Tuesday • June 25
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Chicago History and Automotive Heaven

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The Chicago Fire
You've all heard the story of Mrs. O'Leary's cow starting the Great Chicago Fire. What you probably didn't hear is that story is made up. Richie has the real story.

Plus, a look at two Chicago heroes: Jane Byrne and Ann Lurie, and the history of Wacker Drive.

Chicago: Turn the Beat Around
What's the solution to the culture of violence that is plaguing areas of the great city of Chicago? Kids are being murdered in the streets, and no one seems to care? But Richie believes the answer may be far simpler than you think.

We will also look at the contributions Daniel Burnham made to the development of Chicago as we know it today.

ENCORE SHOW: Potter Palmer
You've heard of the Palmer House, but do you know anything about the man that built it? His name is Potter Palmer, and he's responsible for some of the best known places in Chicago.

Chicago and the Auto Industry
Detroit may be known as the motor city, but Chicago should have a claim on that title as well. You may not be aware of it, but Chicago contributed greatly to the development of the Automotive Industry. Richie Zie shares the entertaining story.

Polish Contributions to Chicago
This weekend is Polish Constitution Day, and Chicago is home to the largest parade commemorating the event outside of Poland. This week, our stories will revolve around the contributions polish people have made to the City of Chicago and surrounding areas.

Riverview Amusement Park
Riverview was billed as the World's Greatest and Largest Amusement Park in its time. It's motto was "Laugh Your Troubles away." Chicagoans of the Baby Boom generations and older will all have fond memories of this place. Richie takes you back there in this retrospective.

The Porsche Story
Patrick Yanahan of Automotive Reisen Tours joins Richie live in studio to share the story of Ferdinand Porsche, and the creation of one of the world most popular sports car. He also created one of the most recognizable cars as well, and you;ll learn about that too.

Chicago Premier Tour
In honor of Opening Day, Richie shares some of the history of the nation's most famous ballpark: Wrigley Field. We'll also take a stroll down Chicago's Lakefront.

Chicago and the Wizard of Oz
The story of the Wizard of Oz starts in Chicago in 1890. If it wasn't for Chicago, there wouldn't have been the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, or the famous movie we've all loved for the last 75 years.

Magnificent Mile Story: 1860 to Present
Richie gives the history of Chicago's most fashionable street, North Michigan Avenue, better known as the Magnificent Mile.

A Celebration of the Irish
It's almost St. Patrick's Day, and to commemorate the holiday, Richie is focusing this program on the Irish. Specifically, the Irish Immigrants who made Chicago what it is today.

Chicago Style Deep Dish
On his first show, Richie's serving up some appetizers; just some little tidbits to give you a taste of what this show's all about. We've got some history on the World's Fair of 1893, some little known Chicago trivia, and a defense of why Chicago style pizza is the best in the world.