Tuesday • February 27
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David Reavill

David Reavill has been helping investors for more than 35 years.

A former college professor, David has been founder and CEO of two brokerage firms, as well as creator and Chief Investment Officer of the Cash Fund, a money market mutual fund.

He was a Vice President with Charles Schwab when that firm was just starting out, and with William O'Neil when they first began publishing Investors Business Daily. He was with Fidelity Investments when they became the first mutual fund ever to have $1 trillion in assets, and served on NSCC's Fund Serve Committee which revolutionized mutual fund processing.

As a broadcaster, Reavill has also acquired a few firsts.

His daily market commentary could be seen on KWHY, the nation's first stock market television station. He was also a regular on the Financial News Network, the first nationwide investment network, and the predecessor to CNBC. He has spoken to industry and investor groups both in the US and internationally.

When he's not talking about stocks, David Reavill loves being around water and can often be found at the local pool helping out an aspiring competitive swimmer, or at the harbor sailing with his daughter.


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