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NDEr Lisamarie Boncek: Healed by Jesus
During the nights of an Easter weekend, Jesus and others came to heal Lisamarie Boncek from her near-fatal case of Lyme disease. Now she helps to heal others.

Gobbler Talk
With turkey season underway, Jeff has decided he needs to do a little Hunt Life Outdoors Show he'll be out of the studio and looking to put down a gobbler with some friends out west. But don't worry - Kevin and Kirk will be ready to go with all kinds of outdoors info and insight for you. And maybe, just maybe, Jeff will check in with an on-the-spot turkey story!

The Hunt Life with Travis T-Bone Turner
This week, were stoked to have one of our favorite outdoor personalities on the program - Travis "T-Bone" Turner. You can catch T-Bone every week on the Outdoor Channel , where hes the co-host of Michael Waddell's Bone Collector TV Show. Hes also a certified professional archer, and tons of stories to share, especially about his white tail hunts this winter.

Talking Turkey with Paul Butski
So it's turkey season, which means that one of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show is out looking to bring down a gobbler. This week, it'll be Kevin's turn for a little Hunt Life research, so Jeff and Kirk are going to talk turkey with Paul Butski. Paul's a Mossy Oak pro-staffer with over 30 years of turkey hunting experience, he's won well over 200 turkey calling championships, and he's an incredible call maker, too!! Paul's going to share his experiences and a BUNCH of tips to make you a better turkey hunter. Don't miss it

Catch and Release
Its a bit lonely in the studio today. Its turkey season, and both Jeff and Captain Kirk are out hunting. So Kevin is holding down the fort, and hes brought in Pure Fishing's Brian Dufek as a special co-host. So obviously, were talking fishing on this episode! Boats, gear, our favorite spots and more.

Whitetail Tips with Bill Winke
The Hunt Life Outdoors Show's version of March Madness concludes this week with one of the BIG names in the outdoor industry: Bill Winke, host of Midwest Whitetail! Bill's going to spend some time with the guys talking about his history, his writing experience, and his insight into hunting and managing the American whitetail population. It may be turkey season, but it's ALWAYS a great time to get some whitetail tips from one of the experts!

Talking Black Guns
Our special in-studio guest this week is David Ridely, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Colt Defense. We think the fastest growing segment of the outdoor industry over the last ten years has been in the person defense/home defense category of gun ownership. So ere really excited to talk to David about black guns; something Colt is famous for. It's another great show!

Designing the Perfect Turkey Call
This week, the guys welcome expert turkey call designer David Halloran into the studio. He's an award-winning designer and caller, who's always coming out with new products...and new twists on the calls that are already bringing in gobblers all over the country. He'll be talking about the products and how to use them, so no matter what, you'll finish listening to the show as a better turkey hunter than when you began .

The Spring Gobblers
The spring turkey season is here, and the guys are pumped. To get us in gear for the season, we'll be talking gear. Our special guest is , from Carlson Choke Tubes. And he's going to talk about choosing the right choke and ammo combination for your hunt.

The Duck E-Stamp
Our guest is Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor on the show. He's an avid duck hunter, and he's sponsoring an eStamp bill that's really going to make the duck hunting process A LOT easier. We'll find out why he's working to get this bill passed, and hopefully, he can give us some insight into the process as a whole.

The Duck Show
No one does more for wildlife conservation in the United States than hunter. It's true. The Federal Duck Stamp program is a perfect example. In case you don't know what that is, we'll tell you all about it as a preview of next week's interview with Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor. Then, some highlights from the Wild Turkey Federation National Convention.

The Shark Man of Cortez
The guys have been looking forward to this one for a while. Our guest is the Sharkman - Captain Bill Goldschmitt. Captain Bill commercially fished for sharks in Florida from 1967 to 1986. During his career, he captured more than 6000 sharks. That's right - SIX THOUSAND! And man, you think you have some great fishing stories? What till you get a load of the Sharkman's!

Turkey Talk
The warm weather has got those turkeys gobbling. And its got us thinking about turkey season! Well also give you a preview of next weeks guest who is a true shark man! So pull up a chair and listen to another great program.

A Visit with Mossy Oak's Cuz Strickland
This week, we're going to have the ultimate full house: the entire Hunt Life Outdoors Show crew will be in-studio, and they'll be joined there by Hunt Life Pro Staffer Dave Edwards. And, if that's not cool enough, we'll welcome in our good friend Ronnie 'Cuz' Strickland from Mossy Oak. If you've ever heard Cuz on the show, you know he's full of great stories, and we're betting this week will be no different. Cuz = Can't Miss Radio, plain and simple. Enjoy the show...'cause we know we all will!.

The Shot Show
This week, the Hunt Life Outdoors Show is back to full strength, with Jeff returning from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. We're sure he's going to have all kinds of stories about cool products and interesting trends that he's seen. If you want to see what Jeff saw on Day One of the show, be sure to check out The Shot Show Daily.

Late Season Tactics
With Jeff out doing a little Hunt Life Outdoors Show Research, Kevin and Kirk are going to take a little closer look at the tail end of whitetail season, as it moves across the country. And, knowing those guys, they'll probably get into going after squirrels...and the beginnings of turkey fever! Wherever the conversation takes 'em, you can guarantee it's gonna be a good one.

Conservation with Scotty Brown
Staff Biologist Scotty Brown just happened to be in town, so we dragged him into the studio to help us as a co-host this week. Well be talking about conservation organizations that we support, and also originations across the country that support hunting,

Goodbye 2011
Well, 2011 has come to a close, but there are still a lot of memories to sift through, so the guys are going to take a moment to consider their own personal highlights from another year in the outdoors. Jeff, Kevin, Kirk, and Hunt Life pro staffer Scotty Brown will all take a turn at sharing their personal bests of 2011...and share their thoughts on what's coming up in 2012. Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays from the Hunt Life
Yeah, here we are in the middle of the holidays. This time of year is always a great time to share with family and friends, and the Hunt Life Outdoors Show crew could think of no better way to spend it than with you! For the final two shows of 2011, the guys are going to be taking a look back at the entire year, sharing their favorite personal outdoor moments, as well as a bunch of clips from so many of the amazing guests we've had on the program in the last twelve months!

Christmas Rewind
It's been a great year here at the Hunt Life Outdoors Show, full of great moments and great guest. The crew is all gathered here in the studio, so we're going to look back on some of our favorite moments from the show.

Tales from the Woods
The guys tell all of their latest stories from the rut, and they're taking us from Georgia to Texas, with a stop off in the swamp. They also have some suggestions on gear you need to check out, and some more last minute holiday gift ideas for your favorite outdoorsman.

Under the Tree
Its a full house today! The whole crew is back in the studio with stories of their latest hunts, including Jeff helping a 10-year-old land his first buck. And since its the holiday season, were going to share some of our favorite gears and gadgets that you can punt under the tree (or in the tree) for the outdoorsman in your life.

Buck Fever
'Tis the season...for buck fever!! Jeff is going to be out of the studio, doing a little "Hunt Life Outdoors Show Research"...yeah, it's his weekend to hunt. But that's okay, because we're anticipating a show-filling mage-story from Kevin about "Freak". That's right, he's got a nickname...and with a nickname like that, you KNOW he's one big bad buck. Is this the season? After years fo frustration, will this week be the week that Freak goes down? Tune in to find out...

Giving Thanks for the Outdoors
What are we thankful for? Hunting stories! And Kevin has plenty of them from his latest visit to Kansas. Kirk and Jeff chip in with their stories from Georgia and Kentucky as well. Take a listen!

Big Buck Stories
So the guys will be all together again, but Kevin won't be in-studio. He's out in Kansas, and things are CRAZY there! Hopefully, Kevin will be checking in with the rundown on the latest mid-west monster he's taken down! And it's not only the big buck...he's got a chance to go after coyotes and pheasant, too, so we're expecting some gooood stores! But Kevin's not the only one trying to get it done this week - Kirk is in Kentucky and Jeff will be in Georgia this week, and they're looking to put some brown down, too. Lord willing, we'll be hearing some good news from all three guys on this week's edition of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show!

Into the Woods
This weekend, the guys are going to take a minute to do a little reminiscing - revisit some of the great moments from the show, and get updates on some former Hunt Life Outdoors Show guests. There should definitely be some stories from the NWTF banquet they attended, and they'll probably take a look ahead to get a peek at some of the things coming down the road for Hunt Life and the Hunt Life Outdoors Show. If you've been trying to figure out which podcasts you want to listen to, this is going to be the show for you!

Wildlife Trends' Andy Whitaker
This week, Kevin will be back from Kansas, and we know he's going to be itching to share his stories. But first, we're going to spend some time with Andy Whitaker, publisher of Wildlife Trends. Wildlife Trends is the ULTIMATE collection of articles for landowners, land managers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Andy's promised to share some great tips and some of the stories he's published over the past ten years that have really touched his heart. It's going to be a great show full of great stories...that you don't want to miss.

All About Trees
This week, we'll be down a host - Kevin will be off in Nebraska, doing a little "show research" with his son. As a stand-in, we'll welcome in outdoors author Bob McNally, as well as wildlife food expert Allen Deese. Allen and his company, The Wildlife Group, know just what trees to plant (and where to plant them) to make sure you've got all kinds of critters on your property. And he's even got some suggestions for you if you DON'T have your own land - inexpensive trees that grow easy and still bring in the game.

First Hunt
Well the first hunts of the year are under our belts! Tune in this week to see if we were successful, or if we were just slinging carbon around the woods! Certainly an entertaining show!

The Return of Scottie Brown
The long awaited return of Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist superstar Scotty Brown is over! Listen to him speak about all things fisheries and wildlife as he gets re-connected with the guys after a busy summer. Scotty is one of our two Star Biologists....Come on in and enjoy!

Tips, Tips and More Tips
The Hunt Life Outdoors Show guys are now struggling with the very IDEA of being in the studio, because THERE'S DEER IN THEM THERE WOODS!!! Yes, whitetails are dropping dead all over the country now, and the stories are beginning to float in. The guys will share their stories, along with plenty of tips for you to make this fall your best fall ever! Don't miss it!

Angler Kevin Van Dam
This week, the Hunt Life Outdoors Show guys are getting downright giddy. Sure, it's deer season...but they're all fired up about the show. We've certainly had some great guests on the show, including all the folks that were part of our Superstar Summer...but none quite as hot as this week's guest: Kevin Van Dam. The #1 Angler in the World will hang out with the guys a little while to talk about fishing, hunting, his twin boys, and everything that's going on in his life. Don't miss it!

Tis The Season!
It's here! It's here! It's been TOO long since the Hunt Life Outdoors Show guys have been able to talk about their latest hunt! This coming week, the guys have a chance to talk about all of that off-season planning they've done in terms of results. Did they put that stand in the right place? Did all of that planting pay off? Did those trail cam photos and footage really pay off? Was that new bow worth the money...when it really counts? And the most important question of all: does everybody here at the studio have some deer jerky coming? All these questions and more will be answered in this edition of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show.

Gettin' ready for Bow Season!!!
With Georgia bow season underway, the guys are no doubt going to be dreaming of putting down a whitetail or two. But you can guarantee they'll be talking about doing it safely, so get ready for some tips, tricks, and recommendations for getting out there and making it back safe and sound. And from what we're hearing, Jeff's got a scary story about yellow jackets that's definitely tuning in for! 'Tis the season, Hunt Lifers!!! Enjoy the show!

Getting Ready for Hunting Season
Aaahhh.....Here it comes...the cooler air...the brisk mornings. This can only mean one thing...Hunting season is right around the corner! Last minute preparations, gear tips, and food plot talk fill this exciting show. Next week will be the opening for bow season in Georgia. We hope everyone is ready. Are You?

Fishing With Babe Winkleman
Hunt Lifers - this weekend's edition of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show puts the wraps on our Superstar Summer...with outdoor TV icon Babe Winkelman!! In case you dont know, Babe is a world-renowned Minnesota-based professional fisherman, first coming into the national spotlight with "Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing" television program, which was first syndicated nationwide in the mid-1980s. The program airs nationally on the Versus cable network and syndicated on over-the-air local television stations nationwide.

Everything from the Land and Wildlife Expo
As our Superstar Summer winds to a close, we're going to sit down with Hunt Life staff biologists Scotty Brown and Dave Edwards, who are going to give us the rundown on the QDMA National Convention and Bass Pro Shops Land and Wildlife Expo that just wrapped up in Nashville. This event was HUGE, and everybody who was anybody in the outdoors industry was there, so they'll no doubt have a ton of great information for you. And, knowing Dave and Scotty, we're going to have a lot of fun, too.

Summer Stuff
One of the best things about this time of year is that you can enjoy a little bit of everything. And thats exactly what the guys do on this episode. Were talking hunting, fishing, gear and more. So pull up a chair and check it out!

Christmas in August
This week on the Hunt Life Outdoors Show, we're going to take a little break from our Superstar Summer for a holiday: Christmas! Yeah, we know it's normally on December 25th, but as hunters, we know that this time of year is the BEST time of year for new outdoors gear. If you've been curious about what upgrades and updates you need to make, we'll break down tree stands, trail cams, bow tuning, and more.

Land & Wildlife Expo Preview
This week, our "Superstar Summer" continues with wildlife biologist, blogger, and soon-to-be TV star Dave Edwards! You'll be able to catch him at the Land & Wildlife Expo in Nashville on August 12-14, be we've got him first...and he's gonna talk about the hunt that kicks it all off in the fall: dove hunting! Dave is guaranteed to share a bunch of great tips with you, so you're ready to bag some birds when dove season opens. It's always great when Dave joins the show, and this week's episode is looking to be another great one. Don't miss it!

White Tails A Comin!
So, in the middle of our Superstar Summer, we've decided to take a break, catch our breath, and shoot the breeze about what's on everybody's mind: whitetail season is a comin'!! This week, we'll be talking a lot about stands, cameras, and more. And, for all you boat owners, we've got some interesting things to pass along to you regarding ethanol fuel...and what it could be doing to your motor. We're thinking this show's gonna be about as hot as it is outside your front door, so you don't want to miss it!

Mossy Oak's Cuz Strickland
The Hunt Life Outdoors Show's Superstar Summer continues this week with TV star, author, Mossy Oak ambassador, and all around cool guy Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland. The guys got to sit down with him during Mossy Oak's Pro Staff Days in West Point, MS recently, and we were lucky enough to record it all! It's a great conversation that covers all kinds of things - hunting, fishing, America's youth...and Swamp People! Don't miss one of the hunting industry's great storytellers this week on the Hunt Life Outdoors Show!

Living the Hunt Life with Hank Parker
This has truly been a Superstar Summer for the Hunt Life Outdoors Show, and this episode is no different! Kevin may be out of the office (he's going to be fishing a tournament), but we'll make do with outdoors icon Hank Parker! Is there a bass tournament this guy HASN'T won? Is there a TV show he's produced that HASN'T been amazing? Hank joins us to share some great tips, reflect on the 25+ year history of Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine, that cool Swhacker broadhead everybody's talking about, and more. This one is a great one!!

Hunting with The Voice
Our Superstar Summer continues on the Hunt Life Outdoors Show with Rascal Flatts' lead singer, Gary LeVox! The Voice is going to give us the lowdown on his REAL passion - hunting. What he shoots, what he hunts, and where he likes to hunt. Plus, we'll try to confirm the crazy rumor about where he does his bowhunting practice while he's on tour...there is no doubt this episode will be a great one. Enjoy!

Captain Andy
This weekend, we're really excited to have Captain Andy Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch fame on our show! Besides being a star on one of cable television's most popular programs, Capt. Andy is an Alaska native that is all about the outdoors. When he's not fishing, he's hunting...and he'll share his perspective on everything outdoors with the guys on the Hunt Life Outdoors Show.

Hunt Life Highlights
This weekend, the guys are going to take a minute to do a little reminiscing - revisit some of the great moments from the show, and get updates on some former Hunt Life Outdoors Show guests. There should definitely be some stories from the NWTF banquet they attended, and they'll probably take a look ahead to get a peek at some of the things coming down the road for Hunt Life and the Hunt Life Outdoors Show. If you've been trying to figure out which podcasts you want to listen to, this is going to be the show for you!

The Greatest Gear from the Mossy Oak Meetings!
On this weeks edition of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show, we're going to spend a little time talking to two guys who are bringing some great new outdoors products to the market. Mossy Oak Graphics has teamed with 3M to bring some you AMAZING camo applications, and John Hinde will tell us about that. Then we'll catch up with First Lite's Kenton Carruth, who will tell us about some revolutionary hunting clothing - and some awesome Idaho hunting tales!

LIVE from Mossy Oak Headquarters
The Hunt Life Outdoors Show is on the road this week, and doing the show LIVE from Mossy Oak Headquarters in West Point, Mississippi. And who better to have on the show than Mossy Oak Founder/CEO Toxey Haas and Mossy Oak President Bill Sugg! Sure, they run the company that produces the best camo in the world, but their story is too amazing to miss! We're ready for the Number 1 must-listen show of the year so far...are you?

Bowed Up
On this week's show, the guys are getting bowed up. No, they're not angry about anything. They're talking bows, arrows, broadheads, accessories, and more. They'll be sharing plenty of good tips for you as you look to upgrade your gear for the year. So if you're looking for some insight from some experts, you won't want to miss this episode of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show!

Nock on TV's John Dudley
On this episode of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show, the guys welcome in bowhunter extraordinaire and Nock On TV show host John Dudley. Its going to be a great time with all kinds of cool topics covered. And you may find out the dirty secrets behind John's run as a supermodel!

Nebraska Hunting Tales
Ahhh nothing like Husker country. Especially when there's gobblers around! Jeff just got back from a big 'ol turkey hunt in Nebraska, and boy, does he have some wild stories to share. If you live the Hunt Life, you know that story time is probably the best time...aside from baggin' a bird, of course. This episode is definitely one you'll want to listen to with some friends. Share a laugh, and share the life with Jeff, Kevin, and Kirk as they live the Hunt Life.

Michael Lee of the Backwoods Life
It's a pretty well-known fact that when the Hunt Life Outdoors Show guys aren't out hunting, they're snuggled up in the recliner watching hunting shows on TV! Well, one of the shows they check out is Pursuit Channel's Backwoods Life, and this week, we'll welcome in Michael Lee, one of the show's hosts. We'll talk TV, hunting, filming, and fun.

Talking Turkey
The guys share more great turkey stories from the 2011 Hunting Season! Also- Why you need to pay attention to the weather, and always check your gun before you head off on the hunt.

Turkeys, Turkeys and More Turkeys
Jeff, Kirk, and Kevin are back together again, and they all have hunting tales from their weekend off. They also talk about the nasty weather thats been happening across the country, and how its affecting the game and the hunters. Plus we tested some turkey chokes, and we let you know which ones we like and dont like.

The Inspirational Archer
Todays episode features Inspirational Archer Matt Stutzman. He's a fabulous guy, an incredible bow hunter, and an amazing guest. And yes, he was born without arms. You CANNOT MISS this one!

Spring Gobbler Tales
Tis the season...turkey season! And on this edition of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show, all the guys - Jeff, Kevin, and Kirk - came to the table loaded with gobbler stories.

Baiting Discussion with Dave Edwards
We've had Westervelt Wildlife biologist and Hunt Life pro staffer Dave Edwards on the show so many times, he may as well be a fourth host! Why do we keep inviting him back? Because he just plain knows his stuff, and he's ALWAYS got great stories, too.

Outdoor Channel Host Rick Kreuter
Jeff was participating in an event called Aiming for a Cure; it's a celebrity dinner and hunt which raises money for cancer research. One of the guys Jeff was hanging out with there was Rick Kreuter, host of Beyond the Hunt with his lovely wife Julie on the Outdoor Channel. Rick jumped at the chance to come on the air with us right before the hunt began.

Turkey call Designer David Halloran
On the Hunt Life Outdoors Show, it's fairly common to have big-time guests on the show. However, it's pretty rare to have them show up in the studio! The guys were VERY happy to welcome in award-winning turkey call designer David Halloran! Now Jeff, Kevin, and Kirk have known David for a long time; in fact, they knew him when turkey call design was just a hobby. David took some time on this edition of the Hunt Life Outdoors Show to talk about his decision to make call design his full-time job.

Bowhunter Parrish Elliott
It's amazing how outdoorsmen are...when the call of the wild hits their ears, they're gone! This week, both Jeff and Kevin were gone - at a fishing tournament! So while Jeff was busy catching a 2nd place fish and Capt. Kirk was busy catching...a lot of grief for the tiny sheephead he landed (lol), Kevin brought in our very own web guru Big Bill and Capt. Brian LeSage to hold down the fort. Of course, he had a little help from Mossy Oak pro-staffer and bowhunter extraordinaire, Parrish Elliott!