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How To Tour Italy
Anthony Capozzoli

Anthony Capozzoli has a passion for Italy that's contagious. Spend five minutes talking to him about Italy and you'll feel it too!

Inspired by artists and writers like Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Dante, Anthony enjoys helping people understand how history is threaded into art.

"It is always more interesting to look behind the curtain to truly understand what inspired the artist. You can glimpse into their soul and that's the fun part."

He is a published guidebook author, radio host, and photographer. He manages his website to help people get the most out of their visit to Italy.

Anthony has traveled Italy extensively and is dedicated to sharing his passion and experiences with others so they can appreciate and fall in love with Italy as he has. Anthony splits his time between living in Naperville, Illinois and Fiesole, Italy.

In Italy he operates multiple walking tours of Florence, Siena, and Rome as well as Tuscan winery tours, all while conducting research for his upcoming guidebooks. The tours are dedicated to helping people understand the art in a fun way and dive headfirst into Italian culture.

Nothing puts a smile on his face like guiding a walking tour. There is always more to see, more to learn, more to enjoy and Anthony fully embraces every moment to do just that.

Anthony's family hails from Campania and Sicily. Growing up in his Nonna's kitchen taught Anthony life lessons like how important the kitchen is to the Italian home, remembering where you came from, and most importantly how delicious Italian food can be when prepared traditionally.

His most inspired memories of the Italian kitchen are jarring tomatoes, making wine, and creating homemade sausage. Italian food is food from the heart and the recipes are elegant in their simplicity.

Anthony decided to hang up the corporate suit and tie for a life pursuing his dream and couldn't be happier.

"It was a leap of faith that has done wonders for my soul," he says.

His dream is to bring Italy to life for travelers and help people embrace the Italian lifestyle at home. The radio show is another step in achieving his goal. It is a wonderful addition to his guidebook, walking tours, podcasts, and website.


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