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Mastering Ourselves
Keith and Sharmai Amber

, a native Minnesotan, began her spiritual journey at age 11. To her mother's complaint, "Can't you stay the same for two days in a row?" she replied, "Why would I? I don't like myself." Sharmai's lifelong search for meaning and spiritual enlightenment had already begun. She chose to listen to an inner drive from her heart and soul, and follow the path Spirit was leading her. At the age of 26 a fire was ignited from within her when a voice in her head surfaced saying, "There is something I'm here to do." This mantra was repeated hundreds of times each day for six continuous months. But what was it? In search of her destiny, Sharmai and her first husband, David, moved to Portland, Seattle, and finally Mount Shasta where her spiritual studies intensified in earnest. Through a most unusual source, Sharmai was privileged to be in the presence of numerous ethereal light-beings who spoke, or channeled, through her husband David and their friend Katrina. Her first book, The Melding, was born from this period of her life. The Melding details the life and death experiences during a two-year period that stretched Sharmai and forced her to grow and mature rapidly both spiritually and emotionally. What emerged and ripened during this mystical, magical, and confrontational period was a great desire to assist in the enlightenment of humanity. It took Sharmai 7 years to integrate all that she learned and to fully live the enlightened principles that she had been taught while under the "gun". When the two-year period was complete both Sharmai and David knew their time together was over. Sharmai left her husband and Mount Shasta and went back to Seattle where she met and married the man that she was foretold would be there, her current husband Keith. began his spiritual path at the age of nine with the realization that he was winning almost every game he played by running over the competition with the use of his willpower. This pattern soon began to fill him with disgust. At the same time, he became obsessed with who he really was at a deeper level. He began to question the purpose of his life and wonder what his direction was. He searched for answers: what is God? And, what is God's purpose for him? This was also the beginning of the life-long process of taming his inflated ego to live a more spiritual life.In an attempt to figure out many of life's mysteries, he disciplined himself to read the Bible for a minimum of one hour per day during his three years in high school. After two years of college, at the age of 22, he left to train and work as a massage therapist and quickly became the manager of one of the largest health spas in Reno, Nevada. There he met and worked on numerous well-known athletes and entertainment icons. During this time, his spiritual gifts as a healer began to emerge. Ardently, he studied self-realization, Black Elk healing, and meditation.After several years, Keith stopped working as a massage therapist and began a full time practice as a Psychic Soul Healer. He has worked with thousands of clients, helping them to understand the lessons they are learning on their path. This work exposed Keith to volumes of fascinating information about the inner workings of our lives and lessons and how to transform our daily lives and our souls.Keith was also stretched with his own set of life and death struggles over a two-year period that forced him to grow hastily. These experiences bridged the physical and ethereal planes and earned him hard won wisdom that he used, and continues to use, to help guide others along their spiritual paths.Also during this period Keith, and his former wife, adopted and raised 7 challenging children learning through trial and error effective childrearing skills. Keith went on to build an amazing meditation pyramid that had ethereal music that you could hear as soon as you entered the space. There were no machines inside the pyramid to provide the music! Keith also co-ministered a church called All Faith's Center of Awareness, and co-founded the Foundation for the Advancement of Human Awareness. Just before he met Sharmai, he led numerous spiritual groups and workshops, which included clientele from Boeing.There was an instant connection between Keith and Sharmai when they met in 1989. They began a relationship and started working together, leading spiritual groups in Seattle and in Minnesota where they designed and led Discovering You: A Workshop, and another entitled Doing Anger.It was also during this time that they had the honor of being coached by a group of 16 ethereal beings called The Sananda Circle who channeled through an unusually clear human, Joshua. Although Keith & Sharmai did not realize they were being prepared to be spokespeople on the radio, The Sananda Circle did. Sessions were filled with pertinent information on how lessons on earth work; how our ethereal guides can and do assist; how to identify and work through karma; how and why to live a natural life; the influence past life and soul issues have in our current life and what to do about it; how much the dark, in ourselves and others, can influence our lives on many levels and what to do about it; how to work towards and achieve our higher destinies without incurring negative karma; how to generate good karma; how to see and get past our own limits and so much more. These rich, deep conversations broadened Keith and Sharmai's already extensive understanding of how our prebirth contracts guide our lives, how free will works, and the interplay between the physical and the ethereal planes, or put another way, the interplay between ourselves and our souls or higher selves and ethereal guides. At the end of this period, in 1992, Keith & Sharmai were guided to move to Hawaii.After their move to the Big Island the couple was offered their own radio program in December 2001, and the Ambers began making a difference over the airwaves.Both Sharmai and Keith are grounded, gifted visionaries, as well as telepaths, psychics, and channels. In their work, they have been called compelling, provocative, soothing, fascinating, informative, transformational, helpful and so unusual-you just can't get enough of them! Home Page