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Our Global Hope

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Higher Standard Leadership Beliefs I Hold Dear
Dr. Henrik Mann celebrates half a year of OUR GLOBAL HOPE shows by having his co-host, Dr. Charlie Self, interview him on the key ideas and beliefs that comprise his leadership philosophy and inform his business, media, advocacy and leadership consulting commitments.

21st Century Global Issues - Human Trafficking
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Mr. Francis Sealey, Chair of GlobalNet21 and the original founder of 21st Century Network, a UK based issues advocacy group seeking to build social space for good global citizenship related to resolving the major global issues of our times, and Dr. Carrie Pemberton Ford of the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking.

Boy Scouts Leadership Celebration
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Mr. Lou Paulson, a volunteer leader in the Boy Scouts of America, and President of the 30,000+ California Professional Firefighters, about how Scouting has fueled his success, and issues of leadership development for young boys and men during the 100 year anniversary of this venerable organization that is global in reach and generational in terms of political impact.

Advocacy Leadership for Ocean's Health
Dr Henrik Mann interviews Mr. Jim Covel, the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Senior Manager of Guest Experience Training and Interpretation about the critical leadership issues related to ocean health and how the Aquarium is a worldclass center of education and advocacy.

BizTech Leadership Success
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Ms. Edith Yeung, entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of BizTech Day San Francisco, the most impactful business technology conference serving the entrepreneur community every year in San Francisco, about the leadership themes that propel her success.

Leadership in Mergers and Acquisitions
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Ms. Amy Cole, successful business mergers and acquisitions intermediary, about the leadership dynamics of getting owners and potential buyers of business to find a common mind in today's economy.

Effective Social Entrepreneur Leadership
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Mr. Nathan George, founder of Trade-As-One, a fast growing global fair trade exchange, about how he has become an effective social entrepreneur and heroic leader despite a challenging economy.

Small Business Leadership Reality
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Mr. James Pennington, on what the Small Business Administration provides to help business leaders in the San Francisco Region gain practical support, education and raise various types of capital.

Effective Private School Leadership Development
Dr. Henrik Mann invites Mr. John Moran, K-12 Superintendant for a CA private school, to discuss the unique calling and organizational dynamics that shape and grow tomorrow's successful leaders in an academic setting.

Leadership for a Nobel Peace Prize World
Dr. Henrik Mann changes up the normal interview format by focusing his own best insights on American leadership as a country made by war. He responds to President Obamas' Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, revealing a tragic failure of leadership perspective that plagues our world.

Radically Fresh Leadership
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Mr. Brett Johnson, founder of the Institute for Innovation, Integration & Impact, Inc. about new insights into higher standard leadership as applied in the United States and overseas in the face of a new global economic imperative.

Leadership Doing Both Well and Good
Dr. Henrik Mann and Dr. Charlie Self tackle the tripple bottom line challenge of sustainability for this pre-Christmas show, exploring how doing well and doing good are complementary opportunities for both public and private leadership endeavor, even in a chaotic world.

Lessons from Quantum Physics for Leadership
Dr. Henrik Mann speaks with Mr Gerald Harris about his new book as a basis for discussing the profound implications of new physics for effective leadership influence in corporate and community settings in the 21st century.

Connecting beyond Networking
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Mr. George Fraser, founder of the leading network of African-Americans in the United States about his latest book "Click" and about leadership principles related to healthy connecting between people.

Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Ms. Joyce Bone, consultant, author, speaker, and national entrepreneur on the topic of millionarie moms and how leadership can balance work and home concerns in the 21st century.

Self- Managing for Success
Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Ms. Elaine Betts, entrepreneur, professional organizer, management consultant, networker, author, speaker and honored leader in Business Networking International, on the critical importance of organization process to magnifying leadership influence in the marketplace.

Leadership Corruption in High Places
Dr. Henrik Mann invites Mr. John Perkins, national best selling author of books like Confessions of an Economic Hit Man to discuss the economics and politics of our current world leadership crisis as described in his latest new book Hoodwinked.

Charisma, Branding & Leadership
Dr. Henrik Mann invites Ms. Ellen Looyen, America's leader in personal branding, to share her insights into the elements of charismatic leadership and how this plays out practically in contributing to the success of less known people, as well as leaders in politics and business.

Palestinian-American Leadership for Humanitarian Relief
Mr. Saed Awwad speaks with Dr. Henrik Mann about his personal transformation from armed resistance and hatred in Palestine to becoming an American, Christian, humanitarian and peacemaker who works with Jewish colleagues to bring medical relief and hope to the Holy Land.

CRUDE: Chevron/Texacos Toxic Leadership Disaster Story
Mr. Joe Berlinger, director of the new film CRUDE speaks with Dr. Henrik Mann about the power of movie in America to document the process of holding Chevron leadership accountable for a monstrous environmental disaster destroying the lives tens of thousands of people in Ecuador.

Business Leadership in a University Setting
Dr. Henrik Mann explores the Berkeley, CA business leadership community story in realtionship with the University as backdrop for discovering critical leadership lessons being learned under economic pressure. His guest is Roland Peterson, Executive Director of the Telegraph Improvement District.

Brazil Takes the 2016 Olympic Leadership Stage
Dr. Hernik Mann and Dr. Charlie Self discuss Brazil's politics, business, religion and sports as part of a new chessboard of geo-political realty that South America is ready to help lead the 21st Century beyond old polarizations, and that American leaders and business can learn from Brazil's leadership.

Global Marketplace Leadership and Religion: The ICCC Story
Dr. Henrik Mann meets with guest Peter Kent, President of the ICCC-USA, on the scope of their work in China, Africa, and the Middle East, and how thier missional commitment to faith inspires ICCC to bring nations and business leaders together to partner in new trade relationships.

Leadership Resiliency: Thriving Amidst Adversity
Rosemarie McKenney, a Senior corporate leader who recently was downsized is our guest, and she shares her thoughtful voice as a Senior leader rebuilding her world and helping others do the same. Dr. Charlie Self will also be on hand for additional perspective.