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The Hydn Rousseau Show
Hydn Rousseau

is a man who grew up in the small town of Belle Glade, Florida.  His mother was determined to find a new way for the family, and a means of earning money. She began selling drinks and snacks in the bean fields.

From there, the business grew to a ten-woman operation selling sandwiches, chips, and drinks. When his mother stopped working in the fields, she moved the family to West Palm Beach, Florida.

There, she taught Hydn and his siblings how to become entrepreneurs. His mother wanted him to go off to college and make something of himself.  But instead of doing the right thing, he began the fast life, selling drugs.

He was eventually caught and sent to prison, sentenced for 8 years. It was prison that made him re-invent himself.  He taught himself how to read, how to type and how to stay focused on one thing at a time.

Today, Hydn is a successful entrepreneur. He owns multiple businesses, and he has a lovely wife, six children, and two dogs.  He wrote the book , and is currently writing a new book titled His goal in life is reach out to the world and tell them to Never Give Up. Never Quit! Live Life In Abundance.  He will do his part to make a difference in this world before he expires in this life.