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Bad Dad
Tracy is an expectant mother who is troubled by her baby daddys lack of care and attention. And Kimberly is worried Louis is mixing business with pleasure. With no where left to turn, these ladies look to Cheaters to help calm or confirm their fears.

School Daze
Christina says shes studying. Mike isnt buying it, and calls in Cheaters to give Christinas course schedule an exam. Then Sharonda suspects her husbands mood swings are a sign that their may be trouble in their marriage.

The Lonely Road
Andy thinks Candy may be living it up while hes away on business. And Judith cant shake the feeling that her husband is involved with another woman. The investigators at Cheaters are on the case.

The Second Time Isn't The Charm
Chris is struggling with his deepest fear his wife is being unfaithful. With nowhere left to turn, he enlists the help of the professionals at Cheaters to provide some answers. Then Crystal thinks her musician boyfriend may be entertaining another woman.

Building Suspicions
Fred is a contractor who suspects his girlfriend may be building another relationship outside of their own. Then Constance thinks her boyfriend may be in the market for another woman. The Cheaters Investigators are on the case.

Baby Mama
Robert is developing doubts about pregnant girlfriends loyalty. He contacts Cheaters hoping to salvage his happy family. Then Robert has some questions about his girlfriends level of loyalty. He hoping Joey and the Cheaters Investigators can find some answers.

The Three-Timer
Michael is worried about his girlfriends tendency to stray, and asks Cheaters to find out where her true loyalties lie. Then desperate to save her marriage, Irene calls on the professionals at Cheaters to look into her husbands misdeeds.

A Dog with the Dogs
Chloe thinks Charles might be checking out what other women have to offer while hes out walking the dogs. And Monica thinks her younger boyfriend may not be mature enough to handle a monogamous relationship.

Dirty Work
Robin believes her maintenance man boyfriend is surrendering to thoughts of infidelity. She asks Cheaters to find out if hes putting those thoughts into action while hes on the job. Then Shedelle wonders if her boyfriends romantic intentions are genuine.

Kissin Cousins
Is blood thicker than water? That gets put to the test when Cheaters finds out Lillys boyfriend has decided to keep things all in the family. Plus - Nikki is unsettled by her boyfriends increasing disrespect. Hoping to regain her dignity, she contacts Cheaters to resolve the crisis.

Picture Unperfect
Lynn is concerned his photographer boyfriend is broadening his exposure to other available gentleman, and asks Cheaters to investigate his misdeeds. Then Derrick is puzzled by his girlfriends recent change in attitude. Is another man to blame?

Crashing the Party
Ben is suspicious of his girlfriends activities at work, and asks Cheaters to find out if shes up to any funny business. Then - Jesse wonders why his girlfriend has lost interest in their relationship. With no where else to go, he turns to Cheaters.

A Walk in the Park
Kelsey is concerned her computer technician boyfriend may be accessing another womans software. It turns out hes a nature lover. Then Precious wonders why her boyfriend has suddenly lost interest in her and her children.

The Naughty Nurse
Betty is cancer survivor struggling with doubts about her longtime husbands fidelity, and hopes Cheaters can put an end to her anxiety. Then - Patrice thinks her boyfriend may care a little too much about his most valued customers.

Bad Medicine
Stephanie's been working unusually long hours at the hospital, and Ron is worried she's playing doctor with another man. Then - Ullia thinks while she is away, her husband likes to play. Joey and the Cheaters Crew are on the case.

A New Workout Routine
Personal Trainer Chad is worried his wife may have found a new workout partner. And Shae thinks her boyfriend may be seeking something from someone else, and needs the help of the Cheaters crew to uncover the truth and she finds out SHES the other woman.

The Road to Infidelity
Kathy is worried her car salesman boyfriend is trading her in for a newer model. Then telephone operator LaVette thinks her girlfriend is sharing rollover minutes with another woman.

Static in a Long-Distance Relationship
Kerry wants to marry Janelle, but he thinks that his frantic schedule may be causing her to stray. And Sharon thinks her husband may be more than neighborly with their next-door neighbor.

The Disappearing Act
Chris thinks his magician assistant girlfriend may be up to some dirty tricks. And Erin thinks her sister's fiance is nothing but a player, and enlists Cheaters to check out his game.

A New Yoga Position
Jeff thinks his yoga instructor wife is aligning her chakras with another guy, and enlists Cheaters to find out the truth. Plus - Channel thinks her bouncer boyfriend may have an open door policy on their relationship... and his pants.

The Silver Fox
Erika is sick and tired of playing second fiddle to her boyfriends other interests. So she summons the courage to contact Cheaters to find out the real story and she ends up finding him in the arms of a much older woman.

Hitting All The Wrong Notes
Bill thinks his young lover may care more about his wallet than him, and his suspicions turn out to be true when he catches her making music with another man - her husband. Then - Vanessa believes her security guard boyfriend is protecting a secret of his own another woman.

An Unmerry Christmas
Robert is suspicious of his girlfriends recent activities, and as Cheaters finds out, he should have been suspicious of his best friend, too. And Martha suspects her husbands affairs involve much more than business.

Step-Daddy Dearest
Computer programmer Lance is worried his wife is straying. As Cheaters investigates her allegedly infidelity, he finds out shes keeping it all in the family. Then Leslie finds out not only that her boyfriend has a girlfriend on the side, but hes gotten her pregnant as well.

A Naughty Nanny
Sarah is concerned about her boyfriends lack of availability. But shes not prepared when she finds out her nanny and a webcam are whats taking up his time. And Courtney wonders if her sports-loving husband is up to some off-the-field activity.

The Younger Man
Bill is convinced his wife of twenty years isnt telling the truth about her recent activities and why is their sons best friend hanging around the house so much? And Raven is fed up with her boyfriends excuses, and turns to Cheaters to find out the real story.

Kiss and Teller
Eric is a restless young man who has a nagging suspicion that his bank teller girlfriend is hiding a dark secret. He calls Cheaters to shed some light on things. Plus Vanessa is fed up with her boyfriends lies, and enlists Cheaters to find the truth.

A Bun in the Oven and Another Man on the Side
John is concerned his pregnant wife is seeking out other sources of affection. And Ashley is fed up with her boyfriends icy behavior - is another woman to blame?

Till Death do us Part?
Greg is a family man who is growing weary of his wifes late night antics. Hoping to salvage his 27 year marriage, he enlists the Cheaters to investigate. And Starr looks for some answers to her boyfriends recent attitude shift.

No Work and All Play
Phillip is deeply concerned with questions about his wifes monogamy. With his familys future in the balance, he turns to Cheaters. Then- Cesar is worried his girlfriend is seeking attention elsewhere.

With Friends Like These...
Trisha is concerned about her fiances fleeting affection, but did not expect to find him fleeting with her best friend. And Jackie is worried her younger boyfriend may be seeking companionship outside of their relationship.

Keeping it in the Family
Bob suspects that his unemployed girlfriend is using his long hours at work as an excuse to explore other interests. Iris is afraid her fiance is disregarding his promise of loyalty, and is shocked when she finds out who he is cheating with.

Excuses and Half-Truths
Two more stories from the Cheaters case files. Alicia is worried her boyfriend Luis is going above and beyond the call of duty with his female clientele. Kamisha thinks her boyfriend may be taking advantage of her forgiving nature.

A Question of Commitment
Two more cases from the Cheaters case files: Heather worries Carlo may not be as dedicated to their relationship as she is; Sandra questions Felixs commitment to their family.

Suspicious Business
Nancy suspects her husbands late night meetings involve a lot more than business. Toni is concerned about the change in Jeffs demeanor, and Chris reveals how confronting his girlfriend Tonya on Cheaters changed his life.