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The Jolyn Thomas Show

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The Power of Stories
Jolyln is a big believer in the fact that stories can bring about crucial change. Stories can do more than fact, figures and statistics.

On this episode, Jolyln discusses how stories can influence and change people, including prison inmates.

The Scourge of Cyberbullying
Cyber bullies use the internet as a weapon. They target, shame and viciously attack people with their words. These power hungry junkies are absolutely emotional terrorists. They thrive on being able to humiliate their victims in such a public way.

On this episode, Jolyn Thomas puts cyber bullies in the spotlight, and will shatter the stereotypes of bullying in general.

Vindicate Vassell
Tadd Vassell has served 21 years in prison. Yet, he has never been convicted of any violent crime. He will die in prison for a nonviolent drug crime that occurred while he was teenager.

Tadd Vassell has been locked away in federal prison for over two decades and his sentence is unduly long. if he were sentenced today for the same crime, he would likely receive a sentence of 135-168 months (11.25-14 years). A non-violent adolescent should not be permanently banished from our society for a first-time drug offense.

In this episode youíll hear Jolynís powerful conversation with Tadd, his Mom and other family members.

Click here to join the efforts to free Tadd.

Healing Trauma: Beyond Gangs and Prisons
In this episdoe, Jolyn will shatter the misconception that mass incarceration makes our nation safer. She will talk about alternatives that offer hope healing and second chances.

She is joined by acclaimed filmmaker Robert Greenwalt of Brave New Films, who will discuss their documentary Healing Trauma: Beyond Gangs and Prisons. The film dives into the inner struggle of former gang members whose childhood trauma inevitably led to an anger that resulted in a criminal lifestyle and landed them in prison. Upon their release, these former gang members found their redemption with Homeboy Industries, Father Greg Boyle, and the many re-integrating programs offered through the Los Angeles-based organization.

The Wrongful Conviction of Christopher Tapp
Having years even decades of your life stolen from you is the stuff nightmares are made of. Sadly many in this country do not get to wake up and realize it was all a dream, because this is the ugly reality dealt to them by a flawed justice system. In this episode Jolyn shares the unbelievable details of two high profile wrongful conviction cases.

She also exposes the raw truth about How often prosecutors ,police and politicians do everything they can to prevent exonerations.