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Curing Colds and Flu with Homeopathy
Over-the-counter cold and flu medications have been found to be dangerous for children. So what are your treatment alternatives? Find out about ways to use homeopathy to treat cold, cough and flu. Plus liver function as it relates to your digestive health, and Healthy Pet talk. Read more about natural homeopathic remedies such as essential oils.

GMO Foods - What do They Mean to You?
Learn more about genetically modified foods, and what they mean to your health from Albert Straus, the founder of the first certified organic dairy. Plus bottled water or filtered water Which is the better choice for your health? And Dr. Whitaker has information on a non-surgical therapy to treat heart disease and ED.

Women, Their Waistlines and Sleep
Dr. Craig Hudson joins Deborah for her weekly womens health focus. This week, the topic is sleep, and how it can affect a womans weight. Then Dr. James LaValle talks about an immune stimulant called Avemar. And are you getting enough Vitamin D?

The Misuse of Science-based Supplementation
The American Association for Health Freedoms Dr. William Duncan joins Deborah to discuss some of the misuse of the current science in science-based nutrient supplementation. Plus the foods and nutrients you need for proper dental health, and intriguing new research into stem cells.

Supplements for Women
Dr. Mitchell Ghen joins Deborah for her weekly focus on womens health. This weeks topic Supplements. What should all women be taking regularly for optimal health? Then- Dr. John Abramson discusses drug companies and their influence on medical research.

Optimal Aging for Your Skin
When it comes to your body, optimizing your nutrition has little downside. And on this edition, Deborah focus is on the health of your skin, and how your nutrition can impact it. Dr. Arthur Perry, a renowned plastic surgeon and author joins Deborah on the program to talk about his research and product formulation of a new product called NightSkin.

Colon Cleansing
Deborah and Dr. Luke Bucci continue their series on digestive support. In this edition, their focus is on colon health and cleansing - what you need to know about detoxifying and cleansing for optimal health.

The Thyroid Paradox
More than 10% of the US population does not have an optimally functioning thyroid? So how can you get the best care for your hypothyroidism? Dr. James Rone, author of The Thyroid Paradox discusses the topic. Plus- Dr. Wacky Eric Witherspoon joins the program for some healthy pet talk.

GMO - A Consumer’s Right to Know
Do you have the right to know if you are consuming genetically modified foods? Hawaii State Senator Mike Gabbard thinks you do. Hes drafting legislation about it, and discusses GMOs with Deborah. Plus Dr. Whittaker has natural ways to promote prostate heath, and prevent Alzheimers disease.

The Space Doc on Statin Drug Side Effects
Former NASA doctor and Apollo Astronaut Dr. Duane Graveline joins the program, and has important information on cholesterol-lowering drugs and their potential side effects. In the Womens Health Focus, Deborah discusses the factors that could cause IBS, and the options for treatment, and Dr. Whitaker has some suggestions to help wake up that sluggish thyroid.

Good Bugs and Bad Bugs
Dr. Pam Popper from the American Association of Heath Freedom joins Deborah with some startling decisions states are making about your health care choices; Dr. Peter Jostling talks about natural ways to protect against bad bugs like staph, and why yogurt is becoming a very popular prescription from doctors.

Supplements for Digestive Support
Research Scientist, Clinician and Author Dr. Luke Bucci joins Deborah for a chat about Probiotics and their uses in optimizing digestion and your immune system. Plus Integrative Health Practitioner Dr. Mitchell Ghen takes health care questions from Healthy Talk listeners.

Fixing Your Joint Pain
If you're battling inflammation and joint pain, and youre looking for a natural remedy, youll want to hear what Len Smith has to say about new research into Shea fruit extract, and his product FlexNow. Plus Why Vitamin C is more than just a vitamin. Its an essential nutrient.

Reversing Heart Disease
Dr. Whitaker reveals a unique science-based lifestyle approach to reversing heart disease, without resorting to surgery or medications; an organic farmer talks about the dangers of genetically engineer foods and Dr. Robert Kulacz discusses your dental health.

Keeping Your Family Healthy This Winter
The cold and flu season is rapidly approaching, and Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf joins Deborah with tips to keep you and your family healthy through those long winter months. Plus Dr. Julian Whitaker fills you in on the wonder nutrient known as Coenzyme Q10.

Supplements for Aging, Heart Health and Healing
Find out from an authority how you can use dietary supplements to counteract the effects of aging, and lose weight. Then - what is D-Ribose, and how can it youre your heart? Plus- a noted nutritionist reveals his holistic approach to fighting prostate cancer.

Open Phones Friday
Deborah & Americas Wellness Doctor Julian Whitaker throw open the phone lines to answer your healthcare questions and try and solve your healthcare challenges.

Forever Ageless and Soul to Soul
Best Selling Author Gary Zukav joins Deborah to talk about discussions from the heart, and his new book Soul To Soul. Plus - Dr. Ron Rothenberg shares his expertise on optimal aging, and Dr. Luke Bucci discusses digestion.

GMO Food and our Children
The Founder of AllergyKids joins Deborah to discuss the link between childrens food allergies and genetically engineered food. Plus Dr. John Abramson talks about how drug companies are influencing students in out medical schools, and Deborah lets you know what you need to do to keep those bad bugs at bay.

Meditate Your Way to Better Health
Relax your way to a better you? A noted health educator shares some amazing information on how meditation can be beneficial to womens health. Plus - an expert discusses the reasons why you should be eating organic, and all the benefits of a good nights sleep.

All About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Dr. Paul Harch joins Deborah to discuss the unique field of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and its potential in treating brain injuries. Plus theres a lot more to tryptophan than that nap after Thanksgiving dinner, and when to and when not to save that bad tooth.

Neurologist Dr. William Hammesfahr
Do you have health care challenges? Confused about your treatment options? Neurologist Dr. William Hammesfahr joins Deborah to answer health care questions from listeners, and to discuss the growing number of strokes.

Good Calories, Bad Calories
What if everything you thought you knew about nutrition and exercise was wrong? Thats what journalist Gary Taubes contends in his controversial new book Good Calories, Bad Calories, and hes with Deborah on this edition of Healthy Talk to challenge the conventional role of diets, weight control and disease.

Do You Know What You’re Eating?
Call it the Power of Our Plate - not just knowing where the food we eat originates, but knowing how safe our food is to eat. Deborah speaks with two representatives from The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods, a grass roots organization working to pass legislation to label all genetically engineered foods.

Bad Bacteria - Does the Anti-approach work?
Bad Bacteria is everywhere. In hospitals, locker rooms, schools, even in our own homes. What do you need to know to protect yourself from infections such as MRSA? Dr. Stuart Levy is an expert in this area, and has some information you need to know.

The Attack on Alternative Medicine Doctors
There is a growing concern that our American medical system tends to push prescriptions and procedures instead of concentrating on the science and finding alternate ways to treat ailments. Deborah discusses the concerted effort to impact the livelihood of alternative medicine doctors and clinics in her look at healthcare freedom.

Empowering Your Health
Do you want to get well? The Power is within you to choose, because what you do today affects your health tomorrow. Thats the Mantra of Deborahs guest, Dr. Asa Andrew, and he shares his philosophies on better heath as they discuss his book Empowering Your Health.

Resveratrol- The Miracle Molecule
Journalist Bill Sardi joins Deborah for a discussion about Resveratrol the supplement some are calling the miracle molecule. Then learn about new research being done on garlic, and how it may help your vascular health. And Dr. Luke Bucci has information on some supplements all women should be taking.

Is your Low Thyroid Being Overlooked?
Deborah is joined by Endocrinologist and author of the Thyroid Paradox, Dr. James Rone, to discuss hypothyroidism, its effects, and the best forms of care for the condition. Then Deborah talks water with Author Charles Strand. And do we have a birthright to medical care in this country?

Nutrition for Cancer Care
Noted author and researcher Dr. Charles Simone tells Deborah how you can use nutrition to both prevent and treat cancer. Then -What do women need to do to keep their minds sharp as they grow older? Deborah and Dr, Mitchell Ghen has suggestions for brain health and optimal aging.

Breathe Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure
Deborah fills you in on a new device that can lower your blood pressure just by breathing. Then Deborah explains how slight lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Plus a new product to help with night sweats, and a health freedom discussion with Dr.Bill Duncan.

National Depression Screening Day
In honor of National Depression Screening Day, Deborah takes a look at the issue from a different perspective: is depression being over diagnosed? Plus - skin care advice for your pet, a supplement that may help treat Chronic Fatigue, and healthy heart advice for women.

Healthy Nutrition and Fixing American Medical Care
Nutrition expert Sharon Combs is Deborah's guest,and for everyone looking to eat better, she has an easy-to-follow guide for a healthy diet. Then - Vinton McCabe joins the program to discuss his book The Healing Enigma. And Dr. Carter Multz explains why the American medical system is broken, and what we need to do to fix it.

Making Informed Medical Decisions
How can you weight the benefits of medical treatments against the potential side effects? Deborah analyzes the issue. Then, Dr. Julian Whitaker and Deborah discuss the heavy metals that are causing a number of health problems. And author Frank Murray joins Deborah to talk about natural supplements for Diabetes.

Garlic and the Japanese Model of Probiotics
Dr. Jim Lavalle joins Deborah for an update on health matters inside the Beltway. Then, learn more about garlic and why it should be in your medicine cabinet. Plus, how we could learn a lot from the Japanese model of probiotics.

Open Phone Lines on Heathy Talk
In this edition, youve got the questions, and Deborah and her guests have the answers! First, integrative health care practitioner Dr.Mitchell Ghen joins Deborah to field calls from listeners on a number of topics. Then, Deborah and Dr. Whitaker answer listener questions on irregular heartbeats, seizure medications, and more.

Live Healthy, Save Money
In this edition, Deborah explains how a healthy lifestyle could not only improve your quality of life, but save you money, and save the American healthcare system trillions of dollars. Plus, a Womens Health focus on bones, and a healthy discussion on the benefits of organic food.

Vitamins, Breast Cancer and “Health Matters”
Vitamins- Who Needs them? Thats the question of the day, and Deborah will give you the answers. Plus, a conversation on where women are in the prevention and fight against breast cancer with Dr. Christine Horner, and Taylor Grant discusses her new book Health Matters

Connecting Your Relationships to Your Health
Deborah examines the connections between your relationships and your health; how our moods, emotions and feelings can affect our physical conditions. Plus, the connections between dentistry and medicine with Dr. Robert Kulacz DDS, and a discussion on the growing epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum.

Live from Expo East in Baltimore, MD
Deborah broadcasts Live from the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore and speaks with Dr. Whacky Eric Witherspoon about our overweight pets. Then, Dr. Luke Bucci talks about improving the heath of your gut from the inside out. Plus, a conversation on Youth Sports, and the Executive Driector of Nourish America, Michael Morton.

Active Aging and Cancer Conversation with Author Bill Sardi
Deborah tells you how you can use nutrition to treat IBS, asthma and allergies. Then, Deborah is joined by author Bill Sardi to talk aboutwhat men can do to live longer and live better, and to discuss his new book, "You Don't Have to be Afraid of Cancer Anymore."

Overused Medical Tests and Treatments
Deborah reveals some common medical tests that are causing your healthcare bills to soar. Then, Deborah and Dr. Whitaker discuss Dilantin, and how it's used to treat anxiety and depression. Plus, how do you get motivated to make lifestyle changes? And alternatives to the yearly flu shot.

Heart and Brain Health
Dr. William Duncan joins Deborah for news on upcoming FDA legislation. Then, Tom Vonderbrink from Bio-energy Life Science joins Deborah and Dr. Whitaker to discuss the latest meeting of the Heart Failure Society. Plus, Neurologist Dr. William Hammesfahr joins Deborah and Dr. Whitaker for a conversation about brain health.

Open phone lines with Mitchell Ghen
Dr. Mitchell Ghen, one of Americas leading integrative health care practitioners, takes listeners healthcare calls, and discusses nutrition and lifestyle. Plus, Dr. William Hammesfahr joins Deborah and Dr.Ghen for a chat about stroke prevention.

Minerals, Heart Failure and Joint Health
Pharmacist Max Motyka joins Deborah to discuss the latest breakthroughs in mineral research. Then,the president of Bioenergy Life Science Tom Vonderbrink shares the latest research in fighting heart failure. And nutritionist Dr. Luke Bucci joins Deborah to discuss what men can do to ensure the long-term health of their joints.

Healthcare Costs & HGH
Dr. Bruce Frieman tells us why Americans need to care about the costs of Heathcare. Dr. Julian Whitaker explains how Human Growth Hormone could be the modern day Fountain of Youth. And Deborah and Dr. Whitaker are joind by Robert Kulacz, DDS, to explain what your oral health could reveal about your overall health.

Autism, Additives, and Malignant Medical Myths
Dr. Ken Bock discusses his new book on the new childhood epidemics. Next- what's in our children's food, and how it may be affecting their behavior. Plus- Joel Kauffman, Ph.D, author of Malignant Medical Myths - an eye-opening expose and critique of mainstream medicine in the United States.