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July 12, 2018
Tit for Tat Tariffs
Thank You for listening to my show. I enjoy bringing broadcasts to my listening audience that are educational, lively in discussions and information that will spark great ideas and intelligent conversations. Join me and my guests Terri Griffiths, Attorney/Activist and Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist to discuss the following topics:

-Dinner Table Conversation Suggestion

-Supreme Court Justice...Should Trump Have The Ability To Nominate His Choice?

-What's It All About Chucky?

-Tit For Tat Tariffs = Job Loss For Americans

-D. L. Hughley Has A New Book
June 28, 2018
From Bad to Worse
Thanks for tuning into my show, along with my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, the world's best Mental Health Therapist. I certainly hope that you gain some awareness about a subject matter being discussed and that our conversations will enlighten you and spark interest for a lively conversation with your family and friends, as you are listening to my show.

Today's show topics are the following:

-Dinner Table Conversation Suggestion

-Should Congresswoman Maxine Waters apologize for her so-called rant earlier this week? And, do her actions hurt the Democrats chances regarding taking majority of both houses this November?

-North Korea Continues Nuclear Expansion

-Sanders to get Secret Service protection

-Deadweight Donald

-5 foods that may help up your happiness, give you a 'mood boost'
June 21, 2018
This is not America
Thanks for joining me and my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, World's Best Mental Health Therapist, as we discuss the following educational, informative and interesting topics:

Dinner Table Conversation Suggestion...The despicable behavior of this country is going to more than bite us in our butt...Native American tribes win big at the supreme court...Chinese investment in the US drops 90% amid political pressure...Black Fathers Share Their Fears and Hopes for Their Sons in America Today...Obama to America: We have to do more than say 'this isn't who we are.' We have to prove it.
May 31, 2018
Educational Inequality
Thanks for joining me and my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, World's Best Mental Health Therapist, as we discuss the following educational, informative and interesting topics:

Dinner Table Conversation Suggestion... Addressing Educational Inequality for Black Kids Means Understanding They Aren't in Need of Fixing... Roseanne Barr Feels Misunderstood... Racism, Is Still a Big Problem in Our Society and Our Political Arena...School Violence/Shootings, Still Not Taken Seriously in America... Documentation Reveals That Migrant Kids and Teens are Being Abused by Border Patrol Agents.
May 10, 2018
Free- Range Children
Well I have another fantastic broadcast for you this day, along with the World's Best Mental Health Therapist Reginald C. Campbell. Our topics that we are going to be discussing today are the following:

Our Dinner Table Conversation topic is titled...What do you want to be known for? Another fabulous take on a sermon that was recently broadcasted by Joel Olsteen...Then...WOW! WOW! WOW! All this talk about Free Range you agree or disagree? The agreement between North and South Korea is it a bright spot in our world? Are you living wisely or foolishly? Dreams and hopes for the future of your life and it still imaginable today? There are almost enough jobs for everyone, Labor Department why are so many still unemployed?
April 26, 2018
Lynching in America
Thank you for joining me and my guest Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell, for this educational, enlightening and inspirational discussions on the following topics: Lynching in America – It continues in different forms; Morals just how important is it to have in your life; Why even bother if it makes no sense; Lowering the voting age to 16. Do you agree or disagree? and, Dinner Table Conversation Suggestion.

Being Informative, Educational, Enlightening, Inspiring and Interesting are always the Cornerstones of my show.
April 12, 2018
This Week’s Important Matters
Theresa and her guest Brian Keeves discuss the hot topics of the week, including the strange weather across the US, the latest Trump scandals and illegal immigration. Plus, acts of kindness, dinner table conversation, the major causes of stress and anxiety.
March 29, 2018
Meaningful Topics
My guest Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist and I will be talking about these meaningful topics:

My Dinner Table Talk Suggestion

Shout Out To The Organizers and Participants In Last Week's March Against Guns In Our Nations' Capital

Consequences Are They Really Real?

Are Policeman's Body Cameras Worth Taxpayers Money?

Voting This Year Is Very Important...Why?

President Obama's Recent Trip To Japan And His View On North Korea

Tune in and listen. You will not be disappointed.

Being Informative, Educational and Interesting are always the Cornerstones of my show
March 08, 2018
Social Crisis, Social Inequality and the Continuum of Society Depletion
Come join me and my guest, Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell as we discuss the following topics:

The Opioid Crisis in Arizona

Massive Social Spending

Racial and Ethnic Inequality

The Tariffs on Aluminum and Steel

Being Informative, Educational and Interesting are always the Cornerstones of my show.
February 22, 2018
A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That!
My guest and I will be talking about the following topics of interest:

-Choose Wisely, as there are repercussions for everything in life...
-Advocating For Children, why is it important and why I there so less of it?
-Living In A Godly World, surrounded by Un Godly circumstances
-Honoring Black History Month
My suggestion for Dinner Table Conversation for you and your family and more!

Tune In to me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell as we discuss these interesting and educational topics.
February 08, 2018
Hot! Hot Topics For The Beginning Of The Year!
Welcome to this year’s Hot Topic session with my guests, Reginald C. Campbell and Paris M. Daniel. So much is happening in our country and our world that deems discussion on an educational and informative format for my listeners. And, my guests will each bring one Hot Topic of their choosing for discussion to the table for my listening audience, to add a bit more flavor to this session. Be sure to set your reminders, as these discussions are going to be Off The Chain!
January 25, 2018
The Unstoppable Browning of America
An article titled: Ad Lib written by Greg B. Macabenta, on November 29, 2017, The Browning of America. He states in part the following: Advertising is one indicator of changes in lifestyle, social mores, fashion, and language. One such development that has become apparent in US television commercials is the use of mixed race families (i.e., an African-American husband, a Caucasian wife and mixed race children). This is a very apparent change here in our society, particularly here in America, whether individuals want to recognized this alteration or not. Society, mixing of races have always been; however, the difference that is happening now, is the browning of America, seemingly has been expedited. What does this mean for our country? Join me and my guest, Paris M. Daniel and Reginald C. Campbell for this educational discussion.
January 11, 2018
Change is Inevitable... or Is It Really
"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is actually faced." Pratiksha Mishra. "Leap and the net will appear." John Burroughs. Change to me is a phenomenal occurrence. It has many positive benefits and learned lifetime benefits that can transform your entire being to a positive upward shift for the rest of your life. Change is a growth serum and it is extremely healthy for your mind, body and spirit, yet many people are afraid of this Phenom called "Change." Why is Change important and vital for our lives? What are some of the benefits of Change and how can I call on it when needed? Join me and my guest Paris Martin Daniel, for this educational, lively and information discussion.
December 28, 2017
ENCORE SHOW: When you Are In The Dark, You Cannot See
Having foresight and/or the capability for knowing when something or someone isn’t right, some say is truly a gift. Perhaps it is just having acquired wisdom and or having acquired the knowledge of being able to detect "Stinkin Thinkin" within ourselves or others. Having the ability to see clearly is a must, especially when you are an individual who is all about maintaining continuous positive movement in your life. How can we keep our minds focused and clear so we can be on the continuum of upward movement? Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist, for this educational and informative conversation.
December 14, 2017
The Many Positive Contributions and Aspects That Women Bring to the Table
There has definitely been a shift in notoriety pertaining to the strength that lies in today’s women, particularly in light of the allegations of sexual assault cases from men in power, including the President of the United States, also including men who do not have the recognition of power status. Woman are now emerging as a power to be reckoned with, more than ever before. No longer are women standing by, idle, and allowing terrible behaviors from men to be swept under the rug, in silence. What could be the causation(s) for these allegations, made by women to be coming forth now, after many years in secrecy? Is there a possible shift happening in our Country? If so, what is it and why? Let’s also talk about what’s going on in the Virgin Islands after 2 massive category 5 hurricanes hit the island, first Irma and then Maria, back in September 2017. What is the progress of restoration to the island? I will get a first-hand account from my guest, Attorney and Activist Terri Griffiths, who is also a resident of the Virgin Island; and, she and I will discuss the topic of my show as well. Please come join us. I promise you will be enlightened, educated and entertained.
November 30, 2017
Talking About Things That Matter
We are coming to the home stretch for the close of the year 2017. So much has been happening and so much to talk about, such as, What is going on in the Democratic Party, The Tax Reform Bill, Is Net Neutrality on the brink of Communistic Behavior; and other things that matter to my listening audience. Please join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist for this educational and enlightening conversation.
November 16, 2017
Generally Speaking About The Much Happening in Our World
There is so much going on in our world particularly now as we are coming to a close of this year. Grab your coffee or tea, and relax and listen to this informative and edifying conversation with my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist.
November 02, 2017
A General Talk
Generalized Talking is such a good thing! Why? Because so many items can be covered that are interesting, educational, controversial and informative. Join me and my guest, Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell for a great discussion.
October 19, 2017
Inspiring People To Make A Positive Difference In a World That Is Seemingly Hopeless
Inspiration is one of those words that sound beautiful, just by pronouncing it. It means the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The word to many have a concrete meaning with excitement, that something better is going to happen, as they have been inspired by something or someone. However, there is beneficial power to its’ meaning and it can be a force, a positive force, in one’s life when it has been implemented to direct them in accomplishing their goals in life or how to better direct others to do the same. Also, I will discuss a new informative segment titled “Did You Know.” Please join me and my guest for this enlightening and educational discussion.
October 05, 2017
Time To Discuss Hot Topics!
OK! Its time to discuss Hot Topics in an educational and informative exchange with my guest Reginald C. Campbell, the world’s best Mental Health Therapist. Don’t Miss It!
September 21, 2017
Living In A “What if” World
This is an Encore show from “Put It All On The Table Through Mediation,” July 21, 2016. Although this show originally broadcasted during the 2016 Presidential Election, I chose this because, the subject matter relating to this broadcast, still remains apropos to what is going on in the world today. Unfortunately, nothing has changed and in some instances, things have worsened. Such as, division among the worlds populace continues to grow, voting issues and hate crimes continues, scandals and a cloud of darkness that seems to have not hovered over; but, engulfed the White House and its administration; and, the fact still remains that a political coup in the United States Congress has not taken a vacation, since airing of this program. For all of those who have not listen to this program, please do so. If you have already heard it, I invite you to please listen again. I will be returning on October 5, 2017, with another educational and informative broadcast. Be safe and God Bless!
August 24, 2017
ENCORE SHOW: What Are We Doing To Our Children, Our Future?
The late great Whitney Houston, sang so eloquently and beautifully in part… “I believe the children are our are future, Teach them well and let them lead the way, Show them all the beauty they possess inside, Give them a sense of pride to make it easier, Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be. The greatest love of all, Is easy to achieve, Learning to love yourself, It is the greatest love of all…” My questions are many in relations to our Children, Our Future, such as: Are we properly teaching our children the importance of loving yourself? Are we showing, protecting and guiding them in all the ways they need? Varying statistics show that there is an alarming high percentage rate that is increasing with homeless youth in this country, The Great United States of America. Why is this happening? Who is to blame, the Parents, our School System, our Government? What are some things that can be done to stop the surge of homelessness of our youth in this country? Please join me and my guest, Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell and Attorney and Activist Terri Griffiths, for this important conversation.

Theresa Will return LIVE on September 7, 2017 @ 10A EST/ 7AM MST
August 10, 2017
Commitment- Is It Really Important As It's Meaning
There are a number of tools that are essential for those of us who are wanting to forge ahead in our lives and who want to positively accomplish as much as possible. "Hard Work," is the typical two letter word description that is used for gaining access to what is needed for attaining our ultimate goals in life. However, the descriptive "Hard Work" that is commonly used for this purpose, contains a myriad of other important factors that must be met, in order that our achievement comes to fruition in a timely manner. Commitment is also a common word, another descriptive that is used as we attentively listen to speeches by business speakers, professional coaches and therapist, as they assist many individuals in acquiring the outcome that they are wanting to reach. The question is, why is it so hard for so many human beings to commit to their goals in life? To stay on track? Is committing so hard? Is it the culprit for so many to stop obtaining their destiny? Join me in this educational and enlightening conversation with my guest, Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C Campbell.
July 27, 2017
The Ripple Effect
This show is going to be a fabulous and educational discussion regarding an organization named The Ripple Effect, dedicated to assisting the Veterans of this Country. The Ripple Effect has many purposes, one of the main goals of this organization is to assist the Veterans into reintegrating themselves fully and positively back into society, after leaving their duties with the military, by supplying them with the needed necessities, such as, food, clothing, housing, employment and physical and behavioral health struggles, in order that they can become fully functional and adequate for going forward in their lives. Although, this organization is fairly new to Arizona, it has already gained notoriety for is outreach programs that are associated with assisting the Veterans and their families, as many of them deal with mental issues and the possibility of suicide. Join me and my guest Sande Roberts, Consultant/Advisor for The Ripple Effect and Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell, for this educational and meaningful discussion.
July 13, 2017
Everybody Is Gifted, But Most People Never Open Their Package – Wolfgang Riebe
Life…it’s a beautiful thing. Just think of it, every person that resides on this planet is here for a specific reason. We are spiritual beings having a human being experience here on earth and it is our job to live our lives to the fullest. We are to use our innate senses, our common senses to gravitate us to the magnificence of accomplishments that we are suppose to achieve. One profound question is what happens when the gift or gifts that we have within do not manifest itself? Or more importantly, suppose individuals do not know their reason or reasons for what their accomplishments are? How do we find our way for finding out what they are, so we can get on with our lives? There are varied answers to these questions that can help guide individuals to unlock their existence here on earth. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell, The World’s Best Mental Health Therapist, for this educational and informative conversation.
June 29, 2017
Let's Catch Up on Hot Topics
This show is a review of previously discussed Subject Matters and today’s Hot Topics, which make for a great conversation with my guest Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist. Come join us for this lively, educational and informative exchange.
June 15, 2017
The Court of Public Opinion
The Court of Public Opinion, Does It Matter? For example, when the public rush to judgment about an individual who got arrested for a crime and lets say this person is a well known actor/activist, who have received many awards and is very much revered for their work in the entertainment industry and for their humanitarian efforts.  The media gets a hold of the matter and immediately starts reporting, without a lot of factual information; but, just knowing that this story will sell newspapers, magazines and increase televised viewership and the traffic on social media, as negative things are being said and reported. Now, consistently over 51% of the populace following the case joins its views with the reporting agencies for this case.  The matter has turned into a court trial with a jury; and this revered actor has been in the lime light for 1 year now, regarding the arrest that’s now 1 year old.  The trial has ended, the actor has been found not guilty; because, through solid witnesses, DNA and other substantial mechanism of proof, this person was found not guilty.  Now what? How does this person resurrect themselves from the long bitterness they have been receiving from The Court of Public Opinion?  Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell for this interesting and educational discussion.
June 01, 2017
Talking About Some Of This and Talking About Some of That
Well, here we are, at the Hallmark of 1/2 of the year, 2017, that has already passed. Regardless of what has happened since the inception of the New Year, we are Blessed, as a nation. Along with my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, we are going to talk about some of the Hot Topics that is in the news today; and, give our perspective on them. Come join us, as the conversations are always enlightening, educational, interesting and great to listen to.
May 04, 2017
What Do You Think?
Often there are many questions that are asked of one another, basic questions, such as: How are you today? How are you feeling? Are you on your way to work? What are you preparing for dinner? Where are you? In other words there are many basic questions that are asked of individuals on a daily basis. Although, the aforementioned questions do require the individual to think about it, in other words, it requires some kind of thought; however, out of all of the basic questions that are asked of individuals on a daily basis, "What Do You Think?", couple with, giving the individual adequate time for responding, can also engage them in a more reasonable thought pattern, and hopefully resulting in a more sincere and sensible answer to the question that is being asked of them. The reason this question is the topic of my show today, is because, I do not think that people are given enough time to think out adequately what they want to say or should say and in some instances, people simply do not take the time to breath and think in a succinct manner, as we live in a society that is being dictated by instantaneous results, for example, doing things quick, fast; and, in a hurry. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist, for this enlightening and educational show as we discuss meaningful questions pertaining to this topic.
April 20, 2017
Peace, Salvation, Rectification & Amicable Resolutions
I have talked about the contentious and malicious behavior of our populace on several of my previous shows, as I am deeply concerned. My concern among many, is that the aforementioned has no longer seemingly taken control of our beautiful world; but, these negative actions has without any doubt, made its presence known among our populace on a daily basis. Join me and my guest, Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist for this educational and enlightening conversation.
April 06, 2017
General Sensible Conversation
There are so many controversial things taken place in our world today. Some are Hot Topics and some just need to be talked about. Tune in and listen to me and my guest Mental Health Therapist Reginald C. Campbell, for this enlighten and educational conversation.
February 23, 2017
Really?/Why?/What?/And Who is Actually In Charge Of Our Country?
There are a lot of things going on in our beautiful country, particularly in the wake of the new Presidential Administration. As being reported by the news media, the unfortunate contentiousness is stemming from the President implementing and/or wanting to implement laws that are bias and unfair, to a large number of this nations populace regarding immigration laws and refugees, The Affordable Healthcare Act, The Environmental Protection Agency, deregulation of organizations (i.e. Recently The Coal and Oil Industries); and, the continual signing of Executive Orders while intentionally bypassing Congress. These actions have caused an abundance of discernment, worry, concern and unease within a great number of the American Citizens. Are there any positive resolutions, whether they are tactical or strategic, that can be applied advantageously, within this Presidential Administration in order to curtail the increasing contentious behavior in the United States of America? If so, what are they? Join me and my guesta, Reginald C. Campbell and Belinda Brooks, for this conversation.
February 09, 2017
Let’s Talk About Hot Topics
Hot Topics! WOW! What a controversial global society we live in today, so many things happening; and, honestly, you have to be on your game to keep up. Join me and my guest Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell for this interesting, lively and fun-filled conversation.
January 26, 2017
Simplistic Talks About Important Matters
There are a number of important matters that are happening not only in our great nation but in our world that merits discussion. For example, the fabulous woman movement that happened this past weekend, that not only took place in the United States but around the world. There are a number of significant concerns that can or will effect us for a long time, matters that perhaps you were not aware of and need to be made aware of. Join me and my guest Mental Health Therapist Reginald C. Campbell for this edifying and lively discussion.
January 12, 2017
That Phenomenal, Wonderful Thing Called Hope
Exactly what is hope and why is it so important to have this embedded in our lives? Hope, certainly has been around for a long time; however, the whole embodiment of the powerful properties contained within hope, were awakened, in its robust form, when President Barack Obama began his Presidential Campaign back in 2007, February 10th, at an event in Illinois. I feel that if you are a believer in hope and if you are an avid participant in its liberalness which connects you to change, among others positive and distinct characteristics , it can also bring a lifetime of achievements once you associate yourself with this Things Called Hope. Please join me and Reginald C. Campbell for this beneficial conversation.
December 29, 2016
Slavery In Black America, Is It Really Abolished?
According to the factual documentation relating to this countries history, it states that in 1865, which was 151 years ago, Slavery was Abolished by then President Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President of the United States. President Lincoln received much credit for this monumental movement then and now. However, is Slavery really abolished? Is Black America really no longer bounded by historical events and beliefs, that have yet to be fully reconciled by the government and the populace of this country? Join me and my guest Terri Griffiths and Reginald C. Campbell, for this educational and lively discussion.
December 15, 2016
’Tis The Season To Be Jolly!
This is the time of the year that we should be taking a breather and relaxing from the very busy, fast pace lives that so many of us live on a daily basis. As we are preparing for celebrating Christmas; and, we are shopping for gifts for our family, friends, and planning holiday parties, this is a time for reflection. This is the time of the year that we should take the opportunity to do quality checks on our lives. Such as, are we doing what we need to do to promote ourselves to reach our highest goals? Am I happy, if not, why not? Did I help anyone in need and did I ask for help, as I found myself deficient in abilities to move forward? Presently, the world seems to be perplexed or in a quandary of some sort, as the Presidential Election outcome still looms with discontent with many of this nations populace. Great things are happening in our beautiful world everyday. There are ways to turn situations around, regardless of how bleak it may seem. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell for this discussion.
November 24, 2016
Yes, We Can Rise!
The last time I aired was on November 10, 2016; and, that shows discussion was about people being on the “ Wrong Side of The Right Thing”. Now, that the outcome of the Presidential Election, is not suitable to the consensus of a good majority of Americans, as proof being reported by the media, showing protesters are still using their voices, coupled with stances, as they chant and carry written messages on hand written signs, high in the air, as they are marching to utilize their voices to reverberate their disappointment for the outcome, as Donald Trump is now the President Elect, for this nation that is already Great. Maya Angelou, wrote a beautiful poem titled “Still I Rise,” in 1978; and, 38 years later, the eloquent and truthful message that this prolific and beautiful writer scripted in this poem, still holds a powerful message for today’s times. Two of my concerns are, can we, as Americans, rise above the discontent that seemingly has taken a contentious grip on this powerful nations populace? Also, what are some of the methodologies to be given energy to, in order that we, as a nation, can implement them, so we can learn from our mistakes, giving way for this nations populace to move forward in a positive manner? Join me and my guest, Brian W. Keves, Technology Expert, for this important discussion.
November 10, 2016
On The Wrong Side Of The Right Thing
Our great nation, The United States of America, has gone through a lot of tumultuous and contentious events and as a result of going through these negative events, there often has been the birth, of something memorable, lessons learned and positive results at the end. Such as: passing of the Bill of Rights, Roe v Wade, The Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, our 1st Commander in Chief, who is a person of color, President Barack Obama and the 1st woman to be elected by a major party, The Democratic Party, to run for President of The United States, Hillary Clinton. What is the commonality of the aforementioned? The commonality in part are: People who were connected to these events had to make certain that their voices were heard for what they wanted, for they felt was right. Sometimes, this was done through protests/marches, through the streets of large/small cities (some were peaceful, some were not) , as they cried out for justice; and, during election periods, people voted out who they deemed were wrong so that righteousness could be abound for assistance; and, as a nation, people could move forward in a positive manner. However, there is a caveat to all of this; and, that is, there are people who do not want to see a positive manner of movement, they want to maintain a stagnant position of non growth; and; because of this, they intentionally stand on the wrong side of the right thing, in order to evade a movement of necessity, that would be gratifying for all involved. I call this, People On The Wrong Side Of The Right Thing. Join me and my guest Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell, for this lively and educational discussion.