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Blowing the Whistle on the NBA Referees
A recent poll found that 37% of fans think the NBA fixes games. Well take a look at the controversy surrounding NBA referees. Then, well look back on the golden age of family vacations and find out how the weather is affecting one of the Midwests top vacation spots.

What Happened to Network News?
With the rise of the internet and cable TV, the way we get our news has certainly changed. But has it changed for the better? Emmy-award winning journalist Roger Mudd shares his views. Then - weve seen the headlines about the raid on the Texas YFZ Ranch of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But what do we really know about the inner workings of this sect?

Fast Profits in Hard Times
In these tough economic times ever, you need some common sense ways to preserve, protect and enlarge your financial assets. And Jordan Goodwin, Americas Money Answers Man is here to help you do just that. Then - in many parts of the nation, immigration is a hot topic. So why arent we hearing more about it?

Exploring ANWR
The cost of oil from abroad is skyrocketing, and so is the price at the pump. Many feel relief can be found in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Well look at the pros and cons of opening up this area for development. Then cheating in sports why is it happening, and what can be done about it?

Drug Advertising: Excessive or Not?
Weve all seen ads for prescription medications on television. But is it too much, not enough, or just right? Well have two opposing views on the topic. Then Wine Expert Larry Ellis shares tips on how to make the most of your money when buying your next bottle.

Housing and Hunger
Our mortgage mess has rapidly become a Foreclosure Fiasco. An expert discusses why this is happening, and how you can avoid it. Then well take a look at the world hunger situation, as well as whats happening here in the US. Plus - the latest on the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

Guys and Dolls: The Marketing Realities
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Weve all heard that expression, but what does that mean to the marketing world, and how does that change the way they present their products? Then - with the state of the economy, can you still get a college loan and where are people spending (and not spending) their disposable income?

Airline Consolidation and A Good Nights Sleep
The airline industry is doing whatever it can to keep themselves in the air, and for some carriers, that means consolidation. But what is consolidation, why is it happening, and what does it mean for you? Then how much sleep do you really need? Well get the answer.

Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right
Dave welcomes Emmy-winning reporter and author Bernard Goldberg for a frank discussion on the blurred line between left and right, and the problems with todays mainstream media. Then a guide to selling your home from two different perspectives: using a broker or doing it yourself. Plus the Secretary of the Treasury's proposed federal regulatory order and what it means to you.

A Look at America in Black and White
Presidential hopeful Barack Obama says he wants to begin a fresh discussion about a color blind America. But is America ready for a new racial dialog? And is race an advantage or a liability to Obamas campaign? Two experts on race relations weigh in on this issue. Then we try to provide our children with everything we can. But how do we handling things when our child is going through a divorce?

Turbulence in the Airline Industry
Once upon a time, we looked forward to flying. But thanks to many factors, the friendly skies arent so friendly anymore. Well take a look at the state of the industry, and find out from an expert that you can still get a great travel bargain if you know where to look. Then The Spitzer Syndrome. What drives powerful men to cheat on their wives and what drives their wives to stay with them.

Not Wheres the Beef, but Whats in the Beef?
In mid-February, 143 million pounds of ground beef was recalled - the largest meat recall in US History. Which begs the question how safe is the meat we are eating? Well find out from a representative from the organization whose undercover investigation lead to the recall, and from a food safety expert.. Plus a car that gets 100 miles to the gallon and a majority of the US getting its energy from solar power. Sound like science-fiction? It could happen sooner than you think.

The Immigration Issue and Medication Mistakes
The problem of illegal immigration continues to be a hot-button issue with strong opinions on both sides of the argument. So what is the solution? Well get two radically different positions. Then every year its estimated that there are one-and-a-half million preventable medication errors. So whos to blame? The doctors? The Pharmacists? Or you?

Caffeine, Culture and Commerce
Meet Michael Gill a man who had it all, lost it all, and finally found true happiness after donning the green Starbucks apron. Well get his amazing story. Then - Dave examines the past, present and fiscal future of Starbucks, which is now fighting to get back to basics. Plus working in the Public sector versus working in Private sector, and is it time to end the monopoly of the US Postal Service?

Americas Struggling Economy and The Iraq Troop Surge
Everywhere you turn, there seems to be bad news about the economy. Are we really on the path to a recession? Dave talks to an Economist who believes the perceptions of the US economy are far worse than the reality. Then - the troop surge in Iraq one year later how effective has it been, and has it brought America any closer to victory? Well have two unique perspectives.

The Financial Future of the Baby Boomers
Dave takes a look a what the state of the economy means for the nest eggs of the boomers looking to retire, and talks to an author who has a whole new take on the traditional notion of retirement. Then a frank discussion on a topic most men dont like to discuss Male Sexual Dysfunction.

Pakistan in Turmoil
Following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the situation in Pakistan has gone from bad to worse. Dave welcomes Daniel Markey from the Council on Foreign Relations to discuss what may happen next with this embattled nation. Then Dave takes a glimpse into the future with Dr. Michael Zay.

Stepping on the Scale and Baseball's Juiced Players
Do men and women think of weight differently? Barbara Rolls is a nutrition, hunger and obesity researcher, and she weighs in on the differing attitudes on weight for men and women. Then - the Mitchell Report on steroid use in Major League Baseball is out So now what?

Overworked America
Theres a very fine line between hard work and overwork, and most people may not even realize that theyve crossed it. Diane Fassel, author of Working Ourselves to Death, says those long hours dont guarantee your success. Plus - the real story behind the ascension of Evangelicals in America.

Solving the Immigration Problem
Few can argue that the immigration situation is one of the biggest problems facing our country today. Steve Malanga, co-author of The Immigration Solution joins Dave to talk about what changes need to be made to fix the problem. Plus - Dr. John Chirban shares tips on how to talk to your kids about sex.

The State of Healthcare and Education in the US
Healthcare costs have been rising steadily in the US for decades. Is our system broken beyond repair? Dr. Paul Howard, managing editor of Medical Progress Today joins Dave to take a look at the problems with our health care system, and offers solutions on how to fix it. Plus- the report card for No Child Left Behind.

The Present and Future of the Supreme Court
Author and Legal Analyst Jeffery Toobin joins Dave to discuss his book The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court, and reveals some surprising information about the men and women who make up the highest court in the land. And business advisor Allan Cox will tell you how to unleash your inner CEO.

The Foreign Policy Problem of Pakistan
The US is in the midst of another foreign policy dilemma - do we continue to support Pakistani President Musharraf, or do we drop our support and invite civil anarchy? Dr. Walid Phares puts some perspective on the Pakistan problem. Plus Bottoms up! Dave discusses the booming business of spirits.

How to Fix our Broken Constitution
Dave talks with an author and political analyst Larry Sabado, who thinks the US Constitution is in dire need of an update, and has the ways to fix it. Plus marketing expert Patricia Martin says the internet age has the edge of a major cultural renaissance.

Book Banning and Money Matters
A popular teacher is suspended for recommending a graphic book to his students, and the aftermath has turned West Texas upside down. Dave gets the story from a local reporter, and gets a brief history on book banning from an expert on the subject. Plus Americas Money Answer Man has financial advice for you.

Making Sense of the Mortgage Mess
Banks and lenders made it easy for people to afford a home with no equity. Now the housing market is going belly-up. Will things get better before they get worse? Plus In the latest list of most reliable cars, some popular Toyota models were missing from the list for once. So which cars can you count on?