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Crime And Reason

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Cheaters Hacked
CHEATERS BEWARE!!! Your "secret" website for finding extramarital sex isn't so secret anymore!!! A HUGE WEBSITE with 37.5 MILLION CHEATERS has recently been hacked, and ALL OF YOUR "secrets" may be exposed! Why do people do this? What kind of person does this??? It destroys marriages, family and TRUST! Where has this country wound up and WHY? Join us on Crime & Reason Wednesday, August 5th, at 8pm EST to find out! John and Leo are joined by their special guest, Mary Ann Glynn to dissect the selfishness and narcissistic mind of infidelity! VERY COMPELLING INFORMATION and WHAT TO DO if you suspect your spouse is up to no good!

More Domestic Terrorism
Another senseless SLAUGHTER of 4 Marines and a Sailor! Another "Domestic Terrorist" responsible! What is causing this horrific up-rise in murders of innocent people, especially our Military on our SOIL?! Who and what was this killer? Find out on this episode of Crime & Reason. John and Leo will also be discussing a very likely serial killer who was gunned down by a prostitute he planned on killing! Chilling news and the backstory you will never hear anywhere else! Join us!

The Aurora Shooter
Colorado Jury does not buy James Holmes' defense of "insanity" for slaughtering 12 and injuring 70 in movie theater. This week on Crime & Reason, John and Leo explain why they got the verdict RIGHT, and exactly who or WHAT this monster is! For all the "back story" on Holmes, tune in Wednesday, July 22nd at 8pm EST.

Online Predators
How involved are you with your children's "online life?" If you're not, some very bad people may be! Technology has taken its emotional, social and even physical toll on MANY CHILDREN and is only getting more sophisticated! What parents DON'T KNOW CAN HURT THEIR CHILDREN! This week, John and Leo delve into the mind of internet predators and how to keep your kids safe from their slimy grip! A "MUST HEAR" for every parent and teen! Join us!

How ISIS Targets Recruits
HELP WANTED! YOUNG AMERICANS! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! WILL TRAIN! JOIN OUR CAUSE AT TEAM ISIS! KILL THE ENEMY! BE ON TELEVISION! ENJOY 70 FEMALE VIRGINS AND A POT OF GOLD FOR YOUR EFFORTS! BE SOMEBODY!!! This is happening in the world today! Parents need to wake up and be aware! Young Americans and other Westerners are being targeted and drawn in to ISIS via some very alluring "ads" and promotions on-line designed to win-over those who feel no purpose or place in life! AWARENESS IS KEY to PREVENTING THIS and PARENTS ARE NEEDED TO KNOW! Join John and Leo's discussion and learn more about how!

Female Pedophiles Preying on Students
On tonight's episode John and Leo are joined by psychotherapist, Mary Ann Glynn to discuss the epidemic of female pedophiles in America today. Who are these predators and what makes them tick? Join us for answers!

The Emanuel AME Church Shootings
What is the slaughter in Charleston, SC really all about? Who has any agenda in this senseless tragedy? Who and WHAT is the killer? Find out on Crime and Reason this Wednesday on at 8pm EST as John Kelly and I discuss the backstory to this madness!

Faces of Pedophilia
Tonight on Crime and Reason John and Leo expose perhaps the most evil sadistic pedophile ever known. A story unthinkable horror, torture, and depravity that sounds like fiction but unfortunately the truth. Not for the weak-hearted.

Analyzing Pedophila
Pedophilia: Crime, Addiction, Disorder or Evil? Join John and Leo Wednesday evening on Crime & Reason when they will dissect current cases of child sexual abuse, why it happens and the minds behind it and how to safeguard your children from it. A MUST HEAR for all parents!

Author Shanna Hogan
Join John and Leo this week with their special guest, Shanna Hogan, NY Times Best Selling author of Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story as well as her up-coming release The Stranger She Loved. Shanna is an authority on the Arias case and we will be discussing the recent hung jury in her sentencing trial giving her "life" as opposed to "death." You won't want to miss this one!

Jersey Devil Part Two
This week, John and Leo continue their expose on REAL "Jersey Devil!" This is no "urban legend," this monster was REAL and VERY SCARY! Join us for the TRUTH on the DEMON WHO TERRORIZED NEW JERSEY!

The New Jersey Devil
This week, John and Leo expose the REAL "Jersey Devil!" This is no "urban legend," this monster was REAL and VERY SCARY! Join us for the TRUTH on the DEMON WHO TERRORIZED NEW JERSEY!

Serial Killers in Training
This week John and Leo discuss pure evil exposed in two horrific murder cases involving psychopathic potential serial killers "in training." Had they not been caught early in their monstrous "careers," they would have left a trail of countless innocent victims along their demonic ways. Where do these monsters come from? What causes such depravity? Find out Wednesday at 8pm EST.

Bad Parenting Can Lead to Serious Crime
Tonight's episode of Crime & Reason explores what can happen as a result of bad parenting and emotional neglect of children in today's society. Then we will report how breakdowns in the penal system of America's "justice" may be partly responsible for destroying the lives of innocent children. Controversial cases with real answers, tonight on Crime & Reason! Don't miss it!

Everyday People With Dark Secrets
This Wednesday's edition of CRIME & REASON delves into a few of today's most depraved, sickening and self-serving crimes and criminals who care not who they hurt as long as their needs get met. John and Leo will look at these "every day people" and shed the light of truth on who they really are and why they do what they do. Don't miss it!

Female Serial Killer
This week John and Leo expose perhaps history's first ever female lust-spree serial killer. She stabbed and murdered 3 men but tried for 5 within a week, and when she was caught, told the cops, "It could be worse. At least I'm not fat, black or ugly." She sits in jail for life with only two other women in England. Pure evil, sociopathic and twisted 31-year-old women with no remorse. Crime & Reason uncovers the details on Wednesday, April 15th at 8pm EST. Don't miss it!

The Growth of Revenge Porn
This week, John and Leo delve into America's first conviction for extortion via "Revenge Porn" and explore the increasing trend of female teachers preying upon their male students for sex. We are certain to see and hear more and more about these devious trends, and society's depressing moral condition. You'll hear it here first, on Crime and Reason!

Flight 9525
THIS WEDNESDAY at 8pm EST, John Kelly and Leo Battenhausen will be reporting the latest and most accurate information on Germanwings co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz's brain and possible motivations for killing himself and 149 innocent passengers aboard Airbus Flight 9525 that was intentionally downed into the Alps last week. There is so much more to this tragedy than meets the eye, and John and Leo will find it! Additionally we will discuss the horrors suffered by a young family that bought a new home in San Diego California by the deranged and sociopathic mind of Kathy Rowe who could not take "no" for an answer! All this and more on Crime and Reason April 1, 2015 at 8pm EST on! (Don't be fooled!) This is REAL CRIME and REAL REASON

The Internet Slavemaster and Scott Peterson
Join John and Leo this week as they continue their analysis of John Robinson, the "Internet Slavemaster" serial killer. The Partners in Crime will then be joined by a special guest, Mary Ann Glynn, a psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of survivors of sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists. Visit her website at With Mary Ann's participation, we will explore the mind of wife and baby killer Scott Peterson. Don't miss this one!

This week on Crime & Reason, John and Leo uncover more "Socialcide" in the country and will cover 3 horrendous crimes that couldn't have happened without modern technology! Please join them at 8pm EST on!

More than 6,000,000 Americans are stalked every year. What possesses one to obsess and possibly kill the object of their "affections" when they don't get what they want? Who are these "stalkers" and how do they become so transfixed on a person? Join John and Leo tonight for an in-depth analysis of this growing nightmare.

Serial Killers: Fact v Fiction
Tune-in tonight for the conclusion of John and Leo's discussion on the Facts vs. Fiction about serial killers, and Leo's explanation of America's fascination with these monsters and WHY some women want to MARRY THEM! A MUST HEAR!!!

America's Fascination with Serial Killers
Serial killers fascinate Americans but what do we really know about them? John and Leo present the Facts vs. Fiction of what constitutes a serial killer in the first of a two-part series that will educate, shock and surprise many interested in these monsters. Join us Wednesday night at 8pm EST on for the truth!

The Farmville Murders
John and Leo uncover the TRUTH about Farmville (and NOT the game!) as well as the recent discovery of Bryan Miller and "Canal Murders" in Arizona from the 1990's. Did Miller have more bodies hidden? What did Farmville's Syko Sam and Miller have in common? What made these two kill? Check out Crime and Reason this week for all the appalling answers.

Sexual Assults on Campus
The hidden evil behind college campus walls takes a blow from the bravery of a survivor who was brutalized and violated. How common are sexual assaults in America's institutions of "higher learning," and should parents be concerned? Is this "normal college culture today," or something much more sinister? Find out on today's Crime and Reason.

The Charlie Hebdo Murders
The latest terrorist attacks in France have left another trail of senseless death and loss to innocent victims and their families. Are these killers truly trying to please their "god," themselves or their "keepers?" Are they insane, devoted or evil? Find out on today's Crime and Reason.