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October 27, 2016
What Is Fueling The Rage in America and What Part Can Professional Mediation Play To Help Diminish It?
This is a re-run of my show that aired on January 7, 2016, as we were beginning a new year. My guest were Terri Griffiths and Reginald C. Campbell. We discussed some of the reasons for the increase in violence/hateful acts and what are the drivers of these acts that have increased in our country and how can Professional Mediation help to bridge and curtail this negative behavior. My question is that it has been over 9 months since this show has aired and take a personal barometer to see, has there been any movement of positive behavior among the citizens in this country? Please enjoy listening to this informative and educational broadcast.
October 06, 2016
From A Man’s Point Of View
On my show that aired September 22, 2016, I talked with 2 phenomenal woman regarding the contentiousness, hate and bigotry that is unfortunately effecting America, in a very negativity manner. I stated during my last broadcast that women in this country are the stronghold of ourselves and our families, as they are dealing with the aforementioned on a daily basis. My guests and I talked about the potential of defeatism that woman have to overcome, in order to achieve their goals. Now this discussion will continue; but, from a man’s point of view. On this show my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, and I will talk about the mountains men, particularly men of color, have to move out of their way in this society, in order that they become successful. We will discuss what are the reasons that this political election is feeling different versus the previous election, as Hillary Clinton mentioned in her September 16, 2016 speech at the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium. As a society in this great county, can we come together and infuse Love over hate? Join me and my guest for this discussion.
September 22, 2016
Love Trumps Hate
As Hillary Clinton stated in part in her recent speech during the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium, September 16, 2016, …”this Presidential Election feels different, that’s because it is; and, that the next 53 days will shape the next 53 years, of this country.” The concern is, for example, that, during this Presidential campaign, her opposition, has opened up the floor for bigotry and biases in this country; and, that this negativity is being more than spoon fed to a good number of Americans on a daily basis, who already believed in this nasty rhetoric; but, put it in their back pocket. One reason is because; the United States adopted laws that dictated against prejudices and hateful acts towards others. However; because, of the re-introduction of this rhetoric, this has opened up the height of contentiousness in America, that was thought by many to have somewhat died out. We as women are dealing with the bigotry, the biases and contentiousness, as best as possible. We as women, in this great country, are the corner stone of this society. We, as women, are the movers and we are the shakers of this society; however, sometimes, through no fault of our own, we have been caught up in this negative whirlwind of potential defeatism; and, the time is now to do something about it, particularly, women of color. There continues to be issues that women are faced with on a daily basis, like affordable child care, continuing education, acquiring loans to open businesses, healthcare; and, seemingly, more often than not, there is no answer or path way, that is given to help women in need who are seeking quick answers to their problems. Join me and my panel of educated and phenomenal women Terri Griffiths and Michelle Cubas, to discuss the aforementioned and give their thoughts on what they feel will prove to give better results in order to assist the need of the women in our society today, as we continue to shape this country positively, knowing that, Love Trump Hate.
September 02, 2016
Hot Topics In The World Of Mediation & Our Political Arena
It is that time of the year to talk about some of the Hot Topics and/or movement in the world of Professional Mediation that I would like to discuss on my show for my listening audience, in addition to our Political Arena and the Hot Topics that are related to this subject of discussion. This show is combined with information and giving the listeners some giving food for thought. Join me and my guest, Brian W. Keves, for this interesting topic.
August 18, 2016
The Faster I Go, The Less I See!
This was a title of a sermon that was televised on July 3, 2016 by Dr. Charles Stanley, a minister who is one of the best in his field, for teaching and educating his listeners regarding the bible and adding common sense educational theory to his sermons, so that it will be more apropos for his listeners to understand and apply to everyday life. Well, I thought how interesting, enlightening and educational the teaching was, and how this teaching can perhaps, be applied to the Practice of Mediation. For example, he referred to a lot of human being, as being drifters, as we are drifting away from God, drifting away from reality. For me, this directly points out the association of not taking the necessary time to listen to what we are saying and doing to one another and ourselves and ultimately causing strife, resentment and just being an unhappy soul. Perhaps the aforementioned is a direct correlation for the continued growth of conflict, hatred, racism and crime throughout our nation. Join me and my guest for this great discussion.
August 04, 2016
This is a Great Time To Be Living
Negativity, Contentious Behavior, Destruction, Name Calling, Lies, Hatred, Racism, and on and on and on with the negativity, have been the topic for discussions on many televised shows, such as news programs, talk shows and even radio shows. I have decided, that it is time to talk about some uplifting things, some positive things, that are happening in our world that you do not hear so much of. For example, there are great discussions going on in the Profession of Mediation and people around the world are doing great things to assist others in their plight, what ever it maybe. Join me and my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist, for this elevating discussion.
July 21, 2016
Living in A ‘What If” World
As our nation continues to consistently deal with prejudice and hate, for example, Police Officers being shot, wounded and killed by gunman who gives claim to the fact that, they are basically retaliating, in addition to, Police Officers who are seemingly quick with the trigger and are killing a large number of Black and Brown men, and large numbers of citizens in this country are more than disappointed and are angry with the handling of these terrible situations. What about the fact that other countries in this beautiful world, are dealing with an unsurmountable amount of hate crimes on a daily basis. There is seemingly a political coup from the United States Congress, for the past 8 years, as a great number of its congressional members consciously decided not to help President Barack Obama, as he took office twice, to achieve important needed tasks to help the populace of this nation move forward. What about, the vicious mud slinging, racism, uncooperation, no apologies, lies and plagiarism that grips our Presidential Campaign/Political System here in the United States. In the wake of all of this, here is what I am thinking, Living In A “ What If” World? For example, What If, we had love and respect for ourselves. What If, we could intelligently discuss topics with one another without tempers flaring and name calling. What If, we listened to one another. What If, we believe in something higher than ourselves. What If, we just stop killing one another. What If, terrorism, strife, hatred, name calling, lying and scandals, could abruptly stop. Can you imagine the peace, the calmness that would come from the stillness, of no longer dealing with negativity? What are some of the things that we, as human beings can implement for a “What If” World? Join me and my guest, Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell, for this great discussion.
July 07, 2016
Will We As a Nation, Ever Learn Part 2
This is the 2nd part of a 2 part series titled “Will We As A Nation, Ever Learn?” Part 1 aired on June 23, 2016. During this conversation, the discussion will continue to talk about the tragedies that continues to happen in this country and outside of this country due to hatred, is totally off the chain. When these tragedies happen, we the public cry out about it; because, it is so hurtful; and we, the public also voice our opinions about it to our governmental representatives, calling it acts of hate, violence and that laws need to be in place to help curtail the negative confrontational attitudes that seemingly has a grip on our nation. The upcoming 2016 Presidential Election Campaign is heating up particularly on the wake of the Republican National Convention, with a lot of unnecessary negativity, name calling, bullying and wasting tax payers money with investigations that have been satisfied by our governmental officials. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell for this great discussion.
June 23, 2016
Will We, As A Nation Ever Learn?
The tragedies that continues to happen in this country and outside of this country due to hatred, is totally off the chain. When these tragedies happen, we the public cry out about it; because, it is so hurtful; and we, the public also voice our opinions about it to our governmental representatives, calling it acts of hate, violence and that laws need to be in place to help curtail the negative confrontational attitudes that seemingly has a grip on our nation. The news media report on it for weeks, talking heads talking all day about the violence, saying what should be done, as it is so hurtful, shameful that this is happening in the most revered country in the world. People whose loved ones were involved in a tragedy, are beside themselves, citing that this keeps happening over and over and over again, year after year after year; and, the fact remains that, no thing seems to change with the exception, that things are getting worse. My guest Reginald C. Campbell and I, are going to talk about some of the things that could possibly be resolutions, in addition to giving our opinions about the varying situations and maybe even interject a number of things that will help for the betterment of our country. Join us for this great discussion.
June 09, 2016
Talking In General
It is the time of the year that I talk in general about interesting topics that are related to the Profession of Mediation and other interesting topics that are happening in our world today. Join me for a lively and informational discussion.
May 26, 2016
Fair Housing, Disabled Individual Rights and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
Some people when hearing the acronym FHA, a/k/a Federal Housing Administration, equate it with the varying programs that are offered for qualification purposes for buying a home. For example, upon purchasing a home, some individuals have questions like, how much is needed for a down payment or what are the requirements for completion of the application or do I need to involve an attorney with this process? Individuals do not realize that the Federal Housing Administration umbrella’s many other important areas that assists in the housing arena, such as helping the disabled in their housing needs and making certain that landlords, are knowledgeable in the laws associated with not only the Federal Housing Administration; but, also the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (a/k/a ADA). Join me and my guests Judy Drickey-Prohow, J.D., who handles all aspects of landlord-tenant issues, as well as any fair housing and employment issues that may arise with her clients, along with Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist, who also is involved in making certain that his clients have the correct housing for their needs, for a short term or long term basis.
April 21, 2016
Angry Clients What Are Some Key Elements To Keep The Methodology of Mediation Flowing?
Anger, shouting, brawling, not telling the truth seems to be the ongoing method for resolving differences among our world’s populace. The fact is that many of these individuals with this built in resolution process, bring this mind set to the mediation process and or to a therapy session. When Professional Mediators or Therapists have clients in sessions who display anger or start shouting, for example, what are some of the best methodologies that can be used to diffuse these negative emotions, so the process can continue with sensible discussions, in order to reach an amicable resolution. Join me and my guest, Mental Health Therapist,Reginald C. Campbell for this important topic.
April 07, 2016
ENCORE SHOW: Is It Really Worth It?
This is an Encore Presentation that was aired on February 4, 2016. During this show, I along with my guest Reginald C. Campbell, discussed the obstinate mannerisms and nasty attitudes that seemingly continues to capture the minds of a lot of our beautiful worlds populace. Enjoy this Encore Presentation!
March 24, 2016
Just Talkin’ About This & That!
The world continues to give much to talk about regarding what is happening with Professional Mediation, The World in Politics, The Unfortunates Regarding Terrorism and other Hot Topics that is affecting our world’s populace in a positive manner and negatively, as well. Join me and my guest, Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell, for this interesting discussion.
March 03, 2016
The Pains of Suicide Should Never Be Kept In The Closet
In recent years the suicide rate has increased by leaps and bounds in our country. Suicide, like other negative actions, know no boundaries for who it can affect, socially, economically, age and ethnic groups. Statistics states that the age of 10 to 24 group, 81% of the suicide deaths were male and 19% were female and it is the second leading cause of death (2013 CDC WISQARS). Suicide attempts are happening within our military families after serving time for our country. From a cultural standpoint, for example, the LGBT community have a higher suicidal rate than the heterosexual peers and Native American/Alaskan youth have the highest rates of suicide-related fatalities ( From a social standpoint, cyber bullying plays a huge role in individuals attempting to or committing suicide. Please join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell and Sande Roberts for this educational and informative conversation.
February 18, 2016
It Is A Busy World, Are You Awake?
There is so much happening in our world today and these happenings are unfortunately filled with a lot of threats that is tearing at the very fiber of our countries foundation. Such as, their are threats regarding global warming which is disabling the Polar Bears, for example, for acquiring their food supply in the Arctic; and, the lack of clean water in Flint, Michigan; and, the lack of water to grow crops in Africa. In addition to, the violent weather that consistently ravishes this nation, really hot in one area and dangerously cold in other areas. The threats of violence that hovers over our school children; and, as we are embarking on a major election this year, in November, that has been and continues to be nasty language clouded with nasty threats that are spoken among our politicians, against each other, as they are vying for the most powerful office in the country, The Office of President of The United States. Especially now, it is important to be awake, living in the present and cognizant of your surroundings, as the world continues to evolve differently and often times, negatively. Join me for this great talk.
January 21, 2016
Negotiation Is The Key Concept In The Dispute Resolution Process
According to Wikipedia, The definition of the process of Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a mutually beneficial outcome, resolve points of difference, to gain advantage for an individual or collective, or to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests. It is often conducted by putting forward a position and making small concessions to achieve an agreement. The degree to which the negotiating parties trust each other to implement the negotiated solution is a major factor in determining whether negotiations are successful. Recently, for example, the process of negotiations have proven to be key concepts for resolving issues with our Country, under President Obama’s administration, dealing with the expeditious release of 10 US Navy Sailors and re-establishing relations with Cuba. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell (Mental Health Therapist) to discuss key concepts involving the negotiation process that is relatable to the process of Professional Mediation.
December 24, 2015
Workplace Disputes: Can Mediation Be A Worth While Tool For Resolving Them?
This is the last show that I am broadcasting for the year 2015; and I am so grateful to all of my listeners and I feel so Blessed to know that my show is doing well, as I am broadcasting about a subject matter that is needed in our society and that I am very passionate about, which is Professional Mediation. For the last show of this year, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about hot topics that are affecting our society and to review the workplace dispute category in relation to Professional Mediation. The consistency of conflicts, disputes and disagreements can gravely affect an organizations productivity and loss of talent, if these negative actions are not dealt with immediately, positively and professionally. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist for this discussion.
December 17, 2015
Talking Mediation and Other Things
It’s almost at the end of the year and I thought for the remaining shows in the month of December, I would start winding down my talks with subjects on my show that need more attention brought to it and that topic for this show is Bullying in Grammar Schools. My guest Reginald C. Campbell (Mental Health Therapist) and I will explore more in-depth of the subject matter pertaining to the long term affects of children being bullied. Then we will segway into talking about some Hot Topics. Join us for this lively and educational talk.
December 03, 2015
Professional Sports and Professional Mediation
The world of Professional Sports is a huge organizational business that promotes great athletic talent in the varying parts of this business, such as Professional Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Swimming, Ice Skating, Boxing, Soccer and Football. The athletic talents that are associated with Professional Sports franchises are performing their duties to the best of their abilities and are paid millions of dollars to do just that. The question is “What happens when a star quarterback, or pitcher gets caught up in a domestic violence situation, disagreement with their coaches, lack of child support payments or caught using drugs?” What are the franchise or team owners options for quickly resolving the issues with their players, so they can continue to be stars they are and not put a ding on hampering their franchise or teams positions in the World of Sports? Can Professional Mediation be a great useful tool to accomplish this need, expeditiously? Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell(Mental Health Therapist), and Paris Martin Daniel (Professional Sports Commentator/Ret’d Air Force Master Sgt.) to discuss this matter.
November 19, 2015
Destruction, Is It Inevitable With Human Beings?
War, killing, fighting, name calling an eye for an eye, are just a few of the continued methods that we as human beings do in order to settle our differences, our disputes, or conflicts between one another. The fact of the matter is, that it has been going on for years, hundreds of years. Openness to learning new methods for resolving our issues, such as Professional Mediation is not an easy task; however, I have hope that it can be done. In the wake of the terrible tragedy that occurred in Paris France last week, for example, what is the best way to tackle this tragedy that ISIS has said they are responsible for? Join me and my guest Technology Expert, Brian Keeves to discuss this topic.
November 12, 2015
Re-educating the Educated and Educating the Un-educated
Celebrate good times...Come On! This show marks my 1 year anniversary broadcasting on Internet Radio. This show is going to serve double duty. Not only am I going to discuss the topic of this show with my guest Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist; but, we are also going to revisit some of the past shows topics and discussions. So join me and my guest for this educational and upbeat show.
October 29, 2015
Generational Curses – Can They Really Be Broken?
This is the second part of the two part series regarding my discussion on Generations. The initial discussion was aired on October 15th and it was a lively, yet poignant talk about what is going on with the population in our world today. The concern is that, a large portion of the Baby Boomer generation has recently absorbed a lackadaisical attitude towards themselves and they have seemingly veered away from teachings they were instilled in them as children from their parents, teachers and other concerned individuals in their life’s path. It also seems as though generations have opened themselves up to the way of the world, leaving themselves and their children with little to no foundation on which to stand and grow in a positive manner. Violence seems to be the resolution mechanism of choice for resolving differences within our world presently and within the generation following the Baby Boomers. Can Professional Mediation play any part in assisting resolution for these individuals? Join me and my guest Mental Health Therapist – Reginald C. Campbell for this important conversation.
October 15, 2015
Generation to Generation
It is extremely important, vital and imperative that for all of us who are the leaders, the purveyors of ourselves and our families, to take a deep look at what is really happening to our society. To review the causations that has taken a negative effect in our world. For example, why has the human race, seemingly locked on to a downward spiral, in the manners in how they treat themselves and how they treat each other. Our populace, world wide, is at tremendous odds with one another, from children, to parents, to heads of organizations, to our world leaders. It seems like everyone is talking but no one is listening; and, furthermore, there has yet to be any positive actions taken particularly in our country, to curtail the outlandish random acts of violence, the constant uptick of racism and other unfair methods taking place in our society today. Generations are suppose to be better than the prior generations by learning from their grandparents and parents mistakes and taking steps to formulate better thinking patterns to pass along to our children. One of the big concerns is that the generation learning pattern has seem to cease among our populace and why is this happening? What role can Professional Mediation play to assist in this topic of discussion? How can we, the grandparents, the parents examine the root causes of generation depletion, in order to rectify and stop the damage that is happening to our society members coming after us. Join me and my guests Reginald C. Campbell (Mental Health Therapist), Sande Roberts (Counselor, Life Skills Coach) and Terri Griffiths (Attorney) for this great discussion.
October 01, 2015
Mediating Differences In A World Filled With Turmoil
This is a show that played on December 4, 2014 and it is a great discussion with my guest Sande Roberts about the turmoil that we are still faced with in today’s society. As you are listening to this show, use your gauge, your barometers to see if there has been any change in our nation, our world since this program last aired. For example, have there been any improvements in Congress for forging ahead with the necessities of our nation’s business and their constituents? Other than John Boehner, The Speaker of the House, deciding to step down from his position recently, will the next person be more on point for maintaining decorum in Congress and guiding them to resolving issues? Our President Barack Obama has renewed relations with Cuba, what part or parts of Professional Mediation was played in this process? In spite of the turmoil that seems to be a constant in our world, Professional Mediation is growing by leaps and bounds. Enjoy this Encore Presentation!
September 17, 2015
Small Family Matters Can Turn Into a Big Mess
Many families are torn apart because of family issues. Such as loaning money and the money were never paid back pursuant to the initial agreement, or co-signing for a car and you find yourself paying the bill monthly to save your credit rating or allowing a family member to live in your home and they disavow their responsibilities that they stated they would do upon moving into your home. What about a family member who has totally neglected their child or children and you feel the need to step up and be responsible for their neglect; and, what about the adult child who is refusing to leave home? How can Professional Mediation be an integral part for resolving these issues. Join me and my guest Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell for this discussion.
September 03, 2015
What’s Going On?!
What's Going On is the eleventh studio album by soul musician Marvin Gaye, that was released May 21, 1971. This song was very apropos for the time, as a lot of history was being made during this time, such as, the Vietnam War, that began in 1955 and ended in 1975. There were still struggles with Racism in our country; Picketing, Rioting, Police brutality and citizens harming police. Our 37th President, Richard Nixon resigned from office in August of 1974, as he is mostly known by historians and scholars with his involvement in the Watergate scandal that highly contributed to him ending his Presidency, although he was credited with ending the American involvement in the war in Vietnam in 1973 and brought the American prisoners home; while simultaneoulsy ended the military draft. Fast forwarding to today, our Country still maintains a lot of what was Going On in the 1970’s, which is four and a half decades ago. I wonder, if Professional Mediation was a known alternative resolution for disputes, conflicts and disagreements, during this time, how much of what Marvin Gaye sang about in his song and/or how much of our struggles our Country was going through, could have been resolved more favorably, resulting in leaving a more positive light for history writers and a better path for our citizens moving forward. Join me and my guest, Reginald C. Campbell to discuss this interesting subject.
August 20, 2015
ENCORE SHOW: Mediating Malpractice Lawsuits – Are They More Timely and Cost Effective Than Court Hearings?
This show originally aired on June 25, 2015. I am presenting this as an Encore Presentation, as I feel it is one of the best shows that aired so far during the year of 2015. This is a lively, educational and informative talk about the specifics pertaining to Medical Malpractice; and, how beneficial the Profession of Mediation can be for reaching an amicable resolution for those individuals seeking relief from their medical practitioners breach of care. Enjoy!
August 06, 2015
An Open Dialogue!
Although my show is totally geared for education pertaining to the wonderful benefits within the Professional Mediation process for resolving disputes, conflicts and disagreements; however, for today’s show, I thought it would be interesting and fun to throw in and mix it up a bit, for a change, with some topics that are headlining in our news, in addition to discussing topics of interest relating to the benefits within the Professional Mediation process. Who knows, perhaps some of the news topics that will be discussed, can benefit from Professional Mediation. Join me and my guest Reginald Cedric Campbell for a lively and educational discussion.
July 23, 2015
Mediation, Negotiation and Technology
With the recent negotiations regarding Iran, it brings to mind that the World is vying for a different methodology for resolving their issues, their disagreements and conflicts. This has been proven as of late that “Peace in the Valley” can be achieved by implementing care, concern, finesse, education about the subject matter at hand, time, common sense and savvy negotiation skills. The United States, Secretary of State John Kerry did a tremendous job, utilizing the aforementioned skills and some, as he and others were in talks recently with Iran about nuclear weapons. I ask, does this sound like the skills of a great Professional Mediator? I think so. Plus, lets take a venture into what’s new in the world of technology. Sounds exciting...Come join me and my guest Brian Keves, Technology Expert!
July 09, 2015
Employment Mediation Have You Noticed...
With the consistent changes in how individuals view their positions that they hold at their employer, has definitely changed within the last several decades. Employers are experiencing challenges with employees that were not so prevalent “back in the day”, well over a couple of decades ago. Likewise, employees are experiencing difficulty as well with issues that they too did not have to deal with as they are working for their organization. For example, bullying on the job is not talked about much, as of late; however, bullying is still very prominent within today’s organization structure; and, furthermore, bullying combined with malicious gossip and lack of correct management, are at the top of the list that is the causations for a large number of people leaving their employment; and, in the midst of it all, lawsuits are abound because of it. This is where employment mediation can be a big help in assisting organizations to resolve these issues more expeditiously by having a phenomenal Professional Mediator on call. Join me and my guest Reginald Cedric Campbell to discuss this important topic.
June 11, 2015
Elder Care – Its Issues Are Being Mediated or Not
From 2014 to 2034, about 80 million people are expected to retire, and this wave of retirements is seen as a significant challenge for the Social Security and Medicare systems in the United States; and, about 4 million people retire every year, as of 2014 (Data That is a significant number of our population, that is leaving the workforce; and are aspiring to do other things in life or just relax. What about those individuals who are leaving the workforce, and they become ill and cannot go on to do other aspirations; and, unfortunately are resorting to live in Nursing Homes or other Healthcare Facilities, as they are in need of assistance. Are their needs being met? If not, how are their grievances or disputes with the facilities being handled? How is this affecting their families? When family members are in need of help, Is Professional Mediation capable of assisting them in their need(s) for their loved one? Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell for answers to these questions and an educational and lively discussion.
May 28, 2015
Mediating Workplace Conflicts In Our Global Society (aired originally March 19, 2015)
This is an “Encore Presentation” that originally aired, March 19, 2015 on I have been asked by several individuals, to talk about this subject again, as their is a need to let people know that Bullying and Employee Disputes/Disagreements are not only related to Grammar School, High School and College Students; but, that it is very prevalent in our Work Place arena, today. I know that by implementing Professional Mediation to deal with employee bullying and disputes in the Corporate Arena, for example, would prove to be extremely helpful, for not only resolving the disputes and/or bullying effectively and amicably; but, also Professional Mediation can be an assurance for an employer for continued corporate productivity.
May 14, 2015
How You Doin, Mediation?!
For 6 months now, we have talked about varying topics relating to the Professional Mediation process. Now let’s have a conversation that involves checking on how well the mediation process is doing as a whole. For example, I am going to discuss some unlikely organizations and/or individual people who are using the professional mediation process now to resolve their disputes, that we have yet to talk about. In addition, to talking about the future of Professional Divorce Mediation.
April 30, 2015
How Beneficial Can Professional Mediation Be For Assisting Individuals With Disabilities?
Disabled Americans in this country have had a long struggle with being recognized that they are viable and useful human beings in this country and they should have and better yet, deserve recognition and accommodations for assisting them to get about in their everyday lives. So why is there a struggle for businesses and employers to recognize these individuals as an important part of our society? When benefits are to be given to these individuals, why is the system (this includes our government), seem to take its time and or ignore the fact that disabled individuals are significant in our society? What part or parts can a Professional Mediator play for assisting these individuals when they have been wronged by an employer and/or by the government. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell for this informative and educational discussion.
April 16, 2015
Can Community Gang Related Issues Benefit From Mediation?
A great number of us have seen the Hollywood produced movies about Jesse James and his Gang, Al Capone, The Godfather; and, more recently The Gangs of New York. In actuality, we do not have to attend a movie theatre to learn about gangs and their activities, as we are experiencing gang violence in its largest form, right here in our beautiful country. Their activity is frequently reported on the daily news programs regarding the outcomes of their activity in our communities. With all of the information this country knows about the aforementioned, particularly in the area of how this can affect our kids, the formulation of gangs in major cities, for example, still continues today. Why after a couple of centuries do they still have so much power, particularly with our youth? Join me and my guest: Reginald C. Campbell and Sande Roberts for an informative, educational and lively discussion.
April 02, 2015
Governmental Benefits – Obtaining Them Can Be A Long Journey
In accordance with the news reports and research information, individuals who are applying for government benefits such as Social Security and Disability Benefits are consistently being denied for various reasons, making it a real task for acquiring needed assistance. For example, according to my research materials depending on where an individual lives, the denial rate regarding disability claims are 65%; and, reconsiderations are denied at 85%. What are the reasons for the high rate of denial as our world is experiencing baby boomers getting older and children are needing assistance in their life as well. Lets explore the aforementioned with my guest Reginald C. Campbell to shed some understanding and knowledge for our listeners, as well as to discuss the possibilities of professional mediation being invoke to assist people in their quest to obtain governmental benefits.
March 19, 2015
Mediating Workplace Conflicts In Our Global Society
Our way of doing business is constantly changing in our global workplace society. The brick and mortar buildings that once were the standard for accommodating millions of organizations employees within the last century, is now being infused and/or taking on a new method for how business is done. Large organizations such as Sony, Apple and Microsoft have offices within the United States and over seas as well. Within this new global method for doing business, a great deal of these organizations still maintain their brick and mortar stance among their competitors, in addition to maintaining thousands of employees who work from home, they also have satellite offices and virtual offices, that are being lead by experienced, educated and dutiful Project Managers, who are not only equipped to be ambidextrous in their daily tasks relating to their responsibilities for managing the project; but, also being prepared to diffuse any potential onset of a dispute or conflict with the employees they manage. Is Professional Mediation gaining popularity for resolving workplace disputes and conflicts? Lets explore.
March 05, 2015
Common Family Matters, Can They Be Mediated?
In our family structure there are varying issues that can turn out to be serious matters and often times end up in court, as for a large number of these matters were oral agreements that were made with no formal documentation (i.e. Contract) backing up what was said when the agreement was made. For example, an Aunt co-signed for a 3 year car loan for her nephew, he made 6 payments in the beginning and faltered on the remaining payments leaving the Aunt vulnerable and responsible for the car loan. Or a divorced couple is not abiding by their child custody agreement. As our court systems continue to be clogged with lawsuits ranging from serious to frivolous, can mediation be helpful for keeping Family Matters out of the court system. Join me for this lively conversation.
February 18, 2015
ENCORE SHOW: Family Mediation, What’s All In It!
Today’s show is about the constant changes within our family structure in today’s society, like the increase of the divorce rate with children involved, woman having children and not married to the father of the children, the increase of fathers not only being the bread winners; but, also now becoming the overseer of the children in general and Mother’s totally abandoning their children. Family mediation is non-confrontational in nature and progressive. It encourages parties to focus on the future and problem solving strategies rather than the problems of the past. The process is also "child centered" whereby the parties are encouraged to make special provision for the needs of children where the subject parties of such mediations have childcare related issues(wikipedia). Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell (Masters Mental Health) as we discuss how our United States Court System is now dealing with making certain that children who are involved in the aforementioned changes within their families, are being dealt the best hand possible through the process of Professional Mediation.
February 12, 2015
Bankruptcy...Is it a Good Idea?
Knowing if filing bankruptcy is a good idea or not, needs to be examined and considered closely. For example, there are numerous books that make claims of how to file bankruptcy for individuals and businesses without the guidance of an attorney, a mediator, a paralegal or any other professional in this specialized field. Although, bankruptcy is well known in this country, for instance, relating to its properties that are associated within this program to help individuals and businesses with their outstanding debt, one of the facts that still remains, is that the over whelming number of bankruptcy filings did not have to take place. Other measures could have been implemented, if the individual or the business owner had a full understanding of the bankruptcy process and their options. Attorney Tracy Essig of Essig Law based here in Phoenix, Arizona will discuss varying important areas associated with bankruptcy that will prove to be educational and informative.
February 05, 2015
ENCORE SHOW: Negotiating Is A Wonderful Thing!
Negotiating is a wonderful thing, because it is one of the main catalyst for unraveling what individuals want, particularly when they are involved in a resolution process. This weeks show will talk about how the back and forth (or sometimes known as the Diplomatic Shuffling), questioning and conversations between the Professional Mediator and the participants in the mediation process, can develop a “win-win” situation for all parties involved.
January 29, 2015
Let’s Talk In General
Lee Roughshe of recently said: “You can’t always get what you want in mediation. He further states that in mediation there is a lesson learned when neither side wins or loses, what a person want takes a back seat to what they need.” I am going to explore the pros and cons of this statement. In addition, we are going to discuss quick general topics, as well. For example, what is most important to us regarding settlement purposes in a mediation process, the it really a need?, how important are communication skills for the mediator, how best to manage conflict in mediation, who should speak first in the mediation process, what happens when the mediator mis-summarize and how do you manage conflict between yourself, the mediator and participants.
January 15, 2015
Decorum Is Relevant In The Court Room Setting, What About Your Mediation Session?
Decorum is one of those words that is talked about relating to the Court Room Setting as lawyers and other individuals working in the court room needs to know, understand and abide by. Decorum depicts the very essence of the entire well being of the court room, as cases are heard by a judge. The word itself also depicts exactly how all individuals in attendance of a hearing should conduct themselves. Its meaning is the embodiment that states in part that the dignity of the court is to be respected and maintained at all times starting with the staff to the individuals in attendance of a court room hearing. What about decorum in the mediation practice? Should the mediator conducting a session hold the individuals in attendance to the same standards of the court? My discussion will be interesting as we talk about this subject.
January 08, 2015
Technology – Is It A Vital Use In The Field of Professional Mediation?
Particularly within the last 25 years, technology has been referred to as the “Cutting Edge,” of our society; and, out of that referral was born dynamic technology from companies like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Google and LG Electronics. From that involvement was born, Going-Green Technology, Smart Devices, Solar Technology, Solar Fuels, Green Apps, are just some of the new thriving and emerging technologies that are being touted for this year 2015 and beyond. These technologies that are being consistently developed, are directed to making our lives more organized, less stressful, expedient answer at our fingertips and saving us time and money. The question is how do these technologies fit into our business practices, such as Professional Mediation? Brian William Keves, who is a Technology Expert and a Technology Consultant, will talk about the present and upcoming devices that will assist the Professional Mediator and other Business Enthusiasts in their day to day practice.
December 18, 2014
Developing Collaboration In The Process of Professional Mediation
In the process of Professional Mediation, there are a number of segments that need to be completed before coming to a successful and amicable resolution with the disputants. For example, getting the disputants to collaborate on issues that are on the table is a great accomplishment for the mediator within itself. Along with my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, we will discuss, in the first half of today’s program the importance of developing collaboration early on, among the disputants for a win-win outcome. In the second half of my show, previous topics will be reviewed .
December 11, 2014
Your Biases – Do You Check Them At The Door When Mediating?
Biases, Prejudiceness, Uneducated about other people cultures and their beliefs, have been an on-going negative saga in our nation, for centuries, the United States of America, one of the most revered and most powerful countries in this world. In the 1960’s, for example, this country witnessed some of the most brutal and unforgettable violence towards its citizens of color and women; because, human beings allowed their biases to come into play. Not being able to recognize your biases in life is damaging not only for you; but, for those you encounter in your life on a daily basis. Along with my guest Reginald C. Campbell, we are going to discuss the importance of being able to distance yourself from your biases when conducting Professional Mediations.
November 13, 2014
Taking The Co-motion Out Of The Emotion In Mediation
"Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" is what is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, as our nation was developing and expanding its population with many different cultures. Cultures that would ultimately become gravely beneficial, for being the foundation, as well as, the formulation of a collective of spirited individuals who basically share some of the same thoughts, wants and desires as the rest of the people who reside in this country, although they have cultural differences, that can sometimes get in the way for resolving issues. This weeks show titled “Taking The Co-motion Out Of The Emotion in Mediation,” will discuss the importance of being aware of the underlying cross-cultural differences that mediators should be aware of, as they are assisting their participants for reaching a resolution for their disagreement. Mark Morgan, is a Cross Cultural Communications Specialists and he is my guest for this show and we will discuss the methods used for defusing the Co-motion out of the Emotion in the Mediation process.
November 06, 2014
The Future Is Now! Mediate Don’t Litigate!
Theresa Welcomes her listeners as this is her initial show on As a Professional Mediator, she is excited to educate the populace on a great method for resolving your differences. She will discuss the Mediation Method and the exceptional benefits that will be obtained as a participant for reaching an amicable resolution.