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Let's Talk EI

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March 03, 2014
Applying EI to a U.L.E.
​With more than fifteen years experience as a consultant, facilitator, strategic planner, and executive coach, Barbara Kerr has developed a finely tuned sense for discovering the emotional intelligence of organizations. She is the owner of Emotional Intelligence Insights, and provides engaging, online, on-demand learning in EI for busy professionals.

One of Barbara’s blogs is entitled “Ten Ways that Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Cope”—and this is the subject of today’s interview.
February 03, 2014
EI in Community Mediation
This month's guest Matt Phillips Matt is the Executive Director of NAFCM: the National Association for Community Mediation. NAFCM is a dynamic and creative nonprofit professional association whose purpose is to support the maintenance and growth of community-based mediation programs and processes; to present a compelling voice in appropriate policy-making; and to encourage the development and sharing of professional materials and resources.
January 06, 2014
Positive Youth Development from the Inside Out
This month's guest is Jessica Muroff, Executive Director of Frameworks of Tampa Bay. Frameworks provides social and emotional learning programs and workshops for youth in grades K-12 as well as to those adults and educators who support their academic, relationship, workplace and life success.
December 09, 2013
Public Health and Emotional Intelligence
This month, we welcome Adewale Troutman, MD, MPH, CPH as our featured guest. Dr. Troutman is the Associate Dean for Health Equity and Community Engagement, in the College of Public Health at the University of South Floridal. He serves as Immediate Past President of the American Public Health Association (APHA).
November 11, 2013
Honing Leadership Trhough EI
With 25 years experience as a corporate trainer and coach, Steve Whiteford specializes in coaching business professionals and leading workshops in Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, MBTI, Presentation, Constructive Conflict, Team Building and a broad array of related communication skills. Based in neuroscience and proven practices, he leads clients to to greatly increased openness, powerful and effective communication, and embodied leadership.
October 07, 2013
A Prescription for EI
On this months episode, you'll meet another one of the speakers of the 4th Annual Society of Emotional Intelligence Conference. We haveLynne Davidson, who has a new prescription for doctors - take two EI pills and call us in the morning!
September 09, 2013
Society of Emotional Intelligence Conference Preview
Join us over the next two months and meet the speakers.of the 4th Annual Society of Emotional Intelligence Conference.

This month, we'll meet Jennifer Shirkani, who will discuss Ego versus EQ, and Art Emrich, whose area of expertise is E.I. and Hypnosis.
August 05, 2013
The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Illness
Kim Knight has been studying the connection between emotional intelligence and physical illness for nearly 20 years. This comes as a result of her own recovery from chronic fatigue, depression, severe back problems, multiple allergies and more through understanding the impact her emotions, thoughts and beliefs were having physically on her body.
June 03, 2013
Thriving with Positive Attitudes
Barbara J. Dandro, MBA, is an author, public speaker, and business workshop facilitator. Barbara specializes in coaching newly promoted leaders and facilitating workshops with company teams so that they use their talents, skills, and knowledge in a positive manner to function more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Her new book, Thriving With Positive Attitudes, focuses on ideas that business owners and managers can implement for making rational, emotionally-intelligent decisions in order to be successful and happy in a hectic, fast-paced world.
May 06, 2013
Emotional Intelligence for Student Leaders
This month's featured guest is Dr. Kenneth Ray, Jr., Vice President Student Services & Enrollment Mgmt.Hillsborough Community College. He has 25 years of higher education experience in the Florida College System. He has held leadership positions as Dean of Student Services, Dean of Educational Services, interim Provost as well as served as vice president for student services at two community colleges. He is also a member of the Society of Emotional Intelligence.
April 01, 2013
Are You Living on Purpose?
Life is about Emotional Intelligent choices as a result of critical thinking and reasoning. To achieve success and Purposeful Excellence in your personal and professional life, you must identify and embrace your true Life Purpose that becomes the foundation for your core belief system and life time goals. Today's guest Jon G Hartman is Founder and CEO of the Institute for Purposeful Excellence, and he wants to help you and/or your team to identify, manage, and remove limitations.
March 04, 2013
EI: Not so Touchy-Feely
When you think of Emotional Intelligence, you generally don’t think of the field of engineering and certainly not the construction industry – building bridges and tunnels, high-rise office complexes or baseball stadiums. However our upcoming guest on Let’s Talk EI did. Tune in and join Brent Darnell and me as we discuss EI and why it’s not about “touchy feely”. This is one you won’t want to miss.
February 04, 2013
The Role of EI in the Academic Environment
This month’s guest is Jennifer Trout, Program Coordinator of the School of Business at Rasmussen College. Her evolvement in Emotional Intelligence started as part of her graduate studies and has blossomed into a greater fascination. She is about to complete her Doctorate in Management,and her focus in Emotional Intelligence and Education has grown. Her work in the field of Higher Education and research in EI spawned her study of emotional intelligence in an undergraduate students population and a predictor for career success.
January 07, 2013
EIQ-2 Learning System of Emotional Intelligence
This month's guest Robert G. Jerus, SPHR is a consultant, counselor, speaker and author. He is also the founder of Success Dynamics International. In that capacity, he has developed the EIQ-2 Learning System of Emotional Intelligence. This system includes the Empathy Principle, EIQ-2 Emotional Intelligence Assessment; the EIQ-2L on Emotional Leadership; the EIQ-2I on Influence & Sales; TmEIQ-10 Emotionally Intelligent Teams; ESO for Emotionally Smart Organizations and the EIQ-2CRM for Customer Relationships and Service.
December 03, 2012
Social Style and Emotional Intelligence
This month’s guest is Dr. Casey Mulqueen, who oversees the research and development of TRACOM’s various assessment instruments and products. He will share TRACOM’s perspectives on social style and emotional intelligence.
November 05, 2012
EQ-i 2.0
Hank welcomes two great guests to this month's program. Up first - Katie Ziemer who is the Manager of the Performance Assessments R&D division with MHS, a team specializing in the development of corporate assessments and, most recently, the revision of the EQ-i 2.0. Then - highly sought after author, coach and international speaker Lauran Star.
October 01, 2012
More of the 2012 SoEI Conference Speakers!
The SoEI 3rd Annual Conference is taking place in Tampa on October 19th - less than three weeks away! . Today, we'll have another preview, as we talk with some more of the featured speakers, including Chuck Wolfe , Courtney Abraham , , and Susan Freeman
September 10, 2012
Meet the 2012 SoEI Conference Speakers!
The SoEI 3rd Annual Conference is taking place in Tampa on October 19th. Today, we'll have a little preview, as we talk with some of the featured speakers, including Ravi Rao, Pat Baxter, Ada Ward-Timmons , and Kathy McDonald