Monday • April 15
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Get Involved, America!

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How the Wall Street Mess Will Affect Main Street USA
Sometimes a bad thing can actually be a good thing. Vernon takes a closer look at the current financial crisis and analyzes why America is going to be in a much better place that where we were when it began.

The Big Bailout & What It Means to You
In light of recent economic strife with companies and banks, Congress and the President are working together on a bailout plan. Thats nearly a trillion dollars that you, the taxpayer, are on the hook for. But how are we going to pay for it, and more importantly, how did we get here?

Meal Management
Vernon looks at your kitchen from several angles saving time, saving money and eating healthy! His goal is to give you the tools to get the very best tasting and most nutritious meals for your family, with the least possible effort and the best possible price.

Kids and Homework
Are your kids buried under a mountain of homework? Vernon talks about the effects of homework on grades and learning, and trades suggestions with you on how to help your youngsters and their teachers.

How Consumers Can Stand Up to Big Business
The culture of corporate greed seems to be growing, and is dramatically affecting you and your family. But is there anything you can do about it? Vernon will explain the surprising ways that big business hits your wallet, and how you can fight back!

Make Your Vote Count!
This November, we face a critical juncture for our Nations Future. The election of a new President. And we certainly have two very different candidates to choose from. But how do we decide on whom to vote for, and what criteria should we use? Vernon will sort through these questions in search of some answers.

Recognize this number? You should, since its the single biggest threat facing our country today. Its our National Debt, and growing by a billion dollars every day. Well take a closer look at this number from several different perspectives, including how it is affecting us now, and how it will affect our childrens future.

Not Talk, But Action!
Most would agree that our government is headed in the wrong direction. But how did we get here? The answer comes back in loud, resounding tones, We are EXACTLY where we have chosen to be. Apathy is a road we dont want to follow, and the only way we can change things is by getting involved! Find out how on the premiere episode of Get Involved America!