Wednesday • April 17
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The Dr. Robbins Show

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Problems with Prescription Meds
On this edition, Dr. Robbins and Suzy discuss some of the ongoing issues with prescription medications, including the rise in overdoses, the controversy with anti-inflammatories, ibuprofen versus acetaminophen, and drugs for weight loss. Plus, the problem of distracted drivers on our roads, recognizing personality disorders, and Dr. Robbins answers more e-mails from our listeners.

Coping with Loss & Depression
In this weekís look at the medical stories du-jour, Dr. Robbins and Suzie discuss depression and heart disease, the rise in substance abuse on college campuses and the common conditions after the loss of a spouse. Plus Ė a new way to treat headaches, issues with prescriptions bought on the internet, why marital bliss is good for your health, and more!

Migraine Matters
All too often, we have a headache, and we try to work through it. But Dr. Robbins explains how that decision is costing the economy millions each year. Plus - the real reasons behind your teenís risky behavior, who should and who shouldnít get a mammogram, treating depression, and more!

Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD
It is one of the most common mental disorders that develop in children, but what do you really know about attention deficit disorder? Dr. Robbins goes into great detail on the subject; what is it, how is it diagnosed, and what can you do about it? Find out in this episode.

The Health of Your Teen
Depression, anxiety, weight issues, binge drinking and prescription drug abuse... These are topics you may not want to think about, especially when in comes to your teenager. But Dr. Robbins has information on all of these topics and more in his review of the medical news and conundrums of the week.

All About E-mails!
On this edition, itís all about you... Or more to the point, all about your e-mails! Dr. Robbins and Suzy go through their mailbag, and answer listenerís questions on a wide range of topics, including heartburn, antidepressant risks, headache pain, quitting smoking and more!

The Perils of Youth Sports
If youíre a parent who has their child in sports five days a week year-round, you actually may be doing more harm than good. Dr. Robbins has the information on that, plus details on a new screening procedure for ovarian cancer, a look at depression in the elderly, the link between your weight and diabetes, and more!

The Truth About Vitamins
For years, vitamins and herbs have made claims to do amazing things. But now, they need to prove it before they say it. Then - antidepressants could lower your risk for heart attacks, while one too many drinks could increase your risk. And does the weather really affect your arthritis? Dr. Robbins has the answer!

Marijuana and Your Mental Health
Most dope smokers will tell you ďIts only weed,Ē and itís harmless like alcohol. But a new study shows marijuana does pose a serious risk that many smokers underestimate. Dr. Robbins has the details on that, plus information on the link between insomnia and depression and a natural way to lower your blood pressure.

IBS and Your Personality
If youíre one of the millions of Americans suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as Dr. Robbins explains, it may have something to do with the levels of stress and anxiety in your life. Plus - Find out why you should come prepared for your next doctor's visit.

What Are Tantrums Telling Us?
Every parent has experienced their child throwing a tantrum, but as Dr. Robbins reveals, if your child is having long or frequent ones, it could be a sign of something much more serious than them just not getting their way.

The Benefits of Moderate Exercise
What has better heath benefits: an intense 30 minute aerobics class, or a nice, leisurely stroll. Before you answer, you may want to hear Dr. Robbins first. Plus, a troubling link between antidepressant restrictions and suicide rates, and why you should be watching how much TV your young kids are watching.

Hand Sanitizers: Helpful or Harmful??
Using anti-bacterial products to kill germs on our kids' hands and faces is common practice by parents to help keep colds and other sicknesses away. But a new study suggests we may be setting up our kids for bigger and badder illnesses down the road.

A Different Perspective on Anorexia
In this edition, Dr. Robbins analyzes a French study which shows anorexia affects the same part of the brain in the same way as ecstasy. Plus - a look at the lawsuit against Oxycontin, why you need to count calories in healthy restaurants, and the doctor answers your e-mails.

Discussions on Depression
Whatís the best course of action for treating a depressed teen, why are moms-to-be depressed, and should you be concerned if there is a history of suicide in your family? Dr. Robbins covers these topics, plus answers your e-mails in this edition of the Dr. Robbins Show!

Dealing with Stress at Work
Feeling stressed out at work? Youíre not alone. Find out which jobs are the most stressful and depressing Ė and which ones arenít. Plus- a new way to prevent breast cancer thatís already in your medicine cabinet and why you need to be mindful about how much support youíre giving your kids.