Wednesday • December 06
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The Power of the Human Spirit

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Rediscovering Gratitude
In these times we live in, many feel it easier to blame than feel a sense of gratitude for our lives. We all seem to be grateful when the winds of life are at our backs, but we lose that sense when the winds shift, and they always will. Join Paul and his guest Rev.Lynn Kendall from the Unity Church of Ft.Collins, Colorado. Rev. Kendall has been teaching the art of gratitude for many years now, Rev. Lynn is a fireball of passion, joy and keeping things light.

2012: The End of Time, or a Dawning of a New Consciousness
On this weeks show, we are going to speak with a couple of experts on the 2012 prophecies, offering their perspectives based on their beliefs from teachings followed: Pastor AC Phipps, and Stephen Hawley Martin, a well respected author and talk show host who has written a book called The Truth...2012.

Changing Addictive Behaviors
My guest is Richard Smith, founder of the Smith Counseling Centers. Richard is a highly sought after abuse counselor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of addictive behaviors and other types of excessives. If you or a loved one is currently in the throws of addiction and are looking for answers, you will want to listen to this program.

Clean Laughs with Dave Coulier
Dave Coulier may be best remembered for his role as Joey Gladstone on ABCs long running sitcom Full House, or as the host of Americas Funniest People, but hes also a very talented comedian, impressionist and voiceover actor. Dave will be here to talk about his career, his current projects, and will probably share some laughs as well!

Religion and Spirituality
On the program today, Pastor AC Phipps from the Evanswood Church of God will be joining me to discuss Religion and Spirituality Is there room for both? God gives us all the same air to breathe, same water to drink same picturesque sunsets. But we have somehow taken it upon ourselves to decide who God loves, and who God does not love. Anything that promotes division of spiritual equals cannot be of God, it just cannot be.

Conversation with Bud Welch
Bud Welch is an individual that I have come to know over the years, and a person I have a great reverence for. Buds daughter, Julie Marie died on April 19th 1995 in the Oklahoma City bombing. Bud will be here to talk about that day with us, and how he transformed a horrible tragedy into the work he does today.

Reminder to Self
Marlon Lindsay is the author of Reminder to Self, truly one of the more inspiring books I have read in some time. Not your typical rags to riches story, it is a very important book for the times we live in: it is easy to get caught up in the trappings of pursuit, while forgetting the everyday things that have immense value. More often than not, learning is not nearly as important as remembering, and this book is a solemn reminder to what is valuable in life.