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Put It All On The Table Through Mediation
Theresa E. Keves

Theresa E. Keves is an Independent Professional Mediator. Her business and mediation career spans more than 38 years combined.

Theresa is educated, experienced, passionate, logical and loyal about her career in business and mediation. A kind, caring, and trustworthy individual, Theresa shines a light on issues on behalf of her clients when she is helping those who want and need her assistance—she is committed to receiving an amicable resolution.

An advocate for education, she has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, a Master in Business Administration and Technology Management, and a Professional Certificate in Mediation, all from the University of Phoenix. In addition, most recently, receiving her Professional Certificate in “Mediating The Litigated Case” from Pepperdine School of Law —Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution, Washington, D.C.

Theresa compliments her degrees with a number of supporting Professional Certificates. She is a member of the appropriate Professional Affiliations relating to her field. In addition, she is a Volunteer Mediator for the Attorney General’s Office–Civil Rights Division and The Justice Courts in Maricopa County. Also, she volunteers her time to train high school students for Peer Mediation and she has trained other prospective mediators for the Attorney General Office. As a Hearing Officer/Judge, she uses her Professional Certificates in Civil Traffic and Small Claims Hearings for the Maricopa County Justice Courts, to resolve disputes pertaining to litigants.

Striving to have an end result for an amicable agreement between her parties, some of the methods she uses to accomplishes this is: giving her clients a platform to be heard, taking the “Commotion Out of The Emotion” during the mediation process, she incorporates savvy negotiation skills, she educates her clients during the mediation process, in order that they may learn some of the necessary whys and how to’s of the mediation process.  She invokes an objective listening ear, maintaining impartiality, fairness and complete understanding, in addition to, infusing the necessary and adequate time for her clients, while integrating educated and experienced facilitative and evaluation techniques throughout her mediation sessions.

A very organized planner, Theresa is on track for embarking on one more aspect relating to expanding her love for the mediation process in the year of 2014; and, that is to developing a Talk Radio program where she can discuss, educate, inspire and inform the general population about the great benefits relating to the mediation process for resolving disagreemets, disputes and conflicts in ones personal life or business practice.

Stay Tuned! There is more to come!