Wednesday • December 06
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A Level Playing Field
How do you handle a pitcher that may be more physically mature than the opposing team, and what do you do with a kid that can't shoot in basketball? We'll look at those issues, and debate athletes as role models on the Youth Sports Fan Forum.

Olympics & Play Hard Hoops
Kids are getting interested in winter sports, thanks to the Olympics. But where do they go to get their start? Then, David Adelman of Play Hard Hoops talks about his new hoops education program.

Spring Warm-Up
Baseball season is just around the corner, and the Coach will tell you what you need to do to get your kids ready for little league. Then, parents are rushing to get their kids into Olympic sports. But do they understand the committment?

Fair Competition
Coaches choosing teams for youth sports activities are tough enough, but how do you choose those teams, and make things balanced across the league? The Coach Jon Cohn, and long-time Chicagoland area youth sports coach Charles Colbert have some ideas to even things out. Plus -concussions & youth football; how serious is the problem?

Keeping Score
A growing trend in youth sports is no score, no wins, no losses, no trophies. Is this good or bad for the kids? Then, the teacher/coach... can you do both well?

Spreading the Positive Word About Youth Sports
The Coach welcomes David Jacobsen of the Positive Coaching Alliance. David's orginization is is transforming youth sports so sports can transform youth, through positive experiences.

The Age of Specialization
Younger and younger kids are dropping sports to focus on one; we look at the trend & discuss whether or not this is a good thing. Then, should Coaches pick their teams based on ability or potential. Plus – how important is the quality of the uniform?

Developments, Motivations & Moms
Soccer Mom and the parent who takes things way too seriously. Then, the travel team… is it more important to the player or the parent? Plus, the latest and greatest developments that help youth sports, and the best way to motivate your team at their next tournament.

An Ode to the Coaches
On this episode of the Youth Sports Fan Forum, we salute the coaches that made a big difference in your life. Then, is it ever OK to use a ringer in Youth Sports. And the most important topic of all- the post-game snack!

Too Young For Youth Sports?
Teeball at 3 or 4? Tackle football with pads for first graders? Seems like communities are starting their programs earlier and earlier. But who benefits, and is it right for the kids? Then - what is the best way for youth leagues to evenly divide the teams?

Heads Up
A little known fact is that there are more injuries in youth soccer than youth football. We examine the trend & the causes. Then… All-Star Games… travel teams… practice after practice… how do you know when too much is too much? And what’s the best way to handle cuts?

Batter Up!!
On our debut episode, the Coach examines the Little League World Series & if it puts additional pressure on the kids becuase it's televised.