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Friday with Guillermo del Toro
It’s a double dip of Guillermo del Toro, as we listen in on an interview where he talks about his latest projects, and a Q & A he conducted with the cast & crew of Scott Pilgrim. Plus, TV news and review, big names climbing onboard reboots, and how an actor’s personal problems affect their fan base.

The Brothers Strause & Skyline
Don't look up! The Brothers Strause (Greg and Colin) will join us to talk about Skyline, opening next Friday November 12th. And courtesy of We'll also hear from Duane Johnson and cast of Due Date.

A Journey to Tokyo with Asif Gill
Geek Speak Radio Show introduces you to another cool creator we met at A.P.E. - Asif Gill, who spent months exploring Tokyo and has documented his experiences in a forthcoming unique graphic travelogue, 48 Days in Harajuku, Tokyo. We’ll also here from fan-favorite composer Hans Zimmer, who reveals why he almost said no thanks to Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies.

A.P.E. Day Part Two
Today, we spotlight some more of the friends we made at A.P.E, including Marsh Rocket artist/writer Jules Rivera, Crying Macho Man artist Jose Cabrera, and Dan Cooney, writer & illustrator of Valentine. Plus, we geek out about the debut of the Walking Dead TV series.

The Geek Speak Radio Show Halloween Party!
GSRS celebrates Halloween with our own on-air Halloween party, with lots of special guests! Call in and tell us your Halloween ghost stories or favorite Halloween memories at 888-463-6748. Plus, Eileen Dietz returns to talk The Exorcist. How could we not talk about The Scariest Movie Of All Time on Halloween?

Devil Dogs, Elephantmen and Unemployment Man
Today, we'll introduce you to some of the cool creators we met a APE a few weeks back. First up, Writer and letterer Richard Starkings will tell us about his indie comic series Hip Flask and it’s prequel Elephantmen. Then, learn about a hero created for our tough economic times, as Erich Origen & Gan Golan talk about their comic The Adventures of Unemployment Man. Plus, author David Talbot will be talking to us about his new book Devil Dog, The Amazing True Story of the Man Who Saved America.

Back to the Future Day
Where we're going, we don't need roads! In celebration of the 25th Anniversary and the Blu Ray Trilogy release of Back To The Future by talking to writer/producer Bob Gale, actress Claudia Wells (Marty's girlfriend Jennifer), actor James Tolkan(Principal Strickland), and Stephen Clark from Great Scott! You don't want to miss this!

Comic Book Literacy
Director Todd Kent talks to us about his documentary film The Comic Book Literacy, which uses our favorite print medium, comic books, to promote literacy and education. Then, Mr. Diablo (AKA Scott Marcano) will talk to us about his new graphic novel The Unwanted, and Jerry Parrino will tell us about the Horror Dome, one of the fastest growing online and catalog retailers in the haunted house industry.

Ghosthunting and the Romitaman
We’ll visit one of the most extreme haunted attractions in the country – the House of Shock in New Orleans! Then, we’ll go ghosthunting with Dr. Jeff Dwyer. Plus, Mike Burkey will tell us about his original comics art and covers collection, which contains over 3000 items from the Silver and Bronze age!

Halloween Haunts and Hobbits
Jim Stellmack drops by to talk about California's Great America Halloween Haunt, happening every Weekend through Halloween. Then, the Hobbit has found it's Bilbo and most of the dwarves. We have all the details! Plus, Taylor from Fear Overload's Eternal Nightmare haunted attraction in San Leandro,CA calls in to continue the Spirit of Halloween interview series.

Cleaning Out The DVR
We're one month into the new TV season, and it's cutting time! Find out what we've removed from our must-watch list. Then, we'll hear from the director of Paranormal Activity 2, and take you to a heartstopping haunted house.

Lost in the Corn Maze
Bonnie Swank will be talking to us about The Swank Farms Corn Maze in Hollister,CA. Swank Farms features some of the most creative corn mazes in the country. Then, makeup artist Ed Martinez returns to the program to tell us about his latest projects.

Captain Kirk's greatest nemesis is back - in comics form! IDW's Star Trek: Khan Ruling In Hell is on newsstands now, and we'll talk to one of the writers, Scott Tipton. We'll also hear fron Shozo Kagoshima, Marketing Director for The Winchester Mystery House, who will tell us about the history of the house and their Halloween events.

Talking Tower Prep with Paul Dini
With stuff like Batman: TAS, Animaniacs, Justice League, Batman Arkham Asylum and more on his resume, Paul Dini is a fave of Fanboys everywhere. We'll get the details on his latest project - the live action Tower Prep on Cartoon Network. Plus, author Andrew Farago talks about his Looney Tunes Treasury, and nothing says Halloween like dancing to Michael Jackson's Thiller.

Gearing up for APE
The Alternative Press Expo takes place this weekend in San Fran, and Henry and the crew will be there! We kick off the weekend with a preview of what's going to be happening there, and conversations with some of the exhibitors.

Hauntings at The Historic National Hotel
We’ll talk with Heather Parkhurst about the history and the hauntings at The Historic National Hotel, home to a friendly ghost they call Flo. Then, there's big casting news on arguably the two biggest superhero movie franchises, and we have all the details.

Comicon Update and The Spirit of Halloween
David Glanzer returns to talk about APE and give us an update on Comic Con 2011, and actress Eileen Dietz will be calling in to talk about her career and her most famous role in The Exorcist. Then, author John Kachuba drops by to talk about his books. (Another Spirit of Halloween interview, so what do you think he writes about?). And finally, Bryan Patterson drops by to talk about The Callson Manor, not your average haunted attraction.

The Haunted Brumder Mansion
Tom Carr, owner of The Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, pays us a visit to talk about the mansion. This being a Spirit of Halloween interview, can you guess what's in the mansion?

Geeking Out About Paranormal Activities
Alyne Pustanio, an expert in The Occult and paranormal phenomena stops by to talk to us about her experiences with the paranormal. Then, we’ll visit The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum with its creator Cortlandt Hull.

Monday TV and More
We like the Event, we love Halloween, and we're still unsure about Hawaii 5-0, and other reboots, for that matter. Then, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is up for scares in the Thing prequel.

Geppi's Entertainment Museum
Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg, curator of Geppi's Entertainment Museum will be on the show to talk about his unique museum, which celebrates 250 years of America's Pop Culture. We'll also review Let Me In, and talk more about our favorite holiday, Halloween.

Actress Chloe Moretz
We kick off our month-long celebration of Halloween with Chloe Moretz. She'll tell us all about her latest movie Let Me In, directed by Matthew Vaughn, and her breakout role as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass

What We Were Watching
Could Undercovers use a little less Alias and a little more JJ influence? The crew debates the latest Abrams creation in our look at Wednesday night's TV Offerings.

Talking Comics with Adam Kubert
Artist Adam Kubert visits us to talk about his extraordinary career in comics. Then, Ed Martinez will talk to us about his work in film, television, music videos,and commercials. Plus, a review of No Ordinary Family, and Star Wars 3D is coming. But does anybody want it?

1990's Rewind
Pulp Fiction, Boy Meets World, The Matrix,Fresh Prince of Bel Air... these were some of the movies & TV shows that made the 1990's memorable. The crew looks back, and lists their favorites. We'll also have the latest TV and movie news.

Inside the Charles M. Schulz Museum
We'll visit the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA and learn more about the man behind the Peanuts comic strip and learn about the history of the Museum. Then, we'll hear from one of the stars of The Social Network.

Thursday TV Review
Fringe made its return and the Shat made his sitcom debut, and we have a review of both. Then, our brushes with the supernatural, and a discussion about our favorite movies from the 1980’s.

Star Trek Day
Today, the Geek Speak Radio Celebrates all things Trek! First, we'll talk with Nicholas Meyer who wrote & directed some of the most popular films in the franchise. Then, author Paula M. Block tells us about her new book Star Trek The Original Series 365. And finally, Rod Roddenberry returns to the show to fill us in on the status of his documentary Trek Nation.

Jim Valentino & Shadowline Comics
Writer/Artist Jim Valentino returns to GSRS to talk about what's coming soon from Shadowline Comics, and also about the latest projects from the Hero Initiative.

My Best Friend is a Wookie
Tony Pacitti joins us to discuss his new book My Best Friend is a Wookie. and Star Wars, of course. Then, Justin Chung fills us in on his latest Star Wars related project, and a look at tonight's TV Debuts.

The Wonderful World of Animation
Our featured guest is Debbie Weiss, the owner of the Wonderful World of Animation, an art gallery featuring original animation art from some of your favorite cartoons. We’ll also preview the fall TV shows that we’re really looking forward to.

Images courtesy of Wonderful World of Animation Art Gallery

Marvel on TV
Marvel Comics has conquered the movies with films like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the X-Men. Find out which heroes could be headed to the small screen, as we talk with Executive VP in charge of TV for Marvel Comics, fan-favorite writer Jeph Loeb. Then, we head for Astro City with comic book artist Brent Anderson, and artist Al Gordon wants to help you break into the comic biz.

Halo: Reach Release
The gang takes a look at Halo:Reach, one of the hottest videogames of the year with Louis Wu, AKA Claude Errera, webmaster of Halo.Bungie.Org. THen, the worst movies of the year, and why M. Night Shamaylan kinda sucks now.

Geeking out About Action Figures
On this episode, Geek Speak Radio Show welcomes Paul Harding. Paul is an artist who creates action figures, statues, concept art and book covers for companies like DC Comics, Gentle Giant, Hasbro Toys and Little Brown & Co. We'll find out what goes into designing those cool toys we proudly display on our shelves. We'll also talk to Kevin Stark from The Toy & Action Figure Museum, and Allen Stewart, Curator of the Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum

The Founder of the 501st
We’ll introduce you to Albin Johnson, who created a small website for Star Wars fans to post pics of themselves dressed up as. Today, that little web site has grown into the 501st Legion, The World's Definitive Imperial Costuming Organization. Albin will also talk about the newly-formed Galactic Academy, basically the 501st Legion for kids. We’ll also go inside New York’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art with Karl Erikson.

Star Wars Day Episode II: The Clones Attack Geek Speak Radio Show
Joy Wong Daniels from the Zeum Children's Museum in San Francisco joins the show to talk about the upcoming Clone Wars weekend at the Zeum. Next, the Clones attack, when Ed Karl & Ian Heibert from the 501st Legion, Golden Gate Garrison join us to tell us about the 501st and what they’ll be doing during the Clone Wars event at Zeum. Plus, more Star Wars surprises!

The HERO Initiative
You remember all the great comic books you bought & read when you were growing up? While you may have forgotten or lost some of them, you shouldn't forget the wonderfully talented folks who brought them to life. Many of them have fallen on hard times. That's where the HERO Initiative comes in. We'll hear from members of the HERO Initiative and current comic artists who will tell us what this extraordinary program is all about. This is one show you must not miss!

Gaming Geeks and the Sons of Liberty
Ethan Gilsdorf joins us to talk about escapist fantasy and RPGs. Then, Alexander & Joseph Lagos join us to talk about their graphic novel series The Sons of Liberty, which combines history and fantasy.

Star Wars Day Part One
It's Star Wars day, so we'll talk Star Wars news, Star Wars comics, and even engage in some friendly Star Wars vs. Star Trek talk. Then, Comic Book News.

A Spoilerific Look at The Last Exorcism
Was the The Last Exorcism as scary as you heard it was? We checked it out, and we'll tell you what we thought. We also recap the Emmy Awards, look ahead to fall TV, and try to make an original movie (which is harder than in sounds).

Geek Dad & The Last Exorcism
Ken Denmead, editor of the GeekDad parenting blog found in Wired Magazine, joins us to talk about Geek dads, and cool and most importantly, fun projects for Geek dads and their kids. Then, actress Ashley Bell from The Last Exorcism joins us to talk about the flick on its opening day.

Scott Pilgrim versus the Expendables
We finally got a change to check out Scott Pilgrim AND the Expendables, and we'll tell you which on is worth your time and cash. Plus, tech news, movie news, and Star Trek Stuff.

The GSRS Blankety-Blank Awards
What was your favorite film of the year? The Best Actor? Biggest disappointment? The Geek Speak Radio Show is rewarding your genre faves in the first-ever Blankety-Blank Awards. Speaking of Awards, we'll also give our Emmy picks.

Inside the Cartoon Art Museum
Andrew Farago, curator of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, will join us to tell us about the Museum and some special events coming up. The, We'll talk news of the day, including Bryan Singer on X-Men:First Class, first looks at Harry Potter 7, Spider-Man's new love interest, and Lost on Blu-Ray.

Tech Talk
Henry, Romo and Angel update you on the latest news surrounding some of your favorite gadgets and tech, inlcuding the PS3, I-Pad, Facebook, and much more. Then, we solicit advice for the lovelorn Romo.

Artist Justin Chung
Artist, Illustrator and consultant Justin Chung joins us to talk about his work, his comics website and his other interests. Then, hear about our trip to the local comic store, and get news on Wolverine, the Avengers, Fringe and more!

Borderland Books
Alan Beatts, owner of Borderland Books joins us on Geek Speak Radio Show to tell us about his San Francisco bookstore, which specializes in science fiction, fantasy, and horror books. Then, Cloverfield Director Matt Reeves fills us in on his latest movie, and tons of spolierific news!

Movie Posters and Hollywood Stories
Illena Di Toro of joins us to talk about how she got started collecting and selling movie posters. Then, Author Stephen Schochet gives us the scoop on his new book Hollywood Stories. Plus - Scott Pilgrim or the Expendables? You decide!

Joss versus JJ
On today’s ep, we pit Joss Whedon against JJ Abrams, after a famous writer questions JJ’s Geek Cred. Then, we comment on some of the latest casting rumors coming out of Hollywood. And in hour two, when did you realize you were a geek?

The Mount Rushmore of Movies
Henry and the crew tell us about their own personal Mount Rushmore's - meaning their top four films of all time. Then, we talk TV - we give our favorite shows of all time, and talk about what we're looking forward to this fall.

The Roddenberry Dive Team
Gene Roddenberry created some well-known adventure in the final frontier. Now, Greg martin and Gene's son Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry are exploring a new frontier...the sea. Then, we look at the very real issue of video game addiction with Ryan Van Cleave, who is a former game addict.

Geek Speak Launches!
Join Henry and Romo LIVE at 11a PST for the inaugural edition of the Geek Speak Radio Show! The guys welcome David Glanzer, marketing & PR Director for Comicon International who will talk about Comic Con 2010, give us a preview of APE 2010, and maybe tell us a bit about what to expect from Wonder Con and Comic Con 2011!

Join in with your comments and questions at 888-463-6748!