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The Business of Medicine

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Fixing Billing Issues
Sharon welcomes Marshall Rosenberg back to the program to discuss patient advocacy and tips patients can use with their own medical billing issues.

If you have a medical billing issue or would like more info contact www.medicalbillrehab.com.

The Cancer in Healthcare
Sharon welcomes Dr. Deane Waldman, a physician and author of The Cancer in Healthcare: How Greed is Killing What We Love who will share insights and root causes of what is ailing the US healthcare system and what consumers can do about it.

Fierce Advocacy
Sharon welcomes Gary Votour, a personal healthcare advocate, a blogger and a spokesperson about current issues in Healthcare today.

Sharon's Mailbag
Sharon has received hundreds of emails, and today she will answer some of those questions live on-air. Questions are from patients, doctors, medical offices and other medical billers in a variety of medical billing topics. If you have a question please call in at 888-463-6748.

Tales from the Front Lines
Sharon welcomes a panel of experts in medical billing, Maria Reyas, Sylvia Avila and Jocelyn Arrendono, who will share personal anecdotes and stories of their billing experiences working at STAT Medical.

Really Great Employee Benefits
Healthcare choices can be complex. Sharon welcomes healthcare insurance expert Barry Cohen from RGEB- Really Great Employee Benefits, to learn what you need to know about the Affordable Care Act, Small Group, Large Group, Individual and Medicare plans, and more.

Questioning Protocol
Sharon welcomes Randi Redmond Oster, an author, electrical engineer and a mom, and now a leading speaker in Healthcare reform. She will discuss her book, Questioning Protocol, which chronicles her own experience and her son Garyís care dealing with a chronic disease, while helping patients to navigate the healthcare system.

The Malformation of Health Care

What would you do if your medication cost $7,861.00 a month? Where would you turn if your insurance company stopped paying your doctor in the middle of your lifesaving treatment? Would it make a difference if you weren't yet thirty years old?

One percent of the human population is born with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Seventy-two thousand young adults in the United States are diagnosed with cancer every year. Countless patients are forced to fight with their insurance providers to receive the care their doctors prescribe.

Welcome to the world of Erin Havel, who was born with an AVM, began having prescribed treatment, and halfway through those treatments was denied coverage by her insurance provider.

Supplemental Insurance
Sharon welcomes guest Gloria Piceno-Galindo an agent from Aflac (quack, quack) who discusses Aflac's key products and benefits. Gloria will discuss how Alfac works and how it helps to reduce exposure to medical costs. Prior to joining Alfac, Gloria has a 15 year work background in employee benefits and Human Resources.

Credentialing: Is your practice enrolled correctly?
Sharon interviews Manette Quinn, CEO of Medi-Quin a medical practice management credentialing firm located in Southern California who will explain the various plans, and criteria for provider enrollment.

Controlling Your Healthcare Costs
Sharon welcomes back author Barry L. Posner Barry will discuss how his book Take Control of your Healthcare Costs, a Guide to Reducing your Medical Expenses provides a road map on how smart healthcare decisions can lead to instant cost savings.

Pat Everett and Healtpons
We continue our conversation with Pat Everett , CEO and Founder of Healthpons, a site dedicated to bringing patients affordable access to their doctors. We will discuss her company's innovative services, as well future trends in healthcare.

To learn more visit gethealthpons.com

Sharon welcomes guest Pat Everett , CEO and Founder of Healthpons, a site dedicated to bringing patients affordable access to their doctors. We will discuss her company's innovative services, as well future trends in healthcare such as telemedicine portals.

To learn more visit gethealthpons.com

William Harvey, Author of Malpractice!
William Harvey discusses his career and his novel Malpractice based on his experiences in the Medical Legal Malpractice crisis that resulted in the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) limiting monetary awards for Pain and Suffering.

Obamacare DOA
Sharon welcomes guest Dr. Mark Davis, Author of Obamacare Dead on Arrival- a Prescription for Disaster. Together we will discuss why Obamacare should be extinguished and why the government should stay out of healthcare.

Making the ICD-10 Transition
Sharon welcomes expert ICD-10 Compliance Trainer, Lisa Asbell, RN. Lisa is a National trainer and speaker, training in over 47 states and 500+ cities. Our discussion will be to ensure in your ICD-10 transition, you are not missing pieces to the ICD-10 Puzzle.

Take control of your Healthcare Costs
Sharon welcomes guest Barry L. Posner, author of Take Control of your Healthcare Costs, a Guide to Reducing your Medical Expenses. Barry will discuss how his book provides a roadmap from an insider's perspective on how smart healthcare decisions can lead to instant cost savings.

Dispelling the Myth of Medical Billers
You have seen the ads in the back of magazines claiming you could make 40,000 and work from home? Sharon welcomes guest William (Bill) Sola, account representative from Everest College a local medical billing school, and DDonna Hall, owner and President of Adept Management systems. They will set the record straight on what it takes to be a biller and the training you actually need to succeed.

Medicaid Expansion Madness
Sharon welcomes guest Paul Biberkraut, the Chief Financial Officer of Community Health Center Network, based in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Paul has been an executive in all sectors of healthcare organizations with experience in public, private and not-for-profit companies.

Ten Predictions for 2014
Sharon welcomes guest Mary Pat Whaley, co-founder and President of Manage My Practice, a renown expert in physician practice management. Mary Pat shares her predictions for the trends, changes and challenges facing medical practices in 2014. Follow Mary Pat's as a Thought Leader on Linkedin or read her blog.

How to Fight Medical Bills
Sharon Hollander welcomes guest Marshall Rosenberg, President of Medical Bill Rehab LLC. Marshall is an expert in helping patients identify errors on their medical bills. He will share tips on how to fix these billing errors and fight incorrect bills. Learn about common billing errors and what to do if you canít pay high medical bills. If you have a medical billing issue or would like more info contact www.medicalbillrehab.com.

The Patient Experience
Our guest Joanelle Mulrain as 30 yars of experience in the healthcare industry helping providers and patients improve their experience in offices discussing ways to improve the patient experience.

The Role of the NAIC
Today's guests are Eric Nordman & Brian Webb, top educators and policy makers from the NAIC- The National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Discussion will be about the NAIC, their role for consumers and providers, as well as the impact on the Affordable Care Act. The NAIC oversees state regulatory compliance and develops and maintains standards for the fair treatment of consumers. To learn more visit their website.

What you must know to survive a RAC Audit
Medicare has hired Recovery Audit Contractors to re-coup money from hospitals and physicians by auditing them. Today's guest, Kathleen Stillwell is an expert in clinical risk management, Professional liability(malpractice) claims for both hospitals and doctors. She currently works as a Patient Safety and Risk Management Account Executive for The Doctor's Company, a physician owned Malpractice Insurance Company. Today's presentation of topics will include a discussion on strategies to survive a RAC audit, as well as patient safety issues to prevent being the victim of a malpractice claim.

The Implosion of Obamacare
Secrets of congress with behind the scenes of Obamacare and what you need to know. Sharon Hollander welcomes her guest, Matthew Taber M.S., Chief Operating Officer, of Medical Access USA, a new model for delivery of Healthcare. Medical Access USA believes that everybody has a right to have access to medical care, and that only physicians should be allowed to dictate patient care not a third-party. Matthew Taber has served on the Hill and will share first hand knowledge how Bills are passed and why there was early evidence that Obamacare was doomed to implode.