Friday • September 24
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Alpha Male Training
There's a lot of misinformation floating around on the web about what being an alpha male is all about. On this episode, Brady clears up the misconceptions about the type of Alpha Male training he offers. And it doesn't have anything to do with picking up women.

Self Image
Self-image is the personal view we have of ourselves. It is our mental image or self-portrait. Self-image is an internal dictionary that describes the characteristics of the self, including intelligent, beautiful, ugly, talented, selfish and kind. And one of the keys to being a mental black belt is having a positive self image.

Mental Black Belt Training
The focused mind is a healthy mind, which allows for success. Our Mental Black Belt training can help you develop a successful and focused mind. Plus - Cheryl Lloyd introduces you to chi-walking and chi-running. What is chi-running? You'll have to listen to find out!

Making it Happen
Mobile marketing expert Lisa Crisalle tells us what’s app-ening! By that, we mean apps, and what they can do for your business. Then, James P. Wright fills us in on mercury removal and other valuable things that involve the health of your body. Plus, moving forward and building a better business.

The Body / Mind Connection
Our guest Dr. Jon Wise of Wise Chiropractic: Holistic Family Wellness explains how an adjustment of your body can lead to an adjustment of your mind. Plus - what a mental black belt knows, and heath and wellness coach Paula Pecorella.

Talking Health and Fitness
Today’s guest Marlo Holloway is a force of nature to be reckoned with. We’ll talk to her about some of her amazing accomplishments, and some of the stuff she’s working on now to help inspire others to become forces of nature too. We will also discuss 14 ways to overcome your fears, and how to live in a higher consciousness.

Internal Energy
KI Energy is the unseen life force in your body and everywhere. It is a universal energy that penetrates everywhere uniting all the manifestations of the universe, visible or invisible . Author Joseph Vreeland is here on the program to help us better understand KI and it’s role in your life. We also discuss the nine noble virtues.

The Warrior Lifestyle
We have a special guest on this week's show. His name is Bohdi Sanders, a lifelong student of wisdom literature and the martial arts. He is a multi-award winning author of seven books, most which focus on integrating universal wisdom, honor, and integrity into one’s personal life. Then - why do people fail at business?

Why You Should NOT Spank Your Children
If you are a parent who uses spankings as a way to punish your child, Brady would like to give you a few alternatives. Also - the secrets of doing business the Sam Walton way.

Force of Nature
What is a force of nature? You. YOU are a force of nature. You just need to know how to release the power within. Also - the 12 habits that are standing between you and what you want, and six ways to make your meetings more exciting.

Life and its Obstacles
Life is indeed an obstacle course. And we learn how Brady and crew were able to make it through their own personal obstacle courses, Do you know why people don’t like to be leaders? Because they have to make decisions – decisions that could be wrong.

How to Be a Better Person
Being a better person is easy - be positive. But how do you become an optimist? Brady takes you on a different path to get there - one that you may not expect. Then, being enthusiastic about life can give you a better life.