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Brenda McGuire
Brenda McGuire is a highly sought after international trainer and speaker who has traveled to over 80 countries and lived on 4 different continents. Brenda is a #1 best-selling author, CEO and founder of two international companies, and award-winning keynote speaker. She has successfully trained thousands of individuals and companies in more than 50 countries how to effectively operate across borders despite cultural, time zone, and language barriers. Brenda has a passion for people and building .....more»

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2018-04-27: The Global Gal

Catana Tully
Dr. Catana Tully grew up trilingual in Guatemala where she attended elementary and middle school. In tenth grade she entered a boarding school in Jamaica, WI and received her Advanced Level Higher Schools Certificate from Cambridge University, England. Expecting to become an international interpreter, her studies continued at the Sprachen und Dolmetscher Institut in Munich, Germany. However, after answering a call to work in a play, she discovered her affinity for the dramatic arts. As the actre .....more»

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2017-02-02: Catana Tully: Split the Root

Dale Penn
I am an author, professional speaker, insurance broker, and privacy management adviser.

My company works with organizations to deliver insurance and identity theft services to retailers, financial services firms, HR departments, universities and law enforcement groups.

For years, I have incorporated thought-provoking and often humorous magical illusions into my keynotes, seminars and presentations. My early years after college as a full-time professional magician have equipped .....more»

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2017-03-30: Secrets of Identity Theft

Edward Meyer
For over 38 years Edward Meyer has traveled around the world collecting unusual stories and unbelievable artifacts to fill Believe It or Not! books and museums. He is a walking encyclopedia of information, some strange, some gross - but all true! He has acquired over 20,000 different museum artifacts, everything from a pin valued at $1 million dollars, to a two-trunked elephant, to Marilyn Monroe's lingerie, to Lee Harvey Oswald's mortuary toe tag, to a meteorite from Mars. The list is endless. .....more»

Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum

2017-02-23: What You Should Know About Being Arrested

Gillian Padgett
Gillian Padgett trained in the UK as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. After the murder of her best friend and witnessing the devastation to her friend's family, Gillian pursued training to work with victims of crime and families of murder victims. This led her to study stress and well-being from as many perspectives as she could find. Sharing empowering information on healing the damaging effects of stress and trauma has become Gillian's passion, through her books, online programs and direc .....more»

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2018-12-28: Godspeed to the Tuskegee Airman

Howard Dvorkin
HOWARD S. DVORKIN is the founder of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc., a leader in the debt-counseling arena. He is a certified public accountant, a certified credit counselor, and a noted financial expert on consumer credit, personal financial planning, and tax strategies. As an expert who examines consumer credit trends, causes and effects of financial overextension, Dvorkin has contributed to numerous print publications and broadcast outlets including CNN, CBS Evening News, The Ea .....more»

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2017-03-23: Dig Your Way out of Credit Card Debit

Jeanne Sanner
Jeanne Sanner has her Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Education, and Doctorate in Spiritual Studies. She loved teaching high school for ten years and being a college instructor and Instructional Specialist for twenty. Retired is not a word Jeanne understands; since 2005 she has been extremely active in her community as a facilitator for many spiritually oriented classes from A Course in Miracles to The Four Agreements to Zen parables. She is also an actor, director, coach, and teacher. Jeann .....more»

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2018-04-13: Finding Unconditional Love

Lorri Craig
Created by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNE, Lorri Allison Craig, MBA, who is a financial coach and mentor with over 25 years in professional financial experience. She hopes to share this knowledge, power, and extensive experience as a financial planner, divorcée, widow, medical researcher, community leader, ex-pilot, health enthusiast and yoga instructor with women alike to change their perspective on finance and health. She was inspired to help women when she learned how to flip her own financ .....more»

Wake the Warrior Woman

2018-12-21: Another Layer of Russian Interference

Oliver Akamnonu
Dr. Oliver is a physician, with specialization in anesthesiology.

An author and poet, Dr. Akamnonu had his early education at St. Brigit’s School Enugu, Nigeria, and Government Secondary School Afikpo, where he was School Scholar and was later appointed Captain of his High School. He graduated from the University of Ibadan medical and postgraduate schools.

He was Consultant and Head of Department of Anesthesiology at the Government General Hospital before veering off into .....more»

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2018-04-20: Family Role Reversal and The New Times

Priscillla Richardson
I am a recovering attorney, meaning I am licensed to practice law in Virginia but I’d much rather write and speak. I started my writing and speaking career by doing, because there’s a tremendous need that’s just not being met. Look at all the people you know who would rather die than get up to make even a short report to a group. Or who moan and sweat over writing that report. It’s not easy to find someone who can help you communicate successfully – without adding more pain to the process.
< .....more»

Speak Don't Freak

2017-03-16: Speak- Don’t Freak

Rik Feeney
ik Feeney adapted his love of reading, writing, and gymnastics to become a published author of more than 60 books, reports, and CD’s on the sport and business of gymnastics as well as a book coach, book cover designer, and promotional expert for aspiring authors.

Rik has been traditionally published by Masters Press and ultimately McGraw-Hill for his book “Gymnastics: A Guide for Parents and Athletes”, but then opted to start his own publishing company in 1994 called Richardson Publis .....more»

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2018-06-15: Getting Your Book Published

Steve Klein
Steve A Klein, author of “Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!” and CEO of the Professional Development Center, has developed a wide range of sales and personal development training. .....more»

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2017-02-16: The Secrets to Success

Tim Hague
TIM HAGUE is a public speaker, educator, and advocate for people suffering from Parkinson's disease. At just forty-six years old, Hague was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's disease, which soon ended his career as a registered nurse and health care professional. Three years later he went on to win the inaugural season of The Amazing Race Canada, making him an instant celebrity. Hague has since become a sought-after speaker across North America and has dedicated his life to educating and hel .....more»

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2018-06-01: Tim Hague and Perseverance