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Mastering Ourselves

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Motivation at Work
Laura Cardone, author of Motivation at Work talks about her complete six-step workplace transformation system for business owners, executives and managers who are ready to unlock their team's unlimited potential.

Faith & Spirituality
Keith and Sharmai talk about how people are dropping or changing their religion. They also explain why being religious is not a requirement of being on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Women in the Muslim World
Keith and Sharmai discuss what it must be like for women living in a muslim country & explain some of the customs of the faith as far as women are concerned. They also have a spirited conversation on the value of reflection.

A Million Thanks
Shauna Fleming joins Keith and Sharmai to discuss her book A Million Thanks , which chronicles her mission to send a million letters to our troops in Iraq to show our thanks.

Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill
Udo Erasmus author of Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill gives Keith and Sharmai the skinny on fats! He exposes the manufacturing processes that turn healing fats into killing fats, explains the effects of these damaging fats on human health, and furnishes information that enables you to choose health-promoting oils.

Understanding Each Other with Shaunti Feldhahn
Author Shaunti Feldhahn has written two wonderful books - For Men Only and For Women Only. They're about how to help men relate better to women, and how to help women relate better to men, and to help them better understand how the other thinks.

Into the Light
In his book Into The Light, Dr. John Lerma shares his valuable research and guidance in 16 inspirational stories of children and adults confronting their deaths through the comforting visions of divine beings.

The Man Who Could Predict Earthquakes
Keith and Sharmais guest is maverick geologist Jim Berkland, who possesses the uncanny ability to foretell earthquakes. Learn more about his theories, which are based on factors such as tides, moons, geyser activity, magnetic-field changes, and strange animal behavior

Be a Parent, Not a Pushover
Keith and Sharmai welcome Maryann Rosenthal, author of Be a Parent, Not a Pushover: A Guide to Raising Happy, Emotionally Healthy Teens. Dr. Rosenthal shares her techniques to find a balance between loving your children and setting limits for them, between granting freedom and instilling discipline.

A View of the Infinite
Keith and Sharmai discuss an interview with Brother Ishmael Tetteh Founder and Spiritual Director of the Etherean Mission in Ghana, West Africa. Brother Ishmael claims to have experienced the infinite & Keith and Sharmai give their views on what he had to say about it.

Using Spiritual Discernment
Discernment is important in all levels of our lives, but especially in our spiritual world. How many of you are really aware of how to discern whats wisest in a spiritual teacher? Keith and Sharmai will make you aware of the red flags to watch out for around spiritual

Finding Enlightenment
What does higher consciousness have to do with reality and our day-to-day problems? How can spiritual insights help us respond practically, appropriately and efficiently to the real life challenges of our world in trouble? Explore the answer with Keith and Sharmai Amber.

The Oil in ANWR
Keith and Sharmai discuss the pros and cons of opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for oil exploration, to drive down the cost of oil and provide our own source of fuel.

Staying with Your Center
Drugs, alcohol, food, sugar caffeine... people turn to these things to escape. But Keith and Sharmai believe they keep you from being your best. Plus, Keith's thoughts on Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Your Personal Prison
Keith and Sharmai explain the concept of a personal prison, as well as the personal and spiritual lifestyle changes you may need to make in order to escape them.

I'm Still With You
Keith & Sharmai welcome Carole J. Obley, author of Im Still With You, True Stories of Healing Grief through Spirit Communication. Carole is a gifted spiritual medium who has delivered thousands of messages from dead loved ones to grieving folks. We also talk about lessons on Earth and how people who have died feel about their own death. Fascinating!

That Dastardly Ego
Everybodys got one. But how you control it could be the key to your happiness. Keith and Sharmai engage in a lively conversation about the ego, and how we could all stand to be a little more humble.

The Broken Welfare System
Keith begins the show by sharing some disturbing facts from Stealing from Each Other by Dr. Edgar Browning. In this well-researched book Dr. Browning discloses the lifestyle of the majority of Americans that declare themselves living in poverty. Also, Keith talks about some national and world current events.

The Intent of the Storms
Keith took a list of Global major Earth events going back 50 years and in some cases much further, like the recent Tsunami of 2004 or Hurricane Katrina and tuned it to the underlying intent of the storm in terms of group lessons for the people in the area hit.

The Shadow of the Muslim Sword
Keith and Sharmai enjoy a spirited conversation with Mr. Pat, author of Fear God and the Shadow of the Muslim Sword. With all the politically correct versions of Islam coursing through America, Mr. Pat, with thousands of hours of study under his belt, offers a sobering truth regarding what Americans, and the world, are up against with Militant Islamists.

The Brilliance of God
Keith and Sharmai explore the brilliance of God in creating the vast number of interlocking Flora and Fauna that grace the earth, how karma affects both Flora and Fauna and how important it is to live from the perspective of being accountable for all our thoughts, words and deeds.

The Original Native Americans
Keith and Sharmai interview Frank Joseph, author of The Lost Civilization of Lemuria: The Rise and Fall of the World's Oldest Culture. Join us as Frank shares fascinating facts about an incredibly tall advanced civilization that lived in America before the Indians.

Opening to the Infinite
Keith and Sharmai welcome Stephan Schwartz, author of Opening to the Infinite. Stephan is rare in that he has remembered to include spirituality with the science of remote viewing. He offers a marvelous blend of remote viewing stories, a glimpse of the immense world you can tap through remote viewing and how you too can tap these worlds with enough dedication.

Into the Wild: Escaping Internal Prisons
Keith and Sharmai recently watched Sean Penns film Into the Wild and were profoundly struck by the movie's message. In the film, the main character leaves his life behind, and starts again anew. He escaped his personal internal prisons, and we can all learn from that.

Learning from Natural Disaster
What can each person do to get the increased natural disasters to lesson? Each country has its own set of group lessons they need to learn and the Ambers share the group lessons of several countries. If significant progress was made as a whole, the natural disasters sent to teach those lessons could lighten up! What can you do to make a difference?

Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?
Robert Schwartz, author of Courageous Souls, Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth offers channeled information that further explains why we chose our life challenges and how to replace anger, guilt and blame with forgiveness, acceptance and peace.

Views on Current Events
Keith shares about the trauma the Momma and baby elephant are having in the news today. Also, Keith tunes into the lessons underneath the Hurricane Fay and Gustov.

Karma of a Young Child Taken Too Soon
Keith and Sharmai talk about the 3 year old child in the news that was left in the truck and died of heat. They present the karma of the child and how you can use a spiritual path to ensure that you would not make the same mistake this child's mother did.

Amazing Animals & the Afterlife
Keith and Sharmai discuss the unique properties of various animals (and the brilliance of God, who created these animals), but also what happens to animals after they die?

Designed Affirmation
Keith and Sharmai will show you how to design life-changing affirmations that you can use in your life to make a huge difference in changing patterns that are causing problems in your life.

Escaping Your Internal Prisons
Keith & Sharmai help you to see the areas that serve as your internal prisons, and assist you in breaking free by using affirmations.

Black Belt Patriotism
Chuck Norris joins Keith and Sharmai on Mastering Ourselves to talk about his new book Black Belt Patriotism. Chuck offers strong wise solutions to many of Americas current problems including the crisis in our economy, immigration, essential principles for our great country and many other hot issues.

Releasing Attachments
Attachments are such a challenge. How can we recognize our own attachments and once seen, how do we release them?

The Need for Immigration Reform
Lupe Moreno, President of Latino Americans for Immigration Reform joins Keith & Sharmai to talk about her vast experience as a loyal committed American against illegal immigration. She is such an inspiration as she shares her deep, intelligent understanding of various problems illegal aliens are causing America and offers solutions as well.

The Second Noble Truth
Working from the Buddhist Four Noble Truths, the Second Noble Truth: The origin of suffering is attachments is discussed and how to be impassioned without attachments.

Behind the Ruling
In the news recently the Supreme Court ruled to give Troy Davis a stay of execution. Join us as we take a look behind the scenes, psychically, at what is really going on and how the victims family could better use their lives.

Harmonize with the Universe
In The Secret we are taught to manipulate the Universe. Instead, perhaps we should learn how to harmonize with the Universe, aligning with our Soul's intent. Let's learn how to flow with, and learn, our intended lessons with more grace and ease.

Hungry for Health
Keith and Sharmais guest is Susan Silverstein, PhD, author of Hungry For Health, Learn The 4 Nutrition Secrets That Can Help Save Your Life! Susan makes the dread-filled topic of cancer simpler and accessible, and leaves her audience feeling hopeful and empowered, offering concrete and practical advice.

Our Responsibility as Americans
Are Americans behaving as responsibly as they should? Hurricane Katrina, and now also Ike, show us a side of some of our brethren that abuse the system by not leaving when warned and then expecting to be rescued. Should we use our free will to be more at service instead of being served and draining the shared system?

After Life
The Ambers discuss how Earth is a microcosm of the universe and where we go when we die.

Battling Demons on the Inside & Outside
It takes someone who has done significant inner battle with their own demons, and succeeded, to realize what it will take to battle today's terrorists and succeed. The Ambers talk about what this looks like inside oneself and what it looks like on the Global Theatre.

The Path to Enlightenment
Working from Buddhisms Four Noble Truths, the Ambers offer deeper perspective on suffering, its causes, and how to relieve it on your path to enlightenment.

Thoughts on Saddleback & the Media
The Ambers discuss the famous Saddleback interview with Senators McCain and Obama, the O'Reilly interview and the real justifiable reasons that the United States needed to invade Iraq. You SHOULD know this from the media!

Do It Yourself Baby!
Dr. Shelly Binkley, author of Do It Yourself Baby! Your Essential Pregnancy Handbook joins Keith and Sharmai to talk about some disturbing trends among expectant mothers and offers a rare insiders look at home birth, birthing centers, natural pain management and managing postpartum depression.

The Death Process
Sharmai shares parts of an article written by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross on aspects of the death process. Sharmai asks a number of questions regarding your ability to deal with the deal of a loved one selflessly. Also, are you ready for your life review after you die?

Hope for Our Schools
Keith discusses the brilliant work of District of Columbia Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, how her work might give hope to our entire nation on how to clean up our problems in schools and get our children well-educated.

The Essences of the VP Candidates
Veteran astrologer Diane Eichenbaum joins Keith and Sharmai to talk about Senators McCain and Obama's choices for Vice President, Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Diane exposes the core soul essence of each, whether they would make good Vice Presidents and how their charts look for November 2nd.

Important Life Skills for Our Children
Keith and Sharmai welcome author Dorothy Rich. Through her book, MegaSkills, Rich teaches parents how to give their children the character and confidence to achieve success throughout their entire lives.

The Art of Forgiveness
Sharmai and Keith talk about the art of forgiveness and how our brothers and sisters in Rwanda and South Africa can teach us how to forgive. Also, learn how valuable it is to look underneath each experience to see what lessons are presenting themselves.

10 Steps for Positive Change
Keith & Sharmai welcome Dr. Richard Fields, author of Awakening to Mindfulness: 10 Steps for Positive Change. Dr. Fields believes that teaching people how to live consciously in the moment helps with conditions such as stress, chronic illness, and depression, and helps corporate America improve workers concentration, employee relations and ethics.

The Guides Views of Werner Erhard
Werner Erhard's EST, and later, The Landmark training was revered by many in the 70 and 80's. Yet for all its value, it had an insidious dark side that would surprise you. Find out why the Spirit Guides are not impressed with certain aspects of Werner Erhard's work. Also, Sharmai shares Diane Eichenbaum's astrological reading for the US and its people between now and 2014.

Chris Burgards documentary Border details the horror story occurring right now on our Mexican-American border. The horde of human and drug trafficking and illegal immigrants crossing our borders nightly are staggering. He offers a 4-point border fix plan.

The Spiritual Nature of Animals
Kris Haley from the Best Friends Animal Society shares several stories with us about the spiritual nature of animals. In addition she is going to tell us about A Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion that was unveiled in November of 2007 and how you can become a part of it.

The Problems with our Welfare State
Dr. Edgar K. Browning details how much Americans really pay for Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Immigration and more, in his new book Stealing From Each Other. Dr. Browning says welfare state policies have made all Americans poorer!

Cloning: A Spiritual Perspective
Keith and Sharmai explore the issue of cloning and its many implications. Plus - Sharmai explores whether or not women are being socially and personally responsible when they are bikini clad and taunting the basic male physiology.

The Virtue of Being Humble
What does humbleness feel like? What does it look like? What does it act like? And how do we work with our egos in such a way as to gain humbleness? Keith and Sharmai discuss the issue, and try to show you the path.

Soul Lessons from Our Vets
Keith shares the soul level lessons of several brave American veterans who fought in the wars on terrorism in both Iraq and Afghanistan. These veterans all sustained physical damage during their time overseas. Plus - get a glimpse as to the meaning behind the circumstances in your life from a soul-level perspective.

Western Herbs & Chinese Medicine
Author Thomas Avery Garren has written the first book to exclusively use Chinese medical theories and terminology to guide practitioners of Chinese medicine in the use of Western herbs. His book is called It's called Western Herbs According To Traditional Chinese Medicine, A Practitioner's Guide, and he joins Keith & Sharmai to discuss it.

The Second Coming
Sharmai and Keith talk about Jesus, the second coming of Christ and what that means in your world today. Plus - aspects of our ego that we all need to work through

Tackling the Ego
Sharmai and Keith work from an interview with Archimandrite Dionysios who shares his views on how and why to work on your ego. Based on the teachings Sharmai and Keith received, they share where they agree with Dionysios' teachings and where they don't, and why.

Questioning the Canonization of Mother Theresa
As the private letters of Mother Teresa get published, and all have a chance to see her torment, the question of whether she should be sainted arises. Sharmai and Keith weigh in with their thoughts on this matter. Then- there are two distinct types of confidence. Which do you have?

Reforming the Iraqis
Keith discusses the grand success Major General Stone is having in Iraq turning Iraqi Militant prisoners into productive citizens. Then - Sharmai delivers some scary statistics about the material priorities of our 18 to 25 year olds.

Blind Loyalty
Sharmai and Keith talk about the problems with blind loyalty to anything or anyone and how that position leaves you wide open for negative influences. As Keith eloquently puts it, "Blind loyalty is only good for the person you are being loyal to."

Return to the Islands
Sharmai and Keith talk about their impressions of the mainland after not having been there for over 10 years and the need for Americans to find more morality. Plus a discussion about the Mayan calendar and what humanitys major concerns are for our global future.

The Dangers of Liberalism
Keith brings in broad ranging examples of the permissive, pervasive liberalism in America and analyzes the damage it is doing to our country and our culture.

The Spiritual Quiz
Sharmai & Keith share a 13 point spiritual quiz that helps you to see where you have progressed well on your spiritual path and where you might want to focus more of your energy to further your spiritual development.

Lifes Lessons
Keith tunes into several hostages and a shark attack victim to discover what lessons each person had to draw into them the horrible experiences. The hostages were held for various amounts of time, upwards of 12 years. What does that kind of experience do to your soul?

God Bless America
On the birthday of our great Nation, Sharmai & Keith talk about our incredible country and its destiny. Keith also sings several patriotic songs with passion.

Tamika Catchings: An Inspiration
Sharmai and Keith talk about WNBA Superstar Tamika Catchings, her humbleness and her top ten ways to live an inspired life. Plus - Keith talks about what it means to surrender to the will of God, and Sharmai takes a look at how Americans are adjusting their priorities with regards to our national addiction to Starbucks.

The Me Generation
Sharmai shares an article about the Me Generation and how damaging falsely inflated self-esteem is not only to the individual, but also to our society as a whole.

Fighting Limitations and Darkness
Keith and Sharmai delve into a number of different topics, including a Science of Mind magazine they took issue with, taking responsibility for your actions, and taking stands against the darkness that is all around us.

Safe School Ambassadors
Rick Phillips, M.Ed., and John Linney, M.A. join Keith and Sharmai to talk about their successful program that is beginning to change the tide of school bullying. This method has been field-tested and implemented into over 600 schools nationwide and it works! They also offer Ten Keys to creating safer schools.

Changing Habits
What does life have to do to you to get you to change the parts of yourself that make you miserable anyway? Are you up for voluntarily changing yourself, and how do you make those changes? Keith and Sharmai will show you the path.

Founding Faith
Keith and Sharmai welcome Steven Waldman, author of Founding Faith, Providence, Politics and the Birth of Religious Freedom in America. Was our country founded on Christianity or not? Listen in as Steven Waldman gives his well researched and rich take on the topic.

The Lost Civilization of Lemuria
In a time when spirituality is emerging, yet again, it is fascinating to hear about the rich spiritual life of the ancient land of Lemuria. Join us as we visit this remarkable land and its peoples with the captivating researcher and story-teller, Frank Joseph, author of The Lost Civilization of Lemuria: The Rise and Fall of the Worlds Oldest Culture.

Building Emotional Intelligence
Keith and Sharmai welcome Linda Lantieri, author of Building Emotional Intelligence: Techniques to Cultivate Inner Strength in Children. Lindas new book marks the first time this pioneering educator offers parents the same simple-to-use program for helping children learn how to roll gracefully with lifes punches used successfully by schools nationwide.

The Destiny of America
There is a reason our country has the wealth and the warring technology it has: it is our destiny to bring democracy to the world. Keith and Sharmai explain, and try to help the anti-war crowd to understand the meaning of this.

The Facts on Iran
Keith and Sharmai welcome Stephen E. Hughes back to the program. Stephen is a former Army Sergeant and the author of Tehran's Wars of Terror & its Nuclear Delivery Capability. He shares some of the facts hes gathered on the looming threat of Iran, Iraqs weapons of mass destruction, and Gulf War Syndrome.

How to Love and Be Loved
There are many misunderstandings about how to make love work in our families, friendships, marriages and dating relationships. In Loving People, best-selling author Dr. John Townsend shows you that love can actually be learned, and gives you the steps and tools to become skilled in love.

An Examination of Current Events
Keith and Sharmai discuss and examine some current events, such as the Mars Probe, and what it can tell us about global warming here on Earth, the gay marriage issue in California, drilling in ANWR, and the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Discernment of Spiritual Material
Keith and Sharmai examine an article about a well-know psychic, and are troubled by the lack of discernment shown by his followers, who seem to follow everything he says without question.

Holes in Your Aura
Operation Tele-phony has found that more than a half-million victims have been duped by telemarketing frauds. But Keith and Sharmai feel there were no victims in this crime; only people who were learning lessons about holes in their aura that they might have not known were there.

Getting Inside the Head of Your Kid
For every bewildered parent, theres a kid longing to be understood. Keith and Sharmai welcome Lisa A. Rice, co-author of For Parents Only: Getting Inside the Head of Your Kid; a book about the results of a nationwide survey and personal interviews with teens and tweens to tackle those things parents often dont get about their kids.

Your Inner Child
Your inner child is who you were before it wasnt OK to be yourself when you were growing up. It remains inside you, not whole and not healed. Keith is here to help you reach it, so the healing can begin.

A Powerful Story of Healing
Keith and Sharmai share the story of a woman who witnessed the murder of her husband and children 14 years ago amid the violence in Rwanda, and learned to forgive through the power of spirit and forgiveness.

Inner Vacations
Keith and Sharmai welcome Dale Weinert, the creator of Inner Vacations Tool Kits. Based on her own health crises and recovery from surgeries, she has compiled a superb array of products to help people cope in both health and disease and the search for inner peace.

Clearing Your Karma
Karma is the driving force of every persons life on the planet. Its what makes everyone happy or unhappy, and is truly what drives your life. Keith and Sharmai will help you understand that, and give you a better chance of being able to clear your karma and achieve grace.

Liberal versus Conservative
Keith and Sharmai examine the core essence of the difference between a conservative and a liberal, and how each not only views life, but responds to life.

Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam
Most Americans are woefully ignorant of the threat Radical Islam poses to our way of life. Walid Shoebat is a former PLO Terrorist turned Christian, and author of "Why I Left Jihad." As a former jihadist, he offers a unique perspective on the thread these radicals pose.

Undoing the Ego
Keith and Sharmais guests are Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Viera, authors of Take Me to Truth; Undoing the Ego. Nouk and Tomas offer a profound and practical road map to undoing the only block we have that keeps us from experiencing consistent peace, love and joy: the ego.

Roadmaps to Your Lessons
If youre having problems determining what your lessons are, or what your pre-birth contract is, we have a tool to point us in the right direction if only we could learn to read the signs correctly. Keith and Sharmai discuss how we can use our amazing physical bodies as roadmaps to our in-the moment lessons.

Dictatorship versus Democracy
Keith and Sharmai discuss the book Escape from Sadaam, and use it as an incentive to realize how much we have to be grateful for. They also talk about dictatorships versus democracies and how karma wraps into the whole story.

The Dark Side
Tonights episode is not for the faint of heart! Keith and Sharmai reveal the dark side of soy, sugar, artificial sweeteners and microwave ovens, all of which get used way more than is healthy for anybody, and they will talk about why.

The Wisdom of Your Face
The ancient Chinese believed that your face reflects your true inner spirit, the blueprint of your original design. The wisdom written there answers two of the most important questions you need to ask yourself in life: Who am I and what is my calling? Jean Haner is the author of The Wisdom of Your Face," and she will help you discover what you can find in your own face.

Personal Prisons
Keith and Sharmai discuss the prison that you live in; a prison based on ego, a prison based on karma, or a prison based on location or lessons. They also talk about affirmations, and how you can use them to transform your prison into something positive.

F.A.M.I.L.Y Rules
Keith and Sharmai welcome family expert Dr. Matthew A. Johnson. Dr. J is the author of Positive Parenting with a Plan, a practical instruction manual for helpfully dealing with the inevitable challenges of parenting. Its a research-based parenting program that really works.

Natural Baby and Childcare
For parents who live natural, environmentally responsible lives, child rearing can seem impossible. From feeding to healing, clothing to washing, raising children naturally can be a daunting task - unless you know how. Keith and Sharmai welcome Dr. Lauren Feder, author of Natural Baby and Childcare, who will tell you how you can raise a green child.

Open Discussion
Keith and Sharmai discuss the unusual story of a woman who married a man who received her late husbands heart in a transplant only to lose that husband in the same way she lost her first. Plus a discussion on extreme environmentalists and the damage they are doing.

The Spiritual Journey of George Washington
Most Americans know George Washington as the father of our country. What most people dont know is that Washington was a deeply spiritual man. In The Spiritual Journey of George Washington, Janice T. Connell examines the spiritual life of our first president, from his boyhood to the presidency. She discusses the book with Keith and Sharmai.

The New Rules of Posture
Many people cause their own back and body pain through their everyday bad postural and movement habits. Keith and Sharmai welcome Mary Bond, author of The New Rules of Posture; a book that approaches posture holistically rather than as a set of do's and don'ts for the spine and shoulders.

Spiritual Discernment
The word of the hour is discernment. Discernment is important in all levels of our lives, but especially in our spiritual world. How many of you are really aware of how to discern whats wisest in a spiritual teacher? Keith and Sharmai will make you aware of the red flags to watch out for around spiritual teachings.

Making the Most of Your Emotions
One of the best secrets on this planet is that all of our painful experiences and emotions serve us. In fact they are absolutely necessary for our personal growth-and our happiness! Keith and Sharmai welcome Dr. Doris Helge, author of Transforming Pain into Power and she has simple practical tools you can use to take advantage of every painful event that occurs.

Following the Spiritual Compass
On this episode, Keith and Sharmai discuss discernment, and how important it is to discern who youre listening to, and who youre opening your mind to; you need to listen to what theyre saying, and listen to what theyre saying before you choose to follow their words.

The Power of Inner Guidance
If you are feeling lost, you must let your spirits guide you. Keith and Sharmais guest is Dr. Pam Garcy, author of The Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune In and Turn On! Dr. Garcy reveals her seven key success steps to accessing your inner guide and improving your life!

Flying Saucers ARE Real
Stanton Friedman is a physicist and professional UFOlogist. Friedman has written books on the UFO phenomenon and was the first civilian investigator of the Roswell UFO incident. Since 1967, he has spoken about UFOs at more than 600 colleges and universities and more than 100 professional groups in the USA, Canada, and 16 other countries. He joins Keith and Sharmai to talk about his upcoming book Flying Saucers and Science.

Baby Signing
What if your baby could talk to you before he or she could actually speak? Keith and Sharmais guest is Sign Babies creator Nancy Cadjan. She brings years of expertise to her new book Baby Signing 1-2-3, and will teach you her unique and easy way of learning baby signing.

Open Dialogue on Current Events
Keith and Sharmai discuss some of the issues that effect all of us, including the medias coverage of Iraq and the War on Terror, Hillary Clintons bid for the White House, the myth of Global Warming, and the rising cost of oil.

Tehrans Wars of Terror
Keith and Sharmai welcome Stephen E. Hughes, a former Army Sergeant, who is the author of Tehran's Wars of Terror & its Nuclear Delivery Capability. Mr.Hughes shares facts on Iran, Iraq, Sadaam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction, and the threat of Radical Islam.

Keith's Commentary
Keith shares his thoughts on a number of different subjects, including the difference between conservative, ultra-conservative and liberal. Plus, Sharmai shares a story about the guides and how they know our lives before we do.

Playing with Your Baby
Keith and Sharmai get some wonderful tips on games you can play with your baby from Robin McClure, author of The Playskool Guide to Baby Play. Then, Keith and Sharmai have a discussion on doubt and guilt; are they always bad?

Always Good or Always Bad
Keith and Sharmais question today is simple- Is (blank) always good, or always bad. They fill in the blank with a number of different words like war, love, abortion, spanking and anger and find out the answer isnt as simple as the question.

The Elephant Sanctuary
Carol Buckley is co-founder of The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, the nation's largest natural-habitat refuge developed specifically to meet the needs of endangered elephants. Carol shares some wonderful, and some heart wrenching stories about these magnificent creatures.

Live Like You Matter
If you're not using your God-given gifts to fulfill your purpose, you're robbing the world of the gift you are to humanity. Keith and Sharmais guest is Dr. Nicole LaBeach. She offers the missing link to help you celebrate the challenges of being a woman and stop standing on the sidelines of your own life

The Top Performers Guide to Change
People have a strong resistance to change. But change is not an obstacle, its an Opportunity. Keith and Sharmai welcome Barbara Kay, co-author of The Top Performers Guide to Change. Barbara shares the tools you need to manage change and come out on top in any situation.

Animals in Spirit
Keith & Sharmai welcome Penelope Smith, author of Animals in Spirit. Penelope shows how to explore and transform the often traumatic experience of losing a cherished animal into a positive, uplifting experience for animals as well as their human friends. She teaches you how to release feelings of loss and separation and stay connected to your animal friends in spirit.

Stay Healthy, Live Longer
Our current medical and insurance system is a nightmare to navigate. Dr. Davis Liu, author of Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely helps you navigate these systems intelligently. Dr. Liu answers such questions as how do you find the right physician and what are the differences between for-profit and nonprofit health insurance plans.

Sugar Shock
Connie Bennett was besieged by 44 mystifying symptoms, including fatigue, heart palpitations, and unpredictable crying sprees. Finally, a savvy doctor linked Connies ailments to her sugar habit. Reluctantly, she quit the carbs, and her ailments disappeared. She is the author of Sugar Shock, and she joins Keith and Sharmai to help you kick that sugar habit.

Listen to Your Body
The guides are talking to you every day, all the time, if you know how to listen. And part of that listening is using your physical body. Its an amazing tool that can provide you critical road maps pointing to your current lessons. Keith and Sharmai will help you get a running start down this path.

Worst Enemy, Best Teacher
Both science and spirituality see the enemy as a teacher - one who holds information critical to resolving common struggles. But learning from ones enemies, especially in these polarized times, can be a profoundly difficult task. Deidre Combs, author of Worst Enemy, Best Teacher discusses her revolutionary philosophy to identify and learn how best to approach the person or problem that plagues us most, and convert conflict to resolution.

The Little Book on Big Ego
Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have big egos. And in order to get on the path to enlightenment, we need to learn how to work on that ego. Keith and Sharmai welcome ego expert Joel Epstein. Joel has years of experience dealing with out-of-control egos in stressful situations and has learned that understanding EGO is the key to a successful life. He is the author of The Little Book on Big Ego.

Politics and Other Knickknacks
When choosing a candidate to vote for this election season, your choice shouldnt solely rest on the candidates religion, sex, color or age; the choice must be much deeper than that. Keith and Sharmai share some factors you must consider before casting that ballot.

Secrets Your Doctor Wont Share with You
New studies have shown that our bodies give us four very simple warning signs, which if paid attention to, could prevent a heart attack, and preclude cancer altogether. Keith & Sharmais guest is Dr. Anthony W. Martin, author of Medical Crisis: Secrets Your Doctor Won't Share With You. He discusses the four gauges that are essential for maintaining good health.

Action versus Reaction
When you are faced with a traumatic experience, how do you handle it? Do you panic, or work from your center? Do you act or react? Keith and Sharmai will help you to notice the patterns in your life that cause you to constantly react instead of act.

Choice and Free Will
Many people believe that free will means you get whatever you want. Actually, it means you get to respond to the circumstances in your life any way you want. It comes down to the choices that you make. Keith and Sharmai share the story of how a young man used war to serve him in his life, instead of letting the war destroy him. Also how to effectively work on your ego.

Be a Parent Not a Pushover
Most of us parent by trial and error. We often repeat and perpetuate the mistakes and prejudices of our parents. Keith and Sharmais guest, Dr. Maryann Rosenthal shows parents how to break the cycle in her book Be a Parent, Not a Pushover: A Guide to Raising Happy, Emotionally Healthy Teens.

Discussion on Current Events
Keith and Sharmai discuss some of the events in the world today, including the Presidential race and the candidates, global warming, Islamic extremists, ADD, and putting the care back into healthcare.

Doing Time in the Garden
James Jiler directs the Greenhouse Project for male and female inmates at New York City's Rikers Island jail system. He also directs the GreenTeam of ex-offenders, who work on landscape-related projects throughout New York State. He joins Keith and Sharmai to discuss his book Doing Time in the Garden, an engaging personal account of running a highly successful horticultural vocation program at the largest jail complex in the United States.

What is Going on Underneath
Keith utilizes his thirty-six years as a healer to tune in to peoples challenges, upsets, triumphs and traumas, and takes a look at whats underneath. Keith and Sharmai tell a series of What if stories; theyll tell you what happened on the physical plain and then they give you the soul-level lessons of the various players in the tales.

The Perfect Body Myth
Keith and Sharmai discuss cent Readers Digest article called the Perfect Body Myth. It says we have allowed advertising to tell us what the perfect body is, but bodies like that dont exist. Sharmai couldn't agree more. True Beauty comes from within.

The Truth About Global Warming
Keith and Sharmai believe that going green and being environmentally responsible is a good thing. However, they dont believe Global Warming should be blamed on humanity. They share some surprising information that may make you question what you have been told and make you realize you need to think for yourself about matters of the planet.

What to Work on in the New Year
Everyone wants bliss, and happiness and love, but no one really wants to face the uncomfortable: hate, anger, jealousy, envy and so on. But facing them and conquering them can lead you to a higher path. Keith and Sharmai are here to give you some ideas of what you may want to work on in the New Year; those negative patterns that are wearing you down. Plus- choosing your Dos and dont for the New Year and sticking to them.

The Modern Dad's Handbook
The job description of fathers has changed dramatically. Much more is expected of dads today, and they expect much more of themselves. The real-life, positive role models of modern dads are few and far between. So, most men struggle between an old model that no longer works and a new model that seems undefined. Keith and Sharmai welcome author John Badalament, whose latest book, The Modern Dads Handbook, outlines specific strategies to help today's Dads be the men and fathers they aspire to be.

Spiritual New Years Resolutions
Nows the time of year everyone makes their New Years resolutions. But Keith and Sharmai believe a resolution shouldnt be something you try for two weeks and give up on. It should be a fundamental change of a negative pattern, or an obstacle you must overcome, that you are resolute on wanting to change.

How to Live a Spiritual Lifestyle
If living a more spiritual life was one of your New Year's Resolutions, Keith and Sharmai will help put you on the path. They'll help you discover what a spiritual path is, where you are on it, and how to identify the things you need to work on.

The Day My Life Was Saved
Keith and Sharmai share the amazing story of a young Marine named Patrick P. Stafford and the day his life was saved by a mysterious and calming voice.

Sharing Stories
Keith and Sharmai lighten things up in honor of the holiday, and have some wonderful stories about the triumph of the spirit. Then in the second hour, Sharmai has some tales about some amazing animals.

The Holiday Spirit
Christmas is upon us, and Keith and Sharmai are almost getting a contact high from all of the Holiday spirit in the air! As their gift, they share stories of how they have been touched by the world of spirit, and invite their listeners to do the same.

The Stuff of Heroes
Keith and Sharmai welcome retired Air Force Major-General William Cohen, for a discussion on what makes a great leader. They also talk about Cohens latest book A Class with Drucker, which is about Peter Drucker, the worlds greatest management teacher.

Longevity Made Simple
Keith and Sharmai welcome Dr. Richard J. Flanigan, co-author of Longevity Made Simple. They discuss his book, which identifies the ten most deadly diseases, accounting for more than three-quarters of all deaths in America. The book helps readers determine their personal risk profiles for these diseases, and offers them tactics to reduce or to eliminate the greatest threats to their own health and longevity.

Spirit Faces
Keith and Sharmai welcome Mark Macy, author of Spirit Faces, a book about life after death based on Macys fifteen years of research, with special emphasis on a growing collection of unique photographs in which he captures clear faces of spirits. These photographs and other results of his research provide solid proof that life continues after death of the physical body.

The Value Of Giving
People all like the idea of giving around Christmas and the Holidays, but what about the idea of having that sparks in you every single day, all year round? Keith and Sharmai welcome Jason Wright, author of Christmas Jars. They talk about the wonderful feeling of giving, and the Christmas Jars tradition, which has the ability to change someones life.

Near Death Experiences
Keith and Sharmai discuss a recent article by Reverend Juliet Nightingale, in which she chronicles her near death experience, and share many of the good points she brought up in her piece.

The Vitamin Professor
Doug Ingoldsby is the president of Nutritech. Hes also known as The Vitamin Professor, and he joins Keith and Sharmai to talk about the ongoing battle between vitamin companies and big food processors about the dangerous shortage of nutrients in processed foods, and the need to add supplements to your diet for proper nutrition.

Our Ethereal Home
People on the threshold of death seem to always mention going home. What many are starting to realize is that they are talking about going to their Ethereal home. Keith and Sharmai believe the Earth is a school to teach us lessons we cannot learn on the higher plain. They discuss this belief, and also give some perspective on positive and negative near-death experiences.

Understanding Current Events
Keith and Sharmai discuss some of the stories affecting us here in the US, including the leadership and problem-solving abilities of Rudy Giuliani, the most profitable illegal sales, the side-effects of Global Warming, and the success of the troop surge in Iraq.

What Color is Your Brain?
Keith and Sharmai welcome Sheila Glazov, Author of What Color is Your Brain? In their discussion of her book, Sheila explores the essential pieces of the puzzle that is human interaction, teaching us how to recognize and appreciate a spectrum of personality types, discover your own brain color and learn to adapt to the personality of others.

The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln
Everyone knows about the life and deeds of Abraham Lincoln. But few know that he received guidance from benevolent spirits through mediums. Keith and Sharmai welcome Dr. Susan Martinez, author of The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln," who presents compelling evidence that one of America's greatest presidents had been deeply involved in Spiritualism.

Giving Thanks
On their Thanksgiving Episode, Keith and Sharmai have some wonderful little thanksgiving comments and share fun and amazing stories of some people who have succeeded against many odds. Plus - listeners get insight on whats ahead for them in the New Year.

Calm Birth
Robert Bruce Newman is the author of Calm Birth, a new method for conscious, natural childbirth. It uses meditation, relaxation and healing to counter the trauma of childbirth. He discusses the book, the technique, and other methods of natural childbirth with Keith and Sharmai.

Dealing with Evil on Earth
Evil comes in many shapes and forms on our lovely planet. Some feel we can deal with evil through meditations for peace, or activism. But Keith and Sharmai realize its just not that simple. So how do we deal with evil? What works and what doesnt?

How to Create a Great Marriage
The divorce rate in this country is alarming. And although there are times that it is right to move on, more often than not, we should be staying together and working through our issues. And marriage is a perfect environment to work through those issues. Keith and Sharmai discuss, and offer advice on what it takes to create and maintain a healthy and spiritual marriage.

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World
Keith Code, the International Ambassador for the Foundation for A Drug-Free World, joins Keith and Sharmai, to empower youth and adults with the facts about drugs so they can make an informed decision to say no, and help others make the same decision.

Understanding Karma
How can anyone who truly understands karma still believe that number one: you can be a victim, or number two: that you can simply meditate it away. Keith and Sharmai ponder this question, and explain if you really understand the brilliance of universe, there are no victims - they are embracing difficult karma.

Keith and Sharmai discuss meditation, and give you a path from your waking state into the no-mind. They have suggestions help you reach a deeper state of peace during your meditation.

The Ten Minute Sexual Solution
Marriage, family, and sex therapist Dr. Darcy Luadzers joins Keith and Sharmai to doscuss her new book The Ten Minute Sexual Solution. Dr. Darcy has advice for couples who ready to recapture the early excitement of their relationship.

Are You Psychic?
Are you psychic? And even more importantly, of what value is it to be psychic? Keith and Sharmai open up the mysteries of the mind, and reveal some of the signs you should look for that will let you know if you possess this ability even if you dont realize it.

Do You Operate out of Your Beliefs or Your Knowings?
Its a hard thing sometimes to separate what you believe and what you know, and which one you are following. You need to have an open mind, and the intent to find the truth, and you must overcome your preconceived notions and your ego. Keith and Sharmai will show you the path. Plus- do you believe in psychic ability?

The Dalai Lamas Instructions for Life
Keith and Sharmai review the list of the Dalai Lamas instructions for life, and sprinkle in a few of their own that their sprit guides have given them throughout the years.

The Threat of Islam
Are Americans not paying enough attention when it comes to the threat of Radical Islam? Author Mr.Pat shares his knowledge of the teachings and beliefs of Islam with Keith and Sharmai, and brings a better understanding about what is happening with radical Muslims in the Middle East and around the world.

Exploring the Origins of Halloween
Keith and Sharmai discuss how the tradition of Halloween originally started as a spiritual holiday, and has since lost that connection. Now, the same thing seems to be happening with Christmas. Plus Keith and Sharmai explore the psychic abilities of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Protecting Your Immune System Through Spirituality
Close to 300 million Americans suffer through an average of four colds per year. But you dont have to be one of them. Keith and Sharmai believe you dont ever have to have a cold, or dont ever have to get sick. There are ways to take care of yourself physically and spiritually that can have a profound effect on your well being.

Love/Hate Relationships Dont Exist
Keith and Sharmai examine the myth of Love/Hate Relationships, and find they dont exist. There is true love, and there is false love, but no hate when it comes to love. Plus how do you learn discernment when it comes to judging people?

Transforming Negative Behavior
How do you transform negative behavior into something positive? Keith and Sharmai examine the evolving art of strategic self-restraint and redirection. Plus, Keith discusses the growing problems in Iran, the instability of the Middle East and the growing instability in Pakistan.

The Folly of Victimhood
Life is designed to entrap us, so we can learn the lesson, make the adjustment, and successfully transform our ways. But there are those who dwell on lifes problems, both big and small, and turn themselves into victims. Keith and Sharmai believe the key to inner peace is letting go of the victim mentality, and will lead you down that path.

The Underlying Causes of Natural Disasters
Keith and Sharmai help you to understand the spiritual implications of disasters like the California wildfires, hurricanes, tsunamis and floods, and what you can do in your life to give yourself an insurance policy against tragedy when events like these occur.

How to Choose and Create a Great Marriage
Having a great marriage isnt easy. It takes a lot more than love. You also need respect, support and deep intimacy. Keith and Sharmai discuss how you find the right partner, and how to keep the marriage strong after you say I do. Plus- they share reasons not to marry someone.

Finding Peace in Tumultuous Times
Have you asked yourself why there havent been any attacks since 9/11? Is it good fortune, or did the Patriot Act work? Keith and Sharmai examine state of America since 9/11, the war on terror, and offer advice on how to find peace within yourself, even with all the dangers in the world.

Examining Current Events
Keith and Sharmai discuss some of the happenings going on in the world, including the corruption permeating the UN, the growing problem of China, the War on Terror, anti-war protests, and why George Bushs spirituality and stubbornness, make him Americas ideal leader at an ideal time.

The Connection Between the Anti-Christ and Islam
Everyone has heard of the Anti-Christ, and many have their thoughts on what or who the Anti-Christ is. But there are those who have interpreted the passages of the Bible, and believe the Anti-Christ is the religion of Islam. Joel Richardson explores this idea in his book Antichrist: Islam's Awaited Messiah, and discusses it with Keith and Sharmai.

The Paradox of the Spiritual Warrior
Is God a pacifist? Should we as spiritual people promote warfare? And is it a paradox to be spiritual warriors? As staunch supporters of the war in Iraq, and profoundly spiritual people, Keith and Sharmai have a healthy debate on these topics.

The Cutting Season
Keith and Sharmai welcome Arthur Rosenfeld, author of A Cutting Season, for a discussion on his new book, and also to talk about finding spirituality through martial arts.

Evolution versus Intelligent Design
The evolutionists believe man evolved from the apes, and that everything evolves On the other hand, creationists believe there is a divine hand behind the creation of all things. Keith and Sharmai examine both sides of the debate from a spiritual perspective, and believe BOTH sides are accurate.

Soulmates or Cellmates
People are always looking for their soulmates - but do you know what you should be looking for? And on the other side of the coin, how do we recognize the not-so-happy relationships, and what are the lessons you need to learn so you can move on from them?

The Mysteries of the Ark of the Covenant
Ever wonder why there are pyramids all over the world? And what about the legendary Ark of the Covenant? What is it, where is it, and what are its powers? Frank Joseph, Author of Opening the Ark of the Covenant joins Keith and Sharmai to help unravel these mysteries

Dr. Gary Nelson
In a fascinating interview, Dr. Gary Nelson, author of "A Relentless Hope; Surviving the Storm of Teen Depression," Gary shares the depth of pain shared by his family as they struggled for over three years to keep their son from going over the deep end with depression.

Do Soft Addictions own your Life?
Keith and Sharmai cover the topic of soft addictions. Just what are soft addictions? Are thy controlling your life? And how do we get free of their grip?

How to Talk to Your Kids
A mixture of talk about soft addictions and how to transform them. Plus, a brief dialogue with Dr. Annie Theil, author of "The Playdate Kids" speaking about how to talk with 3 to 5 year olds about difficult topics such as divorce.

Missing the Messages of the Bible
A discussion of how some bible study groups are focusing on the surface of the bible, ratherthan its message. Plus, China has banned the reincarnation of living Buddhists without state permission. But how can the state have any form of control over matters of the soul?

Making Your Political Decision
Keith and Sharmai Amber offer practical reasons to consider regarding the next presidential candidate.

Guest Ron Clark
Guest Ron Clark, author of The Essential 55, An Award Winning Educators Rules For Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child. What a great guest with such heart and enthusiasm. His dedication to empowering students and teachers nationwide is inspiring.

Highest Human-Spiritual Potential
Keith and Sharmai Amber discuss pursuing your highest human-spiritual potential.

Guest Barry Keane
Guest Barry Keane, creator of the board game Denial.

Keith & Sharmai's Open Dialogue
Open dialogue between Spiritual Lifestyle Experts and Mastering Ourselves Hosts Keith & Sharmai Amber.

What are Omens, how do you recognize them, and what are they trying to tell us? Keith and Sharmai will tell you how to recognize them and how they can help you in your everyday life.

1-2-3 Magic with Dr. Thomas Phelan
The 1-2-3 Magic system is a profoundly simple, yet effective, parenting tool that helps teach children how to CHOOSE to behave appropriately in all situations, public and private. Join Keith and Sharmai, as discuss this wildly successful approach with it's creator.

A Spiritual Life
Open dialogue between Spiritual Lifestyle Experts and Mastering Ourselves Hosts Keith & Sharmai Amber on a number of topics, including Satans intentions and why every aspect of life is spiritual.

Open Dialogue
Keith and Sharmai discuss a number of topics including the spiritual reasons behind natural disasters, the path to becoming a spiritual warrior, the conflict between China and Tibet, and living with your day-to-day actions.

Why I Left Jihad
Walid Shoebat, PLO Terrorist turned Christian, is a welcome breath of fresh air. Walid tells of how he went to read the bible so he could convince his wife to turn Muslim. Instead the experience converted him to Christianity.

Health Is Your Birthright
After suffering from a variety of illnesses her whole life, Ellen Tart-Jensen began researching natural health care with her father-in-law, alternative health-pioneer Dr. Bernard Jensen. She discovered that by simply listening to ones body and following natures laws, good health is attainable for everyone. She has written Health Is Your Birthright to coach others in self-care.

Mastering Our Emotions
Emotions: those pesky, persistent feelings that we seem to have little control over. How do we mature them with out going nuts? Keith and Sharmai lead you on the path.

Breastfeeding Made Simple
In a time when mothers are scheduling cesareans to suit their schedules, we need to be reminded that there is a natural rhythm for raising children and its time to get back to the basics. Nancy Morbacher joins us to talk about the seven natural laws for nursing mothers, and the difference nursing can make on the wellbeing of a child later in life.

Dare the Impossible, Achieve the Extraordinary
Keith and Sharmai's guest Bill Cohen, author of Secrets of Special Ops Leadership challenges each and every one of us to dig deep within, in any field of endeavor or on any path, and find the bigger you, pursue a path of self-mastery and contribute to a cause greater than your own.

The Apocalypse and The Second Coming
The apocalypse is really an inner and outer job that is actually connected to the second coming of Christ. Keith and Sharmai pose the question - How can we look at our lives lessons from this perspective?

The Dangers of Toxins and Hazardous Waste
Hear the lifestyle two scientists have chosen after spending 28 years as consultants who go out into the field to study sites to determine if there is hazardous waste present and how to treat the problem. Ruth and Bob Haag have changed their lives dramatically from the lessons they have learned.

The Secret Founding Of America
It's certainly no secret that the U.S. is the last surviving superpower today. But how did it happen, and was it an accident or all part of a master plan? Leading historian Nicholas Hagger leads us down a path of little-known national history to how we arrived at the global position we occupy today in his book The Secret founding of America."

Fast Foods Causing Fast Tempers
Americans seem to be reaching their "flash point" more easily today than ever before. What happened? "Fast foods cause fast tempers - and Americans have eaten far too much of it over the last twenty years," says Keith and Sharmais guest, health educator Stuart Tomc, who is also a consultant to the World Health Organization.

Dreaming Beyond Death
Often, days before a loved one dies, they have dreams of the world beckoning their arrival. These dreams are very real and often transforming, dissolving any fears of the impending death. Co-Author Patricia Tish Bulkley discusses these experiences in depth in Dreaming Beyond Death, and with Keith and Sharmai on this episode.

The Overuse of Anti-Depressants
Keith and Sharmai believe Anti-depressants like Prozac and Zoloft and WAY over used. We are trying to bypass lifes lessons by numbing out and dumbing down.

The Paradox of Agribusiness
Keith and Sharmai discuss the paradox of Agribusiness; how we treat those animals we see as our food and the intelligence, loyalty, emotions and desire to serve that those animals possess.

Spiritual Medium Rosemary Altea
Rosemary Altea is a spiritual medium and healer, and author of A Matter of Life & Death: Remarkable True Stories of Hope and Healing. She shares with Keith and Sharmai inspiring new stories of working with her spirit guide to help sick and troubled people heal, and to help people recognize their true path in life.