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Ezechiel "Zeke" Bambolo, Jr.  was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa as the first son of African born missionaries and teachers. His parents were proactively keen to build strong combination of academic and life skill into their children, especially into Ezechiel as the firstborn son. His family endured incredible destruction and setback at the hands of the country's years of instability and multiple civil wars. The restoration process became Ezechiel's responsibility at the age of 19 as the firstborn son of his family.

In his mid to late teenage years Ezechiel encountered multiple occurrences of harassment & torture during attempts of forceful conscription by rebel forces.  Those moments staring down the barrel of automatic rifles facing execution, as well as other challenges for survival frequently brought desperate and hopeless thoughts.  Today Ezechiel is the prime example of the humanitarian acts of missionary educators whose direct commitments brought him a second chance, and created the platform to restore his family.  In a conversation with Ezechiel and his parents, the educators decisively declared they saw in Ezechiel the life skills, academic aptitude, athletic capability, and the commitment to task that would allow him to make the transition and excel at a chance of collegiate education in the USA.  It is the same expression of confidence that now spurs him on to teach others by infusing the experiences and strengths of his familial and African roots as a contribution to those in need via his writings and speeches. 

Ezechiel is an author, radio host, and speaker who focuses on the strategic importance of family legacy. After almost two decades as a technology consultant in corporate America, Ezechiel committed to turn his passion for coaching youth, men, and families into a primary focus. Ezechiel's past and present life is in essence a strong exhibit of "motivation with a purpose".  It is those experiences, challenges & failures, apparent uncertainties, miraculous success and survival stories, faith-based drawn conclusion, undeniable Christ-centered lessons learned, and an incredible passion for serving humanity that he brings to the Motivation With a Purpose show on

Ezechiel is a deeply committed husband and father of two children, as well as a deacon in his church.