about the remarkable parallels between his true love story and my own. In this show, we're going to share some more really fine love stories from his True Love collection. I know you're going to enjoy this conversation as much as I will.

Dr. Love’s Guide to Spotting Online Fakes, Freaks and Frauds
If you’ve been tuning in for a while, you know that my husband died of a bee sting while we were vacationing in Italy. After a couple years, and much nudging from friends, Dr. Love gave Internet dating a whirl! As a result, I personally came into contact with every flavor of online dating fakes, freaks and frauds. Each year, millions of educated and successful professional men and women are “taken.” The romance scams perpetrated against widows alone comprise a multi-million dollar industry. Tune in and discover my foolproof method for identifying Emotional Predators and financial scammers before you get hurt emotionally and/or financially.

An Intimate Look at Sexual Frigidity with author Cris Mazza
In this week’s show, I pull back the covers for an intimate look at female sexual frigidity. I’ll be talking with renowned author Cris Mazza whose poignant memoir tells the story of a girl who didn't feel the sexual awakenings she knew she was supposed to feel, and about the boy who loved her nonetheless. Thirty years later Cris Mazza went back to find that boy, now a man, only to discover that he’d never stopped yearning for her. Sadly, in an attempt to cauterize his feelings for her, he’d sealed himself into an abusive marriage. Ultimately, Cris’ story is a love story that describes her reconnection with her childhood love, the man who never stopped loving her, frigidity and all. Join me to hear Cris’ fascinating and heartfelt story.

Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse
Did you know that an estimated 20-40 percent of girls and 2-9 percent of boys are sexually abused by the time they reach age eighteen? Childhood sexual abuse may hinder the development and growth of relationships and survivors may experience difficulties with trust and affection, fear of intimacy, fear of being different or weird, difficulty establishing interpersonal boundaries, passive behaviors, and getting involved in abusive relationships. sexualizing relationships, inappropriate seduction, compulsive sexual behavior, promiscuity, problems concerning desire, arousal, and orgasm, flashbacks, difficulties with touch, and sadistic/masochistic tendencies. If you or anyone you know has been abused, I invite you to join me for this important show.

Are You Committing Bedroom Blunders Without Realizing It?
In this week’s show, I pull back the covers to reveal the 7 most common male and female bedroom blunders and show how to fix them fast. Join me for what promises to be a fun and eye opening show!

The Honesty Experiment
Join me this week for a discussion with Kira M. Newman, founder of the Honesty Experiment, a 30-day challenge where people commit to being honest with themselves and others. Each day, they get a little tip or question to guide their journey to self-improvement. I’ll also be sharing my simple rule for knowing when it’s good to be honest and when it’s good to button your lip. Once you understand this rule, your relationships will rule.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Dr. Love’s Blueprint for Losing the Blues
Do you see your glass as half full or half empty...or worse...totally empty? While it is true that our temperaments are largely defined from birth, the latest research shows that there is much that you can do to change your attitude and mood so you can tip the scales from sorrow to smiles. Tune in to this week’s show and learn how to savor a slice of the good life!

How Can a Woman Spot a Player Before She Gets Played?
In this edition of Ask Dr. Love Radio Show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf discusses the emotional danger of placing the erotic cart before the emotional horse. Doing so puts a woman at risk of becoming attached to someone who is a player or simply not a good fit. This practice also places a woman at risk of driving a man away. Tune in to find out why practicing self-love by setting boundaries for oneself is the key to forming a solid relationship. It is precisely during this time of waiting and watching that a woman is supposed to assess her prospective partner’s capacity to form a relationship and evaluate whether compatibility exists.

It’s Your Fault You’re Single: With Dating Coach Mr. Locario
This week I’ll be interviewing NYC Based Dating Coach, Mr. Locario who says, “It’s your fault that you’re single!” In the tradition of positive psychology, Mr. Locario encourages people to focus on the little things that are good in their lives and to cultivate gratitude. He also advises people to approach others by asking the positive question: what’s good in your life?, to inspire happiness in others and form a positive connection.

Why Anthony Weiner Can’t Keep His Weiner in His Pants
In this edition of Ask Dr. Love Radio Show, I invite you to join me as I further detangle Anthony Weiner’s tightly knotted erotic web. Wait until you discover the specific childhood emotional injury that is likely causing his compulsive need to self-expose! I’ll also be looking at the question of cheating and the new media. I’ll talk about why the new media makes it easier for people to be unfaithful and what behaviors actually constitute cheating.

Transforming Life Challenges Into Relationship Miracles
Have you ever wondered if your relationship is strong enough to weather the strain if you or your partner became chronically ill? In this week’s show, I’m going to introduce you to a remarkable sixty-year-old woman named Barbara Thayer who has been battling Multiple Sclerosis since her 20s. Throughout her lifetime, whenever her disease has flared up, she’s been forced to live in an institution. In spite of her huge challenges, she’s managed to marry and survive three different men. And believe it or not, Barbara just returned from her 4th honeymoon last week!

Inside the Male Mind: 25 Secrets Men Wish You Knew!
Did you know that understanding your partner is vital to forming a bond that survives and thrives. And that the more you know, the more your love will grow. In this week’s show, I reveal EVERYTHING that men secretly think and feel about relationships. From how they truly feel about commitment, to what alone time means to them, why appreciation is so important, how they truly feel about your initiating sex, and so much more.Did you know that understanding your partner is vital to forming a bond that survives and thrives. And that the more you know, the more your love will grow. In this week’s show, I reveal EVERYTHING that men secretly think and feel about relationships. From how they truly feel about commitment, to what alone time means to them, why appreciation is so important, how they truly feel about your initiating sex, and so much more.

Dr. Love’s Recipe for Summer Romance: Connecting Through the Kitchen
Did you know that an apron is as good as a negligee for sparking a man’s sexual interest? And, guys, if you can stand the heat, find out why getting your buns INTO the kitchen is just what the doctor ordered for heating up your gal’s desire.To discover all the other little known aphrodisiac foods that you should be using, tune in for my sure fire recipe for setting your lovelife on fire.

Are You Suffering from Foot In Mouth Disease?
Have you ever felt like your tongue is your own worst enemy? Well, you’re not alone. By now you’ve certainly heard about Paula Deen’s recent “Open Mouth, Insert Foot” incident. Paula, like millions of people, is suffering from what I call “Emotional Foot IN Mouth Disease!” a worldwide epidemic that’s characterized by speaking without thinking and uttering words that leave behind a wake of damage. Could you or someone close to you be suffering from the same problem?

In this show, I’m going to share my 5-step method for training yourself to keep a civil tongue in your mouth, even when you’re spitting mad.

The Relationship Power Trip with Guest, Dr. Charles Rawlings
Do nice guys finish last? Do women cast aside generous, attractive and accomplished men in favor of bad boys? Are our intimate relationships nothing more than power trips in disguise?

Dr. Charles Rawlings says yes!

Listen to this amazing interview, in which I surprise Dr. Rawlings by revealing his own obvious childhood trauma. I go on to explain that his "theories" are a disguise for his own emotional injury.

The Erotic Workshop: How to Cultivate the Garden of Self-Love
Did you know that it’s impossible to love another if you don’t love yourself first? Paradoxically, most people labor under the fantasy that a partner or spouse can fill their empty emotional wells. In the end, we just drain our partners dry. The only way out is to step back and serve ourselves a hefty dose of soul food. Join me this week as I talk with Michael Ross about how to cultivate your own emotional garden.

Are Cash Register Receipts Killing Your Sex Drive: Uncovering 10 Hidden Causes of Sexual Dysfunction
Are you in a sexual slump? Do you feel dead from the waist down? Does the prospect of getting down make want to frown? If you said YES to my questions, then your sex drive is definitely in the dumps. Believe it or not, the culprit could be cash register receipts! And, that’s not all. Join me as I reveal 10 other hidden causes of sexual dysfunction including scented candles and sex toys! Tune in to this week’s show and let me help you get to the bottom of your sexual bottoming out!

Don't Take It So Personally! 7 Steps For Eliminating Excessive Personalization
Do you often feel like your partner is putting you down or blaming you...even when he/she swears that he isn’t? Are you taking things too personally, and is this putting a hurt on your relationship? If you said yes, you may be suffering from what’s called Excessive Personalization. There is a way out! Tune in to this week’s show and discover my 7 steps for eliminating Excessive Personalization. When you discover how to train your brain to level with you, rather than level you, you will be able to substitute Excessive Personalization for the ability to see and hear what your partner is actually saying!

How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Go the Distance
Because my HLN TV appearance on long distance love was so well received, I decided to do an entire radio show for you on this topic. With a full hour to spend, I can delve more deeply than I could on TV. So if you or someone you know is struggling with long distance love, there’s no need to throw in the glove. In this week’s show, I’m going to share my best tips for helping your long distance love make it to the finish line. From daily maintenance, to avoiding texting no nos, and even how to have sex from afar, I’m going to cover all the bases to make sure your long distance love hits a homerun!

Turning Off the Blowtorch: How To Identify and Eliminate Relationship Destroying Fight Traps
Do you lose your you know what when you get pissed off? Do you yell, scream and name-call? Or do you use more subtle yet manipulative tactics that you think are helping you make your case that can actually be just as damaging to your relationship but you don't realize it? If you said yes to my questions, then you are trapped in what I call Fight Traps, those faulty conflict resolution tactics that throw oil on the fire and keep you stuck on the fighting treadmill. If you want to achieve relationship harmony and not die prematurely, you need to identify EACH of your Fight Traps and ditch them.

Are You Trying to Force a Leopard to Change its Spots?: How to End the Value Conflicts Vexing Your Relationship!
Are you locked in a value conflict and don’t even know it? If you’re caught in a heated tug of war, banging your mutual heads against the wall, there’s a good chance that a value conflict is afoot. Unfortunately, many couples fight to the death over value clashes. Values make up the core of who you are. This means that neither you nor your partner should ever try to change each other’s values. In this show, we’re going to tackle the thorny topic of value conflicts: how to know if you’re locked in one, and how to navigate your way out and save your relationship without selling out your values.

How to Stop Your Mind From Wrecking Your Relationships
Do you ever feel like your brain is your own worst enemy? In this show, we’re going to focus on cognitive distortions--those nasty tricks that your brain plays on you--tricks that ruin your inner peace and self-esteem and wreck your success in love and work. Tune in as I help you identify and weed out the most common cognitive distortions before they tank your life!

The Anatomy Of Infidelity
Cheating, two-timing, infidelity, betrayal, having an extramarital affair, the wandering eye, being unfaithful...There are many different words and expressions to describe the same phenomenon. In this week’s show, I bare the anatomy of infidelity. We’ll start with a quiz that tests your knowledge on the topic, followed by details about what causes affairs, the truths and myths about infidelity, and we’ll close with what you can do to head off an affair before an attraction has the chance to swell your head--and other body parts!

How To Make Keeping Your Cool Your #1 Relationship Rule
Did you know that unresolved conflict is the number one killer of love? And did you know that keeping a cool head rather than blowing your top will determine whether you have a productive conversation that leads to a resolution of your issue rather than a dissolution of your relationship. Tune in this week as I share my proven techniques for cooling down the relationship climate, and discover why keeping a cool climate enables you to resolve your issues and preserve your relationships!

Why Living in the Now Makes Your Relationships Say Wow
If you’re like most people, the magnificence of this wonderful life is being drowned out by an internal monologue of self-consciousness and anxiety. We are all being literally driven mad by the incessant buzzing of our own internal symphonies. Tune in to discover six proven steps and five exercises that will guide you to cultivate mindfulness so that you can finally experience greater joy in life and love!

Secret To Lasting Love: Lose The Attitude And Try Some Gratitude
In this Ask Dr. Love radio show, I will explain why gratitude is linked to relationship satisfaction. A decade of research now proves the link between gratitude and relationship satisfaction.

Saying Goodbye To Bullying Part 2: What You Can Do!
Last week, I described in detail what causes bullying. I explained that when you repeatedly observe bullying or are the target of bullying during your formative years, one of two things happen: either you become a bully yourself or you become a lifelong victim. This week, I will focus on what YOU can do to end bullying in your world.

Saying Goodbye To Bullying
In this week’s show, I will be discussing the bullying epidemic in our society, and reveal the link between marital distress and bullying. The ultimate solution to end the epidemic of bullying is for all of us to have the strength to take ownership of our feelings of weakness, hurt, sadness and anger, and work them through, rather than dump our pain onto others. Joining me this week will be mental health counselor and clinical hypnotherapist Jef Gazley, LMFT, to discuss the link between family dysfunction and bullying.

Are You Singing The Broken Record Blues?
Does the term Broken Record apply to your “discussions” with your partner? Do you find yourself repeating the same words and sentences when you talk to your partner? And, does your partner seem to be growing more and more deaf to your words? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you are caught in what I call the Broken Record Phenomenon. Tune in to discover what causes this destructive pattern and how to break free before your relationship permanently breaks down!

The Greatest True Love Stories Of All Time With Guest Robert Fulghum
Since this is the week of Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t resist sharing some of the world’s greatest love stories with you. And for the first time ever, I’m going to publicly share my own extraordinary love story. You will also be meeting Robert Fulghum, author of the phenomenally bestselling book, All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. This collection of essays was the second longest #1 bestseller in 23 years

Dr. Love’s 5-Step Recipe for Romance on Valentine’s Day and Beyond
Whether you are looking for love or looking to make sure your love lasts a lifetime, tune in for this exciting and informative show. This week, I share my simple 5 ingredient recipe for lasting romantic love. You’ll discover how feeding each other the right Relationship Essential Nutrients is the most important ingredient in the mix. And, just so you know, the nutrients aren’t the same...

Is Too Much Honesty Ruining Your Relationship?
Do you live according to the adage “honesty is the best policy?” Have you ever heard yourself justifying harsh words under the guise of “I’m just being honest?” In this show, I reveal the truth about honesty. I expose the dangers of the honesty is the best policy approach, explaining the little known fact, “simple” honesty, is often the cover story that conceals vented aggression.

The World Needs All Kinds Of Minds: An Intimate Conversation With Temple Grandin
Dr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) conducts a rare, one-on-one interview with Temple Grandin, the world-famous autistic doctor of animal science, bestselling author, and autism activist. Temple discusses her ability to tune into cows and understand their fear memories, while Dr. Turndorf shares her own unusual brain functions, including her ability to communicate with domestic and wild animals. Despite the fact that she is not autistic, the parallels between Temple’s brain and her own suggest that perhaps, we all have abilities that we don’t tap into.

Why Being Your True Self is Your Key to Finding True Love
Do you secretly wish to have a relationship in which you feel loved down to the bone, despite your warts and flaws, fears and failings? From the time we’re small, we learn to pack away pieces of ourselves in order shield us from the anger, mocking and disapproval of our parents siblings and peers. Before long, we have constructed a watered down version of ourselves. What happens when we bring our watered down self to the dating scene? My special guest this week will be Ken Page. Tune in to find out how to allow the real you to shine through so you can experience the bliss of an intimate love relationship that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Top Ways to Put Male Sexual Dysfunctions to Bed - Part Two
If you’re having trouble getting a handle on your love handle, don’t despair. Today, we are going to tackle your toughest sexual problems. In this week’s show, I’m picking up where we left off last week and discussing ejaculation disorders and orgasmic disorders.

Top Ways to Put Male Sexual Dysfunctions to Bed - Part One
Is your sex life getting you down? Well, chin up ‘cause things are about to start looking up. In this week’s show, I’m going to give you real answers to your most troubling sexual problems. From decreased libido to complete loss of sexual interest, to erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders (and orgasmic disorders, I’m going to give you the lowdown on male sexual dysfunctions and explain the ways to put these various sexual problems to bed!

How to Overcome Female Sexual Dysfunction
Does your sex life leave something to be desired? If you said, “yes,” you’re not alone! According to research, 43 percent of all women are less than thrilled with their sex lives. From sexual inhibitions, to diminished desire or no desire, lack of pleasure and no orgasms, and even painful intercourse, tune in as I get to the bottom of why millions of women find themselves sexually bottoming out!

Liar, Liar Pants (or Panties) on Fire: Why We Lie and How To Stop Stretching the Truth
In this show, I expose the underlying reasons why people lie. According to the latest research, lying behaviors are fueled by two opposing motivations: We would like to view ourselves as honest, value-driven people, but we would also like to make as much money as possible or achieve other goals to get us ahead in life.

How To Know If You And Your Partner Are Sexually Compatible
While everyone knows what it feels like to be in lust, sexual attraction does not equal sexual compatibility! In fact, you could be wildly attracted to somebody and have lousy sex. In this show, I’m going to lay all the cards on the table and take you through a thorough sexploration of the anatomy of sexual compatibility. From the scent of sweat to...lip size, I’m going to get down to the nitty-gritty so you find out once and for all how to determine whether you’re truly sexually compatible with someone or not.

How to Know When to Call it Quits
If your relationship has been underwater for a while...and the tide of emotions seem to always run high. Or even if your relationship is drowning in the still waters of indifference...There still may be hope! But how can you know when to ride out the storm? And when it’s time to abandon ship? Tune in this week to discover the signs that a relationship is beyond repair and determine if it’s time to break up or not...

Why Speaking Your Partner’s Love Language is Your Key to Relationship Bliss
In this show, I explain that knowing your partner’s preferred Love Language is the master key to unlocking your beloved’s heart, and I define the five types of Love Languages. I also discuss how many couples become distressed because they wrongly assume that their partner’s Love Language matches their own.

Why Loving Without Limits Is Your Key To Limitless Love
Do you find yourself empty and yearning for more in life? More money? A bigger house? A better job? A better relationship

Have you noticed that when you finally obtain whatever “it” is you still feel hungry? Could it be that your hunger is actually divine discontent?

What I’m talking about is the universal hunger to feed our soul’s longing for divine love.

Tune in for this week’s show to find out how your relationships are the portal to the divine. And discover how you can use your intimate relationships to foster your soul development. As your soul evolves, you will be amazed to discover how love blossoms in your life!

Ten Tips for a Sizzling Sex Life
Are you in despair over your sagging sex life? Well if your sex life is a wet blanket, tune into this week’s show for my appetite-wetting recipe for romance!To get to the bottom of this problem, I identify the underlying physical, emotional and relational causes of this problem. When these problems are put to bed, you will then be ready to introduce my proven sex boosting techniques. Tune in for this week’s show and find out how you can become a sexpert in your own bedroom!

Are You Chasing Men Away With Your Man-Chasing Ways?
For millions of women, the task of finding a husband feels more like scaling an insurmountable mountain peak.

In this show, I explain how you can take a permanent rest from climbing the male Mt. Everest!

It is precisely by hanging up those mountaineering boots and abandoning the uphill trek in search of a husband that will effortlessly draw your ideal mate to you!

Tune in as I expose the signs that a woman is over-functioning in her mate selection process. And find out why working too hard at winning a man paradoxically backfires and makes him back away.

How to Tame the Green Eyed Monster of Jealousy
Jealousy holds millions of relationships hostage, and it doesn’t have to! Tune into this week’s show to find out what kinds of Old Scars fan the flames of jealousy and how healing the underlying issues is the key to setting relationship free from this emotional prison

Are Your Hormones Making You Moan? But NOT in a Good Way?
Are you hot under the collar, but not below the belt?

Are you tired, sad, anxious, sleepless, moody, bloated or gaining weight?

Have you lost your sex drive or capacity to perform?

Do you feel foggy brained and suffer from what I call CRS (Can’t Remember Sh**t) syndrome?

Well, maybe your hormones are to blame!

Tune in to this exciting show and discover the symptoms of hormone imbalance and the various natural cures available.

How To Cheat Proof Your Relationship TODAY
In this week’s Ask Dr. Love radio show, I'll be explaining how to cheat proof your relationship. In order to prevent cheating, you have to understand the anatomy of infidelity. Infidelity is merely a symptom of a deeper relationship disease, a form of malnutrition that results from partners not providing each other with what I call "Relationship Essential Nutrients."

Top 10 Ways To Handle Verbal Abuse
Does verbal abuse have your relationship by the throat?

Do you secretly fear that you are the victim of verbal abuse?

Are you a verbal abuser, and don’t even know it?

To answer whether you are the victim of verbal abuse or an abuser yourself you first need to be clear on what verbal abuse is. After all, you can’t diagnose a condition when you don’t know its symptoms.

So in this week’s show, I’m going to spell out the symptoms of verbal abuse. I’m also going to show you how to respond if you are the victim of verbal abuse; and, if you are the one who is abusive, I’m going to give you my proven pointers on how to rein in your mouth.