Tuesday • September 27
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Jailed for a Kiss
A Maryland boy was arrested for stealing a kiss from a girl at school. Overkill or is this where things are headed? Then, the parents who began their daughters obituary by stating she died from a heroin overdose... was that appropriate to do? Plus- two major infidelity questions of the week.

The Virginia Shooting & Workplace Violence
Danine's discusses the WDBJ television shooting in Virginia last week, and who, besides the killer, also has blood on their hands. She will also talk about Workplace violence: how to prevent it, how to detect possible issues and how to calm things down before violence arises. And of course, we'll have our Infidelity question of the week.

The Wine Train
A woman's book club was kicked off a train in the Napa Valley for supposedly being too loud. Were they really causing a problem, or was it as the hashtag says, a case of #laughingwhileblack. Then, NFL Star James Harrison's decision to not let his son take a participation trophy went viral. Was that a positive parenting decision or one which sent the message that unless you're the best at something your good effort simply doesn't matter?

Political Correctness
On this episode, Danine is discussing the topic of Political Correctness, what it means, where it originated and whether it has become Politically Correct to be un-Politically Correct.

She'll also be discussing when, where and why America became such an angry nation.

And finally we'll have our infidelity question and answer segment.

South Carolina flag flap
This week, Danine tackles the controversy surrounding the Confederate Battle flag in South Carolina, following last weeks church shootings, and the growing sense of entitlement that exists among all races.

Double-Standards on Self Identification
This week, Danine is discussing Rachel Dolezal and why it seems self identification is a cause for celebration in some aspects of one's life but it's practically a crime to do so in others. Then in out infidelity segment, Danine advises a woman who suspects her husband is having an affair.

Fathers and Daughter
Father's Day is almost here, and Danine thinks the dads of the world need a little more attention for all they do. Danine shares the special bond she shared with her dad, and talks about why a father is so important for a young woman's development. We'll also discuss an instance of fatherhood done wrong, where a dad's Facebook Shaming (a former show topic) lead to a young girl's suicide.

Crime and Social Media
With the U.S. Supreme Court handing down a big decision Monday that overturns the conviction of a Pennsylvania man for making threats on Facebook against his estranged wife, I'm going to discuss the new role social media plays in criminal cases, and the top 15 things to post online if you want to end up dead, victimized, stalked or subpoenaed to court by an Investigator like me.

And of course, I will address the infidelity question(s) of the week.

The Duggar Scandal
On this episode, Danine discusses the Duggar Scandal, and whether their plight is worthy of compassion or an example of karma at it's finest. Did the parents do enough to protect all parties involved or did they purposely circumvent the legal process? And what do parents do when faced with choosing between protecting one child vs incarcerating another?

And of course, she will also address our listener infidelity questions of the week.

Facebook Shaming
On this episode, Danine discusses Facebook Parenting and Social Media Shaming; Is this new trend of public discipline acceptable or is it just another form of bullying? She'll give her perspective on the appropriateness of wearing a scarlet letter and what other methods might be more effective in getting your point across to wayward kids. And as usual, we'll have the infidelity question(s) of the week.

The Arguments for and Against the Death Penalty
This week's edition is Boston Marathon themed show:

First, we'll discuss the closing statements scheduled to begin tomorrow in the Boston Marathon trial and whether forgiveness is possible after such an atrocity. Have we moved more toward a vigilante justice society because people feel as though the justice system has failed us? Or is there room for compassion?

And what about the 2015 marathon finish line kiss seen round the world... now there's compassion for ya! We'll talk about that and answer a few infidelity questions which came in this week.

When is Free Speech Not Free Speech?
Does the first amendment provide protection against antagonistic behavior? And, Should patriotism EVER be punished? Danine revisits the Cinco de Mayo flag wearing controversy from 2010 and the US Supreme courts recent refusal to weigh in, thus solidifying the Federal 9th circuit decision that the school acted properly in making the boys turn their flag shirts inside out. Then- Is it ever okay to shoot an unarmed person, and does criminal behavior ever justify or become responsible for police brutality? We examine the recent unrest in Baltimore and issues of police brutality.