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The Nic & Nan Radio Show
Nanci Allen

Ms. Nan (as her husband and co-host Nic affectionately calls her) was born in Miami Beach, Florida. The oldest of 4 children, she spent most of her childhood in the Southern state before moving to Canada right after graduating from high school back in 1975. 

While residing in “The Great White North”, she got a job working for Canada’s Expropriations Unit as a surveyor, a position that she held for several years.  During this time, Nanci gave birth to her 1st child, a daughter named Tara.  The Canadian cold became just a bit too bitter for the two, so they decided to pack up stakes and head back to the warmer climate of Nanci’s home state of Florida.  It was there when she decided to get into fast food.  A career at Burger King sounded like the perfect fit. 

Ten years (and a few meatless Whoppers later), Nanci made the choice to finally go back to school, this after she gave birth to her 2nd daughter, Deanna (affectionately referred to as her “miracle baby” thanks to a mixed up medical procedure).  Juggling a family, a day job, and being a full-time nursing student paid off in May of ’94, when she received her Associate of Science Degree in Nursing from Polk Community College. 

Nurse Nanci spent the next 15 years as an Oncology Nurse for Lakeland Regional Medical Center, a position which she stills hold dear to her heart to this day.


How Ms. Nan met her Mr. Nic

As Ms. Nan tells her side of the story on the meeting that changed her life forever, they met while Nic was playing bass in a local rock band.  Her sister Vicki literally had to drag her out of the house to have a girl’s night out. 

Well as fate would have it, their eyes met, sparks flew, angels sang, harps played, etc.  They were married a year later, and have been inseparable ever since. 

As her daughters carried on with their own lives, Nan moved to Montgomery, Alabama to be with Nic as he accepted a job to be the new Morning Drive guy for WKXN/WKXK-FM.  It was at his request that she should be on the show with him as a co-host. 

Nan asked him, “What should I say on the radio? I’ve never done this stuff before!” Nic replied, “Don’t worry about a thing, just follow my lead and you’ll be just fine!”

It was at that point “The Nic & Nan Morning Showgram” began.  It had a very successful run for the next several years.

Meanwhile, back in Florida, Nan’s mother suffered back-to-back strokes.  Her father was also ailing with health issues; her youngest daughter was having her share of problems as well.  So after 5 and a half years of doing her second career as a radio host, while also  working full-time at a local hospital, Nic and Nan left their radio family behind and decided to move back home to be closer to family. 

Ms. Nan missed being on the radio so much, that when the TalkZone opportunity came to Nic, she jumped at the chance to get back to entertaining audiences with her observations on life, love, relationships, pop culture, nursing, and anything else that just happens to pop up courtesy of Nic’s quick wit and comedic timing.

It’s definitely a show worth tuning in to on TalkZone!