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Anger Addiction
Anger Addiction is one of the most destructive addictions today. Join AL and Tim as they discuss the many different kinds of anger and the many different ways to act out anger. As usual, it's recovery to the rescue as we find true relief from anger comes from the 12 steps!

Internet Addiction
Al and Tim look at internet addiction, also known as technology dependence, and what its doing to our country. Then - Al and Tim examine a different kind of recovery the economic kind.

Video Games & One Text for the Road
Al and Tim discuss the virtual world and video games. Listen to the astounding statistics and alarming amounts of violence in todays video games.

Then - Did you know that when you text and drive, you lose 91% of your steering control. Texting is potentially more dangerous that drinking and driving! Al and Tim apply the microscope to the dangers of 'simple' text messaging making us all Stop and Think!

Addicted to Love
Might as well face it we're addicted to love. Is that possible? To be addicted to relationships? Al and Tim discuss love and relationship addiction. What causes the urge to rebound into a relationship having just left one? Why do people go from one abusive relationship to another? Why is it necessary to be 'involved' with someone all the time? The answers to these addictive tendencies are found in the power of recovery from 'Love Addiction".

Recovery From Depression and Panic Attacks
Here we are in 2009. The holiday season is behind us and many people are dealing with Depression and Panic attacks. Tim and Al discuss the causes and cures of these pervasive mental health problems that millions of Americans suffer from. Recovery holds the key to the end of suffering from depression and other related mental health problems.

Economic Crisis of
How did America get into the current economic crisis? Is the answer contained in multi-Trillion dollar bailouts? Al and Tim discuss the similarities between pre-1929 America and our current situation. Listen for the solution and safe asset holdings in these times of crisis.

Fiddling While America Burns
While America undergoes the most devastating economic crash since the great depression, many Americans have adopted an attitude of apathy and indifference. Many would rather stay glued to their television set and be carried away to another place and time. Al, Tim and special guest "John" a 20 year veteran of recovery, discuss escapism via the TV during these trying economic times.

People Pleasing & Suffering in Silence
Are you a people pleaser? Do you go the extra mile for that boss or mate only to find that you are stuffing your own feelings deep inside of you? People Pleasing is an addictive behavior and it can be destructive. Then- an important discussions about those who suffer in silence. Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating all are addictions and all are the topic of discussion in this edition of Stop and Think Radio.

America Doesn't Blush Any More
Has America lost her conscience? Things that used to make us blush are ho hum now. The Risque has become commonplace. Are we systematically being desensitized by images coming over our TV and Computer screens? Al and Tim discuss moral relativism's assault on America and the death of right and wrong in Entertainment, Government, and Business.

All Addictions Recovery
Addiction is not just limited to substances like Booze and Drugs. There are dozens of other substances and life habits which can become addictions. Tim and Al welcome back recover expert "John" to discuss how the 12 steps of recovery can provide a stable platform from which to recover. Topics like eating disorders, smoking, and sugar addiction are just a few of the addictions discussed on today's program.

The Addictive Force in Your Living Room
The Average American spends almost 5 hours each day watching Television, while parents have meaningful conversation with their kids for only 38 minutes! Al and Tim take on the "boob tube" with statistics and an 'addiction quiz" that will challenge you to examine your own TV viewing habits.

Are you a good hard worker or do you work excessively to neglect your home life? Are you escaping into your love for your job? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Tim and AL expose workaholism for the dangerous, home-wrecker it is. Take the 20 question test for workaholic tendencies.

America's Secret Pastime
Sexual addiction through Internet porn has America in its grasp. Over 75% of 40,000 people recently surveyed consider themselves addicted to Sex, while 52% of respondents said that they viewed pornography every day. In this episode of Stop and Think Radio Al and Tim put forth the staggering statistics of sex and porn addiction. Also, ways to conquer this widespread menace to society through practical suggestions and, of course, the 12 Steps.

Shop 'Til We Drop!
Tim and Al examine 'Shopaholism' and its devastating affects on America. American's personal consumer debt is out of control to the tune of over $2.5 Trillion. The age of using plastic to indulge our fondest wishes needs to be replaced with restraint and integrity. Al and Tim look at practical ways to fight the compulsion and addiction of impulse buying.

Pervasive Pornography Problem
Approximately 43 out of 100 people admit to using Internet pornography weekly. 25% of kids 15-17 years of age have viewed hard core porn on line. These are just a couple of the statistics uncovered by Al and Tim as they present their most shocking program yet! America needs recovery from PORN and its damaging lasting effects. Stop and Think Radio discusses how to recover from the darkest side of the Web.

The Power of Recovery
Tim and Al welcome their guest "John", a veteran of recovery. John has been totally sober for over 19 years. The three discuss John's personal journey and the power of the Steps of Recovery. Listeners are urged to call The Stop and Think Radio toll free number 888 446 5234 to find out more about Recovery and its many benefits.

America Needs a Recovery
In part one of this week's show, Tim and Al discuss the financial crisis hitting America's economy, and how it impacts all of us. The country needs to recover from this by honestly facing the facts, and making the effort to solve the problem. In part two, America-The Roman Empire?, the following questions are posed. Can the movie Gladiator be and example of life imitating art? Is there any hope, or answers? You either hope so, dont hope so, dont know, or dont care. Be educated in making sound choices...clear answers.

The Basement Verses The Sanctuary
Al and Tim welcome returning guest and veteran Recovery instructor John to this weeks program. They discuss the strengths and weakness of todays Church and its role in the recovery movement. People who are battling addictions often feel alienated and shunned in the Church. John, Tim, and Al discuss how recovery and the Church can work together and help people discover the healing power of the 12-steps. For more information call 888 446 5234 or visit

Got a Problem With Gambling? Wanna Bet???
The price society is paying for increased legalized gambling is staggering. Even the casinos produce commercials that acknowledge possible addiction. Could you be in this group? Tim and Al discuss the allure and addiction of everything from scratch tickets to "The Track". Hear the 20 questions you must ask yourself, and then answer the big question, "Am I addicted?"

How Sweet It Isn't!
Sugar presents the same kind of addiction problem as heroin. That shocking information and other frightening facts are uncovered as Al and Tim discuss the dangers of sugar. Sugar's effects on the body and even the brain are contributing to the addiction of younger Americans, while middle-aged Americans are already suffering the consequences of type 2 diabetes at alarming rates. Listen and find out some recovery-based help for those of us who are just a little too sweet!