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It's Beyond Complicated
Peter Fogel

In a universe, far, far, away… Peter Fogel was once one of America’s funniest comedy writers and comedians that you’ve never heard of… but had seen countless times on television on such shows as Evening at the Improv, Carolines Comedy Hour, HBO's Comedy Central.

From Las Vegas Show Rooms, to Cruise Ships… to headlining performing Arts Centers-- Peter has done it all, for over 25 years.

During this comedic, nomadic journey, Peter has had the good fortune of working with or sharing the stage with Harry Anderson, Ray Romano, Dennis Miller, Jimmy, J.J. Walker, Robin Williams, Ed Asner, Jon Stewart, and Lewis Black.

He’s also hawked products on TV and radio for such sponsors as Mazda, American Express, and Wisk Detergent. (Peter was the Ring Around the Collar Man in the wild 80's.)

The funny man also worked as a sitcom audience warm-up on such shows as Married With Children, Unhappily Ever After, Chicago Sons (with Jason Bateman), Townies (with Jenna Elfman) to name a few.

Peter's comedy material has been quoted in the Comedy Quote Dictionary (Double Day 1992) He proudly belongs to the Writer’s Guild of America and was a member of the famed Warner Bros. Television Writers Comedy Workshop (class of 1999).

Peter's also written for the writing team of Blake and Jackson (Sliders, The Adventures of Lois & Clark) and for Germany’s #1 sitcom --- their only one --- “Rita’s World.” Theatre credits include headlining shows at the Coral Springs Center of the Performing Arts and the Parker Playhouse in South Florida.

How "The Reinvention Guy" Was Born!

Being a true Cancer (shrewd business mind and a homebody with good skin) Peter noticed and obsessed about his future in show business and decided to make a 180-degree career change.

Taking action, he successfully reinvented himself into a sought after business speaker, bestselling author, internet marketer, public speaking coach, and freelance advertising copywriter. (http://www.compellingcopynow.com)

And like a phoenix rising from the ashes "The Reinvention Guy" was born! And just like Lebron James, Peter then took "his talents" from New York City down to South Florida where he presently teams up on the airwaves with the wonderfully talented Anna "The Armenian Goddess" Collins.

While not co-producing and co-hosting It's Beyond Complicated, Peter speaks around the country on marketing, stress reduction using humor and reinvention techniques for corporations and associations. (Yes, a shameless plug for his services.)

Ever the entrepreneur Peter also pens killer promotional copy for such multi-million-dollar companies as Early to Rise, Rich Schefren's Strategic Profits, Biocentric Health (and tons of other clients too numerous to mention.)

Does Peter Really Know the Baby Boomer Market!?

I'll say he does. Besides being a Baby Boomer himself (who remarkably still has his hair), Peter dutifully writes financial and alternative health promotions for this abundant market.

It was this experience that allows him to tap into the needs and wants of this extraordinary generation… and why he wants to help them overcome challenges with career reinvention, their physical and mental health, finances, dysfunctional relationships-- and a host of other concerns that prevent them from enjoying an exhilarating quality of life.

Peter feels the one aspect of "maturing" that everyone (especially Boomers) have control of, is their sense-of-humor. This is the one weapon everyone has in their arsenal to combat the ravages of time.

Best of all, he and his co-host Anna Collins will do everything they can to arm their audience with it -- on their It's Beyond Complicated: The Boomer-Humor Radio show!"

Says Peter About his wonderful co-host:

"Anna is lovely, hysterical and upbeat. Perhaps too much. She looks often at the world through "Rose Colored Glasses." So much --- that I created my own soundtrack on the show for when she gets into her "too-good to-be-true-positive moods!" (However, don't tell her I want it to be a surprise!)

"The Reinvention Guy" is the bestselling author of two books, If Not Now… Then When? Stories and Strategies of People Over 40 Who Have Successfully Reinvented Themselves

…and Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace (If You Still Have a Job).

For more information on Peter's book or to have him speak at your next engagement visit his other sites at www.fortune500comedy.com or www.reinventyourselfnow.com

His recent book can found at www.rebootyourcareernow.com.

Visit there and you can get Peter Fogel's FREE 4-in-1 Total Reinvention Success Package ($75 Value).

Interested in public speaking? Then visit Peter's other site www.publicspeaklikeapro.com and receive his FREE 7 Days to More Effective Public Speaking E-course (and loads of other goodies)!