Tuesday • July 23
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The Yank-a-billy Has Worms
He has a very common name, but his comedy is anything but ordinary. Fred & Sheila welcome the comedy stylings of Michael Brown to our main stage. Plus more updates on Sheilas travels, how you can tell if your kid has been playing doctor, and a reasonable explanation for the title of this episode.

Awesome or Fantastic?
Fred and Sheila present a couple of funny fellas on the Comedy Palooza stage this week: Allan Big Al Goodwin, whos elected to spend his wedding anniversary with us instead of his wife (which should go over big) and a guy whose always generous, whether with a drink or a laugh, Tim Collins!

Mama Palooza
This week, mother and comedian Nancy Lombardo takes the stage to share a few laughs about her life and motherhood. Plus well learn a little more about comedy from a bookers perspective, as Fred and Sheila welcome Larry Silver from Groucho Productions.

Big Thanks to the Hampton Inn
On this laugh-packed edition of Comedy Palooza, hes 63, and grandfather, and a traveling comic, with got a lot of advice to pass on to those younger comics! Hes Sarasotas own Gid Pool. Plus - we welcome comedian Brent Dawson to our stage, and youll hear why he was chosen as the funniest person in Dallas!

Calling From the Camper
Sheilas sunning herself down on Siesta Key Beach in Florida, while Freds in a trailer somewhere in the backwoods of Kentucky. Or is it the backwoods of Indiana? It doesnt matter, because the magic of technology is bringing them together to bring you big laughs, with comedians Mike Schmidt and Mark Knope.

Of Moose and Men (And Mommies)
Fred and Sheila welcome a couple of really funny people to the Comedy Palooza main stage this week - Kerri Louise, whom you may have seen on Last Comic Standing, and a guy whos never short on energy. Comedian/Musician Mikey Mason. Plus in their weekly Spotlight on America, find out about everything you wanted to know about the Loyal Order of the Moose.

A Little Touch of the Irish
Shes from Ireland, shes a writer, comic and actress with a list of credits so long, we cant mention them here. Shes funny lady Fiona Walsh, and shes this weeks featured guess on Comedy Palooza! Plus a few laughs with up-and-coming comedian Jennifer Schenberger and some big news from Sheila!

What do you get when you cross a redneck with a Yankabilly, a Road Warrior, an Army Staff Sergeant and the Worlds Largest Puerto Rican Comedian? You get his weeks edition of Comedy Palooza! Featuring big laughs with Matt Bergman, Tom Tran, and Ramon Mondo Medina!

The New Crew
Get ready for some gigglin and jigglin with oversized laughs from Mike Diesel, and a real-life Homer Simpson- The Nuclear Guy Stephen Natarelli. Plus, a few new Top 10 lists, the idiots in the news, and a special guest caller from the campaign trail.

The Show on the Road
This edition of the big shoe comes to you live from Docks at the Capitol in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and JT welcomes some of the fine folks from this great establishment to tell you all about it. Plus, the crew shares some giggles with funnymen Paul Lyons, Preston Simpson, and Dale Hoffman, and did you ever wonder why beer is better than women? Freds got 10 reasons why.

The Spirit of Sam
On this laugh-packed edition, JT, CJ and Fred get a very special call from the Spirit of Sam Kinison. Plus, big laughs with comedians Carin MacWithey and Dennis Ross, ten reasons Halloween is better than sex, and Fred tries to help his buddy Bubba land a lady with some sure-fire pick-up lines. Sure-fire in Kentucky anyway....

Giggles, Golf and Three Funny Guys
On this edition, its a triple threat of big laughs, as JT, CJ and Fred welcome funnymen Stan Stankos, Ray Pennetti and Eugene Meaux. Plus we spend a little time in the rough with Fred the Redneck when he reveals ten things about golf that sound dirty but arent.