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Peanut Punched
Another big win for the Bears. Dare I say huge? We won't go that fan, but the defense comes up big again. So when are they going to start putting the Bears as part of the elite? We also break down the rest of the NFL action, and some college stuff, too.

Nuthin' But Football on this Friday
Another weekend is upon us, so get those remotes ready - there's a full slate of great college and NFL matchups headed your way, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg are here with a preview.

The Kiss Cam and other pressing items
The Bulls minus one superstar got their season off on the right foot with a win, we're liking what we see with this whole Chris Christie / Barack Obama love fest, and don't mess with Gene Hackman's lady.

Halloween in Chinatown
The Coach and Bigg Dogg talk about their Halloween plans, and the sugar high from all the candy that they are looking forward to. They'll also talk about the damage from Sandy, the recovery efforts, and the Presidential Election.

Goodbye Baseball, Hello Hoops
The Coach and Bigg Dogg close the book on baseball 2012 with a look back at the World Series. And now that the business is done on the diamond, hoops gets underway! The NBA Season tips off tomorrow night, and we preview the season. Can anyone knock off the Heat or the Lakers?

Fickle or Feckel
A last minute win by the Bears, a sweep in the World Series, and a big storm brewing on the East Coast. There's no shortage of stuff to talk about today, and we haven't even gotten to the rest of the NFL, and some great games in college football as well.

Friday Means FOOTBALL
The Coach and Bigg Dogg get you ready for another weekend filled with college and pro football. We also recap the World Series, and make our picks on Beat the Schmoes.

Never Talk Sports and Politics
The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down game one of the World Series and preview some of this weekend's college football. Then - its a tense edition of Sports Guys Talk Politics. We start off with Donald Trump, and Joel gets fired up.

News and Notes for this Wednesday
Just like Lance Armstrong before a Tour De France stage, we're all jacked up for this show. We'll talk Armstrong's fall from grace, preview the World Series, and talk about what went wrong for Ozzie and the Marlins.

A Workman-Like Win
The Bears defense was solid, but they were just going through the motions in an easy win on Monday, and we have the breakdown. The Giants advance to the World Series, further proving that the regular season doesn't mean much with this playoff systems. Plus, sports guys talk politics on the last debate, and we tackle last weekend's college football highlights on residue Tuesday.

Bigg Dogg versus the Mini Van
Bigg Dogg had a close encounter with a minivan outside of Chinatown and has lived to tell the tale. We also break down the weekend that was in the NFL, preview Bears / Lions, and game seven in the NLCS.

Someone Get Otis Wilson a Towel
There's an opening in the Cubs broadcast booth, and we noninate Bigg Dogg for the role. The baseball playoffs roll on, and there are far too many dudes walking around naked at the East Bank Club. College Pigskin talk,too!

A-Rod, A Bench
A-Rod was watching from the dugout as the Tigers took a 3-0 lead in the ALCS. Is there any hope for the Yankees? A much better showing for Obama in debate #2 as Sports Guys Talk Politics. The Bears say goodbye to a failed first rounder, and Nike kicks Lance Armstrong to the curb.

The Foots and The Bases on Residue Tuesday
We've got a ton of college football from the weekend to get caught up on, and the baseballl playoff too. Plus, Manning's Masterful Monday performance, sky diving from space, and the Bigg Dogg contemplates politics.

Recapping the Pigskin
The Coach and Bigg Dogg recap what went down in the NFL over the weekend, including quite a few upsets. Plus - the baseball playoffs roll on, and we recap those games, too.

A Giant Victory
Teams are moving on in the baseball playoffs, while others are headed home. We wrap up all the action from the diamond. Then - a preview of what's on tap in the NFL this weekend.

October Baseball
The Coach keeps you up on what's been happening in playoff baseball. We've got some more college football preview, the case against Lance Armstrong seems pretty strong, sports guys talk politics and more!

Oblique Injuries and Other Stuff
Batter Up! Coach and Bigg Dogg break down what's been happening in the baseball playoffs so far. Also - have there been an abnormal number of oblique injuries in baseball?

Cleaning up the Residue
It's residue Tuesday, and we're catching up on all of the pigskin we didn't have time for yesterday. We've got tons of college football to cover, we'll talk Bears with Pigskin Boy, send some laughter in Dave Wannsted's general direction, and talk about a few things off the sports page as well.

Bearing Down on Another Win
There's no stopping this train now! The Bears win big again, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg are already making travel plans for the Superbowl! We'll reacp the big win in Jacksonville, and the rest of Sunday's NFL.

The Residue of Jack Del Rio
The weekend is here, and that means football! Coach and Bigg Dogg preview another full slate of college and NFL action, so take a listen and get your pigskin on!

Baseball Rewind
The regular season has come to a close. We'll look back at the surprises and disapointments, award winners and playoff match ups. We'll also close the door on the Cubs and White Sox. Plus sports guys talk politics, and a litte Big 10 Preview.

Christopher Walken is a Psychopath
It's one of those days where we careen off the sports page, and talk about stuff other than what's happening on the field. We do get to the pennant races in MLB, but today's show is more about solving the nation's problems, and finding Bigg Dogg work for the winter.

Big win in Big D
The Bears were finally who we thought they were. The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down an amazing Monday night performance. We'll also talk some Big 10 football, say goodbye to the White Sox playoff hopes, and get you caught up on the rest of the wildcard races.

Why is Steve Lyons on the Wall
With six games left in the season, the Coach finally made it out to US Cellular Field to see the team play. But he still needs to bone up on the stadium's history. We've got a full slate of games to preview, both in College Football and the NF of L, with a little stuff off the sports page to toss in.

Back in Black (and White)
Coach, Bigg Dogg and Pigskin Boy celebrate the return of the real refs to the NFL. Plus - baseball talk as the White Sox slide out of first place.

Midweek News and Notes
Packer fans and replacement ref bashers are both wrong! We talk about what no one is talking about in this Monday Night football controversy. We also break down the pennant races as teams enter the final week of the regular season.

The Worst Travesty in NFL History
Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration (unless you are a packers fan), but the Coach and Bigg Dogg weigh in on the replacement ref call that cost the Packers a win on Monday Night Football. We'll also break down baseball, college football and more on this residue Tuesday.

Great D, Big Bears Win
It was one of the wildest NFL weekends we can remember. We'll kick things off with some Bears talk, and do an extended NFL Round Em Up and Wrap Em up, with some incredible games, and unusual finishes.

Bring on the Tank
Last week, the Bigg Dogg was talking about the toughest football player he ever faced = a guy by the name of Lehman "The Tank" Corner. Today, the Tank is live in studio to talk football & more with the guys.

Feels Like Thursday
Football is in the air, cause the weekend is almost here. We'll preview some of the College Matchups & talk pennant races. Plus, a Three Stooges movie review, and Monica Lewinski is back! And she's got a book contract!

Playing Ketchup
No, we aren't talking condiments. We're playing catch up on some of the topics we may have missed with all of the football going on. So if you're looking for golf,hockey, politics and more, you're in the right place.

Pigskin Tuesday
The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down the weekend that was in College Football, and the pennant races in MLB. Plus, our NFL Outsider Charlie the Pigskin Boy checks in to talk a little Bears football.

Not the Same Old Patriots
When the Patriots lose to the Cardinals, you know it was a wild weekend! The Coach a nd Bigg Dogg recap the highlights and lowlights of week two in the NF of L.

Grilled by the Cheese
Wow. That was a rough one. We'd like to say we'll bring you the highlights of the Bears / Packers, but from the Bears perspective, there were only lowlights. Nevertheless, we break it down, and preview the rest of the biggest gridiron matchups coming up this weekend.

Bring on the Cheese
Bears versus Packers in Green Bay. No more needs to be said.

Actually, scratch that, cause we have plenty to say about it! It's almost wall-to-wall Bears talk, with some Cubs,Sox and College Football thrown in.

Meanwhile, In MLB....
Before we get carried away with Bears/Packers and this weekend's football, the Coach and Bigg Dogg want to give the baseball pennant races the attention they deserve. So we've got a baseball intesive edition today, with a little bit of football thrown in to sweeten the pot a bit.

Residue for You
We talked so much NFL yesterday, we didn't have much time for College Ball. We're going to make up for that today on Residue Tuesday. Plus - Bears/Pack preview with Pigskin Boy.

41 Points
After a scary start, the revamped Bears offense lived up to the hype on opening weekend. We'll break that one down, along with the other highlights from around the league.

The NFL kicks off this weekend - more specifically THE BEARS kick off this weekend. And the Bigg Dogg has high hopes for what looks to be the most potent offense the Bears have had in a long, long time. Plus, we rock out with local musician Mathien.

Don't Forget About Baseball
Before the NFL starts to dominate the sports conversation, we want to take a little time to get caught up on what's been happening in MLB. Plus, Happy Birthday to the Bigg Dogg, and that Clinton guy gives good speech.

Kicking it Off
The Coach and Bigg Dogg have a not-so-comprehensive look at the NFL, as the season gets underway with the Cowboys and Giants. We look at the early Superbowl odds, and look at some of the teams who could be surprise contenders.

Back to the Pigskin
We're back after the holiday weekend, and we can't wait to talk college football! The Coach and Bigg Dogg look back at the highlights and lowlights from the kickoff weekend.

Welcome Back Football Friday!
Because you demanded it! Or just simply refuse to ignore it) Football Friday is back for the new college football season. We talk about the weekend's biggest matchups, and make our sure-fire picks on Beat the Shmoes.

College football is upon us
College Football kicks off tonight, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg are here with previews of the matchups. We'll also check in with our football outsider Pigskin Boy for a little NFL stuff, including our concerns about the Bears' aging defense.

Taking Advantage of Open Bar
Starlin Castro cashes in, Bigg Dogg can't get health insurance, and Penn State is cleaning up their song list. College football is just a day away, and the best seat in the house is next to the open bar. Join us for another edition of sports and more. Emphasis on the more.

Countdown to College Football
We're just two short days away from the kickoff of college football 2012, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg just can't wait, so there's plenty of pigskin talk on today's program. We'll also do an extended baseball round em up and wrap em up.

The First Cuts are the Deepest
The first round of cuts take place in the NFL. Some big names are now looking for work elsewhere. And some rookie QB's are making history. Aside from the NFL, we have the latest and greatest from MLB, sports guys talk politics, and our obituary of the day. Join us, won't you?

In tribute to Kahlil Bell
Call this the unofficial start to Football Friday. We're a week away from the start of the season, and we can't wait. Speaking of waiting, what's the real deal with Brian Urlacher's knee. And our thoughts on Lance Armstrong.

Dorm Daze
As the Coach loads up the car and prepares to drop his son off at college, the Bigg Dogg looks back on his own college experience, which included chucking 70 mattresses out of a dorm window. Good times. We've also got Sox, Cubs and MLB talk.

News, Notes and Titillating Tidbits
We hop of the sports page and back onto it again repeatedly on today's program, for a little baseball,football, golf, and even a touch of politics thrown in for good measure. We say goodbye to a really funny lady, and Joel continues to rule the river in Chicago. Fun stuff as always!

Bearing Down
Hope springs eternal during spring training and the NFL Preseason. But we're hoping that Jay Cutler and the BEars' offense is as good as it looked this weekend against the Redskins. Plus, baseball and other stuff that happened while we were away (miss us?)

Sports Guys Talk Politics... Loudly
We aren't exactly sure how a discussion about using an Olympic theme instead of a National Anthem on the medal stand turned into an argument about how Democrats want to keep people poor and stupid, but it did. Boy, did it every. But any time the Coach and Bigg Dogg go toe to toe, it's good listening!

Olympic Knockout
Coach and Bigg Dogg discuss the highlights (swimming & gymnastics) and lowlights (throwing a badminton match) from London. Just where the heck are the good American boxers anyway. Plus, we try & decipher the conference shakeup in College Football, and make sure you skip the tortilla at the burrito shop .

Picking Up the Pieces
As expected, the Cubs traded away the present for the future at the trading deadline. Do Cubs fans have the patience for what Theo and crew are building. We look back at another Golden Day for Team USA in London, comment on the Penn State Sanctions, and talk a little Bears football.

Beach Volleyball and Other Matters
The boys are back, and they have a lot to say about the Olympics, starting with that ridiculous opening ceremony. Phelps? Over rated. And don't get us started on beach volleyball. Plus, the Cubs trade deadline fire sale continues. No reasonable offer will be refused.

An Audio Tour of Luxembourg
We have no idea how we got on the topic of Luxembourg, but darn it, we live fully up to the moniker of sports and more with our deep analysis of the minuscule European nation. We've also got Cubs, Sox, and plenty of Olympics to whet that sports appetite.

An improper relationship with a stretching machine
The Tigers are getting hot - could the White Sox be looking at a pennant chase? Speaking of hot, the Cubs look to stay that way against Ozzie and company. Plus, Matt Forte finally cashes in, and Joel loves the stretching machine. Maybe too much.

Swap Meet.... Or not....
It's been a forgone conclusion that the Cubs would be trading away some key vets before the deadline for prospects. But now that they are one of the hottest teams in baseball, should they cool it on the trade talk? Also - the Coach and Bigg Dogg give their delayed reaction to the Sandusky verdict and it's impact on the legacy of JoePa.

Football from the Abyss
The MLB All Star Game is over, which means the dog days of summer sports are here. Luckily, football is right around the corner, and so is our NFL outsider Charlie the Pigskin Boy, with a little pro preview to whet your NFL appetites.

The Boo-Birds in KC and Other Stuff
The Carm, Marc Carman is back in the co-host chair after a long absence, and we're talking All-Stars, NBA, and even a bit of interior decorating. Also - why the boos in KC last night, and did Coach Tibs set back the Bulls 5 years with his coaching decisions?

Wildcard Wonders
We're at the halfway point of MLB, but we are already looking ahead to the post season. There's a new format for the wildcard & two extra teams in the playoffs. Is this an improvement. We say no. We also run down the list of titillating tidbits from the the weekend, including Wimbeldon, UFC, celeb obits and NBA free agency.

Midseason Baseball Report
We're at the halfway point of the MLB season, so it's time to look back on where we've been and where we are headed. Coach and Bigg Dogg break it all down division by division, and tell you about the teams and players to watch in the second half. Plus, Charlie Weiss is fat, and Slammers is not a politically correct name.

Hot Dogs and Tater Tots
The Fourth of July means patriotism, fireworks, and eating contests. Guess which one we are going to cover. A hug trade in the NBA brings another challenger to the Heat's crown. Plus, a wrap up of what's happening in MLB, Wimbeldon, and stage to stage coverage of the Tour de France

Happy Fourth
The Cubs continue to roll, and it's a true pitchers duel tonight in Texas for the Sox. The NBA Hot stove is heating up, more controversy on the Chicago River, we say goodbye to a TV icon, and try to keep your Fourth of July festivities from going down in flames.

The Bigg Dogg was in the middle of Kayak On The River In The Storm Controversy - Dogg fires back at the media! we've got Euro Soccer and Olympic Trials, too, All Star Roster thoughts and Cubs win, Cubs win , Cubs win. Did we mention Cubs win?

The Bulls get a steal late in the first round. We'll break down that move and the other highlights from last night's NBA draft. We'll even boo David Stern while we're at it. Everyone else was. We've also got baseball, soccer, Tour De France, and a bunch of other stuff to get your weekend started right.

Sports Guys Talk Supreme Court
The Supreme Court keeps Obamacare alive, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg share their views on that from complete opposite ends of the political spectrum. They also talk Cubs, White Sox and NBA Draft

Bullish on the Draft
The Coach and the Great Babitski talk all things NBA draft, including a few rumors surrounding Luol Deng and the Chicago Bulls. A Cubs star of the future does not disappoint in his debut, and a look at what's happening in the Olympic trials.

Summer Football
Can the Bears succeed without Matt Forte in the backfield? Do the Bears even NEED Forte? With training camps only weeks away, we bring in our NFL outsider Pigskin Boy to talk a little football.

Showing Our Pride
Nothing says father son bonding like a gay pride parade. The Coach gives us a first hand account of what was happening down on north Halsted, and wonders where ThisYear Man was. We don't really like the guy, but we have to give LeBron his propa, and even more props for decathalete Ashton Eaton.

Try the Combo
The Sox shut out the Cubs in the final game of the Crosstown Classic. We'll wrap that up & the rest of MLB. We're also hoping the NBA season ends tonight. Bigg Dogg educates the Coach on fine dining of the roast beef sammy variety, and the new College Football playoff plan. BCS, or just plain BS?

Chili versus Noodles
The Cubs roll over the Sox again, and LeBron is now one win away from that elusive ring. So we're talking baseball, NBA,NBA draft, a little bit of soccer, and also sports guys talk politics. We're all over the place today, but in a good way.

A Win for the Northside
The Cubs have the bragging rights over the White Sox, at least for one day. We'll round up the trade rumors on the Northside, and the slow, downward spiral the southsiders seem to be on. We'll also round the bases in our extended baseball round 'em up and wrap 'em up, and attempt to pump up Coach's core.

Croatia in the Office Pool
Full confession - the Coach is a basketball junkie who spent most of Father's Day watching Euro Cup Soccer! So we missed Thunder vs Heat, but will talk about it any way. Who and or what is Webb Simpson ( hint: not a new law passed in congress , and Jim Furyk makes us all feel better about our golf games.

Rescue on the River
Bigg Dogg tells the story of a heroic rescue by a kayaker on the Chicago River. LeBron steps up when it counts, and the Cubs' rebuilding process is taking shape as they get set to take on the Red Sox.

Triple A Sports Talk
The Bigg Dogg goes inside the Miami scene, and the NBA Playoffs with his buddy Triple A. We also talk baseball, and apparently Joel's mom has no confidence in his ability to kayak.

Building for the Future
ThisYear Man Joel Radwanski says we may have to suffer through one of the worst Cubs seasons ever, but the future looks very,very bright. The Stanley Cup as a new home, Warren Buffett is our hero, and Joel also has some great fitness tips.

ThisYear Man and Double B
On this ep, ThisYear Man Joel Radwasnki and Double B Brian Bauer recap a weekend with a little bit of everything - NBA Playoffs, baseball, horse racing, boxing. We even toss in a little Bears talk.

Stick a Fork in the Spurs
The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down an amazing NBA playoff game which ended the Spurs season. The Cubs' draft choice is kind of a jerk, and speaking of the Cubs, is anyone on the roster really untradeable? Plus - French Open and believe it or not, NCAA Women's softball.

I'm a Blue Jays Fan
Miami is feeling the heat in the NBA Playoffs, the Bigg Dogg's Blue Jays knowledge is put to the test, and let's head to the sidelines to get some commentary. All that and the famous baseball round em up and wrap 'em up on today's extravaganza.

Where are the Cellouts?
The White Sox are one of the best teams in baseball. So why isn't anyone going to their games? And We still aren't sure what Starlin Castro did to end up in the doghouse. We've also got NBA playoff talk and the always exciting MLB Draft.

The Return of the Hitlist
It's been a while since we've done one of these, but there are a bunch of things that are cheesing the Coach off, and he's just got to vent. We're looking at you, buttered movie popcorn. Then it's onto sports - Tiger, MLB, NBA Playoffs and more!

Honesty or Stupidity
Vandy Head Football Coach James Franklin says he won't hire an assistant coach until he sees their wife. Coach thinks that's awful. Joel thinks that's honesty. Fireworks follow. We've also got a roundup of MLB and some news and notes around the sports world.

Man Ram and the Jimmys
Things get physical between the Heat and the Celtics, but the refs don't seem to notice. The fix is in (again) at the NBA Draft Lottery. The Cubbies have an actual winning streak, and the voice of the White Sox looses his shpadoinkle. All in all it was a busy Wednesday, but we cover it all!

The Bigg Dogg's Guide to Heckling
Joel has spent years in the bleachers at Wrigley perfecting the art of getting under the opposing player's skin. And today, he shares some of his secret methods with you. We also talk NBA playoffs, the Stanley Cup and MLB

Every day should be Memorial Day
The Coach and Bigg Dogg are back from the holiday weekend and want to remind you to remember the vets even if Memorial Day is over. Then, the Cubs break the streak, the Sox surge, and its reactionary sports radio as the Coach catches Joel up on everything he missed over the holiday weekend.

Revved Up for the Long Weekend
It's not often that we talk auto racing on the program. But since the Indy 500 is coming up this weekend, today was as good a day as any! We also talk about some new NFL rule changes regarding pads, and break down what's happening in the NBA Playoffs.

The Bigg Dogg versus Socalism
Did you know Bigg Dogg is a raging Libertarian? You will after listening to the first half of the show, as The Coach and Joel have another spirited political discussion. Plus, MLB, NBA and what is the Preakness anyway?

Great Moments in Girl's PE Class
After a day of protesting and international affairs, it's back to the business of sports, with talk on the NBA Playoffs, and a look around the league in Major League Baseball.

Sports Guys Talk With Protesters
The Bigg Dogg was among the throngs of protesters in Chicago for the NATO Summit. But he wasn't protesting the world's leaders- he was protesting the ignorance of some of these protesters.

Goodbye to a Class Act
Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood is calling it a career, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg look back at his accomplishments both on and off the diamond. We also preview the Cubs / Sox showdown, and dive into the NBA Playoffs. Plus, the prom season post-celebration is at the Coach's house!

Sports Guys Talk Mormons
The top high school player in the nation may delay college to go on a Mormon mission. Coach commends him on his decision. Bigg Dogg goes off on the Mormon faith. Good times! Plus, a rundown on everything happening in MLB

One of those Days
Both the Cubs and White Sox let wins slip away yesterday. The Coach and Bigg Dogg analyze their problems (the ballclubs, not their own) and round up the rest of MLB. And with the NATO Summit just a few days away, Sports Guys talk International Affairs.

The World Stage
How will this weekend's NATO summit affect the Cubs / Sox series at Wrigley? More importantly, how will it affect Bigg Dogg's tours on the Chicago River? We dish on that, take you around the bases on MLB, talk a little NBA Playoffs, and do some headstands for charity. It's full service sportstalk at it's finest.

Wrapping Up the Weekend
The Coach and Bigg Dogg get you caught up on everything that went down over the weekend, from the NBA Playoffs to MLB, and everything in between.

The Bulls made a run at it, but couldn't close the deal. Now it's on to the offseason. Coach and Bigg Dogg get deep on the game. Plus, Michael Jordan's passing skills (or lack thereof), Cubs baseball, the beauty of the change-up, Mitt the bully, and a first day of work Joel will never forget.

Sports Guys Talk Gay Marriage
Turns out Coach and Bigg Dogg agree about gay marriage, and not much else politically. And after another spirited political conversation, we get to the sports - Cubs, Bulls Sox and more.

Broken Wood
The Bulls survive to keep alive in the NBA Playoffs, while a one time Cubs Ace continues to struggle. We'll dish on that, plus Bigg Dogg's stellar calves, and a visit from Sports by George on this episode of 2 guys and a mic

Chili Dogs with Ketchup
We've got Cubs, we've got Sox, we've got a ton of baseball in our round 'em up and wrap 'em up. It's do or die for the Bulls, and the Chicago sty;e hot dog has a challenger from back east. It's sports and more at it's finest!

Sports Talk for Geeks
The Bulls aren't dead, but someone may want to contact hospice. We called the Derby winner, and there's a new box office champ! Baseball, boxing, NBA Playoffs, and memories of the Andy Griffith show... this one has it all folks!

Horse, Bulls and Blown Saves
2 Guys that watch very little horse racing make their Derby picks. The Cubs closer blows. I mean he blows a save, and one of the best closers ever blows out his arm. Add in a little Bulls preview, and you've got this episode!

The Coach and Bigg Dogg discuss the tragedy of Junior Seau, and how his suicide could impact the NFL.

Fifty Shades of Osama
It's sports and more with the Coach and Bigg Dogg! In the sports column, we have the Bulls collapse, and our baseball round 'em up and wrap 'em up. In the more column, we have the latest literary sensation, the anniversary of Osama, and sports guys talk politics! It's fun for all!

Punching Fire Extinguishers
The Coach and Bigg Dogg are talking playoffs, both the hockey and the basketball versions. The Bulls attempt to move on without Derrick Rose, the Bobcats are the worst ever, and Amare Stoudemire clearly has some issues.

Of Drafts and ACL's
The Bulls lost their top player for the rest of their playoff run, while the Bears drafted their newest members. The Bigg Dogg goes deep on those topics with a little help from his friends.

The Top Selection
Round One of the NFL Draft is in the books, so the Coach and Bigg Dogg look at who went where, and some of the early surprises. Not one, but two game sevens took place in the NHL, the NBA season winds down, and tons of baseball. We dish on all that and more.

Mocking the Draft
It's draft day in the NF of L, and the Bigg Dogg has been pouring over stat sheets for weeks. Or maybe he was just pouring. In any case, he's going to share his wealth of expertise, by breaking down the sleepers, studs and can't miss players that will be taken in the first round.

Hanging with Sean Penn and Gorbachev
We have tons of news and notes to get thru on today's extravaganza: the Nobel Laurates have descended on Chicago, the NBA playoff seedings are taking shape, and there's tons of baseball to talk about. We even manage to squeeze in a little NFL Draft.

Hawks Grounded
There will be no second round of the playoffs for the once mighty Hawks. The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down the loss, and what was wrong with the team throughout the series. We'll also have some NFL Draft talk, and our baseball round 'em up and wrap 'em up.

Hawks Tawk from Lunt Street
An old friend of the program checks in to talk a little Blackhawks Hockey. We'll also rewind on the weekend that was, featuring a perfect outing by the White Sox, and the Cubbies saying Bye Bye Byrdie.

Four Twenty
The Cubs lose. The Sox Lose. The Bulls lose. And the Hawks drop a tragic one in OT. It's a bad day to be a Chicago sports fan. Good thing it's 4-20. Too bad we need to explain to Coach what that means...

The Thursday Tidbits
The Blackhawks are looking for revenge, the new Bears schedule is out, and some of the White Sox are coming out of their slumps. We talk about all that, plus other titillating tidbits on this episode of 2 Guys and a Mic.

Cheap Shots
The big story in the Blackhawks / Coyotes playoff game wasn't the final score - it was the hit Raffi Torres put on Marian Hossa. The Coach and Bigg Dogg both give their take on went down (besides Hossa, that is). Then - at what point should an official overlook a call? Jon and Joel go a few rounds on that one!

WNBA Draft Spectacular
The Coach and Bigg Dogg team up to bring you the best WNBA Draft coverage anywhere. It may be the only NBA draft coverage anywhere, but still...
We've also got tons of playoff hockey, our baseball round 'em up and wrap 'em up, and some NBA too.

Celebrating April 15th
Tons of cool stuff happened throughout history on April 15th (and not just Lilly the Lilac's birthday). The Bigg Dogg shares some of the highlights. Plus, Blackhawks Hockey, the worst Cubs line up in decades, and ThisYear Man's adventures at Cubs Opening Day.

Invading the Cell
ThisYear Man made his presence known at the Cubs opener. and he's planning on doing the same thing at the Sox Home Opener. We think the welcome won't be quite as warm. We take you around baseball in our MLB round 'em up, drop the puck on the NHL Playoffs, and recap the Bulls / Heat showdown in the NBA. What a way to start your weekend.

Digging a Hole
The Cubs drop another one. Not a great start to the season for them. But how bad is it going to get? We'll talk about that and the rest of the headlines from MLB in our daily round em up and wrap em up. Plus, tantalizing tidbits, Bulls/Heat and the NHL playoffs.

Super Stanley Cup Preview
It an NHL Playoff preview so intense, we are able to condense an hours worth of content into around eight minutes. With the rest of the time we had allotted for hockey and did not use, we talk baseball, Lolapalooza and Lingerie football. All of which we like better than hockey, apparently.

Balls and Pucks
The NHL Playoffs are almost here, and we acknowledge that fact by talking hockey for the first time in months. We'll also take you around the league in our baseball round em up and wrap em up, and pitch our latest book idea.

Ozzie's Mouth and Other Stuff
It didn't take long for Ozzie to get in trouble down in Florida. We have the details on that, and a rundown of everything that happened during the first full weekend of baseball in the new season. Plus - Bubba Watson's Masterful performance.

Opening Day Aftermath
It was a successful Opening Day for ThisYear Man and The Coach, not so much for the Cubs. The guys recap what happening in Wrigleyville yesterday, and around the rest of MLB. Plus -audio proof of Gregg Williams bounties, and a tradition like no other.

Baseball Preview
Batter Up! The Coach and Bigg Dogg get you ready for MLB 2012 with a look around the league at the teams to beat, the players to watch, and the squads you can write off from the start. Plus, Joel flexes his always impressive baseball trivia muscles.

Wildcat Victory
College hoops is over, and it's Kentucky at the top of the heap! Coach and Bigg Dogg wrap it all up. Plus, a baseball look ahead as well as Women's Hoop championship tonight! And could we actually see This Year man at Wrigley on opening day?

If dot dot dot
The Coach is back, just in time for the Championship is College Hoops. Kentucky faces Kansas in the capper to a somewhat uneventful tourney. Then, we looks at the Cubs and Sox prospects for a winning season, and don't like what we see.

And Now, the NL
Bigg Dogg continues his 2012 MLB preview with a look at the National League. Plus, a little roundball talk with our NBA Outsider B Vaxx.

Bigg Dogg's AL Preview
MLB 2012 is almost here. And to get you set for the new season, Joel is serving up an in-depth preview of the American League, including his picks for the division winners. Plus, weight loss tips and news of the weird.

Magic Money
Magic Johnson's investment group has purchased the LA Dodgers for 2 Billion. That's right - 2 Billion with a B. Bigg Dogg tries to figure out if the franchise is really worth that number. Baseball gets underway over seas, and suggestions on how to make Wrigley Field better.

Powering the Future
Illinois voters had a choice on who gets to determine how they get their energy - and most ignored it. A friend of the Bigg Dogg has the details to get you in the know. Plus - paying at the pump, and aggravated pimping.

Down to Four
The Tourney may have had some lackluster moments up to this point, but the Bigg Dogg thinks the Elite Eight lived up to the hype. Tiger is back in a big way, and chaos rules at the University of Illinois. Plus, plenty of news of the weird

March Madness Rolls On
Coach and the Bigg Dogg run down last night's NCAA basketball results and take a look at the upcoming matchups. Plus, their deep thoughts about the top job openings at the University of Illinois--and the Cubs opener is only two weeks away!

Could There Be More to Talk About?
The Commish drops a well-deserved anvil on Payton and the Saints, Tebow's deal with the Jets is completed and the NCAA tournament resumes tonight. And we still are able to squeeze in a discussion of Greco-Roman wresting!

NBA Season Is Heating Up!
We preview the Sweet 16 matchups for this weekend. And the NBA season has had much more exciting open-court action this season, and we talk about the young point guards who are responsible. Plus, Coach lays out Coaching Philosophy 101.

Payton Manning and Primary Election Confusion
Coach and the Bigg Dogg react to Payton Manning's deal with the Broncos and other fee agent signings, plus primary election difficulties and a hard hitting Bigg Dogg analysis of the Mayan calendar.

It's Already Down to 16!
Suddenly, 68 teams have been boiled down to the Sweet 16. Coach and the Bigg Dogg analyze the weekend's NCAA action and what next weekend's matchups look like. Plus, the latest (mis)adventures of This Year Man! And a primary election Bigg Dogg rant to wrap up the show!

A Toast to the Green
Day 1 of the tourney didn't give us any Cinderellas, but it did bring us a lot of great games. We have the recap and a preview of day 2. The Bulls have a Coach's curse, the Bears have a press conference for their new problem child, and Peyton Manning has a try out for John Elway. Plus our plans for St. Patty's Day.

The Onset of Madness
It's tourney time, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg preview the first day of action - at least on the court. There won't be much action across the country, as productivity stops to watch all the games. And speaking of games, the Bulls win a big one against the Heat, minus Derrick Rose.

Gentlemen, Start Your Spending
Free agency kicked off in the NFL, and there are a lot of guys switching teams. We'll break down who's going where. The Bears trade for a true number one receiver - but he is carrying a lot of extra baggage. The madness is officially underway, and we also have a hunting and fishing report. Full service. That's us.

McMurray State's Stupidest Criminals
With Bigg Dogg's help, the Coach has finally filled out his brackets. Bigg Dogg has yet to look at one. Some of the 1st round tourney games will be on Tru TV. Great. What's Tru Tv? Plus, NBA, Bulls and NFL Free Agency gets underway later today. Gentlemen - start your spending!

In Hoops Heaven
The Coach stayed up all night scouring the brackets. The Bigg Dogg doesn't even know who made the tournament. To say the least, this is the most interesting hour of bracketology you are going to get anywhere.

Like Dying a Slow Death
Yeah, the title of today's show is a bit depressing, but that's how the Coach felt watching Northwestern blow a shot at the Big Dance. Bruce Weber is out - but they could have been nicer about it. Tons of Hoops talk ahead of Selection Sunday, and a little NBA and Spring baseball as well.

The Dance Card is Filling Up
We're not quite to full on madness yet. The mild fever has given way to sweating and anxiousness, but we are certifiable yet. At any rate, the Coach and Bigg Dogg will update you on who is headed to the tourney. Then - a tight one for the Bulls, a classy exit by Peyton, and can a team with four comeback player of the year candidates stand a chance in MLB?

Goodbye Peyton
After 14 seasons, the Colts and Peyton Manning have parted ways. The Coach and Bigg Dogg give their thoughts on the move,and wonder where Peyton might be suiting up next. And it wouldn't be March without a little college hoops talk!

The Hits Keep on Coming
The Coach and Bigg Dogg square off on the Gregg Williams big hit bounty story in the NFL. Bigg Dogg says its the biggest story to hit the NFL in years. Coach says not so fast. Take a listen and enjoy the carnage.

Fine Polish Cusine
It's Casmir Pulaski day, and you know what that means. You don't? OK, neither do we, but nevertheless, Coach and Bigg Dogg are back, and the madness is starting to take hold. We look at the NBA playoff picture, and have a spirited discussion about the state of Big 10 Hoops. Pull up a chair and take a listen!

Fever Rising
You haven't got a full blown case of the madness yet, but your temp is indeed rising. Luckiy for you, the Coach and Bigg Dogg have the right medicine - a bunch of college hoops talk! Derrick Rose does the Bulls fans a big favor by choking on free throws, and what the heck were the managers doing wrong last season? A lot of players seem to be complaining.

Bidding on the Compound
Today, sports guys talk real estate - specifically the Michael Jordan compound that just hit the market for the low low price of 29 million. It's March, and the madness is starting to spread in the form of conference tournaments. And baseball is changing it's playoff system again. And the new system totally stinks.

Taking a Leap
In honor of February 29th, aka Leap Day, the Coach and Bigg Dogg look back at some of the biggest leaps and jumps in history. And speaking of history, a lot of people in spring training have a lot to say about what happened with their teams last season.

The Cricket Package
On today's extravaganza, Daytona was literally burning up during last night's race, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg have a recap. RG III may not be as good of a guy as people think. So what the heck is wrong with kids today? And a handy guide to the terms you need to know for March basketball.

Ballyhooed and Sullied
Even though Ryan Braun was cleared from his suspension, the NL MVP still has a lot of explaining to do. Dave Duerson's family sues the NFL - the right move? Also, Oscars, College Hoops, the NBA All-star game, and alternate nicknames for the Bigg Dogg (all family friendly).

Ash Thursday
Lent is here again, and the Bigg Dogg continues his long standing tradition in giving up absolutely nothing. We've also got notes from spring training, and we also tap into the Bigg Dogg's deep reservoir of sports trivia knowledge.

Bubba Brackets
The Madness of March is almost here, so we've brought in our college hoops expert Bubba Brackets to talk about the hardwood happenings. (OK - Bubba is really just the Bigg Dogg, but still....) Then - fire up the NBA trade rumors, spring training and Sports Guys talk Presidential debates.

At Bat
Pitchers and Catchers have reported, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg can't contain their excitement for the new baseball season. Then, a recap of the President's Day NBA action, College Hoops, and the other 2 Guys have called - what do they want?

Warming Up to the NBA
Sports, Beer, and the swimsuit issue. Sure sounds like a sports talk show to me! We'll cover those topics, plus the Bigg Dogg is coming back to the NBA (as a fan, not a player), pitchers and catchers report this weekend, and our memories of Gary Carter

Lin-Sanity or Dogg-Sanity - You Decide
LinSanity continues to grip the nation - but we're more impressed with the DoggSanity that is surrounding ThisYear Man! Then - is this the golden era of the point guard in the NBA? Does Illinois need to fire Bruce Weber? Has the Coach reinvented basketball defense? Are there enough questions in this episode?

Going Linsane
The latest phenom is taking over the sports page, and even the Coach and Bigg Dogg are succumbing to the Lin-sanity. Then - Thisyear Man hits the internets, the White Sox pick up a Cubs castoff, the Blackhawks keep losing, and we fondly remember the glory days of Chicago high school hoops.

Valentines, Love and the Bigg Dogg
The Bigg Dogg is back with a list of Do's and Don'ts to make this Valentine's Day memorable, both for those with a significant other, and those looking for one. Then, the Lin-sanity continues in New York, the prognosis for Derrick Rose looks promising, and why returning punts is highly overrated.

The Soundtrack to Coach's Funeral
Today, sports guys talk pop music, with the death of Whitney Houston and the Grammys being handed out. Plus, tons of hoops talk - how bad is D-Rose's back, and what will the Knicks do about the Lin-sanity when their highly paid stars come back?

Non Football Friday
The first post-season Friday is here, and we're doing what we can to keep the Bigg Dogg from going through pigskin withdrawals. We talk some college hoops, some NBA, and a bunch of other stuff to get you set for this football free weekend

Sports Guys talk About the Catholic Church
The Coach and Bigg Dogg wade into the controversy surrounding the Catholic Church and their opposition to parts of the health care mandate. Then, College hoops, NBA talk, and Coach thinks Titanic is the best movie ever.

Superman to the Rescue
We're trying to slowly ween the Bigg Dogg off of football, and we start with a little NBA - is it time the Bulls made a big push to land Dwight Howard? Plus, Pigskin Boy thinks Tom Brady is overrated (let that one sink in), college hoops talk, and true story - The Coach used to coach Leonardo DiCapro's girlfriend.

Of Footballl and Fish Tacos
We've got a lot to get through on this Residue Tuesday, including those impressive Super Bowl ratings, clam chowder, fish tacos, college hoops, and the 1989 NFL Draft. Now that's gooooood residue!

Super Aftermath
The Giants defeat the Pats to capture the NFL crown! The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down the game, and the key plays that led to a New York victory. Plus - our thoughts on the halftime show and our favorite commercials.

Super Football Friday
The Coach returns from vacay just in time for our final Football Friday of the year, where (of course) we will preview the big one between the Pats and Giants. Plus, Egyptian Soccer - what the heck?

Sports Talk and the Grassy Knoll
The only thing the Bigg Dogg loves more than sports are conspiracies. And once he heard there was new info on the Kennedy Assassination, he was all over it. Also - if the Colts part ways with Peyton, which team is the best fit?

Libya and Other Stuff
One of the Bigg Dogg's college buddies is involved with helping his home country of Libya. Find out how you can help too. Plus, Big Ten Hoops, the Bigg Dogg can read your mind, and it's signing day. If you're not a college football fan, do you even care?

News of the Weird with Bigg Dogg
What do Derrick Rose, Egypt and donkey semen have in common? They're among the topics Joel will be discussing, as he scours the internets for the latest and greatest news of the weird.

Adventures in West Suburban Education
The Bigg Dogg is in the big chair today, and he has a couple of special in-studio guests here to prove the value of a suburban education. Plus - the Bears find a new GM, the Bulls fall flat, and ThisYear Man confronts Sox fans and Jerry Reinsdorf.

Stiffed by the Ring Girl
The Coach and Bigg Dogg take you into the weekend with a little Sports Guys talk politics, College Hoops, and plans to disrupt the White Sox convention. Also - we don't have an interview with a UFC ring girl.

SoxFest Invasion
Could there be a ThisYear Man appearance this weekend at Sox Fest? Bigg Dogg lays the groundwork of the invasion. Speaking of laying, the Bulls laid an egg at the UC for the first time this season. More coaches jump on the NFL carousel, Detroit has their Prince, and is it time to trade Peyton Manning?

Pigskin Talk with Pigskin Boy
The Coach and Charlie the Pigskin Boy preview the Superbowl, and dissect the state of the Bears. They also talk Pro Bowl. Or to be more precise, they talk about how awful the Pro Bowl is.

Pats Versus Giants Round Two
The Coach and Bigg Dogg recap the NFL's Championship weekend, which saw two teams losing, rather than two teams winning(Trust me- that will make more sense once you listen). JoePa also passed away over the weekend. Is his legacy forever tarnished?

The Championship of Meh
The NFL's conference championship weekend is here, and don't get us wrong. We love the NFL. But really? These are the best four? Despite the blah lineup, the Coach and Bigg Dogg will preview the games, and give their picks for the eventual Superbowl match up.

Seven Continents, Two Hemispheres and Thirty Days
Just in case you doubted Bigg Dogg's dedication to the cause, he did this episode outside in 10 degree weather with no gloves on. That is a true professional! Today's topics: College Hoops, the Cubbies quiet moves, predictions for the future, and give the Bulls bench some props.

The Unofficial History of the Montgomery Ward Building
Conference championship weekend is almost hear, and we start breaking down the match ups. New Orleans and Green Bay had great regular seasons, but failed in the playoffs. Were their seasons a success or failure? Plus, other NFL news and notes, and the space shuttle causes earthquakes.

Order Your Burger OTB
On another residue kind of Tuesday, we'll cover everything from fast food to terrorism; politics to food shortages. And we'll even toss some sports in there, too.

Upset Special
The 1 and 2 Seeds advanced in the AFC playoffs just as planned. But in the NFC, not so much. The Coach adn Bigg Dogg break down a wild weekend of NFL playoffs, which were hard to watch if you are a fan of the Saints or Packers

Playoff Time
In our final football friday of the season, the Coach and Bigg Dogg go deep on this weekend's four NFL playoff matchups.

The Class of 2012
The Coach and Bigg Dogg look at the list of finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame, and give their thoughts on who should be in, and who will be left out. Plus, an early preview of this weekend's NFL action, and college hoops talk

The Hardwood
It's been a long time since the Coach and Bigg Dogg have gone hoops heavy. So if you've got a basketball jones, this episode is for you. They talk college hoops and NBA, and also about some of newfangled gadgets coming your way from the Consumer Electronics show.

The Chicago River Doesn't Freeze
A National Champion has been crowned in College Football, so let the complaints about the BCS begin. Aside from College pigskin, we'll talk NFL, NBA and College hoops, too. THe Young One, Jack Washer is along for the ride with Coach and Bigg Dogg.

Putting the Wild in Wildcards
The Coach and Bigg Dogg recap an exceptional opening weekend to the NFL playoffs, including another astounding win by Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Then - are we excited for tonight's National title game, or aren't we?

Playoffs and Pinder
The Coach and Bigg Dogg are in the house, and they've brought along a preview of the NFL Wildcard weekend. Plus, a Cubs controversy (allegedly), and we marvel at Tim Tebow's rumored girlfriend.

Zee Ya Later
So the Cubs basically paid the Marlins 16 million to take Carlos Zambrano. Really? REALLY? The Coach and Bigg Dogg are confused and confounded. And a note to Tom Thibodeau - let Derrick Rose take a break once in a while.

Kickers Breaking Curfew
Mike Martz follows Jerry Angelo out the door in the Bears organization.The Coach and Bigg Dogg talk about what they'd like to see from their replacements. Plus, Bowl Talk, NBA, College Hoops and pitbull attacks.

New Years Daze
2012 is here, and so are the Coach and Bigg Dogg, with a recap of the major gridiron happenings from the holiday weekend. Sorry Big 10 Fans, we hate to reopen old wounds, but it needs to be done. Also - apparently Auld Lang Syne roughly translates to Jerry Angelo is fired.

Chicks Dig the Backpack
The Coach and Bigg Dogg close out the 2011 with a preview of the College Bowl Games and a look at the final weekend of the NFL regular season. And hey look kids - Bigg Dogg is in studio with his trendy backpack.

Adventures with a Chiropractor
The Coach is back! (Who knew he was missing? ) Bigg Dogg is back on his leash after two days of roaming wildly. Check out today's for sports talk and other pent up emotions as the new year winds to an end. We break down Bears / Vikings for about a minute thirty seconds around the 22 minute mark...

Stars and Snubs
The Pro Bowl roster is out. Some names you'd expect are on there, as well as some names that have no business being there. The Bigg Dogg and Rusty Silber break down the stars,surprises and snubs. Plus, Bowl talk and Big 10 Hoops.

Basketball is Back
The NBA returned as a Christmas present to all sports fans, especially to fans of the Bulls. The Bigg Dogg and Mike Moreau break down what they liked and didn't like in the team's first two outings. Then - the NFL playoff scenarios, the Bears give us a lump of coal on Christmas, and a little Mizzou talk.

Quality Time with the shake weight
It's shaping up to be a fantastic sports-filled holiday weekend. The Coach and Bigg Dogg are here to bring you good Christmas tidings and preview what's on tap, including a Bears / Packers matchup that looks ridiculously one sided.

Have Beer, Get a Suspension
In light of some recent suspensions, the Coach and Bigg Dogg wonder if the NCAA is being a little too strict on players having a beer or two. Then, Derrick Rose is a true class act, and some Christmas Weekend NFL Preview.

Great Draft Picks in Charlotte Bobcats History
The season is almost here, so it's time to dish on the NBA. We're excited about the Bulls, and think the Clippers could be the team to beat in LA. Plus - the Bigg Dogg makes an unannounced visit to the studio, and bowl season is underway.

A Hanie Shade of Winter
We manage to dodge the subject for about 25 minutes (mostly with a moving tribute to Kim Jong ll), but we have to talk Bears and the collapse of the season. Also, our award winning NFL round em up and Wrap 'Em up

We Hurd the News
Football Friday is Felony Friday, thanks to the Chicago Bears Sam Hurd and his intent to traffic drugs. But after we talk about that, we'l preview the start of bowl season and Sunday's NFL action.

The Bigg Dogg has learned a valuable lesson - always log out of your Facebook account. Then - we finally get around to talking NBA; a big name has a new address, and the Bulls have made a change in the backcourt

A Lovely Parting Gift
It's seek and ye shall find Wednesday, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg have some fun & interesting stories to share with you. Among the - Time's Person of the Year, Toys for Lap dances, and ladies getting a little something extra for spending the night with Derek Jeter

The Best of What's Left
Another residue tuesday is here, where we tidy things up and talk about the stories we may have missed. On the docket, Earl Bennett is MIA, the Illini have a new coach, the surging Seahawks, bye bye Aramis, and much, much more.

A Lousy Barber
The Bears fall victim to the Tebow comeback, thanks in no small part to a step out of bounds. We recap that and the rest of the NFL action. Plus - an MVP faces allegations of PED, great socks at the Heisman Presentation, and Army / Navy.

In the Huddle with the Coach and Bigg Dogg
Do Caleb Hanie and the Bears have a prayer against Tevow and the Broncos? (See what I did there?) The Coach and Bigg Dogg preview that and all of the other big NFL matchups this weekend.

The Hot Stove
The big free agents in MLB are finding new homes for big cash, and we take a look at who is headed where. Also - what's cooking in the NFL, and a controversial call in a high school championship has the Coach steamed.

Gone Bowling
The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down the College Bowl schedule, with a look at the dream matchups, the one's not worth watching, and the teams that got screwed by the BCS. Then. we try to figure out who is Time Magazine's person of the year for 2011.

the Caleb and Kahlil Show
The Coach and Bigg Dogg wonder if they witnessed the worst Bears game ever on Sunday or if things will get worse this weekend with no Forte. Then - a long overdue honor for Ron Santo that came a year too late, and those free spending Florida Marlins.

Special Delivery from the Coach and Bigg Dogg
There is plenty of sports to talk about, plus BEAT the SHMOES football picks! And we dabble in a little, "seek and ye shall find." flesheating bananas, America's saddest cities and a nutcase running thru the streets of San Jose wearing a gas mask stuffing packages in mail boxes.

Yea or Nay
The nominees for the MLB Hall of Fame have been announced, and the Bigg Dogg applies his encyclopedia of Baseball knowledge to determine who is indeed worthy of enshrinement in Cooperstown.

The Prince or the MVP
The Cubs have reached out to two big name free agents, and the Bigg Dogg thinks the choice is clear on which one they should sign. Then,more baseball notes, College Hoops talk and obscure playground games we love to play.

Comings and Goings
A Big 10 Powerhouse names a new head coach, while the NFL coaching ranks has their first casualty. The NBA is back, but we dont care. Because college hoops never left. We have all that, and a belated NFL Round em up on today's extravaganza.

Digging into the Thanksgiving Leftovers
The Coach and Bigg Dogg are back from the four day weekend, and there are a ton of sports to get caught up on. They'll break down the College Bowl picture and rate Caleb Hanie's first start for the Bears. Plus - how dead is the Penn State Football program?

Talkin Turkey
The Coach and Bigg Dogg head into their extended weekend with a preview of all the pro and college action coming up during this four day weekend. Then - the argument for and against full contact Turkey Bowls

College Football Oddities
The guys get you caught up on College Football, with a little bit of focus on what's happening on the field, and a whole lotta focus on the strange stuff that's happening off.

Thumbs Down
The Bears make it five in a row, but at a cost - they lose their starting QB, but even more importantly (in our opinion) they lose their long snapper too! We wrap up a busy weekend in the NFL and more on this episode

A Little Baseball, a Lotta Football
The Coach and Bigg Dogg officially welcome Dale Sveum to the helm of the Chicago Cubs, and give their take on the changes to MLB next season. Then, a look at the top matchups in College Football and the NF of L!

Meet the Managerial Candidate
Dale Sveum has been offered the job of Cubs skipper. But what do we know about Dale? The Coach and Bigg Dogg fill in the blanks. Then, Tiger Woods tanks at the President's Cup, and the amazing abilities of one Devin Hester.

What Is it this week?
It's our usual Wednesday roundup of interesting stories from on and off the sports page. The segment that has a new name each week. At any rate, today we cover a wide range of things, from great college basketball coaches, to the Amazon comment thread of Jerry Sandusky's book, to medical marijuana, with a bunch of other stops in between.

Good Bye and Good Luck
David Stern is threatening to pull the plug on the NBA season after the players rejected the latest offer. We here at 2 Guys and a Mic answer with a resounding meh. Also - Jerry Sandusky's creepy interview with Bob Costas, baseball news and notes, and other Tuesday Tidbits.

Monday Morning Armchair QB
It's another Monday after another weekend filled with football, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg are here to wrap it all up. They have the highlights, the lowlights, and the moments that make you thank God that you're a football fan.

Salute to the Troops Friday
It is Football Friday, but more importantly than that, it is Veterans Day. So we will talk football, but we'll also spend some time saluting our troops who have put their lives on the line defending our freedom.

Jo Pa Out
The Penn State scandal has finally cost Joe Paterno his job as head coach. So what is next for the program, and how bad can this scandal get? We will look at all the possibilities. Plus Coach and Bigg Dogg play guess the point spread on this weekend's biggest matchups.

Famous Last Words
It is another seek and Ye Shall Find Wednesday, where we go off the sports page for some tantalizing tidbits. On the docket today, Presidents, politicians and famous last words of famous people. Also, the worst scandal college football has ever seen.

Eagle Down
The Coach and Bigg Dogg, along with our resident football outsider Pigskin Boy break down an impressive Bears victory on Monday Night Football. Plus - bad news for two Smoking Joes.

The Weekend Wrap
The Coach and Bigg Dogg wrap up the weekend that featured some big college games, and a high scoring NFL Sunday. Plus - horrible allegations taint the tradition of Joe Paterno and Penn State Football.

Feels Like Football Friday
The Coach and Bigg Dogg get you set for another football-filled weekend, with previews of the top matchups in college and the pros. Also - the search begins for the next manager of your Chicago Cubs.

From Israel to College Hoops
We start off the sports page, and then veer back to it, in an episode the features the Middle East, NFL & College pigskin preview, excellent college basketball names, and more minutia.

Hear Ye Hear Ye
Or is it Seek and Ye Shall Find? We keep changing the name. But it means we are spending the day mostly off the sports page, covering topics such as Bryant Gumble and the plantation, Justin Beiber, Herman Cain, and the great Beer Quiz.

Tricks and Treats
It's a day after Halloween residue tuesday, and we have got plenty of treats in our goodie bag, including NFL recaps, Tony Larussa, College football, the world's population and more.

Goodbye Tony
Tony Larussa ends his managerial stint with the Cardinals on the highest note possible. We wrap up the fall classic, and a tremendous Saturday in College Football, with a little NFL thrown in for good measure.

We'll See You Yomorrow
A thrilling game six forces a game seven in the World Series. The Coach and Bigg Dogg recap what some are calling one of the greatest games in World Series history. Then, we preview this weekend's slate of NFL and college football games

Bites with the Bigg Dogg
The Coach is MIA, so the Bigg Dogg is in the big chair, with a look at what's happening on the sports page and beyond

Theo Free Zone
Every other media outlet is obsessively covering Theo Epstein coming to the Cubs. So we are going to buck the trend by declaring this show a Theo Free Zone.

Too Many Cooks in The Kitchen
The Cubs FINALLY have Theo to run the club. But looking at the long list of upper management-types, not to mention the coaching staff, we think there may be too many people making decisions. Then - more Tuesday residue, and a case is made for Brian Urlacher - the best Bears LB EVER.

Sports are our Forte
The Coach and Bigg Dogg wrap up another NFL-Filled weekend, and have mad props for the Bears' Matt Forte - a dark horse for the league MVP trophy. Then - if you held a World Series and nobody noticed, is it still a World Series?

Tea, Crumpets and Football
The Coach & Bigg Dogg preview a full slate of College & NFL games this weekend, including the National Football League's return to London, where the Bears battle the Bucs

Basketball Marathon
We here at 2 Guys and a Mic have zero sympathy for the people of Memphis. Or at least one of the guys doesn't. At any rate, we'll get to that in our discussion about the NBA working overtime to end their Lockout. Plus, the World Series nobody cares about, the Cubs finally fill the front office, and the Big 10 is better than it appears to be on paper.

Seek and Ye Shall Find
The Coach and Bigg Dogg take a break from the sports page, to focus on some news stories you may have missed in a segment we call Seek and Ye Shall Find. Enjoy it for the first, and maybe the last time.

Occupy TalkZone
It's residue Tuesday, and boy do we have a lot to cover - the neverending Epstein negotiations, Forte's contract, the World Series, and stuff from off the sports page like Occupy Wall Street & Chicago Casinos. It's a jam-packed episode, so check it out!

A Hearty Handshake
The traditional post-game handshake almost brought two NFL coaches to blows. We'll recap what led to that, and all of the other NFL highlights and lowlights from the weekend. Then - does anyone care about the World Series anymore? And Indy racing loses one of it's brightest stars.

Dedicated to Vanessa Del Rio
Football Friday is here, and the Coach & Bigg Dogg are back with previews of the biggest matchups in the NFL and on the College Gridiron. Plus, it's your opportunity once again to beat the schmoes.

Our Thursday Musings
On the docket today: Baseball playoffs, Big Ten Pigskin Preview, Theo Epstein, and our favorite Japanese pitchers named Saito. It's a jam-packed edition, and you're all invited!

Mustaches and Thick Ankles
The Coach has a proposal for the NBA if and when they come back from strike that could make the games even more exciting. Then - football talk with Bigg Dogg and Pigskin Boy. Plus, thoughts on Theo Epstein, handlebar mustaches and white fullbacks with thick ankles. What can I say? It's a jam packed show!

Bears Downed
The Coach & Bigg Dogg try & shake off a Bear-sized hangover, and try and find the few bright spots in last night's loss to the Lions. Plus - more tales from the Bigg Dogg's Mexican adventures.

Buenos Dias
The Bigg Dogg is back from his Mexican Vacation, and he shares all of the tequila-soaked details. Plus, a preview of this weekend's NFL Games, Steve Jobs, the baseball playoffs, and the White Sox hired who?

The Running Man
Mike Moreau takes a break from his Chicago Marathon training to join the Coach to talk baseball playoffs, College Football, NFL preview, and more.

Season on The Brink
Could you survive the winter without NBA basketball? You may have to, since negotiations don't seem to be going all that well. Plus, a breakdown of the MLB playoffs, the search for the new Cubs General Manager, and the debut edition of HE OR SHE FOR THREE! (That last one's not as exciting as it sounds)

Bears Breakdown
The Coach and Pigskin Boy break down the Bears performance against the Panthers & wonder if they have what it takes to beat the red hot Lions next Monday Nite.

Solo Tackle
The Bigg Dogg is MIA, which is never a good sign on a Monday. But sadly, not all that uncommon. Anyway, the Coach is here to recap a full weekend on the Gridiron, and will take us off the sports page as well.

Rock and Football
The Coach & Bigg Dogg take a look at this year's batch of nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Then - it is Football Friday after all, so we'll preview this weekend's biggest matchups in the NFL.

The regular season is over in MLB, but what an ending it was! The Coach and Bigg Dogg recap what some are calling the best closing day of baseball in history. Then - a preview of the marquee games this weekend in college football.

Watching Catching Hell
The baseball regular season comes to an end today, and for a season that didn't appear to have many pennant & Playoff races going on, there sure are a lot of playoff races going on! Then - our review of the ESPN documentary on Steve Bartman, and the Bigg Dogg's family involvement in the indecent.

He's Out
The Coach & Bigg Dogg give their take on the end of the Ozzie Era on the Southside, and speculate on who's taking his place on the pines. Then - we break down the Bears broken down offense with Pigskin Boy. Is the Mike Martz experiment over?

The Third Man
The Coach, Bigg Dogg and special 3rd Guy with a mic Double B Brian Bauer break down the weekend that was in the NFL, including a disappointing showing by your Chicago Bears.

Bears Packers Round #1
Can the Bears get it done versus the Pack? Even MMA Style? The Coach and Bigg Dogg break it down. Then - a preview of the top games in college and the NFL

Guess the Spread
The Coach puts the Bigg Dogg's handicapping skills to the test, as he attempts to guess the point spreads of this week's biggest college matchups. Plus - as the season winds down, the pennant races heat up. And who will be on the hot corner for the Cubs next season?

A Book to Die For
Terry Cox joins us in studio today. SO who's Terry Cox? He's the author of Deadly Mistakes - a book that finds some funny stuff in the obituaries.

Tuesday Tid-Bits
In an items we may have missed sort of episode, we talk a little college football, the injury epidemic in the NFL, kayaking, MLB records, and more. Much more!

Lights Out on Bourbon Street
The Coach and Bigg Dogg recap the Bears brutal performance against the Saints, and wrap up the rest of the weekend in the National Football League

It's Shmoetime!
Welcome to another Football Friday, where it's all pigskin, all the time. The Coach and Bigg Dogg preview this weekend's biggest matchups, and give their picks for the surefire winners.

When Great Football Minds Meet
The Bigg Dogg and Pigskin Boy share more than just unusual nicknames - they both have an undying love of the Bears. And they demonstrate that today with an comprehensive analysis of the opener, and a preview of this weekend's matchup with the Saints.

Stump the Dogg
It's a day full of tantalizing tidbits, including a trivia question that the Coach thought he could use to finally stump the Bigg Dogg. But when it come to sports trivia, NO ONE stumps the Bigg Dogg.

Lots of Residue on this Tuesday
We didn't get to much NFL yesterday, but today we're making up for it with an in-depth - or at least as deep as we can get on this show - breakdown of all the NFL action from week #1

Monday Morning Armchair QB's
The Coach & Bigg Dogg break down the College Football Highlights from this weekend, & the Bears huge win in their opener against Atlanta. Plus - thoughts on the 9/11 memorials, and the highlights of the Bigg Dogg's adventures in New York.

The Naked Cowboy & Football Friday
What does the Naked Cowboy have to do with football and this show? Let's just say it involves the Bigg Dogg, and leave it at that. Plus, Brady Stiff (who?) is in studio to help us preview the pigskin, and make out Beat the Shmoes picks.

NFL Pick 'Em
With the new NFL Season kicking off tonight, its time for some prognostication. The Coach & crew pick their divisional winners,wildcards, and the teams that are going all the way to the Super Bowl!

The NFL Outsider
Some shows have NFL insiders. We have an NFL Outsider. Pigskin Boy returns to the program, for a preview of the first weekend of NFL 2011. Also - say goodbye to the post office, and our MLB round-em up and wrap-em up.

View from the Sidelines
The Coach & Bigg Dogg are back from the long holiday weekend, and they'll recap everything that happened in the first weekend of College Football action. We'll talk MLB & NFL as well, so check it out!

2011 College Preview Part One
The Coach and Bigg Dogg get you set for College Pigskin 2011, with a preview of some the of the games they're looking forward to this weekend, and the teams to watch this season. Plus, Bears exhibition preview and around the bases in MLB.

The Coach and the Rookie
North Central College's Kevin Jackman playes the part of guy #2 on today's extravaganza. On the docket for today - a long look at the AL Central & the White Sox playoff chances, college football, and the progress of Jay Cutler.

Iraq's #1 Sportstalker
We cover all sports near and far , and that includes the Middle East. We're blessed to be joined today by Iraq's number one sports talk show host Al Sayir Zaheed. We also talk sports of the American variety, including the greatest moments in Exhibition History. (We're trademarking that one, so don't steal it.)

The Final Frontier
Today, the Coach & Bigg Dogg engage in an enlightening conversation about, man's origins, the ascent of human civilization, and if we are indeed alone in the Universe. We get to the sports about 45 minutes later.

Friday Nite Lites
Football is in the air, as Coach and Bigg Dogg celebrate the return of Friday Night High School Football, and run down the list of the top college gameday atmospheres.

Simple Division
The Bigg Dogg thinks it's time to simplify sports by limiting the number of divisions to four. Hear his compelling arguments. Then - it's time to bury the White Sox and other titillating tidbits from around the sports world.

A Bunch of Traditions Like No Other
The Coach, Big Dogg, and the Young & Restless One Mike Moreau chat about the top traditions in College Football, and take a long hard look at the Big 12 Conference.

Reactionary Radio: Preseason Edition
Yes, they took quite a beating, but the Coach & Bigg Dogg saw quite a bit to be positive about in the Bears 2nd preseason outing. Then - our world famous MLB round em up and wrap 'em up.

By Land or By Air
We wrap up the weekend that was, including the Coach's adventures at the Air & Water show, and the Bigg Dogg's late night bike ride thru Chicago's west side. Then - the Cubs search for the next GM, and Bears exhibition preview.

The Pigskin Boy Cometh
Charlie the Pigskin Boy make his debut appearance on the show to talk about all things NFL. Plus - reaction to the Cubs' firing of GM Jim Hendry, and forget the Tea Party. Its time for the RAAPers to rise!

What Would Babitsky Do
The Great Babitsky is in the co-host chair today, and the Coach takes the opportunity to get his take on what is happening with the Cubs, Sox, Bears and more!

The University of Miami is growing wider and deeper, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg try and sort out the mess, while also looking at this ongoing trend in the college ranks. Also - great bands that you can see for free, and around the bases in MLB

Another Camp, Another Controversy
It just wouldn't be training camp without a little QB controversy, and the Bears seem to have one brewing between the backup QB's. Then - Zambrano wants back in to the Cubs Clubhouse, the White Sox quest for 500, Jim Thome's milestone, and Dr. Bigg Dogg diagnoses a shoulder issue.

Big Zero
The Coach and Bigg Dogg react to the latest Carlos Zambrano meltdown - one that could be last as a Cub. Then - a review of the Bears first preseason performance, and a rookie takes the PGA Championship.

The Coach and Olson Principle
Preseason NFL is underway! The Coach and Bigg Dogg look at the early games and discuss the news coming out of training camps. Also - a primer on the weekend action, including MLB and the PGA.

High School Spirit
First the NFL, then the College Ranks, and now the High School football teams are back on the field, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg are really getting juiced for the start of the new season. Plus, sports guys talk stock market, and MLB round 'em up and wrap 'em up.

School is in Session
The pros have been underway for a few weeks. Now, the college teams are taking the practice field. The Coach and Bigg Dogg offer up some early previews of the Big Ten & beyond on today's extravaganza.

Wrapping a Wild Weekend
Coach and the Bigg Dogg analyze the Sox' hot streak and whether the Cubs have time to salvage the season. They also battle it out on whether the Coach or the Dogg would be the more successful football coach in a head-to-head matchup.

Lolapalooza Survival Guide
Today's co-host Jack Washer is off to Lolapalooza and has some tips on how to navigate and prosper in a crowd of 90-thousand music fans. Then - is it time to close the book on the White Sox, and do the Cubs have enough time left in the season for a rally.

Did I Miss Anything
After a week long sabbatical, the Coach is back in the Captain's chair. And it is great reactionary radio, because he apparently was not paying much attention to the free agent bonanza. Plus - some great titillating tidbits from sports and beyond.

Bearing Down on Free Agency
The Bears have retooled their roster in this free agency period, and the Bigg Dogg is pretty happy at what they've done so far. He's also look at some of the other teams making some noise, and update you on what's happening in MLB.

Free For All
It's reactionary radio at its finest as the Bigg Dogg Joel Radwanski gives his take on the first flurry of free agent signings in the NFL. Plus baseball, politics and more.

The Shopping List
NFL Free Agency is finally underway. The Coach and Bigg Dogg take a look at the gaping holes on the Chicago Bears roster, and start making a wish list of who we'd like to see in the orange and blue. Plus, a baseball round 'em up and wrap 'em up.

The Coach and Bigg Dogg celebrate what appears to be the end of the lockout, and return of the NFL. But they're a bit miffed at some of the things that are in the deal. Also, an MLB round up, the end of our stage-to-stage coverage of the Tour de France, and Bigg Dogg dirties up a luxury hotel.

Keep your hands inside the ride at all times
Very few shows can talk about roller coasters and high treason by a Presidential administration. Lucky for you, this is one of those shows. And we talk sports, too!

Still Falling
In a fall from grace that never seems to end, there's more bad news out of the Tiger Woods camp today. We'll talk about it, and other athletes who have fallen hard and fast from the spotlight.

Bigg Dogg at the Plate
The Bigg Dogg Joel Radwanski breaks down MLB, from the trade rumors surrounding the Cubs,to the surging Pirates & the Braves pitching staff, and more! Also, news of the weird and a biker's survival guide.

S-L-O-W Day
It's said that the day after the MLB All-Star game is the slowest day in sports. The Coach contends that the slowest day was yesterday. But we tough through it with NFL, baseball and music.

Victory Japan
The Coach and Bigg Dogg have major props for the USA Women's team who lost to Japan in the World Cup. Then, why the British Open was the most boring major ever, a wrap up of the weekend in baseball and other titillating tidbits.

NBA World Tour
With a long labor stoppage likely, NBA superstars are packing their bags to play overseas. Would you do that if you had the chance? Also- the Bigg Dogg's wishlist for the Bears, the NFL could be heading back to work, the Cubs Bullpen problems, and more musings to start your weekend.

The Bigg Dogg Show
It's one guy and a phone today, as the Bigg Dogg Joel Radwanski handles the hosting duties solo. He breaks down the All-Star Game, hands out some mid-season MLB awards, and has a truly disturbing story to wrap out the show.

Three Cheers for the USA Women
The Coach and Bigg Dogg celebrate a huge win for the USA Women's team in the World Cup. We also look at baseball heading into the break and debate the popularity of MMA Fighting.

Bigg Dogg Lays Down the Knowledge
If you're a fan of this show, you know that no one knows sports trivia like Joel Radawanski. And today the Bigg Dogg is digging deep into the mental Rolodex to pull out some pretty obscure trivia.

The Coach Goes Solo
No Bigg Dogg, no problem. The Coach goes it alone today, recaps last night's baseball action and the rest of the sports docket, then takes us on a tangent-filled tour of Goodfellas, Casey Anthony and Breaking Bad.

You Too
They are the biggest band in the world, but the Coach doesn't know much about them. So the Bigg Dogg lays down a Bono-sized lesson on all things U2. Then, more stage-to-stage covergage of the Tour De France and our baseball round 'em up and wrap 'em up.

The Sport of Competitive Eating
The Coach and Bigg Dogg bring you bite by bite coverage of the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. We'll also get you caught up on all of the other happenings from the long weekend, including Wimbeldon, MLB and more.

4th of July Festivites
The Coach and Bigg Dogg take you into the holiday weekend with a preview of the sports you shouldn't miss. And speaking of miss - do you miss the NBA? Cause it may not be back for a while.

Return to the Friendly Confines
The Bigg Dogg brings us the highlights and lowlights of his first trip to Wrigley Field this season, and also has a first hand account of what turned out to be a pretty good game. Also, our baseball round 'em up, the true story of Friday the 13th, and why we must invade Switzerland immediately.

Coach and the Kid
The young rookie Jack Washer makes his return to the program, filling the large shoes of the Bigg Dogg. On tap for today: baseball, Wimbeldon, and the high cost of being a caddy.

Sports Guys Talk Prison Sentences
The Coach and Bigg Dogg bid adieu to yet another Illinois Governor headed for the big house, and wonder if this will do anything to the culture of corruption in Chicago politics. We'll also get you caught up on MLB action.

The Olympics of People Watching
The Coach and Bigg Dogg made it thru another weekend, which consisted of a kayak on the Chicago River, and a large helping of gay pride. They're back with a recap of the sports action, too.

NBA Draft--The Analysis!
Coach and the Big Dogg talk about surprises in the NBA Draft, plus the major league talent some of the athletes brought along. Plus a look at baseball and this weekend's picks at Arlington Park.

Do you feel a Draft in here?
The Coach and Bigg Dogg get you set for tonight's NBA draft with profiles, prognostication, planetariums and an impressive wing span. The wing span part will make sense once you listen to the podcast.

Windy and Rainy City
The Sox topped the Cubs in a rain delayed affair - can they take the rubber game & continue their dominance over the National League? Then - our world famous Baseball round 'em up, players who talk the talk, and the Northern Burbs' power problems.

Crosstown Showdown
Game One of the Crosstown Classic goes to the Cubs & the Coach and Bigg Dogg marvel at the effort. Then - why the Cubs need to give the young guys a shot, comparing the Reds of the 70's to the Red Sox of today, and a little tennis tournament called Wimble something.

The Luck of the Irishman
The Coach and Bigg Dogg are talking golf, as Rory McIlroy puts his Masters failure behind him to capture the US Open in record-setting fashion. Then, its an extended baseball round-em up and wrap-em up, featuring Cubs/Sox preview, the surging Twins, another manager biting the dust, and more.

The Astros in the AL? The Cubs & White Sox in the same division? Dogs & cats living together? Must be MLB realignment time, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg look at some of the stranger rumors floating out there, and come up with a few crazy ideas of their own.

Canadian on Canadian Violence
The Canucks lose the Stanley Cup and Calgary bursts into flames. What is this? Detroit? The Coach and Bigg Dogg try & make some sense of the madness that was Game Seven. Plus - going to the Cubs Game with Uncle Andy, Happy Birthday to the Slider, and the return of Thisyear Man. (Was he ever gone?)

The Rocking Chair Test
The decision for the Coach not to do yesterday's show came down to the rocking chair test. And whether you want to know or not, we'll tell you what that means. Then, the Stanley Cup finals are down to Game Seven, and someone is stealing our name. AND working blue!

Better Luck Next Year
LeBron may have taken his talents to South Beach, but Dirk & Co. are taking the NBA Title back to Dallas. The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down the failure that is your Miami Heat.

Bleu Cheese and Basketball
What does the world famous Wildfire chopped salad have in common with the NBA Finals? We have the answer on today's sports-filled extravaganza!

Waiting for the Cox Scandal
Baseball! Stanley Cup! Easily caught fly balls! Guys named Sean who don't spell it Sean! You'll find all that and more on today's extravaganza with the Coach and Bigg Dogg!

Mind over Antimatter
The Coach and Bigg Dogg talk NBA Finals, where the talk is no one is going to be comparing LeBron to MJ anytime soon. We'll also roundup everything that's happening in MLB. Plus - antimatter, the DaVinci Code, and the proper way to pronounce Louvre.

The Bigg Dogg's Guide to Chicago
Joel has started his new gig as a Chicago River tour guide, and he shares some of the interesting historical tidbits he gives on the tour. Then - big hits in the Stanley Cup Finals, Plaxico goes free, and sports guys talk Weinergate.

Searching for the Cellphone
The Cubs had a tough time against the Cards, and the Sox didn't fare much better against the Tigers. It's a baseball-intensive edition, as the Coach and Bigg Dogg break down the weekend that was in MLB.

Weekend Primer
The Coach looks back on last night's big events, like the NBA Finals and the spelling bee. (Yes, the spelling bee). Then we get you set for a weekend full of baseball goodness.

The Coach and Bigg Dogg bring you the thrill, the excitement, the pageantry that is the national spelling bee. They also say goodbye to Shaquille O'Neal, and debate where he ranks among the all-time greats.

One Armed Bandits
The Coach and Bigg Dogg react to the news that Chicago will soon have its very own casino. We also talk NBA Finals and round up what's happening in MLB

Salute to the Troops Tuesday
The Coach and Bigg Dogg recap a holiday weekend full of huge happenings, including the resignation of Jim Tressell, and a wild finish to the Indy 500.

So close, and yet so far. The Bulls give Game 5 away, and give away their shot at the NBA title. We'll examine what went wrong (Boozer) and what they need to change (Boozer) in order to beat the Heat next season.

In the Hole
The Bulls drop another one against the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals - is there any hope left for Derrick Rose & Co.? The Coach and Bigg Dogg search for answers.

America's Most Wanted Deadbeats
The Bigg Dogg makes a rare appearance in the TalkZone studios, and he brought the lovely Renee Domenz with him. They're here to talk about their potential TV series America's Most Wanted Deadbeats, hopefully coming soon to a television channel near you.

We Can Fix It
The Bulls are down 2-1 to the Heat, but it's not over yet - The Coach has a few suggestions on how Coach Thibodeau can make a few adjustments and turn things around. Then- a wrapup of the weekend in baseball and the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown.

Big TD's
Sure we could talk about Mavs - Thunder. Sure we could talk about the Cubs returning to Fenway for the first time in 97 years. Sure we could talk Bulls / Heat. But we know what you really want to hear about is the Bigg Dogg & Chicago's Co-ed flag football league. And we aim to please!

All Over the Place
Is it just a coincidence that the final Oprah show and the end of the world are scheduled to take place in the same week? Possibly. We'll talk about her big night, and Dirk's too, along with celeb chefs, Arnold's love child, Bulls / Heat, and much more in this all over the place episode.

The Most famous Name
So who has the most famous name in Chicago these days? Oprah? Rahm? After his game one performance, we vote for Taj! We'll talk all things NBA playoffs on today's episode, and do our MLB round 'em up and wrap 'em up.

The Heat is On
The Chicago Bulls are headed to the Eastern Conference Finals to take on the Heat, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg are here to handicap the matchup. Then - why passing in the NBA is underrated, and the assist is overrated. Trust us - it makes sense once you hear why.

The Heat versus....
Miami has made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. Will Chicago be joining them with a win tonight? The Coach and Bigg Dogg talk NBA Playoffs and get you caught up on what's been happening in MLB.

One to Go
The Bulls are one win away from the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, while the Grizzlies and Thunder continue to duke it out in the west. We'll dish on the NBA Playoffs, talk a little MLB, and wonder if the White Sox should reconsider Jake Peavy's role with the team.

Lots of Topics on the Docket
So which injury has hurt the Bulls the most in the playoffs? THe Coach and Bigg Dogg bring you the surprising answer. Plus, a big breakup, more NBA Playoffs, our MLB Roundup, Kentucky Derby and kayaking with the Bigg Dogg.

The Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports Ouside of the Bedroom
The Coach previews the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby, and gives his pick for the winning horse (which you'll probably want to ignore). We'll also recap the night in MLB, and preview some big events on tap in a sports-filled weekend.

Cinco De Mayo
We recap the NBA Playoffs where the Bulls managed to tie things up, and the defending champs find themeselves in a hole. Plus, Cinco De Mayo, MLB, and Tilted Kilts.

The Coach and Bigg Dogg heap praise on the reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose. Plus, the most boring no-hitter of all time, courtesy of the White Sox, and Second City's Jay McKinney checks in.

Things Have Gone Awry
When we left Bigg Dogg last week, he was on top of the world. When he came back from the weekend, he was down in the dumps. Now, we get the reason why. Plus, Osama, the USA's military might, and maybe a little sports thrown in, so we don't get thrown out.

See Ya Osama
The Coach and Bigg Dogg react to the news of Osams Bin Laden's death at the hands of US Forces. We'll also dish on the NFL Draft, get caught up on MLB, and preview Bulls/ Hawks in the NBA playoffs.

A Royal Pain
The Coach breaks down the first round of the NFL Draft, talks NBA Playoffs, and spends plenty of time off the sports page. Plus, the first and last edition of Sports Guys Talk Royal Weddings.

Big Mistake
The Hawks made an amazing run at it, but fall short in OT. So where does Chris Campoli's turnover rate among the biggest mistakes in Chicago sports history? We'll look at the other candidates to decide. Then, the Bull closes out the Pacers with an exclamation point, and a quick look at the night in MLB

The Two Greatest Words in All of Sports
Free Tickets? Free Beer? Naked Cheerleaders? No, the two greatest words in all of sports are GAME SEVEN, and that's what we have tonight with the Hawks and Canucks! Also on the program, MLB, the Royal Wedding, Lolapalooza and Derrick Rose's ankle. Not necessarily in that order.

The Comeback Kids
The defending Stanley Cup champs force a game seven, with an amazing win in OT. The Coach and Bigg Dogg break that one down, as well as the NBA Playoffs and Major League Baseball.

Glued to the TV
Bulls play at six, Hawks play at nine, HBO Cathouse rerun at 11:30. Sounds like perfect night for the Bigg Dogg! We'll preview it all (except Cathouse) and round the bases in MLB on today's extravaganza.

Props to the Phillie Fanatic
We dish on the new survey that names the king of all sports mascots. We had hoped the Bigg Dogg would have placed higher in the standings. Plus, we get you caught up on what's been happening in the NBA & NHL Playoffs, as well as Major League Baseball.

Great Games, Awful Announcing
There was some great sports action on TV and the radio last night, but the play calling left a lot to be desired. We'll talk about it, as we break down the NBA playoffs, NHL Playoff and MLB.

I can do wonderful things with a baked potato
After the opening weekend of the NBA Playoffs, it looks like the young teams may be able to take out a few of the returning favorites. Then, sports guys talk nutrition, the NHL Playoffs, and MLB talk.

Playoff Predictions
The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down the NBA Playoffs bracket by bracket, and tell you who they think will take home the trophy. Plus tips for a greener lawn, and a look at what's happening in MLB.

Hoops and More
The Coach and Bigg Dogg give you an in-depth preview of the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Then, a recap of night one of the NHL Playoffs, and a roundup of Wednesday in MLB

And Now the Playoffs
The Coach and Bigg Dogg preview the postseason in both the NBA and NHL. Also, a roundup of what's happening in MLB, and an early review of the Cubs 2011 squad.

Tons of Tidbits
Today's episode has a bit of everything - baseball, NBA playoffs, NHL, the WNBA draft... even a little horseracing just to spice things up. Check it out, won't you?

And Some Guy Wins the Green Jacket
The Coach and Bigg Dogg recap a thrilling finish to the Masters, which was eventually won by someone you've never heard of. Then, the defending Stanley Cup Champs stumble into the playoffs, and a debate on the need for salary caps.

Basketball Equations
The Coach and Bigg Dogg pull out the calculators to figure out the tiebreakers in the NBA's Eastern Conference, only to find out the answer's really simple. Then, we wrap up the day in MLB.

Dusting Off the Green Jackets
Occassional co-host Rusty Silber checks in to help preview the Masters. Then, the Coach and Bigg Dogg round the bases on all things MLB.

Catching Up on Baseball
The Coach and Bigg Dogg talk about the early season surprises and not-so-surprises in MLB. We'll also close the book on the NCAA tourney, dish on the Jereme Richmond decision, and go kayaking with the Bigg Dogg.

Opening Day Part Two
The rest of MLB takes to the field & we'll give our take on the studs, duds, and surprise teams this season. Plus, fun with Google, and our Final Four preview.

Opening day Spectacular!
MLB Baseball 2011 is officially here! The Coach and Bigg Dogg step up to the plate with a preview of each division, and our picks to win them. (We will probably never acknowledge said picks come September unless we are right)

Bulls, Bonds and Butler
The Coach and the Big Dogg talk about the surprising dominance of the Bulls, Barry Bonds' perjury trial, Butler's chances in the Sweet 16 and Joel's latest money-making schemes.

So what did we miss?
We've been kind of tournament heavy over the past week, so today we talk about the sports we've been neglecting. We look at the NBA playoff picture, some big rule changes in the NFL, and talk a little spring training baseball.

Madness Recovery
The Coach and Bigg Dogg bring you the highlights and lowlights of the opening weekend of the NCAA Tourney.

Day Two of the Madness
The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down an opening day of Tourney action full of upsets, and preview what's on tap for day two of the Tourney. Plus - the St. Patrick's Day edition of Where Did the Bigg Dogg sleep lasy night?

Day One of The Madness
The tourney tips off today, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg get you prepped with an in-depth preview of the first round of the madness!

The Together Bracket
Although they may disagree from time to time, the Coach and Bigg Dogg have put aside their differences - for today at least - to assemble the greatest bracket known to mankind. Or at least in the office pool.

Putting on the Dancing Shoes
The Coach and Bigg Dogg break down the brackets, and give their picks for the first round and beyond. Plus, baseball news and notes, and building the perfect basketball announcer.

Bracketology 101
The dance card is set for the NCAA Tourney, and the Coach and Bigg Dogg dish on their studs, duds and muust-see games of the first round.

Selection Sunday is this weekend and teams are jockeying for position. So who's gonna be dancing, and whose bubbles will be burst? The Coach and Bigg Dogg are here to make sense of the March Madness!

In 2 days, tomorrow will be yesterday
Enjoy our Cohn-fucsious thought of the day, and then stick around for the College Hoops Talk! Then - have Chicago baseball fans had enough of the Cubs?

The Trouble with Tressel
The Coach and Bigg Dogg weigh in on College Football's latest scandal, and tell you which teams have punched their tickets for the Big Dance in College Hoops. Plus, news and notes from MLB Spring Training.

Punching Their Tickets
The madness continues, and the Big Dogg and Coach try to make sense of it all, as they look at who's positioning themselves for the Big Dance. Plus, titillating tidbits from the NBA, spring training, horseracing and the Iditarod.

Beat The Heat
Lebron & company couldn't hang with the Bulls over the weekend & the waterworks were turned on. But the Coach and Bigg Dogg thinks you shouldn't write them off just yet. Then, Bubbletology and a spring training report.

Springtime Surprise
It may be early, but Bigg Dogg reveals some teams that he thinks could be surprise contenders this year in MLB. We'll also get caught up on the madness of March, and talk about the state of the NFL labor talks.

You Have the Right to Talk Sports
With the position of Chicago's top cop open, the Bigg Dogg demonstrates his policing skills. We'll also talk NBA, spring training, NCAA teams on the bubble, and the inappropriate use of a saw by Northwestern. REALLY inappropriate.

Debating the Icons
The Coach and Bigg Dogg take a look at the list of the Big 10's biggest icons, and debate who's going to be #1 on the list. Plus, the march towards the madness continues in college hoops, what's been going down in the NBA, and a spring training report.

Marching Into March
The Coach and Bigg Dogg are back after a short break, and they're ready for the madness to begin! We'll get caught up on everything that has been happening in college hoops & the NBA. Plus, Oscar thoughts.

Spring Training Has Sprung
MLB teams are hard at work in Arizona and Florida in preparation for the new season. And how many are working on fundamentals? Our guess is none. Plus, NBA News and the latest from College Hoops. The madness is spreading.....

On today's extravaganza, the Coach and Big Dogg discuss an injury that could shift the balance of power in the NL Central, and a huge trade involving a rising NBA Star. Plus, College Hoops and Dusty's dirty dugout.

Three Day Weekend Recovery
We had three days off and have plenty to talk about: a rookie wins Daytona, Carmelo is a Knick, and they wore really cool unis at the All Star Game. Plus, College Hoops, Sports Guys talk politics and more!

Penetrating Intensity
The Coach and Big Dogg are focused & ready to prep you for a full sports weekend, which includes the NBA All Star Game, and the Daytona 500. Plus, dead wrestlers, and computers smart enough to take over for humans.

Travel Accommodations Furnished by the Big Dogg
On today's extravaganza, we take you from the diamonds of spring training, to the hardwoods of hoops, to the asphalt in Daytona, and a few points in between. Plus, the Big Dogg can set you up on the vacation of your dreams.

Vase or Vahse... Day Two
Today's episode has it all... college hoops, baseball talk, NASCAR, Santo's replacement, dog show, and more. Oh, and Big Dogg almost gets hit by a train.

Cold in Mesa
The Coach and Rusty Silber don't have high hopes for Cubs as they warm up in Mesa. Plus, other Tuesday News and Notes on College Hoops, MLB, and the Westminster Dog Show.

I'm With Cupid
The Coach and Big Dogg declare their undying love to each other. And once we get that unpleasantness out of the way, we talk College Hoops and take a early look at MLB. Plus, Valentine's Day tips and a review of the Grammys.

On Lockdown
News from the NFL labor negotiations says things aren't looking so good. They're almost as bad as the Coach's spelling. Plus, we've got NBA news and notes, College Hoop Talk, and Sports Guys talk politics.

Nerf Wars
Ever hear of Paranoia? Apparently, it involves teenagers, Nerf Guns and Coach's son. We dish on that, plus College Hoops, and other stories from around the sports world.

Piece of Cake
Slow sports day? Not on this show! Football may be over & baseball hasn't started, but there's still a ton of stuff to talk about, like college hoop, and what it's gonna take for the Stanley Cup champs to get that hockey stick out of their butts.

Superbowl Hangover
The Coach and Big Dogg sweep up the news and notes from the weekend, including the massive ratings from the Super Bowl, Aaron Roger's newfound celebrity, and more!

The Superbowl Eggsperience
The Coach and Big Dogg break down Superbowl Sunday - everything from the game, to the commericals, to the halftime atrocity committed by the Black Eyed Peas. Plus - why this year's Superbowl was a change of pace for the Big Dogg. Let's just say it was quite the eggsperience.

Final Football Friday
It's our final Football Friday of the Season & The Coach and Big Dogg get you all set for the big one, with an indepth preview of what to expect on Sunday, both during the game and during the commericals.

Back from the Snow Day
The Coach and Big Dogg survived the blizzard of 2011 and are back to break down the matchups to watch this weekend in the Superbowl. Plus, sports guys talk Eqypt.

Let it Snow
As the Midwest braces for the snowpocalypse, The Coach & Mike Moreau seek shelter in the warm studio, for a little Superbowl preview, college hoops talk and a look at the NBA.

Running with the Bulls
Could the Chicago Bulls have the coach of the year and the MVP of the league? Recent play points to yes. Plus, a look back at the All Star Festivities, college hoop, and a visit from Dave Pavilk, who's running for alderman of the 32nd ward in Chicago.

Around the World of Sports
Today's extravaganza will take you from Australia, to Egypt, to the College Basketball courts of America, and all points in between. Plus, the Big Dogg's latest & greatest attempt at finding steady work.

Adding the ER
In honor of the stellar play of BYU Jimmer Fredette, the Coacher and Big Dogger will be adding an ER to the end of their names until further notice. On the docket for today: NBA, colllege hoops & 15 days until pitchers and catchers report.

The State of our Union
It's an extra-large dose of Sports Guys talk politics, as we give our thoughts on the State of the Union. We also break down what's happening in College Hoops.

Big Dogg's Big Toe
The Big Dogg is playing hurt, but that doesn't stop the flow of info on today's show, as he and the Coach discuss College Hoops, Bears overload, and the Oscar Nominations. Plus, another entertaining edition of sports guys talk politics.

With Jay Cutler watching from the sidelines, the Chicago Bears season goes out with a thud instead of a bang. We'll break down the rights and wrongs from the NFC Championship, and also look at how the Steelers punched their ticket to Dallas.

Championship Weekend
Bears / Packers... Steelers / Jets. Who will come out on top for a shot at the Super bowl crown? The Coach and Big Dogg give their take. We'll also give a quick preview of a full slate in College Hoops and the NBA.

The Show Goes Downhill
Sure, we could continue to pile on the Bears / Packers hype. But quite frankly, we're really sick of it. So we're going to talk about sledding instead.

It's Getting Cheesy
The hype machine continues to roll towards Sunday's Bears/Packers showdown - so why aren't the Bears getting any respect from the National Media? Then, Sports Guys talk politics and butcher Jewish history.

Revis or Reavis?
The Coach and Big Dogg are back after a long weekend, with a breakdown of the NFL Playoffs, and a look at college hoops.

Playoff Friday
Can the Seahawks keep the dream alive? Do the Jets have a chance? And who will come out on top in Atlanta? We answer these questions and more, as The Coach and Big Dogg preview the weekend playoff action!

Hoops Thursday
The Coach and Big Dogg hit the hardwood for a look at what's been happening around the nation in College Hoops. They also preview this weekend's NFL action, wonder who's alive and who's dead on 60 Minutes, and aren't too happy with the tax increase.

Rusty and The Cable Guy
The Coach and Rusty Silber take you around the sports world, with commentary on Big 10 Hoops, the Cubs Convention, new NFL head coaches, and previews of this weekend’s playoff action. They also go off the sports page to dump on movie critics and the cable guy (but nit the movie Cable Guy, which was awesome.)

Tigers on Top
The Coach and Big Dogg break down the Auburn victory over the Oregon Ducks for the NCAA College Football Championship. They also talk NFL playoffs, and wonder if the Big Dogg could pull off wearing some neon green socks.

The Harbaugh Derby
Where will Stanford Coach Jim Harbaugh end up next season? San Fran? Denver? Michigan? The American Idol judging panel? The Coach and Big Dogg ponder the possibilities, and preview the NFL Playoff action coming up this weekend.

The Big Dogg Howls
If you ever want the Big Dogg to get rolling, get him talking baseball or college football. We get a little of both today, as he goes off on the College Football championship process, and the Baseball Hall of Fame inductees and rejects.

Wednesday with Mizzou Jack
The Coach and Jack Washer bring you midweek musings on the latest round of NFL Head Coach firings, the stellar NBA play of the Bulls, Heat and Spurs, and the never ending Bowl Season in college football.

The Round of Sixteen
It's a what if episode, as the Coach concocts a College Football playoff system, and then has Big Dogg pick the winners. Plus, Jim Harbaugh's future, and the Joy of Syndication.

Black Monday
The holidays are over, and the Coach and Big Dogg have dragged themselves back to the studio for a breakdown of the Big Ten Breakdown in their bowls, and the Pageantry that is the Ticket City Bowl. Plus, the NFL playoffs and who's on the firing line today.

Goodbye 2010
The Coach and Big Dogg close out the year with an in depth look at the Bears - Packers game, and its playoff implications. We also salute Coach K as he stands on the precipice of history, and contemplate the end of the world in 2012.

Sowing the Seeds
Seth Gruen and the Big Dogg break down the playoff implications of the Vikings' upset of the Eagles, and what it means for the Chicago Bears. Then - why Joe Webb deserves the starting job next season, Bowling Season, and why Kansas needs to get tougher on its players.

The Playoff Picture
Neal Malone and Brady Stiff take a look at the current playoff picture in the NFL, and point out who are looking like the teams to beat. Then - is soccer going to become a player in American Professional sports - for reals this time? And a quick look at the always exciting Bears season.

Samurai Chopped
Merry Christmas Mike Singletary. Here's a pink slip. The Big Dogg and Seth Gruen have the reaction, and a wrapup of the weekend NFL. Plus movies, College Football, NBA, and more tidbits.

Big Ten and Windy City Sports
Neal Malone and Craig Choka (who?) take an in-depth look at Big Ten Basketball. Then, Neal and The Big Dogg talk Hawks, Bulls and the Biggest Chicago sports moments of 2010

Mike and Two Guys
Mike Moreau previews the showdown between Illinois and Missouri with Will Palaszczuk of the Tigers' Flagship KTGR ESPN Radio. Then, The Big Dogg Joel Radwanski checks in to talk Bears, Cubs and Net Neutrality

The Neal and Brady Show
Neal Malone and Brady Stiff break down a huge Bears victory on Monday Night, which included a record setting performance by Hester, and an embarrassing display of manlove for Jay Cutler by the MNF Crew. Plus, Derek Schultz of Sports XL 950 talks Indiana Sports, and Ben Heisler of XM's MLB Channel

The Backup Plan
It was a huge Sunday for the backup QB in the NFL. And we've got Coach's backup Neal Malone here to break it all down! Plus, Michael Vick's amazing comeback, and the latest in a season full of breaks for the Chicago Bears.

Football Friday with the Coach & Rusty
The Coach and Rusty Silber hop in the huddle for another Football Friday, where we get you set for the weekend pigskin action.

Rockin and Rollin
We step off the sports page to look at this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Then, back to the sports page, and the Minnesota Vikings' continuing problems, the Bulls lose their centerpiece, and a Hall of Famer takes his final at bat.

The Person of the Year
We put Big Dogg's civic knowledge to the test, as he attempts to guess Time's person of the year from the list of nominees. We'll also break out some other tantalizing tidbits in our midweek musings.

Phillies Fantastic
With Cliff Lee back in the fold, can anyone beat the Phillies next year, who have possibly assembled the greatest pitching lineup of all time? The Coach and Big Dogg break it down. Plus, Legends and Leaders? Is that the best the Big Ten could do? And a recap of Monday Night Football's double dip of action.

Blown Away
It was a Sunday full of collapses in the Midwest. First it was the Metrodome roof, and then in was the Bears defense. The Coach and Big Dogg comment on both, break down the rest of the NFL weekend, and also talk a little Heisman Trophy.

Three Cheers & 2 Guys for Football Friday
Yes, it's here! It's Football Friday, and the Coach and Big Dogg are in the huddle to preview this weekend's pigskin action!

Baseball Winter Wonderland
The Coach and Seth Gruen bring you the good, the bad and the ugly from the baseball winter meetings. We'll tell you which teams have hit home runs, and which ones have struck out. Then, hoops talks, both college and pros.

We Know Who's On First
The Coach, Big Dogg and Mike Moreau (who?) react to the Sox resigning Paulie Konerko, and the Cubs interesting acquisition of Carlos Pena. Then, why the Bears will win, then crash and burn, and the Bulls continue to roll.

Brady, Bears, Bulls, and um, Brady
We got a good look at the Bears next opponent last night, and the Coach and Brady Stiff think if you aren't worried, you should be. We'll also say goodbye to Don Meredith and Josh McDaniels, talk some Bulls and Blackhawks, and delve into some Big 10 Athletics.

Going Bowling
The bowl match ups have been made, and since we need to tell Joel who's playing where, we might as well tell you too! We'll also do our typical Monday NFL Round 'em Up and Wrap 'em up, including a breakdown of what Coach calls Jay Cutler's best performance as a Bear.

Remembering Ronnie
The Coach and Big Dogg say goodbye to a true Chicago Sports Legend, the Cubs' Ron Santo. We'll also get you set for all of the weekend gridiron action.

Barry and Boozer
It was a not-so-stellar debut for Boozer with the Bulls. But on the plus side, Barry Manillow was nominated for a Grammy. Not sure how those two are related, but we talk about them both. Plus, Cleveland prepares to welcome back Lebron, and some early NFL preview.

Planning Our Beef O'Brady's Bowl Party
Bowl bids are being handed out, and we'll let you know whose playing where, because if we didn't tell you, you wouldn't even know these bowls existed. Plus, the Big Ten is rolling, and to Boozer, or Not to Boozer? That is the question for the Bulls.

Basketball Jones
The Coach and Big Dogg get you geared up for some great hoops with a preview of the ACC / Big Ten Challenge. Also, more weekend football recap, Where Did the Big Dogg sleep last night, and the return of the Coach's hitlist.

Who wants Green Bean Casserole?
4 Days without supervision? Not good. What trouble did the Big Dogg get into over the long weekend? We'll find out.Plus, we'll wrap up an extra full weekend of football, and say goodbye to one of our favorite funny actors.

Pre-Turkey Day Edition
We head into the long holiday weekend with a preview of all of the stellar college fooball action you'll get to sample after you stuff yourself with turkey and all the trimmings. Plus, Sports Guys talk science, and the Coach wants to cancel Christmas.

Pre-Turkey Tidbits
It's another residue Tuesday, filled with news, notes and titillating tidbits! Among our topics: the High School football championships, the early failure of the Miami Heat, Jimmie's 5th championship, and why the heck do the Bears think Todd Collins can be Michael Vick?

Drinking with Billy Williams
Big Dogg gives us a first hand account of what was happening in Wrigleyville for the Northwestern / Illinois game. We also recap the highlights from the college football schedule, and do our usual Monday round 'em up and wrap 'em up of the NFL.

Bedtime for Big Dogg
On today’s extravaganza, Bears v Dolphins recap… 7-3 ? Hard to believe! Plus, Football Friday, with big time NFL preview & Beat the Shmoes prediction game. And....where did Big Dogg sleep last night?

Thursday Musings
The Coach and Big Dogg serve up some Bears / Dolphins thursday preview. Then, Ron Santo tells us a little bit about the right hander Tyler Thigpen. Plus, Not-so-live reports from the winter baseball meetings and how can Bulls looks so good and so bad in one game?

Tales from the Steam Room
It's another Live Big Dogg enhanced version of 2 Guys and a Mic, featuring Bears Thursday Night Preview, Northwestern at Wrigley, College Hoops, and plenty of tangents, including the Bally's in Morton Grove, 2012 and the predictions of a old asian woman at Dominicks (seriously).

Full Body Scan
This Residue Tuesday has it all: college hoops, Wrigley renovations, record-setting NFL performances, our favorite explorers and inappropriate touching by TSA officials.

Monday Wrap 'Em Up
The Bears looked like an actual good team, the Niners may have a superstat in the making, and the Patriots put on a prime time performance. The Coach and Big Dogg break down the entire NFL slate in our Monday Round 'em up and Wrap 'em off.

Life on the Streets with the Big Dogg
Life is tough on the mean streets of Chicago, especially late at night when you don't have a home. Big Dogg survived it, and he tells his harrowing tale. And since its Football Friday, we'll talk football. Along with some other sports-type stuff.

Big Dogg in the House!
It's an extra-special two-hour extravaganza, as we welcome our cohost Joel Radwanski to the studios for the 1st time in over a year. Things get crazy when the Dogg is on the phone, but with him in studio, all bets are off. Especially the ones on the picks he's been making this season....

Midweek Musings AKA Wednesday
The Heat lose again, while the Cavs win again. Is there more to the story? Plus, NIU is playing some outstanding football, and is Chitown Mix being flooded with e-mails due to the Dogg's bad picks? We get to the bottom of the story!

Road to Recovery Residue Tuesday
In tribute to the formerly MIA Bears defensive back Mike Richardson, we look at the NFL teams who seem to be on the road to recovery, and the ones who appear to be doomed by their problems. Plus, the return of college hoops, and other things we may have missed on Residue Tuesday.

Monday Round 'em Up
The Coach and Big Dogg are back after another football-filled weekend, and they'll recap the biggest games from the College Football Docket, as well as wrap up the entire NFL Schedule.

2 Guys and a Phone: Who is Brian Bauer?
The Big Dogg Joel Radwanski and Double B Brian Bauer suit up to get you set for another Pigskin-filled weekend on Football Friday!

So Who Won?
After we inform the Big Dogg who won yesterday's elections, we dive right into the college football preview. We also salute the San Fran Giants after their victory parade, and the Coach pinpoints exactly what, or more to the point WHO, the Blackhawks are missing.

Midweek Musings
It's the halfway point of the week, so it's time to catch up on everything that's been going on. The Coach and Double B Brian Bauer talk NBA, NFL, College Football, elections, and more! It's a fast-paced hour you'll want to check out!

Election Day Edition
As America heads to the polls, we wrap up the World Series, commend the Giants for a job well done, and close the book on the MLB season. Then, our thoughts on Randy Moss, with a little sports guys talk politics tossed in for good measure.

Halloween Hangover
The Coach and Big Dogg put down their candy buckets long enough to break down the big stories from the sports weekend, including a complete round 'em up and wrap 'em up of the NFL.

We Call it Football Friday
Friday's here again, and that means we're on the cusp of another NFL Weekend! The Coach and Big Dogg are making their weekend pigskin picks, and they want you to step up to see if you can beat these shmoes. Plus, a look at the World Series.

Thoughts on Bulls Game One
The Bulls may have lost their opener, but we think there's a lot to like about this team. We also will do a little early College Football preview, and break down game one of the fall classic. Plus, with election day approaching, we bring you another scintillating edition of sports guys talk politics.

Not a Good Start
The triple threat down in Miami falls flat in their NBA Opener, and we don't want to say we're happy about it, but we're a little happy about it. We'll also get an update on what the Big Dogg is doing career-wise these days, which is just one of a series of tangents we go on today.

The Fall Classic
Texas and San Fran may not be too sexy of a World Series match up for television viewers, but Seth Gruen and the Big Doff think there's a lot to love about this series. Plus, a BCS breakdown, and thoughts on the proposed Baseball playoff expansion.

Rest in Pieces
This show is dedicated to the memories of the preseason when we actually thought that the Bears were a decent football team. Sunday's tragedy put all of those hopes permanently to rest. We'll break that game down, and the rest of the NFL in out Round 'em up Wrap 'em up.

Hitting Hard on Football Friday
Not only do the Coach and Big Dogg preview this weekend's top matchups on the gridiron, and make their winning picks, they also engage in an entertaining debate about hard hits in the NFL.

Two Hour Extravagnza
There's so much to talk about today, there's no way we can cover it all in just one hour! So the Coach and Big Dogg are serving up two full hours of sports and more. That's twice the sports, twice the tangents, and twice the fun!

The Mike Quade Era Begins For Reals
As someone who has been on the Mike Quade Bandwagon since day one (check the archives if you don't believe us), the Coach couldn't be happier with the Cubs retaining him as manager. The Big Dogg is indifferent. We'll also preview some major college football matchups coming up this weekend, and break down the MLB Playoffs

Like a Rolling No Stone
Neal "No Stones" Malone and the Big Dogg tackle some proposed NFL rule changes, and a Hall of Famer's takedown of the Bears coaching staff. We'll also check in with WGN's Dave Kaplan on the Cubs' managerial search, and the Brett Favre controversy.

Someone Call an Audible
The Bears are who we thought they were. A very mediocre football team. We'll break down that ugliness, and the rest of the weekend highlights on this NFL Round 'em Up and Wrap-Em Up edition of 2 Guys and a Mic

Football Friday with a side of PCMRD
Friday's here. and so are the Coach and Big Dogg, ready to preview a full slate of college and NFL pigskin. Plus, we have an interesting solution to get past our Chilean Miner withdrawal.

Brett Favre's Elbow
The Coach and Big Dogg marvel at the rescue of the Chilean Miners, and throw more wild rumors on the Brett Favre pile. Plus, a preview of this weekend's College Gridiron action.

Baseball's Final Four
The Coach and Big Dogg break out an early preview of the ALCS and NLCS, even though they have to wait for the weekend to watch it (Thanks Bud Selig). They also cheer the rescue of the Chilean miners, and the return of Blackhawks hockey, because yes, hockey in October matters.

The Weekend Isn't Over Until Residue Tuesday
We're doubling back to the stuff we missed yesterday, including a closer look at college football and the MLB playoffs. Then, Brett Favre is a loser on and off the field, and another exciting edition of sports guys talk politics.

Tackling the Weekend Football Action
The Coach and Big Dogg recap another football-filled weekend, which included another ugly win by the Bears, Green Bay losing their quarterback, and the #1 team in college football going down in defeat.

Talk Like a Champion
Friday's here again, and that means we're on the cusp of another NFL Weekend! The Coach and Big Dogg are making their pigskin picks, and previewing the top showdowns of the weekend.

Happy Halladay
After last night's performance in the NLDS, the Coach and Big Dogg think Roy Halladay has punched his ticket to Cooperstown. We'll recap the no hitter and preview tonight's games. We'll also take an early look at the NHL Season, and this weekend's college fooball. And can the Bears win without Cutler? We give a definitive maybe!

MLB Playoff Preview
The boys of October take the field tonight, with all eyes on the World Series (except for the television viewers, probably). We'll break down the matchups as the first round gets underway. Plus, Randy Moss is on his way back to Minny, and the Bears pluck a DE from the minors.

To Playoff or not to Playoff
A breakdown of this weekend's College Football action turns into the age-old debate: Does College Football need a playoff? The Big Dogg certainly believes it does, while the Coach plays the role of traditionalist in this spirited debate.

A Dog of a Game
NBC has had its share of disasters in prime time, and you can certainly add the Chicago Bears' performance to that list. It's our sad duty to recap that debacle, as well as the rest of the NFL weekend. Plus, the MLB regular comes to an end

Did Someone Say Football Friday
Another Friday is here, and that means another weekend of pigskin lies ahead. So strap on the shoulderpads and get in your three-point stance, as the Coach and Big Dogg get you set for the action!

The One where Matt Duffy Gets a Nickname
It's sports and more with The Coach, The Big Dogg, and the Big Bear Matt Duffy. In this 2-Hour extravaganza, we'll cover it all: NFL, NBA, College Football, Ryder Cup, Wildcard Baseball, celebrity deaths, and the wonder of wikipedia.

Capturing the Pennant
The Reds and Yankees are headed to the postseason, while the Cubs could be playing spoiler to the Padres' October dreams. The Coach dishes on that, the start of the NBA preseason, and gives an early preview of this weekend in college football.

Flying the Yellow Flag
It was a big win for the Bears on MNF, thanks in no small part to the seventeen penalties committed by the Packers. But even in defeat, there's a lot to love about that Green Bay team. In fact, the Coach has a bit of a man crush on Aaron Rogers.

The Endzone of the Weekend
The Coach and Big Dogg bring you the highlights and lowlights of another football-filled weekend.

It's Football Friday!!
It's another Football Friday on 2 Guys and a Mic, where we get you prepped for another pigskin filled weekend with deep insight, fun and frivolity. Wel... two outta three ain't bad...

Movies, Miners and More!
The Coach and Big Dogg preview the weekend in college football, and update you on the pennant races in MLB as the season winds to a close. Plus, an update on the Chilean miners, and the top comedy scenes of all time in the movies.

Bits and Pieces
The Coach and Big Dogg play catch up! With all the football going on, a lot of stuff has fallen through the cracks. So we clear off the notepads by sweeping up the tidbits, and talking about the stuff we may have missed.

Battle of the Mascots
It's a battle to the death between the Big 10 Mascots! Well... maybe not to the death, but there was a battle, and we have the story. Plus, more reflection on the Bears win, an NFL tragedy, and other things we never got to yesterday on Residue Tuesday.

Recapping the Football Weekend
It was another football-filled weekend, with upsets, rivalries, and lest second heroics. The Coach and Big Dogg are here to break it all down, and get you caught up on anything you may have missed.

Football Friday with Coppock
It's another Football Friday, where the Coach and Big Dogg get you set for all of the weekend football action. Chicago Sports broadcasting Icon Chet Coppock also makes his 1st appearance as a guest schmoe.

Almost the Weekend
We've given up on the Sox, but we aren't convinced yet that the Cubs should give up on Mike Quade. Then, Derek Jeter's acting abilities, and a preview of this weekend's college football matchups. Plus, season ending injuries in the NFL.

Catching Up on the Pennant Races
We've been preoccupied with football for the past week. So we take a long overdue look at what's been happening in MLB, as several teams fight down the stretch, with the postseason on the line. The Coach and Big Dogg also present another exciting edition of sports guys talk politics.

The Loose Ends
It's another Residue Tuesday, and the Coach and Big Dogg are here to tie up all of the loose ends. We'll break down exactly what went down on the NFL Gridiron on Sunday, as well as last night. Plus, baseball, US Open, and why KC could be the surprise team in the NFL this season.

Catch or No Catch
The Coach and Big Digg break down a football-filled weekend, and have a heated debate about the controversial end to the Bears / Lions game. We'll also find out what was on the menu at Big Dogg's football festivities.

100% Football Friday
We got a taste of the pigskin last week with the kickoff of College Fooball. Now, the big boys are underway, and the Football Season can officially start. We'll look at all the biggest matchups, and make our picks on Beat the Shmoes.

The Kickoff
The NFL season gets underway tonight with the Vikings and Saints. Coach and Big Dogg preview the matchup, and also pick their contenders for the Superbowl this year. Plus, Joel's new job, Coach's colonoscopy, and more!

Colleges and Cash
The Coach and Big Dogg discuss the scandal with Reggie Bush and USC, and wonder if the blame should fall on the athlete, the school, or the system. Then, Big Dogg announces his candidacy for Mayor of Chicago, and Chik Fil A's plans to take over the world.

Football Hangover
It's tough to get caught up after an extended holiday weekend, but the Coach and Big Dogg are up to the task! They break down the highlights and lowlights of the opening weekend of college football. Then, the White Sox are streaking, but they still can't catch the Twins.

The Return of Football Friday
The Coach, Double B Brian Bauer, and the Big Dogg have the helmets and shoulder pads on, as we get your ready for the first weekend of College Football, and the first weekend of Beat The Schmoes.

Check Your Bags
We're going to ignore the Bears gane and focus on the positive, like the play of Paul Konerko, the Mike Quade era, and tthe Big 10 realignment. Plus, we step off the sports page and into the movies section for a look at the greatest American movie classics of all time.

College Football Pregame
The fooball season kicks off tomorrow night, so the Coach and Big Dogg strap on the pads to take a look at the teams to watch, and the players to look out for. Plus, a wrap up of MLB, and more tidbits.

Sweeping Up the Tuesday Residue
The Coach and Big Dogg take one last look at the weekend that was. We'll also talk Manny and White Sox, and the looming disaster of the Bears Season.

Bears, Emmys, Manny and More
The Sox still sit 4 1/2 games in back of the Twins. Will an injection of Manny into the lineup make the difference? Then, another dismal performance by the Bears does not make us optimistic for the upcoming season. Plus, the Emmys, the Cubs, and other tidbits from the weekend.

The Quade Era
The Coach, Big Dogg and Adam Hoge preview the weekend in sports - Mike Quade's undefeated Cubs take on the "Dusties", Sox vs Yankees, and Bears / Cardinals in the preseason... Jay Cutler took his offensive line out to white castle after last game. Where to Saturday night?
The Coach and Big Dogg welcome special guest Mark Monaco, who has created a great new website called, which spotlights the amateur athlete. We'll also dive into baseball and the Bears pre-season.

Football is in the Air
There's a crisp coolness in the air today, and that has the Coach thinking about football! We'll also serve up a recap of what's happening in MLB, and other tantalizing tidbits from the world of sports.

A Bad Kabob
The Coach gets you caught up on what's been happening in MLB, including three players who have a legitimate shot at the triple crown. We'll also talk a little international hoops, and sing the praises of a summer tradition: the neighborhood street fair.

Goodbye to Lou
The Coach and Big Dogg bid a fond farewell to Cubs Manager Lou Pinnella, who has called it a career. We'll also recap the lowlights of the Bears/Raiders game, and comment on the Sox sinking ship.

Back to School
As youths across the country prep to go back to school, the Coach and Big Dogg offer up advice to the kiddies, and also talk about their worst years of school. We also talk baseball, NFL, horseracing and more!

Outta Here
Coach and Big Dogg react to the Cubs' trade of Derek Lee. We'll also talk Sox, as they look to turn it around against Minnesota. Brett Farve.... meh. We don't wanna talk about it.

Goodbye Already
Brett Favre has the sports world wondering whether or not he will suit up for the upcoming NFL season. But the Coach and Big Dogg say enough is enough. Then, is it over for the White Sox? And where did the Big Dogg get those calves?

Cleaning Up the Tuesday Residue
Today, the Big Dogg and Coach catch up on everything they didn't get to yesterday, including more golf, more baseball, and, uh, more. Plus, another scintillating edition of Sports Guys Talk Politics.

Monday Morning Rewind
The Coach and Big Dogg look back on a busy sports weekend that incluced the PGA Championship, the Bears' preseason opener, and more tough losses for the Sox. Plus, the Big Dogg is myopic. Does that mean he has to register his whereabouts with the state?

On the Links
The Coach and Big Dogg teed it up yesterday for a golf outing, and we have all of the torrid details. We'll also look at preseason NFL, the PGA Championship, and MLB. Plus, who needs fantasy football anyway?

Running Around the Bases
The Coach and Big Dogg catch you up on everything that's been happening in MLB. They also have some titillating tidbits, and positive news out of Bears canp.

Do's and Don'ts
As two-a-days kick off for football programs across the nation at every level, the Coach and Big Dogg have an extensive list of Dos and Donts for the players on the field. We'll also break down MLB, and give you details about our golf outing.

All Access Pass
Every weekend is an adventure for the Big Dogg. But when Lollapalooza is in town, the adventures get kicked up a notch. Plus, a bad weekend for our Chicago baseball teams, a worse weekend for Tiger Woods, and a tragedy in the world of horse racing.

Kaplan Cubs Comments
The Big Dogg and Brady Stiff are joined by David Kaplan from Comcast SportsNet and WGN to talk about the Cubs and their propects for next season. They also analyze the Bears, and Jay Cutler's chances of proving himself to the doubters.

A Tainted Record
A-Rod notched his 600th Homer, but how much does his past with performance enhancers taint the achievement? Then, the laziness that is Albert Haynesworth, and Nolan Ryan strikes out Marc Cuban. Plus, Justin Weiner finds out what it's like in Double-A with Indians prospect Jason Kipnas.

On the Bears Beat
With Favre saying goodbye, The Big Dogg & Matt Duffy think things look a lot brighter for the Bears this season. They also get a report from Bears training camp courtesy of Pro Football Weekly's Dan Parr. Then, the guys don't think its time to give up on the Cubs just yet.

The End.... Again
Reports out of Minnesota say Brett Favre is set to hang it up.... again. So Brady Stiff and the Big Dogg react... again. Plus, Ozzie shoots his mouth off, The Blackhawks say goodbye to another piece, and the Cubs hit a new low.

It's Here!
Hope springs eternal for Bears fans on the first day of training camp, while the Coach and Big Dogg hope they're at least a better team than they have been. Then, the guys lament the health of our nation's youth, and their producers complete disregard of the Three Stooges.

Ready for Camp
As the Bears prep for camp, hope spring eternal, especially as far as the Coach and Jack Wascher are concerned. We'll also break down what's happening in MLB, and help you Jack get prepared for college.

The Great Babitski
The Coach welcomes Sam, The Great Babitski, back to the #2 slot for a look at sports, politics, movies and more! They also lament the destruction of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Rate the Apology
The Big Dogg has had to give his share of apologies in his lifetime. A pretty sizable share of them actually. So we'll get his opinion on the Mea Culpa Carlos Zambrano laid down for the Cubs fans and his teammates. Plus, The Hawk finally joins the Hall of Fame.

Underrated and Under appreciated
The Cubs and Cards face each other this weekend, and that got the Coach to thinking about some of the underrated rivalries in sports, and Under appreciated professions, both in and out of sports.

Time to Deal
If the White Sox are serious about the post-season, should they get serious about bulking up their roster? The Coach and Seth Gruen comment on that, and also look at the candidates to replace Lou Pinella in the Cubs dugout.

Say Bye Bye to Uncle Lou
The Coach and Big Dogg react to the announcement the Lou Pinnella will be heading to the lawn chair after the season, and speculate who might take the reins next season. We also marvel at the ability of some of these young shortstops in MLB.

Where is the Outrage
Athletes and movie stars are making hundreds of millions of dollars every year, and the Coach wonders why there is not more moral outrage among the public. The Big Dogg is outraged because the Coach is outraged. Oh, and we talk sports, too.

Who the hell looks at the freaking Chandelier
The Big Dogg brings us the scoop from his big movie premiere over the weekend. We'll also wrap up the weekend in MLB, the British Open, and more stage to stage coverage of the Tour de France.

Across the Pond
The Coach tees things off with a look at what's happening at the British Open. We'll also preview this weekend's baseball action, bring you some titillating tidbits, and tell you about some huge breakthroughs in science that are headed your way.

Midseason Report Card
As MLB swings into it's second half, the Coach and Big Dogg break down the surprises of the season so far, and try to predict who's gonna be battling for it all come October. Plus, director Bennie Woodell tells us about his new film The Long December

Let's Check the Rule Book
The Coach has newer read a rule book or an instruction manual. ( Kind of explains a lot, actually) And that little tidbit leads to an interesting debate on when to follow the rules and when to let them slide. Then, the NL finally breaks their streak.

Cubs Win! Well... at least in Literary Form....
Former Major Leaguer Andy Van Slyke joins the Coach and Big Dogg to dish on his new book The Curse: Cubs Win! Cubs Win! ... Or Do They? Then, a look at the All Star Game, and we say goodbye to George Steinbrenner.

Baseball at the Break
As MLB heads into the midsummer classic, the Coach looks at how the Cubs and Sox are faring at the half (Hint: Things are better on the Southside). Also, World Cup wrapup, Tour de France, and the Coach's nominee for most nap-worthy major sporting event.

The Fallout
LeBron has spurned Chicago and Cleveland for Miami, and The Coach and Brady Stiff have the reaction from a stunned sports nation. We'll also preview the World Cup Final and this weekend in baseball.

Bring on the Boozer
We thankfully enter the last day of Lebron Watch, and react to the Bulls consolation prize of Carlos Boozer. We'll also examine how the Jake Peavy Injury could derail the White Sox, and hey, Emmy nominations!

No Wade
The Lebron Watch is on red alert! The Coach and Big Dogg react to the news that Dwayne Wade and Chirs Bosh will be signing with the Heat. Plus baseball and other stuff.

Chow Down
Sure, there was baseball and hoops free agency over the long holiday weekend, but our ficus is where it should be - on the controversy at the annual Hot Dog eating contest. The Coach and Big Dogg lead the way, and are ably assisted by high school Wunderkinds Josh and Sam.

Rounding the Bases
The Coach and Bigg Dogg round up and wrap up everything that's been happening on the diamond. We'll also break down the latest Blackhawks trade, and update you on the latest Lebron signings.

Ready for the Lebron Watch
NBA Free agency starts tonight at midnight, and we're already sick of it. But we'll cover the latest rumors, and take a look at everything else that's happening in the wild world of sports with the Coach and Matt Duffy.

Around the Bases
The Coach and Big Dogg take a look at what's happening in MLB. We'll also update you on the World Cup. Plus, Joel's sources known where LeBron will end up, and You Make the Call.

The Return of the Coach
After a week in the gym, the Coach is back, with the Big Dogg at his side, for a look back at the weekend that was. On the docket: the Crosstown Classic, the World Cup, and more.

NBA Draft Wrap with Brady Stiff
Brady Stiff sits in today and talks with Mark Carman of KCSP, Kansas City about some behind-the-scenes strategies in the NBA Draft, John Decker of checks in on Indiana football and basketball, and Joe Kristufek, Columnist and Handicapper for the Daily Herald talks horse racing.

Draft Countdown with Jon Scheyer
Duke standout Jon Scheyer joins Justin and the Big Dogg to talk about the excitement of Draft Night and his NBA Dreams. Plus, reaction to the Blackhawks trades, and the longest match in Tennis history.

Talking Baseball
Justin Weiner breaks down the surging White Sox and the failing Chicago Cubs. Plus, World Cup talk and an NBA Draft Preview.

The Red Card
It may be the world's most popular sporting event, but Adam Hoge and the Big Dogg have some big problems with the World Cup. Then, does anyone care about the NBA Draft? And the LeBron Watch is officially underway.

Brady at the Plate
Brady Stiff and the Big Dogg break down the weekend, with a comprehensive look at what's been happening in MLB. Plus, No Stones Nalone joins the show for a World Cup update.

Thick as a Brick
It was the Big Dogg versus a Brick wall. Guess who won? We've got all of the gory details, plus a recap of the NBA Finals (we'd like to thank our psychiatrist, too), and a preview of the weekend in sports.

A Beautiful Day for a Ball Game
Glenview Sam and the Coach's son stop by the show on their way to Wrigley to talk a little Cubs baseball. We'll also preview the US Open, game 7 of the NBA Finals, and celebrate the genius of Don Rickles.

Burnt Out
Sure it's only been a week, but the Coach has had enough with the tour of the Stanley Cup tour and this World Cup business. But we'll deal, and we'll also talk about the NBA Finals and this weekend's MLB interleague action.

The Puck Stops Here
Our old friend Bob Ibach stops by to talk about an exciting way for fans to commemorate the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup win. He also has the TRUE story behind the Lee Elia tirade. Plus, MLB, World Cup, and NBA Finals.

World Cup Weekend
The Coach and Big Dogg have caught World Cup Fever, and for those that aren't yet feeling the symptoms, we'll catch you up on everything you may have missed. Plus, the NBA Finals, and a missed double no hitter.

On to the Other Cup
Our old pal Double B Brian Bauer makes his triumphant return to the airwavez to help us kick off our World Cup Coverage. The Bigg Dog also checks in from the Blackhawks parade in downtown Chicago.

Our Cup Runeth Over
The Coach and Big Dogg celebrate a Blackhawks victory for the Stanley Cup Championship. They also get you caught up on the news and notes you may have missed with all this hockey going on.

The Lone Dogg
It's one guy and a mic today, as the Big Dogg Joel Radwanski goes it alone. He's serving up a big helping of Hawks and Hockey, with a little baseball on the side, so dig in.

Almost There
The Coach and Big Dogg break down another Hawks victory,which leaves them one win away from the Stanley Cub. Plus, we pay tribute to the late great John Wooden.

Bring on the Belmont
Because you demanded it - the Coach and Big Dogg bring you an extended preview of the Belmont Stakes. After that, we still have 58 minutes to fill. So we talk NBA, MLB and debate why the NHL isn't more popular.

A Bad Call
Jim Joyce is the talk of the sports world after costing Armando Galarraga a perfect game, and we react. Plus, the Flyers rebound, and Griffey says goodbye.

Cleaning House
Is it time for the White Sox to do a little house cleaning, and trade some big names while they still have value? And can the Blackhawks continue their quest for the Cup with a sweep of the Flyers? We'll talk about all of that and more on today's show!

Playing Catch Up
What's the worst thing about 3 day weekends? Playing catch up on the work you missed when you get back. Sports talk is no different. We've got Stanley Cup, Indy 500, French Open, and a perfect game to discuss. And that's only the beginning....

Drink from the Cup
The Coach and Big Dogg get you set for the start of the Stanley Cup Finals. Plus - have we seen the last of baseball's 300 game winners? We'll discuss with Dan Schlossenberg, author of The 300 Club.

Sports Guys Talk Health and Nutrition
Sure, we'v e got Cubs and Sox and ejections and oil spills and other things to talk about. But Before we get to any of that, the Bigg Dogg needs to throw down some knowledge on eating right and staying in shape.

After the Fall
Yesterday, Bigg Dogg did the show from his bicycle. Today, he's recovering from a crash on said bicycle. Coincidence? Maybe. But we've got more important things to talk about, like another Cubs win, and a special offer for Hawks fans from our special guest Bob Ibach.

2 Guys and a Bike
Lesser men choose to do their shows from the comfort of the studio (sorry Coach). But the Bigg Dogg risks life and limb, as he does today's show riding down halsted street on a bicycle. No Joke. Hawk, Sox, Cub and NBA is on the docket.

The Quest for the Cup
The Coach and Bigg Dogg celebrate another Blackhawks victory, as they send San Jose packing and take their place in the NHL Finals. We'll also rewind on the weekend action in MLB.

Getting Lost
We're counting down to the Lost Finale, but there are plenty of games taking place before then, so we'll cover those first! Also, Tour de France scandals, a coach gets crossed off the vacancy list, and plenty of distractions along the way!

The Young and the Restless
The Coach is joined by the young and enthusiastic Mike Moreau (who?) for our mid-morning look at the world of sports. Is there hope for the Cubs? Can the Celts continue to defy the odds? And once again, who is Mike Moreau???? Find out on today's episode.

Tossing the Mushball Around
The Bigg Dogg and Coach share some stories about their time in softball leagues. We also touch on the Hawks victory, recap the night in MLB, and celebrate 3 Cub wins in a row.

Kansas City Here I Come!
The Coach catches up with former co-host Marc Carman, who's now the pre and post host for the Kansas City Royals. It's been a while since we checked in with Carm, and he's got a lot to say about everything!

NBA Soap Opera
The Coach and Big Dogg wrap up a busy weekend in the sports world, including some interesting rumors circulating in Cleveland regarding LeBron James' mom.

The Final Fours
Bye Bye Lebron. The NBA and NHL are down to the Final Four, as the Coach and Big Dogg preview the conference finals in both leagues, and the MLB slate for the weekend. Plus, the Coach's pick for the Preakness.

The L Word
The Coach is kind of tired about hearing about a certain basketball player from Cleveland. So we're going to talk about him, but not mention his name. Also, the Penguins say bye bye to the igloo, baseball talk, and sports guys talk immigration.

Auntie Naomi is Very Happy
Bring on the Sharks! The Coach & Big Dogg recap a big Hawks win and wonder how far they can take this. Plus, NBA, MLB and the Three Musketeers. Wait, what?

The Sophomore Slump
The Coach and Big Dogg give their take on what needs to be done to get Gordon Beckham back on track for the White Sox. Plus, the Cubs continue their slide, and we gear up for game six of Hawks/Canucks

The Latino Donny Osmond
Starlin Castro has made quite a splash since the Cub brought him up to the Bigs, but the Coach is more concerned with his likeness to Donny Osmond. Plus, a recap of everything that went down on the ice, the hardwood and the diamond.

Nurses Appreciation Day
Heading into this Mother's Day weekend, we pay tribute to the moms, especially the ones that are buying Big Dogg a new bike. We've also got sportstalk as well; golf, MLB, hockey and more!

The Non-Guest List
Ernie Harwell, Sammy Sosa, Jonathon Towes, and Vin Scully. None of them appear on this program, but we'll talk about all of them on 2 Guys and a Mic.

The Coach on a Coach
The Coach and Justin Weiner debate who the Bulls should hire as their next head coach. Plus NBA playoffs and MLB Talk

Hawk Talk
The Blackhawks make it a series and the Bull are looking for a new head coach. And that's just the tip of the iceberg on a Tuesday edition of 2 Guys and a Mic

Saddle Up!
Sure, we'll recap the playoffs and everything that's been happening on the diamond. But what the world really wants to know about is how Big Dogg spent Derby Day. Hint - it involves kindergarten teachers!

Running For the Roses
Kentucky Derby! NBA Playoff! Cubs and Sox! The Coach is covering all these topics and more on your weekend warm up edition of 2 Guys and a Mic.

The Big Dogg Talks Ponies
Place your bets everyone! The Big Dogg has your sure-fire winner of this year's run for the roses. Of course, he also picked McCain over Obama, so bet at your own risk. We've got NHL and NBA Hoop as well.

1 Guy, 2 Kids and a Mic
It's the Coach and the Kids, as Jon welcomes Sam and Ben from the Glenbrook South High School Radio Program as his co-hosts. They talk Bull, Cub and MLB!

Plasma or Bone Marrow?
The Coach and Big Dogg break down a big win by the Hawks, and send out a big prayer for the Bull. Coach also has a great idea to punch up the MLB All Star break. And in today's featured tangent, the Coach is thinking about donating bone marrow. Good idea or not?

The Weekend that Was
NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs, MLB AND the NFL Draft? Can we possibly get to it all in just an hour? The Coach and Big Dogg get it done on our Monday edition!

The Morning After
What a night! NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs and the NFL Draft. And just in case you missed a moment, the Coach and Big Dogg are here to get you caught up.

2 Guys and a Garage
In celebration of the 5th birthday of You Tube, the Coach reconsiders the whole concept of this show. Oh, and there is some sportstalk as well - MLB, NBA and NHL Playoffs

Drop the Puck
Is it time for Blackhawks fans to get worried? That is one of our topics for today, along with the NBA Playoffs, and MLB!

The Tuesday Residue
We've got NBA Playoffs, we've got major league baseball, Boston Marathon, fishing and more! The Coach is serving up a full buffet of sports in this episode!

Off to the Races
It's marathon day in Boston, and the Coach & Big Dogg are racing to talk about everything that happened over a busy sports weekend!

Weekend Warmup
The Coach & Big Dogg make their early NBA Playoff predictions, analyze the issues with the Cubs bullpen, and get you set for the weekend in sports.

Tax Day Extravaganza
The only things certain in life are death taxes, and 2 Guys & a Mic. During our 2-hour extravaganza, we'll look at the NBA Playoffs, Small Fry Basketball, and the new movie "Handicapped.'

The Shove
The Coach & Danny Sternberg break down the Bulls dwindling playoff hopes, and the altercation between John Paxson & Vinny Del Negro. Then, a look at the happenings in MLB.

The Chicago Force
The Coach lines up with Chicago Force Head Coach John Konecki to learn more about women's tackle football in the IWFL. Plus, we sweep up everything we missed over the weekend on residue Tuesday

Opening Day at Wrigley
The Cubs open the Friendly Confines with the Coach in attendance. So he & the Big Dogg outline the plusses and minuses of Wrigley Field, along with their favorite things to do there. Then, a wrapup of Mickelson's win at the Masters.

Friday with No Stones
The Coach & Neil 'No Stones' Malone preview the weekend sports action, including the Masters, MLB. and the playoff push in the NBA.

A Tradition Like No Other
The Coach & Brady Stiff tee off on Tiger's return to golf. We'll also learn about a new All-Star basketball tournament: The Cook County Challenge.

Sports Guys talk Luther Vandross
The Coach and Seth Gruen tackle what's been an astoundingly busy week in the sports world: Baseball, College Hoops, the Masters, and Jennifer Hudson butchering of a classic song that has Luther Vandross rolling over in his grave. If he is indeed dead.

The 10 Commandments of Baseball
The Coach breaks down last nite's NCAA title game & the happenings from MLB's opening day. Plus, author JD Thorne joins us in studio to talk about his book The 10 Commandments of Baseball.

Opening Day
The Coach & Big Dogg step up to the plate on Opening Day 2010 in MLB, with their predictions for the season. Plus, a preview of tonight's national title showdown between Duke & Butler.

A Good Friday
The Coach and Big Dogg head into the holiday weekend with a look at the Final Four matchups in Indy. Plus, more Close Encounters of a Shoe Kind with Joel & BVax.

Spring Baseball
The Coach and guest co-host Colin Hybert take a few swings at the upcoming MLB season, with a special emphasis on Colin's favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. Plus, Final Four and more!

A Little NBA Love
We've spent a lot of time on talking college hoop, but today, we're gonna show the pros a little love. Even the underachieving Bulls. Plus baseball & early Kentucky Derby talk.

Catching Up
The Coach is back from his spring break, and there's a lot to catch up on! We'll talk plenty of tourney & start the warm-up for opening day baseball.

Hoops and Hockey
The Final Four is set with some Cinderellas in the mix. JB will dish on that, plus plenty of hockey talk as well.

A Dark Day
The Bulls got blasted, the Hawks were demolished, and to top it all off, Syracuse got knocked off in the tourney. Not a great day to be Jordan Bernfield, but luckily Justin Wiener is here to help him through it.

Fired Up for Basketball
Jordan Bernfield is in the big chair for the Coach, and he can't wait for tonite's tourney games. (He can, however, wait for Tiger Wood's press conference.) Plus, Cubs talk with Al Yelen.

Sports Guys Talk Healthcare
Sure, this is a sports show, but we do dabble in politics as well. And today is one of those days, as the Coach & Big Dogg debate the pros and cons of the new healthcare bill.

Taking a Time Out
We take a small break from the hoop to catch up on everything we may have missed during the 1st weekend of the tourney. But if you want the hoops talk, our break only lasted about 10 minutes...

What a Weekend!
Did you shred your brackets yet? Join the club! The Coach and Big Dogg break down an unbelievable opening weekend for the NCAA Tourney.

Cinderella Story
The Coach & Big Dogg recap Day One of the tourney; a day that saw some amazing games & even more amazing upsets.

The Madness Begins
The tourney tips off today, and we're all about the hoop talk! We'll also look at the NFL players looking for a new home and hear from an actress working on Joel's latest project.

Pick 'em
The tourney tips off tomorrow, so the Coach & Big Dogg take one last look at the brackets, and make their Final Four selections. Plus, some St. Patrick's Day dos and don'ts.

Bracket Breakdown
The Coach & Big Dogg break down the brackets & try to determine this year's sleepers, studs, and Cinderella stories.

Bring on the Brackets
The Coach and Big Dogg break down the weekend tourney, and look at the teams whose bubbles got burst. Plus, former Cubs PR & Marketing director Bob Ibach gives us an idea of what we'll see on the North Side this season.

More Madness
There sure is a lot of college hoop being played around the nation. But the Coach and Big Dogg have got it all covered, as teams try to make the tourney.

Nuthin But Net
The Big Ten Tourney tips off today, and the Coach, along with Justin Weiner and Adam Hoge dish out am in-depth preview of the action!

The Velvet Rope
Have you ever been tossed out of a bar? Big Dogg has (surprise, surprise), and we get the story. Plus, a look at the tourneys going on in college hoop.

Close Encounters of a Shoe Kind
In one of his past lives, Big Dogg sold shoes down on Michigan Avenue, and had some encounters with some pretty famous people. Plus, we're on the brink of Madness with college hoops

And the Winner Is....
The Coach & A-Train break down the upsets, the fashion, and the pageantry that was last night's Academy Awards. Plus, the Bears strike it big in free agency.

Stream of Consciousness Friday
It’s Stream of Consciousness Friday: The Coach and Mark Carman talk about the Bears and how they’re doing business with free agency, baseball mitt thievery, Hannah Storm, Laura Linney, Milton Bradley, March Madness and getting “cloudy” in middle age.

Springtime Musings
It seems like spring today, and Coach and the Big Dogg talk Bocce ball, Jarts, crocket, badminton, Tetherball, youtube, March Madness and big-league baseball!

Dreams of Spring Training
Justin Weiner sits in for the Big Dogg today. Justin played baseball for DePauw and is a producer for WGN Radio, and he and the Coach talk spring training and the Cubs and Sox prospects.

March Madness on the Horizon
Coach and Joel take a look at the NCAA basketball tournament, who's hot and who's not, plus handicapping potential disasters like tsunamis and Dancing with the Stars.

Wrapping Up Vancouver
What an ending!! Coach and the Big Dog dice up the terrific US/Canada hockey matchup and agree that nobody can feel too bad about losing to the Canadians. They look back at the past two weeks of great sporting moments.

Dousing the Flame
The Coach & JB set the table for the final weekend of the Winter Olympiad. Plus, a look at what's on tap in College Hoops, and a debate on the importance of the conference tourney.

I Don't Need an Extension Belt
Figure Skating! Ice Hockey! College Hoop! Airline Seats? NOTHING is off the table on this edition of 2 Guys & a Mic.

Great Gaffes
Sven Kramer loses a gold thanks to coaching mistake. In tribute, we try & remember some of the greatest coaching gaffes in sports history. Then, some big names in the NFL are looking for a job.

Shape Up
Pitchers and Catchers reported last week. But some of them weren't exactly in game shape. Plus, a look at the Olympics, and the long list of Cubs can't miss prospects who all missed.

Sure, its only been 10 days, but are you suffering from WOBO yet? And what's WOBO anyway? Plus, college hoop, Tiger Woods, and more!

On Thin Ice
Tiger emerged from exile this morning, but did he have anything to say? Plus, a wrap of last night's Olympic Action & who went where at the NBA Trading Deadline.

All Things Olympics
Snowboarding! Speed Skating! And more curling than a human being can handle! It's all part of today's 2 Guys and a Mic. Plus, we try & keep track of all the deals coming down at the NBA's trade deadline.

What's Your Fever?
We're almost a week into the Olympic Games... so how would you grade your Olympic Fever at this point? Is it burning up like the Coach? We'll talk about it, as well as all the Evgeni Plushenko news you could possibly want.

Gone to the Dogs
What separates this show from other sports talk shows? Today, we're talking Olympics AND Westminster Kennel Club (wait... is that a good thing?) Plus, two days till pitchers and catchers report.

A Cool Valentines Weekend
How hot was Big Dogg's Valentine's Day. It was downright frigid, to tell you the truth. Find out why. Plus, reaction on the Olympics opening, The Daytona 500, and more!

V Day Weekend
Sure, the Olympics start this weekend, and we've got the NBA All-Star Game too, but what we really want to know about are the the Big Dogg's Valentine's Day plans!

What's Up with the Olympics
The torch gets lit in Vancouver tomorrow for the winter games. But there's one little problem. Find out what it is. And say - who's gonna light that torch, anyway?

Snow Day!
We may be digging out from a major snowstorm in the Midwest, but nothing can stop the Coach & Big Dogg from delivering your daily sports fix! On the docket today: College Hoop, Olympics & the SI Swimsuit cover.

Superbowl Residue Tuesday
The Coach and Double B wrap up all of the dangling threads from Superbowl weekend, like the ratings, and the halftime performance by the Who. Plus, who has the best butt in the NBA? (Do we really want to know?)

Who Dat?
The Coach and JB give us an in-depth breakdown of Superbowl Sunday; everything from the hype, to the parties, to the commercials. Of course, we'll talk about the game, too.

The Final Football Friday
The Colts and Saints face off for the Big One this weekend, and the Coach & Big Dogg get you set for the action! We may even sneak in a little college hoop.

Superbowl Burnout
The game's only a few days away, but to tell you the truth, we're kinda sick of talking about it. So the Coach & Big Dogg try to focus on anything but the pigskin today. Plus, learn about a new pilot Joel is involved in called "Engaged," from the show's writer & creator Andrew Morrow.

Revving the Hype Machine
The Coach and Bigg Dogg continue their countdown to the Superbowl. Plus, thoughts on National Signing Day and College Hoop!

Election Day
As voters head for the polls, we head for the sports! We take an early look at the Superbowl & break down last night in the NBA. Plus, Oscar Noms.

Weekend Clean Up
We've got NFL, we've got Tennis, we've got PGA, Grammys, hoops, and more! There was a little bit of everything this weekend, and the Coach & Double B Brian Bauer make the attempt to cover it all.

Getting Ready for a Big Sport Weekend
PGA Golf, Tennis, the Senior Bowl, The pro Bowl, NBA... there's a lot happening this weekend. Luckily, you have the Coach and Double-B Brian Bauer to set the table for you!

Two for the Price of One!
There's so much to talk about today, there's no possible way we could get it all done in one hour. So we're doing two today!

Sports Guys Talk Politics
In honor of tonight's State of the Union Address, The Coach and JB take a break from the sports talk for a political discussion. Should be interesting, to say the least.

A Little Bit of this, a Little Bit of That
The Coach and Big Dogg are all over the place today... Olympics talk, College Hoop, and more. Plus, the Coach still thinks the better team didn't win last weekend, and our surprise pick for coach of the year in college hoop.

Playoff Rewind
The Coach and the Big Dogg take a look back on this weekend's playoff action, which saw the Saints and the Colts punching their tickets to play in Miami for the Lombardi Trophy. Plus the sports stories from the weekend that you may have missed.

Hey, Its Football Friday!!!
The Coach and Brian Bauer get you set for another weekend of NFL action! Plus, its the final night of Conan... are you Team Jay, or Team Coco?

What's Next?
The Coach and Brian Bauer (who is Brian Bauer) preview this weekend's playoff games. Plus, the obscure projected lineup of the day, and a visit from Iraq's #1 sports talk show host Al Zaiyre Zayid.

Lost in the Shuffle
The Coach and Brian Bauer take a bit of a break from football today and look at other sports, like the Austrailian open, winter olympics, college hoop and more!

Playoff Wrapup
The Coach & Bigg Dog are back after an extended weekend, and they have a lot to say about an amazing weekend of NFL playoff action!

Finally... Football Friday!
The Coach & Big Dogg get you set for a big weekend of NFL Playoff action, and give you a chance to Beat the Shmoes (with Jon & Joel playing the part of the Shmoes)

The New Rules
The MLB rules committee is meeting to discuss some changes to the game. But what rules would you like to be saved? Plus, the greatness that is 24, and JB wants to road trip down to Tennessee with Lovie Smith... and leave him there.

Playoff Preview
It's never too early to talk NFL, so the Coach and the Big Dogg take an extensive look at this weekend's NFL action. Plus, the Big Dogg takes you around the world of College Hoops.

Resijuice Tuesday
The Coach & Big Dogg react to the SHOCKING (Well, maybe not shocking...) revelation that Mark McGuire indeed did use the juice. Then - is Big Dogg truly a failed actor? We put it to the test!

NFL Round 'Em Up & Wrap 'Em Up - Playoff Edition
The Coach & Brian Bauer look back on a FANTASTIC Wild Card Weekend in the NFL & provide an early preview of next weekend's game. Plus, some hoops talk and the start of the PGA season.

The Close of College Football
The Coach and Seth Gruen wrap up the College Football season, with a look at Alabama's winning performance in the National Championship Game. Plus, a preview of the NFL Playoffs, and the biggest things coming out of this year's CES.

National Championship Thursday
Texas and Alabama battle for College Football's Crown, and JB & The Coach are here to preview the matchup. Plus, reaction to the Hawk's induction into the Hall of Fame, Agent Zero's weapons, and a look at the Church Bulletin.

Random Matters
It's the most important night in college football... that's right... its the GMAC Bowl!!!!

OK, maybe not. But the Coach and Mark Carman will talk about it anyway, along with the MLB Hall of Fame Balloting, Black Tuesday at Halas Hall, and more!

The Big Dogg is Back!
"Bigg Dogg" Joel Radwanski makes his triumphant return to the airwaves to help The Coach clean up the scraps on another Residue Tuesday. On the docket: The Northwestern Bowl Game, a huge upset in College Hoops, and the Big Dogg's social life.

Back in the Saddle
The Coach returns to ring in the New Year... unfortunately, he forgot to bring his voice back with him. Nevertheless, he & JB power thru with a look at the weekend NFL action & a discussion about chick flicks.

Hoops and Hopes
It's one guy and a mic this morning, as Jordan Bernfield takes us into the New Year as a solo act. Mark Carman checks in to preview the Illini/Northwestern Game. And did Lovie coach his way into another season with the Bears? Say it ain't so!!!

Residue Tuesday with Seth & JB
JB & Seth Gruen are in the house for this Residue Tuesday to wrap up all of the dangling issues from the weekend, and to break down the huge win for the Bears over Favre and the Vikes on Monday Night Football.

Hoopin' it Up with Carm and No Stones
Mark Carman and Neil Malone sit in for the Coach, and go hardcore on the hoops with guest Phil Meyers. They also wrap up the NFL weekend, and preview the Bears /Vikings with Bears expert David Frank.

Football Thursday!!!
Football Friday on a Thursday? No show tommorow, so we step it up a notch & preview all the NFL action. Plus, the Quotes of the Year, and a bit of NBA dish.

Read All About It
For those of you looking for a last minute Christmas gifts, may we suggest a book? The Coach and Carm talk about their favorite sports books of all time. Plus, the AP announced their male & female athletes of the year... did they make the right choices?

No Stones Alone
Neal 'No Stones' Malone is in the big chair today, and with the help of Mark Carman & Brady Stiff, he's taking one last look back at the NFL weekend. Plus, tons of NCAA Hoops talk.

Solo Football Friday
It's one Guy and a Mic, as the Coach handles this particular Football Friday solo. But he'll still get you set for the weekend gridiron action, and give you the chance to Beat one shmoe!

Athlete of the Decade
The Coach and Seth examine the AP's list of the Top Athletes of the Decade, and speculate on who might make the list in the next decade. Plus, Thursday Night NFL is back!

Person of the Year
The Coach and Mark Carman attempt to beat the rest of the internet to the punch with their announcement of Time's Person of the Year. Plus, proposed rule changes in MLB, and in tribute to Hanukkah, a tribute to Jewish Sports Legends.

Kardashian Residue Tuesday
The Coach & JB tie up the dangling threads from the weekend, like why are the Bulls taking the holidays off? Did anyone Beat the Schmoes? Which Kardashian sister is married to Lamar Odom? And why the heck are these Kardashian sisters famous anyway?

Monday NFL Wrap
The Coach & Brady Stiff break down the weekend that was in the NFL, and also comment on the Heisman Trophy, Blackhawks Hockey, and another sub-par performance by the Bears.

It's Football Friday!!!!!
The Coach & Brady Stiff get you set for another weekend of Gridiron action, and give their thoughts on Notre Dam's new head coach. Plus, as always, it's your chance to Beat the Shmoes.

Hardcore Hoops Thursday
The Coach and Jordan Bernfield hit the hardwood to take a look at what’s happening in College Hoops and the NBA, and aren’t too happy about the lack of effort they see on the pro level.

Winter Meeting Wednesday
The Coach and Mark Carman brave the cold Chicago weather to talk about the news out of Indy at the MLB General Manager's meetings. What's it going to take to get Milton Bradley out of town?

Tiger Residue Tuesday
Another day, another twist in the Tiger Saga. We're all over that, plus everything we didn't get to yesterday, including the Bowl Selections.

NFL Wrap "em Up & Round 'em Up
The Coach & Mark Carman wrap up the weekend's NFL action, including an ugly win by the Bears, and an amazing comeback by the still undefeated Saints.

Beat the Schmoes on Football Friday
Friday's here again, and that means we're on the cusp of another NFL Weekend! The Coach, Mark Carmen and Paradise are making their weekend pigskin picks, and they want you to step up to see if you can beat these shmoes.

Tired of Tiger
The Coach says enough Tiger with the Tiger Talk. So of course, we’ll be talking Tiger. Plus, is it time for Ron Zook to go, and tons of college hoops talk.

Tiger Woods Wednesday
What's the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger Woods can drive a gold ball 400 yards. Today, the Coach & Seth look at the Tiger Woods affair, it's fallout, and it's impact on his image.

Return to Residue Tuesday
The Coach is back to wrap things up from the weekend. In the doggie bag this week: the Bears Loss, the Saints win, and it all started with a mouse.

Thanksgiving Leftovers
After an extended Holiday Break, Mark Carman is cleaning out the fridge & warming up all of the leftovers from the weekend, with some help from Matt Tymain, Adam Hoge, Jordan Bernfield, and former Bear Glenn Kozlowski.

Black Wednesday
Mark Carmen, filling in for the coach, talks some college hoops with coach Ryan Marks of Texas Pan-Am. Mark also talks to John Crist of the Bear Report, sports handicapper “The Griz” and Cubs baseball with Brian Bedo.

Pre-Thanksgiving Residue Tuesday
The Coach and Seth discuss Seth’s trip to Las Vegas and finish up discussion on last weekend’s action. The guys also talk about underrated and overrated foods that may appear on your Thanksgiving table. Finally, Coach and Seth discuss Lovie Smith and his overly optimistic view of the team and their playoff chances.

NFL Wrap 'em Up
On another Monday edition, we find out if anyone beat The shmoes in our football prediction game. Plus, its our NFL Round em up and Wrap em up and a look at all the sports from the weekend.

Football Friday!!!!
Friday's here again, and that means we're on the cusp of another NFL Weekend! The Coach, Mark Carmen and Paradise are making their weekend pigskin picks, and they want you to step up to see if you can beat these shmoes.

Slow Sports Day
hat do you talk about after a slow night in the world of sports? Indiana, Steak & Shake, charter flights, and whatever else comes to the minds of the Coach and JB.

Hitting the Hardwood
Adam Hoge (who?) joins the Coach for another lighthearted look at the world of sports. On today’s edition, we look at the start of College Hoops, and talk about some of the things in sports that are bringing us down.

Another Residue Kind of Tuesday
It's time to take one last look back before me move ahead. The coach and JB wrap up everything that's left over from the weekend, including the NFL, College Ball & even a little hoops.

NFL Round'em Up & Wrap 'em Up
On the Monday edition, we have the Beat the Schmoes Results, NFL round em up and wrap em up, and college football on on the docket. Adam Hoge ( who is Adam Hoge?) joins the Coach on the 2nd Mic.

Football Friday: Beat the Schmoes
Friday's here again, and that means we're on the cusp of another NFL Weekend! Think you have the chops to out pick the Coach, Double B and Paradise? Well, today's your chance to beat the shmoes.

Thursday Thoughts
The Coach & Danny Sternfield get you set for some Thursday Night NFL, and update you on what's happening at the MLB GM meetings. Plus, why is it so hard to hate Derek Jeter?

Veteran's Day Wednesday
The Coach & Mark carman celebrate our Veterans and celebrate sports. On the docket today: a controversial end to the Bulls Game, the World Series of Poker, the GM meetings and Sammy Sosa's complexion.

Residue Tuesday
Today’s the day we clean up the mess… it’s Residue Tuesday, where we clear out the topics from the weekend that we couldn’t get to yesterday, and let you get out any leftover angst and frustration. Breeder’s Cup, NFL, the Bears loss… nothing is off the table.

Weekend Wrap-up
The Coach & Co-host No-Stones Malone breakdown the weekend that was in the NFL, including a squeeker for the Colts, and another blowout loss for the Bears.

Football Friday!!!
It's Football Friday, and its also your chance to Beat the Shmoes, as the Coach & Brady Stiff make their picks for the weekend. Think you can do better? Then step up to the challenge!

A Culture of Winning
Sure, the Yankees won their 27th World Series, but the Coach wants to focus on the more important things... like which Yankee has the hottest wife / girlfriend.

After These Messages...
Have you noticed all of the extra commercials beimng shoved into the World Series & Sunday NFL broadcasts? JB and the coach sure have, and they're not too happy about it. Plus, Philly stays alive against the Yankees, and why isn't Iowa getting more respect in the polls.

The Hitlist
Pennies, popcorn and airplane movies.c They are all on the Coach's Hitlist. Find out what else John has in the crosshairs. Plus, World Series talk, the Saints stay undefeated, and speculating on the Superbowl.

Monday Morning Kickoff
The Coach & Joel break down the weekiend in sports, including a look back at the World Series, a recap of the NFL action & College Football.