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Joey Greco

Raised in New York, Joey Greco enjoyed growing up near the beach but also appreciated the culture that New York City provided. With an interest in human relationships, interaction, and communication, Greco attended college in Missouri and Louisiana, receiving a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Education/Counseling.

After completing his education, he began working as a counselor. Before long, Greco (who admittedly has a short attention span) shifted his focus to his passion for sports. He had always been involved in athletics, so a career in sports and fitness training was a natural progression. Soon, he rose to the top of the industry, speaking at conferences and presenting seminars worldwide. This exposure attracted the attention of ESPN, which was searching for hosts to launch a more modern version of the fitness programming being broadcast at the time. Greco auditioned and booked the job as one of the ESPN fitness pros. He quickly learned the difference between live and on-camera presentations and readily admits, "There's bad, and then there's what I was!" After a humbling first season, Greco enrolled in some commercial acting classes and was bitten by the acting bug. Greco excelled on the ESPN show until its cancellation a few years later, but he continued to travel and present seminars. He also continued his acting training, landing roles in many films, commercials, and television shows.

Always striving to challenge himself and broaden his horizons, Greco decided to take a real estate course while he had some time on a break. Before long, he had taken enough classes to get his real estate license. He has been very successful in this career, while still managing to pursue opportunities in the entertainment field. In December, 2002, he landed the job of host of Cheaters. It is a perfect fit for Greco, whose background in psychology and interest in getting to the truth, have been a driving force behind the show.

Greco, an avid golfer, is single and has an Australian Shepherd named Sky. Outside of his role on Cheaters, he continues to stay busy with appearances, various commercial & film roles and as a frequent television guest.

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