Monday • July 22
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Handwriting Secrets Revealed

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Integrity in Handwriting
Our guest today is Patricia Towey, a certified handwriting analyst, and she is going to talk about how we find Integrity in a person’s handwriting. There are numerous traits that support finding integrity in a handwriting. Patricia will also discuss the different aspects of doodles.

Defiance as a Personality Trait
Some people enjoy being defiant. Usually defiance is a negative trait within the personality, however, it can sometimes turn into a positive. We will discuss how defiance is used in a personality. Then, In handwriting analysis we look at words, letters of the alphabet, size and placement on the paper. Today we are going to discuss how the spacing between words has an important meaning in analyzing a person’s handwriting.

Campaign for Cursive
. Campaign for Cursive was started in 2012 when members became concerned about the trend away from teaching children to write. The mandate is to raise awareness among educators and legislators of the importance of mastering cursive handwriting for the physical and emotional benefits in the development of the child. We will present an overview of the current handwriting situation and we will also present a Historical perspective of how handwriting came into existence.

Document Examination
Belief in yourself is important. The first step to changing your lot in life is choosing new beliefs. You may have to let go of the old ones first. How handwriting can help you change your beliefs is talked about. If you want to change your life, the first step is to take a really good snapshot of how you are right now.

We will discuss Document Examination as a part of handwriting analysis. This is a very lucrative field and an individual can make a great deal of money doing questioned document work. We will give an overview of this particular skill.

Loops in Your Writing
The loops in certain letters of your handwriting reveal how sensitive you really are to criticism. Watch out for the huge balloon-like ‘d’ loops, as individuals with this letter style exaggerate any criticism they receive. Fear of criticism makes us have a strained relationship with those around us. People need to walk on eggshells when dealing with a d-looped person’s sensitive feelings.

Hell Traits
There are 9 traits that we find in the handwriting of individuals that can reveal problems or conditions of the individual. In today’s program we talk bout 5 of those traits. These are personality traits that I highly recommend avoiding. If you know of someone’s handwriting that reveals these traits, this individual could cause you trouble in a several ways. The degree of trouble depends on the intensity and the frequency of the trait in the handwriting.

The Triad for Success
Handwriting is the best way to truly understand who you really are. In order to be successful you must be able to know and reach your potential. We talk about the dynamic triad for success. The triad consists of goal setting, will power, and determination.

Size, Slant and Pressure
When observing handwriting, there are three important things which you first try to define: the slant of the writing, the size of the writing, and the pressure of the writing In today’s show we take time to discuss these three vital aspects of handwriting analysis. We also discuss the many ways in which handwriting analysis can be use by individuals.

The Benefits of Handwriting Analysis
There are many ways in which handwriting analysis can be of benefit to an individual. In this program we talk with Mary Ann Babich who is a registered nurse and also a registered handwriting analyst. She often used her handwriting analysis skills in dealing with her patients and co-workers. Mary Ann will tell us about the many ways she has used handwriting analysis to benefit others. She has worked with schools, families, businesses, and friends.

Handwriting Analysis as a Career
Handwriting analysis is in interesting field that has a large potential for those wishing to start their own business. One can be a service to others and at the same time create an excellent income. There are several organizations that can certify an individual as an analyst. Trish Towey has a certification program called Insyte. We have an exclusive interview with Trish to cover the requirements to achieve certification.

If you can change your handwriting, you can change your life. Graphotherapy is what we call changing your handwriting to bring about personality changes. Through therapy we can increase your chances for success and help you change your characteristics in order to get the job you want. Your personality is in the palm of your hand.

Handwriting Analysis and its Uses
We discuss the various uses of handwriting analysis. We talk about the entrepreneur and how it can assist in their success. It can help the individual looking for a job not knowing what profession he or she may be best suited. We can look at the handwriting and discover talent within the individual that they may not realize they have. One of the most successful uses of handwriting analysis is in helping children with their self-esteem and helping them find success in school. We will talk about Changing Your Life by Changing Your Handwriting which is called Graphotherapy. Your personality is literally in the palm of your hand.