Friday • August 17
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Tom Inabnet

Ok. They want me to give you a brief bio explaining why I would be a good radio host. Id rather tell you why I think its urgent for me to host a radio show in the first place.

Were getting screwed. Weve been lied to from every corner of government, weve been bankrupted so that the dragon on the hill can grow fat on the backs of those they lie to and bit by bit, those who lie to us are dismantling our country in lust for their own power.

From Washington we are being bombarded with laws and regulations with the intention to control the way we live and what we believe. Yet were told to be grateful and follow quietly in line at the risk of crucifixion by the main stream media.

 Enough! Join me in an effort to reclaim our heritage from the demagogues and pundits who are reaching into our pockets and our lives. Lets find out what happened and what we need to do about it. Here we dont miss words or beat around the bush, just straight talk and plain truth.