Monday • June 17
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Truth and Logic

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David, DaRon and Michelle discuss some of the stereotypes black men and women face every day. Then, an extra-long rant on women getting preferential treatment from court system when it comes to capital crimes, and a Logic Letter looking for answers about the status of a long term relationship.

How Soon is Too Soon?
We focus our Truth and Logic on relationships again this week. Our Logic Letter features a parent who wonders when he can introduce his child to his new fiancee. When you are dating, how soon is too soon to bring your kids into the relationship? are they a package deal from the beginning?

ENCORE SHOW: Religion- The Third Taboo Topic
Is religion a problem, or is it the people who are preaching it? How about the people that are practicing it? DaRon and David have an honest and frank discussion on the church and religion.

The Lowdown on Finances
We are moving away from controversy this week to talk about your finances. Our in studio guest Victor Roberts is a financial planner and educator, and is dropping knowledge on credit, savings, estate planning, life insurance and more. This is important info family, so listen close to what Vic has to say.

More Money More Problems
Harriett Tubman will soon be on the 20 Dollar bill, and some people are not happy about it. Mainly racist people. Plus, is sexual preference something we need to know about when it comes to pro athletes?

Modern Dating
This week, the crew looks at some of the harsh realities of modern dating. Those of you on social media- you are doing more harm than good to your relationships. And a quick tip for the men out there - being thirsty isn't going to land you any ladies. We lay out the truth Wednesday at 3P EST.

The Rise in Gun Violence
Join your Truth & Logic team as we look at the rise in gun violence, and ask the question, ould it be leading to a race war?!?! And you definitely don't want to miss this weeks Logic Letter!!

Chicago's Ferguson Effect
The crew discusses the Ferguson Effect- does it exist in Chicago? Plus, Ray Lewis' controversial comments on Black Lives Matter are not controversial at all.

Michelle's Book Advice
This week, Daron and David talk to Michelle about her success in publishing a book of her poetry, plus why is violence worse in some neighborhoods than others?

The Election Season
This isn't a reality show, it's a Presidential election. But this year, it is hard to tell the difference. The crew gives their take on Clinton, Sanders, Trump and the rest of the three ring circus that is this election.

Relationships Revisited
We're back on the topic of relationships this week, and we try and answer the question of "are there any good men left?" (Other than the two that are in the studio)

Black Panthers v The KKK
Because of Beyonce's so-called racist performance, we've heard a lot over these past several weeks about how the Black Panthers were a racist organization, and how they are just as bad as the KKK. As always, we approach this topic with truth and logic to explain why those comparisons are ridiculous.

Positivity Wednesday
A lot of you all think this program is all about gloom and doom and controversy. But know this family- we can be positive. And that's what we're doing on today's program. Focusing on the positive.

Media Manipulation
The more technology we have, the lazier we get. That's why people have a tendency to believe anything the media spoon feeds them. Media manipulation has become a tool of propaganda and social control. Don't believe me? How many people bother to research what they have heard on the TV or radio?

Police Brutality and the Black Lives Matter Movement
We revisit a topic we talked about weeks ago - police brutality. Stop and frisks are down in the City of Chicago, and murders are up. 71 so far this year. And how many were committed by Police? Zero, So maybe the Black Lives Matter movement need to focus less on the Police and more on the issues in the black community.

The Stereotypes of the Black Woman
When someone asks you to think of a black woman, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Angry? Controlling? Attitude? These are all stereotypical answers, that are unfortunately reinforced by how black women are portrayed in TV and the movies. However... can there be an ounce of truth to this? Join DaRon, David and Michele as they discuss the common stereotypes of black women.

The Truth on Domestic Violence
Join your Truth & Logic team as we address the issue of domestic violence and abuse on today's show!! It's not always and easy issue to address or even acknowledge, but as always, we plan on approaching this sensitive issue with a little truth and ana little logic.

The Emasculation of Men in Today's Society
Back in the day, men were men, no question about that. But that's not the case today. David, DaRon and Michelle look at what's happening and try to figure out the reasons why. So pull your pants up, and have a listen to this week's conversation.

Child Support
This week's hot button topic is child support. We examine the issue from both the male and female perspectives and look at some of the unfair laws that are in place to punish the parent rather than help the child.

Police Brutality Part 2
David and DaRon pick up right where left left off & continue their discussion on police brutality. Among the perspectives discussed- how can black lives matter, if they don't matter to the black community?

Taboo Relationships
Today's topic is Relationships! Specifically, those that are considered taboo in different communities. We'll discuss interracial dating and why white men dating black women is considered acceptable, while a black man with a white woman is not. Plus, wait till you check out what the guys have to say about monogamy. It's another hot conversation and you will want to check this out!

Police Brutality
On this week's episode, DaRon & David tackle the issue of police brutality and how it effects our community. It's a difficult subject to discuss, but one that needs to be talked about.

Minimum Wage
This week, David and DaRon jump into the minimum wage debate- or is it debacle? Fast food workers want $15 an hour to fry up those fry, but are failing to see the bigger picture. And we'll bring you that bigger picture, filled out with Truth and Logic.

What Does and Doesn't Matter About Black Lives Matter
David & DaRon discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement, and why, due to its funding, can't be considered a black organization. Then- what the Laquan McDaniel situation reveals about the voting habits of the Black community- and why those habits need to change.