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So You Want to Write
Our guest Ann McIndoo is an Author's Coach . As CEO and Founder of So, You Want to Write! Ann can help you to get your book out of your head and a manuscript into your hands!

Chi -To- Be!
Our guest Stacey Hall is the CEO and Founder of The Hall Institute of Strategic Wellness. As a Whole-Life Success Expert/ Facilitator/Educator, she is saving the lives of people stressed to the snapping point. Using coaching, strategies and products, she helps you to feel in control more completely with The Chi-To-Be! Global Movement.

We're Cleaning House
Miss Nan is away on family business, and our scheduled guest is a no-show? So what's a guy alone in a studio supposed to do? Talk a little of this, a little of that, and then some! We're clearing everything off of our to-talk-about list, so we dabble a bit into everything this morning!

Surviving Retirement as a Couple
Spending time with your spouse is a given in retirement, but how you approach it can be the difference between a good retirement or an anxious one. San Francisco writer, Miriam Goodman, the author of Too Much Togetherness has interviewed hundreds of couples on the brink of retirement and found many are anxious and worried about being together all the time. Her new book helps readers prepare psychologically for challenges to their long term relationships as they subtly change from career to retirement and the next stage of their lives.

Presenting Your New Voice
Bill Patti made his career behind a microphone as a leading voice over talent. And he thinks proper vocal and speaking skills are a vital tool that has been ignored in recent years by schools and educational programs. He wants to help you find your new voice, which can help you make more money, find true love and develop personal confidence.

The Relationship Expert
Steve ďThe DeanĒ Williams is an expert in relationships of all stages from the single life to the married life and all points in between. Steve believes that In order to get your dating life right with the opposite sex, you first have to get yourself right. And he'll start you on the path during our interview.

Finding your Soul Mate
Tomorrow, Nic and Nan celebrate nine years of wedded bliss. But it wasn't an easy path for either of them to find each other. They discuss their relationship and what makes it work.

Think Rich, Be Rich
Our guest Robert Gignac is the author of the international best-seller Rich is a State of Mind , a novel that examines personal finance as seen through the eyes of a humorously dysfunctional American family. He has been speaking at financial industry conferences, to their clients and on radio/TV programs for the last 5 years discussing a message of financial education and fiscal responsibility Ė and sharing some laughs at the same time.

Addiction and Recovery
Valerie R. lost everything due to her methamphetamine - her job, her house, her money, and also ended up in prison. But now she's clean and she's starting her life over. It's a powerful story of triumph over addiction, and it's one you are going to want to hear.

Eat This, Not Out
Do you want to eat healthier but donít know where to start? Do you often resort to take-out to keep up with lifeís demands? Melinda Hinson Neely wants to turn your kitchen into the centerpiece for delicious meals and lasting memories, while she saves you time and money while eating healthier, more wholesome meals.

The Single Source Cancer Course
Susan Wilking Horan is an author, an attorney and an advocate for patient rights. She is also a cancer survivor, but not just of one, but three different types of cancer. And now she is using her knowledge and own person experience to help patients and families who are dealing with cancer.

Improving Your Online Etiquette
What do you say to someone who blocks you on Facebook? How do you politely reject friend requests? How many tweets a day is too many on Twitter? Could you be on too many social media sites? Our guest has the answer to these questions and more! Online etiquette expert and life coach Marie Dubuque can help you listeners (and keep) more friends!

Letters to Celebrities
How would you like to get a personal letter or phone call from your favorite actor, rock star, or TV celebrity? Chris Lucas can tell you how to get one! Just from writing letters alone, he was able to book a starring role in one of the best selling video game series of all time, collaborate on creating a role with a legendary Hollywood director in one of his last films, and to act as co-producer and co-star on his current project, a feature film starring an A list star and Oscar favorite. He spills all his secrets in his book Actor's Detective Guide To Writing Letters To Celebrities, and in this interview!

A More Powerful You
Are you tired of being a doormat? Are you ready to step into YOUR POWER? Our guest David Rosenhaus will show you the path in his book You to the 10th Power, which has four simple and practical steps to radically increase your personal power.

A Musical Soul Story
Stu Edrich was a typical teenager in search of an identity. He quickly learns life does not always turn out the way you expect. He follows his passion to create music and live life in a positive and ethical way. However when life takes a wrong turn he loses his faith and identity. The book is called A Beautiful Song: A Musical Soul Story, and it's author Michael Cantwell is our guest this week.

Sammy Knows it All
Author David Custanceís memoir not only tells the unbelievable journey of his sisterís resilience toward adversity, but it acts as a reminder of how precious life truly is. The name of the book is Sammy Knows It All, and David's here to tell us all about it, along with his sister Wendy. Also - Kim Ades , One of America's foremost experts on performance through thought management tells us how you can change your life by changing your thoughts.

The Wheels of Justice
The Travon Martin killing and an incedent much close to home has Nic and Nan thinking about our legal system and justice against the wrongdoer. Plus, the Celebrity 411, and the search for Michael Lohan.

Exploring the Paranormal
Forget everything you thought you knew about ghosts,reincarnation and life after death. Lura Ketchledge's stories offer a bridge to the true paranormal! Aside from being an paranormal novelist, Lura is also a screen writer, movie producer, and a radio show host. She has also experienced the paranormal first hand inside her own home! Should be VERY interesting to hear her stories!

The Color Whisperer
Nothing can brighten up a dreary March day like a splash of color. And that's this week's guest's specialty! Jeanette Chasworth is a expert in the power of color and how to use it in your home to improve your life. She's written a book about it, and she'll explain how color affects all aspects of our lives and can increase your health, your attitude and even your business.

Positive Thinking Hypnotherapy
Through a combination of self hypnosis and the law of attraction, you can actually remove mental barriers and begin living your best life! Sound interesting? Itís called positive thinking hypnotherapy, and itís our guestís specialty. Her name is Wendy Wagoner, and sheíll join us to tell us all about the positive power of hypnotherapy.

Rare Confidence
In order to be successful, you have to truly believe that you can achieve anything! Nic and Nan's guest this week has the strategies and inspiration to put you on that path. His name is David Shirey, and he's the author of RARE CONFIDENCE, a simple 4 Step Foundational Belief System to become the most confident you possible.

The Selfish Path to Romance
On their debut episode, Nic and Nan celebrate Valentineís Day by taking you on a different path to find romance. Actually, itís a selfish path. Their guest is Dr. Ellen Kenner, a licensed clinical psychologist and host of a syndicated radio talk show. She is also co-author of The Selfish Path to Romance: How to Love with Passion and Reason, which is inspired by the writings and philosophy of Ayn Rand.