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The Common Sense Psychic

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The Economics of Spirituality
For those of you feeling the crunch of these uncertain economic times, some of your problems may be due to your energy. Phyllis explains why you need to be conscious of what you are creating, because it could help with your finances.

Numerology with Carol Adrienne
Do you know the Purpose of Your Life? If you answered no or maybe to this questions, then you won't want to miss Phyllis King's returning guest, the renowned author, speaker and intuitive Carol Adrienne. Her book The Purpose of Your Life will help you uncover the unsuspected, untapped power of synchronicity, satisfaction, and intuition that will bring success, satisfaction and a firm sense of the work you were put on Earth to accomplish.

Renowned Psychic Linda L. Allen
Phyllis welcomes Linda Allen, renowned Spiritual Counselor and Advisor for 40 years, and author of The Night of the Witching Moon. Linda has spent her life using her gift of prophecy to help those in search of true fulfillment. Linda's mission is to reach as many people as she can and teach them the power of one very small but important word: Love.

Gratitude & Prosperity
As we enter into this season of giving, Phyllis takes a look at the vibrations and energy of Gratitude and prosperity, as well as the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

The Gift of the White Light
Annette Martin, one of America's most versatile psychics, joins Phyllis for a fascinating show. Her biography is titled The Gift of the White Light.

Question and Answer Day!
We have a huge stack of questions from our listeners, and Phyllis, as always, has plenty of answers! She spends this episode getting caught up on the Q & A, helping listeners who are wondering about their relationships, careers, their health, and more.

Poetry as Spiritual Practice
Robert McDowell's poems, stories, essays, and reviews have appeared in hundreds of magazines and anthologies here and abroad, including Best American Poetry, Poetry, The New Criterion Sewanee Review and The Hudson Review. He has taught at Bennington College, the University of Southern Indiana and UC Santa Cruz; and at the Taos Writers' Conference, among many writers' conferences, and he was founding publisher/editor of Story Line Press. In addition, he coaches businesses interested in improving spiritual awareness, communication, writing and presentation skills.

Frog in the Throat
Not even a bout of Laryngitis can keep the Common Sense Psychic away from her weekly show! On this episode, Phyllis helps more listeners with readings. Plus - she reveals what she sees in the future for the economy.

Order It Up
Phyllis shares advice with her listeners, as well as her thoughts on the economy, the Presidential Race, and the spiritual bankruptcy that contributes to our literal bankruptcy. Then shes here to give spiritual advice so why does everyone seem to want financial advice instead? Plus - the phrase Order It Up what it means, and what it can mean for you.

Stephen Lewis, Healer
Phyllis welcomes Stephen Lewis, founder of EMC and co-author of the novel Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. Stephen has been exploring energetic balancing for more than 25 years. His degrees include acupuncture and homeopathy, both of which are forms of energetic healing. Lewis' extensive studies and research led him directly to the insights upon which EMC's spiritual energetic balancing technology is based.

Our Spiritual Bankruptcy
Phyllis offers a unique perspective on the current economic crisis, from a spiritual viewpoint rather than a financial one: were not getting the big picture, and this is one of the ramifications of linear thinking. Plus truth is always timely. A book written 20 years ago explains a lot of our current problems.

Matthew Engle, Psychic Channel
Matthew Engel is as a Psychic Channel, Psychotherapist, and Hypnotherapist, with a background in both mental health and metaphysics. He is one more of an increasing population of traditional talk therapists who resonate with the value of metaphysics and alternative healing techniques.

There is No Such Thing as Death
For those of you who have read Dannion Brinkleys books, and/or attended his lectures, you already know that after his near death experience in 1975, he returned from the Heavens with exceptional gifts, and more than one hundred visions of the future. So, in dedication to the mission given to him by Thirteen Beings of Lights within the Hall of Knowledge, he has spent the past 30 some years in service to humanity. With over 18,000 hours as a hospice volunteer, through three best selling books, thousands of lectures worldwide along with countless television and radio shows, he has done his best to spread the good news: there is no such thing as death!

The Vibration of Compassion
When you want to effect change, or need to deal with people you dont agree with, Phyllis has an interesting way to do it show love & compassion. Plus, using a technique from her new book, Phyllis will show you how to change negative thoughts and thought patterns.

From Suicide Hotline to Healing Peace
Do you love science and spirituality? Our guest Donna Morrish can help you find the perfect compliment of these practices, to help you navigate the challenges of daily life.

Taking the Steps
This week, Phyllis continues to go through some of the steps from her new book A Psychics Perspective: 10 Steps to More Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness. Plus- why do we seem to take everything at face value, instead of looking for the underlying concepts?

The Power of Illusion
Phyllis welcomes the author of The Power of Illusion Maya Vidhya. She has a compelling personal story, and has studied with dynamic master teachers. She shares insights, her experiences, and philosophy about creating a fulfilling life, and how to remove the blocks that keeping us from fulfillment.

Stay Connected to the Spirit
People get bogged down in their everyday lives, but what most fail to realize is that there is much more to life than what is going on in the moment. Phyllis talks about the importance of enjoying life, and being aware that you are connected to something greater.

The Purpose of Your Life
Do you know the Purpose of Your Life? Have you felt you realized the purpose of your life? If you answered no or maybe to either of these questions, then you won't want to miss this powerful hour of life changing information from author, speaker and intuitive Carol Adrienne. In her book The Purpose of Your Life, she provides an Experiential Guide to help uncover the unsuspected, untapped power of synchronicity, satisfaction, and intuition that will bring success, satisfaction and a firm sense of the work you were put on Earth to accomplish.

Tales from the Rotorooter
Phyllis has mentioned this year is a whirlwind of up and down energy, and she wants to know how that energy has been affecting you. Plus how is resistance hindering you from making significant changes in your life?

Itís All About Energy
Things are looking down in our economy and housing market, but how long can they stay down? The Common Sense Psychic has looked ahead, and will share what shes seen. Plus learn more about her Past Life Regression Seminar, and her new book, A Psychic Perspective: 30 Days to Jumpstart your Life.

The Metaphysical Dr. Laura
Just what is a Common Sense Psychic? Find out, as Phyllis King introduces herself, and the show to the TalkZone audience on this premiere edition! She helps listeners validate themselves and where they are in life, find their own center, and make something happen in their lives, with common problems such as career, family and finding love.