Monday • September 27
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The Mark Howard Broadcast
Mark Howard

Mark Howard grew up in a family that was politically active. His parents were both deeply involved in politics during the tumultuous Sixties, and hoped their son would follow in their footsteps. 

But Mark's first interest was music, and he became a member of a successful band.

After a series of life-changing events, he joined the Army.  When his enlistment was over,  his father urged him to join the Democrat party.  After careful study of the platforms of both the Republican and Democrat parties, he knew he could not be a Democrat.

Now his path was clear.  Mark joined the Republican party and found work in broadcasting, first in New York City, and later in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Today, he hosts THE MARK HOWARD BROADCAST on TalkZone.  Topics include Country, Abortion, Sex, Families, Church, Freedom of Speech, and Our Children.
Mark Howard is author of "What Have We Done?", a series of essays on the state of America.