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Alan R. Stevenson
Life for Alan R. Stevenson was routine and one of a typical -forty-something working person, having been a cook and a baker for most of that period. He is the Sun of a Sun and father to two young ladies, Meaghan and Danika, that are the crowning gems of his Life. However since the NDE experience of February 26th 2010, Alan has stepped forth to work with and help people who have become stuck in the quicksand of Life. Whether it be the loss of a Loved one or simply those who can't see their way al .....more»

Alan's Website

2017-04-03: I Had to Die to Learn How to Live

Ana Christina
Ana Christina was murdered a few years ago, and had an NDE. She is a speaker and an author of "My Sweet Encounter with Death”. She formerly held a position of chief financial officer, but now dedicates her life to being an ambassador for the Lord. .....more»

Ana's Website

2015-01-19: My Sweet Encounter with Death

Anja Prestridge
Anja Prestridge has been an Energy healer and Light worker for more than 25 years. During that time she has learned and used a vast number of techniques to facilitate healing. Integrating her training and experience as a registered nurse with her profound knowledge of energy medicine has made her a very successful practitioner of multidimensional healing internationally. As a medical intuitive and using dowsing techniques she is able to identify the imbalances of the body, mind and spirit, relea .....more»

For more information go to Heavnlychi.com

2017-09-04: Life Changes from the Other Side

Anne Archer Butcher
Author Anne Archer Butcher is well-known internationally for her bestselling book, Inner Guidance, Our Divine Birthright. Anne was miraculously rescued by dolphins from a shark attack, and she survived a near-death experience and discovered firsthand the amazing secrets of the heavenly worlds. She has had many profound and prophetic spiritual experiences that have made her a sought-after speaker as she shares dramatic stories from her own life of spiritual growth, insights and awareness. Through .....more»

Anne's Website

2015-10-19: Inner Guidance: Anne Archer Butcher

Bill Guggenheim
Bill Guggenheim is a pioneer in the field of After-Death Communication (ADC) experiences. He has been called the father of ADC research, and has written and spoken on this subject for more than 27 years. He became a bereaved father when his younger daughter, Jaenet, age 47, ended her physical life in April, 2011. Bill and his former wife, Judy Guggenheim, founded, defined, researched, and named an entire new field of human experience that may be as old as mankind. They call it "After-Death C .....more»

Bill's Website

2016-04-25: Hello from Heaven- After-Death Communication

Bo Billups
Bo is a real estate professional in Washington, DC. He volunteers with organizations helping to promote action to limit climate change and prevent youth suicide. After college Bo's first job was in Kenya, teaching English at a rural secondary school. .....more»

More About Bo

2015-07-13: Bo Billups & NDE Support Groups

Bruce Davis
Bruce is the author of The Heart of Healing, Monastery without Walls ~ Daily Life in the Silence, My Little Flowers, Simple Peace ~ The Inner Life of St Francis of Assisi and The Calling of Joy. His latest book is The Love Letters of St Francis & St Clare. Bruce is a regular contributor to Huffington Post. A graduate of Saybrook University, Bruce is a spiritual psychologist and teacher of the essence of world religions. He has taught at JFK University in Pleasant Hill, California and many spir .....more»

Silent Stay Retreat Centers

2017-01-23: Bruce Davis and his Spiritual Lessons

Carol Lynn Vengroff
Carol lives on the West Coast of Florida, with her husband. She treasures time with family, friends, traveling, sailing and gardening. As an artist, her creative spirit shows up in every aspect of her life. .....more»

Carol's Website

2014-05-19: My Ever After Chronicles

Catherine Paretti
Reverend Catherine Paretti is a nationally recognized clairvoyant, medium, healer and spiritual counselor. She helps people understand their journey in this world. She sees the road map of someone's life, past, present, future and offers her insight.

Catherine's predictions have been featured on television, articles, and books.

n be simple, but you cannot share the light of your own perfection until you know who you are. .....more»

Reverend Paretti 's Website

2016-06-06: Rev. Catherine Paretti

Christine Duminiak
Christine Duminiak was formerly in business as an Administrative Assistant to the President of an environmental firm for 14 years. However, in 1998 she was a busy stay-at-home mom and wife when her “DEAD” in-laws unexpectedly visited her in her bedroom. Startled, Christine pulled out her rosary from under her pillow and prayed for God's holy protection. While praying, the room was suddenly transformed into a bluish hue with white streaking lights, and the form of someone resembling the Blessed M .....more»

Christine's Website

2014-03-03: God's Gift of Love

Cliff Guthrie
Clifton F. Guthrie, Ph.D. is the Circle Professor of Ethics and Humanities at Husson University. He received his B.A. from Duke University, his M.Div. from Candler School of Theology, and his Ph.D. from Emory University. He taught for fifteen years in theological education at Emory University and Bangor Theological Seminary, during which time he published many books and articles on practical theology and was a visiting scholar at Cambridge University’s Psychology and Religion project. In 2007 he .....more»

Dr. Guthrie's books

2015-03-09: Theology And NDE's

Cristael Bengston
As a Near-Death experiencer and lifelong visionary, Cristael Bengtson is dedicated to sharing the truth of Near-Death and its impact on the life of experiencers. A writer and retired schoolteacher, she is the mother of two sons. Cristael also loves to sing. One of her dreams is to record albums of Christmas music, and songs by women composers. Cristael is now working on her second book. .....more»

Cristael's Website

2015-01-12: Sacred Light Spirit Eagle

David Parker
David Parker is the Lead & Founding Pastor of SummitLIFE, a Christian Faith Community in Sedona, AZ. David attended Missouri State University & Ozark Christian College prior to accepting a full-time position as Worship Arts & Youth Pastor at North Point Church in Winthrop Harbor, IL in 1997. While serving at North Point, David attended Lincoln Christian College & Seminary. After 7 years of full-time ministry at North Point, David and his family relocated to Nashville, TN where David served as .....more»

SummitLife Sedona

2016-04-11: Imagining Heaven

David Schwartz
David E. Schwartz is a financial services professional at a large US brokerage firm. A devoted husband and father, he is grateful for every day he is given. He is passionate about sharing his Near-Death Experience (NDE) of finding true love and redemption in the most unexpected of places. He is a vociferous reader, reluctant exerciser and patient cat owner. Having recently traveled in Europe for the first time, David now aspires to visit many different countries. .....more»

Waking Up to Love

2018-05-21: Waking Up To Love

David Hufford
David Hufford, Ph.D., retired in 2007, from his position as University Professor and Chair of Humanities, and Professor of Neural & Behavioral Science, and Family & Community Medicine at Penn State College of Medicine. He is now University Professor Emeritus at Penn State, Senior Fellow in the Brain, Mind and Healing Division of the Samueli Institute in Alexandria, Virginia, and Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Hufford has served regularly on NIH scientif .....more»

Learn More About Dr. Hufford

2018-06-25: The Terror that Comes in the Night

Deirdre (Dea) Dewitt Maltby
Deirdre (Dea) Dewitt Maltby may be a fledgling author, but what an inspiring first story she has to write about and share with the world! It is a story about crossing over to a space between our world and the next. In November of 2008 as a result of an unforeseen accident that is exactly what happened.

This is a remarkable and touching story she shares about four separate experiences that have altered her heart and soul forever, and in a way that introduced her to the person she had be .....more»

Dea's Website

2015-07-20: While I Was Out

Dianne Sherman
Dianne has had a practice for over 20 years working as a Spiritual Life Coach, Counselor and Healer, and is also a Certified Mediator. She is passionate about inspiring self-love and appreciation.

Her gift of Clearsight allows her to understand what you need to know and be able to communicate it to you in a way that is clear, concise and loving. She is able to translate your higher-self information to you which creates a bond between your outer and inner worlds and allows you to expe .....more»

Dianne's Website

2014-09-29: Guiding Your Spirit

Dr. Diane Corcoran
Dr. Diane K. Corcoran joined the Army Nurse Corps after completing Nursing school in Rochester, NY. She served in the Army Nurse corps for 25 years, starting in Vietnam and ending as the Chief Administrator in Frankfurt Army medical center during Desert Storm. During the 25 years she served in the military, she held a variety of positions from staff nurse, director of education, nursing supervisor, to commander of the 86th CSH. During her time in the service, she also completed a MA and PhD. Aft .....more»

The International Association for Near-Death Studies

2019-01-28: ENCORE SHOW: NDE issues in the Military

Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll
Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll has cared for patients in the emergency department of a level-1 trauma center for 25 years. He’s seen people with nearly every imaginable illness or injury, and some that were almost unimaginable. Dr. O’Driscoll has welcomed souls newly arriving into this sphere of existence and bid farewell to those who were leaving. Sometimes he encountered individuals who hovered between.

Dr. O’Driscoll started writing more than thirty years ago while still a medical student. His .....more»

Not Yet on Amazon.com

2018-01-29: Dr. O’Driscoll Shared Death Experience

Dr. Rajiv Parti
Dr. Rajiv Parti is a world leading specialist in pain management with over 30 years practicing clinical experience and 15 years as Chief of Anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital in California, specializing in cardiac anesthesia. Dr. Parti founded the Pain Management Institute of California, and under his direction it has served thousands of patients for acute and chronic pain relief. In 2005, Dr. Parti personally encountered the first of a series of life threatening health challenges that .....more»

Dr. Parti's Website

2014-08-25: Dr. Rajiv Parti

Dr. Raymond Moody
World-Renowned Scholar and Researcher. Dr. Moody is the leading authority on the near-death experience—a phrase he coined in the late seventies. Dr. Moody’s research into the phenomenon of near-death experience had its start in the 1960′s. The New York Times calls him "the father of the near-death experience."

A dynamic lecturer, Dr. Moody has enlightened and entertained audiences all over the world for over three decades. He offers many different lecture/workshop presentations on .....more»

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2017-07-24: The Father of the Near-Death Experience

D'Vora Power
D'vora Power is the Co-Creator and Founder of Now Is The Time. She began her journey in 2000 when asked a simple question. If God had a watch what would it look like? Her answer was simple, "It wouldn't have hands or numbers." Thus, she received the message that "NOW" is indeed the time! Native born in New Orleans, Louisiana she began receiving messages at age 5. Her journey thru life has been miraculous. Eldest of 7 daughters and one son. Placed number one in this birth order has been the chall .....more»

Now Is The Time website

2015-12-07: Now is Your Time

Elizabeth Krohn
Elizabeth Greenfield Krohn was a wife and mother of two young boys when she was struck by lightning in the parking lot of her Houston synagogue, and her most fundamental understandings of what the world is and how it works were completely transformed. She is now a grandmother living in Houston. .....more»

Changed in a Flash

2018-10-08: Changed in a Flash: Elizabeth Krohn

Ellyn Dye
Ellyn Dye is an intuitive coach, motivational public speaker, and author. A near-death experience in 1985 expanded her psychic abilities and introduced her to some very loving— and humorous—guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom. They provided her with a vast array of information about life on earth and the evolution of mankind, and opened an ongoing dialog and collaboration that has grown stronger over time. Ellyn publishes a free monthly email newsletter, Tunnel Vision, about the Great S .....more»

Find out more about Ellyn, her NDE, and her products and services at her website

2014-05-12: Tunnel Vison

Erica McKenzie
Erica McKenzie, RN, BSN, is a inspirational speaker, messenger, advocate, researcher and soon to be author. She is the creator of the online weekly show ETV. She is an active member of the National League for Nursing, American Nurses Association, The national Hospice and Palliative Organization, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the International Association for Near-Death Studies. She is an Near-Death Experiencer, After Death Communication and Orb Phenomenon Experiencer. .....more»

Erica's Website

2014-08-04: Erica McKenzie

Father Nathan Castle
Originally from Groves, Texas, I graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio and entered the Dominican order in 1979. I received MA and MDiv degrees from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California and served in campus ministries in California and Arizona for 27 years. I was Pastor/Director of the Catholic Community at Stanford University, and also at the All Saints Catholic Newman Center at Arizona State University. I’ve chaired .....more»

Father Nathan's Website

2018-08-27: The Interrupted Death Experience

Father Rod Walton
I served 8 years in the London Fire Brigade and nealy 25 years in the Police Service in Londond. I had a supernatural experience in 1975 when I was 29 and this led to me becoming a Christian. At that time, I started researching NDEs after reading Raymond Moody's "Life After Life" and also started researching the Turin Shroud at the same time. I went on to become the Police Christian Ministry Representative for my Force. I retired from the police in 1996.

When my Mother died in 2001, I fo .....more»

Bereavement Rescue

2017-06-12: Father Rod Walton

Frances Key
Frances Key is the writer of a series of books called "The Team: A Mother's Wisdom from the Other Side". The material for these three books flooded her consciousness beginning nineteen days after her Mother's death in 2010 resulting in Book One's release just three months later. The books circulated very quickly and in June, 2012 were featured on the website of James Van Praagh. A fourth book will be released in 2015.

While her main focus now is caring for her grandchildren, Frances has .....more»

Frances on Twitter

2014-08-18: A Mother's Wisdom from the Other Side

Franne Whitney Nelson
Franne Whitney Nelson, Ed.T., CSDS, is a native Vermonter, an Educational Thanatologist, Sudden Death TraumaSpecialistTM and director of Death Education Consulting in Montpelier, Vermont. She is a nationally known death and grief expert and lecturer who specializes in the biochemistry of grief and how grief differs according to the manner of death. Franne's experience in thanatology spans over 25 years and ranges from working for seven years as a civilian contract employee with the Vermont Stat .....more»

More About Franne

2014-04-28: The Death Lady

Gary L. Wimmer
The nuts and bolts of Gary L. Wimmer: Born in New Jersey. Third of seven sons. Grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. Began playing lead guitar in 1963 and soon in bands with the great Gary Morris and the late Jerry Lynn Williams. Joined the counter-culture in the mid-60's at Texas Tech and became interested in spirituality and psychic phenomena. Escaped Lubbock with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Moved to Austin in 1970. Learned to give psychic readings. Soon hit the road with different bands. Worked a .....more»

Gary's Website

2015-06-22: A Second in Eternity

Gloria Oelman
As I reflected on what to write for this section, it occurred to me that with my 64th birthday fast approaching I would soon be the age my mother was when she died. I also reflected on the fact that it was my husband’s death in 1997 at the relatively young age of 48 that had set my life on a completely different trajectory than the one it had been on. Loss and death had haunted me all my life and I had coped with the grief as most of us do in this society, by pushing it out of awareness as quick .....more»

Learn more about Gloria at her blog

2014-11-24: There is no Death

Howard Storm
Howard Storm was born October 26, 1946 in Newton, Massachusetts. He was raised in the suburbs of Boston and summers on Cape Cod. He received his BFA form The San Francisco Art Institute, MA and MFA from the University of California, Berkeley, and MDiv from United Theological Seminary. He was a Professor of Art at Northern Kentucky University for twenty years and served as Pastor in the United Church of Christ for thirty years. He is the author of "My Descent Into Death," "It's All Love," and "Le .....more»

My Descent into Death

2018-04-02: My Decscent Into Death

Ingrid Honkala
Ingrid Honkala, PhD was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, where she lived with my parents and three sisters. Although she grew up in the mountains her love for the ocean started when her parents brought her to see it for the very first time at the age of four. She perceived it as a huge blanket and told her mom that some day she was going to find what was hidden under it. At five she told her dad, "When I grow up I am going to become a marine scientist."

She pursued her dream and we .....more»

Ingrid's Website

2018-09-17: Beings of Light

Janie Thompson
I'm an intuitive healer and psychic medium. I help people who are seeking peace, healing and perspective while experiencing personal transformation, processing trauma or grieving loss. You will feel supported, centered, more aligned with your soul's purpose and a deep sense of calm after each session.

As an Intuitive Certified Reiki Master Teacher, international speaker and author, my focus is on healing and helping others. With the use of Psychic Mediumship, Medical M .....more»

Please Visit Janie's Website

2018-02-26: Mediumship and Spiritual Healing

Jason Criddle
Jason Criddle has over 2 dozen publications to his name, and multiple successful start-ups. He raises his daughter while helping others build value in their inner self, as well as their business.

He is the Founder of The Smartr App, Legacy Status Publishing, Enterphace, PlaceTimeNow, Legacy Status Investments, Legacy Status University, The Kid’s Publishing Company, Smartr Pills; and he has his own ministry – School of the God Theory, which is located in Dallas, TX. He is also the star a .....more»

Jason's Website

2016-05-30: Author Jason Criddle

Jeff Olsen
Olsen is a best selling author and inspires audiences internationally with his intriguing personal story of perseverance and inner strength. In 1997, Jeff experienced a horrific automobile accident which inflicted multiple life threatening injuries, including crushing both his legs. His left leg was amputated above the knee. The most devastating outcome of the accident was the loss of his wife and youngest son, both killed instantly. At that time, Jeff had profound spiritual experiences, which g .....more»

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2016-04-18: Author Jeff Olsen

Jeff Kripal
Jeff Kripal holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University.

He is also Co-Director of Esalen's Center for Theory and Research and a key figure in consciousness studies within academia and beyond.

Kripal is the author of many books on religion and unexplained phenomena. These include The Super Natural: Why the Unexplained Is Real (with Whitley Strieber); Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal; and Auth .....more»

Jeff's Website

2018-10-15: Changed in a Flash: Jeffrey Kripal

Jim Bay
Jim "Bubba" Bay has been a lifelong resident of upstate New York. Before his accident, for 25 years he was part of a successful landscaping business with his brother, John, as well as a sports coach at his local high school.

He has also worked for many years at his family’s gas station. He has 5 children, Logan and Lauryn and Jon, and sons Robert and James Ulysses in Heaven. Bubba’s favorite activity, besides spending time with his family, is metal-detecting. .....more»

Jim's Website

2017-09-11: Miracle On Hammertown Road

Jim Bruton
One way Jim is different from most people is that he actually realized his childhood dreams.

He lived in Africa for years and has an Emmy for his film work with National Geographic Television.

He invented a satellite-video system that squeezed a television news truck into a backpack, and transmitted live video from places never possible before, including both polar regions, Mt. Everest, and warzones throughout the world, where he was also an on-air war reporter for NBC News. A .....more»

In Between Productions

2018-07-30: Jim Bruton's Visit to the In Between

John Wessels
For over 45 years, John has mastered the art of Jungian astrology by interpreting thousands of astrological charts for clients throughout the world, providing answers to their vitally important questions about relationships, wealth, health, family psychodynamics and careers. John is also a Jungian analyst with expertise in shadow healing, as well as individual and couples counseling. He also has expertise in finance relative to global economic and financial systems, and offers in-depth fi .....more»

Johhn on LinkedIn

2014-04-14: John Wessels

Jose Hernandez
Joe Hernandez, a native New Yorker, studied electrical engineering at CCNY. While engineering was his profession and paid the bills, it wasn't an area he felt an affinity with and over the years he found several outlets for his creativity, with photography playing a major role in his life. Joe also founded a sports memorabilia company and a neon lighting company. However, he returned to electrical engineering as his primary line of work. ​

In the first days of the year 2000, foll .....more»

Inner Immersion

2018-03-12: Inner Immersion

Joseph Marino
Joseph Marino has a B.A. in Theological Studies from St. Louis University and is a long-time sindonologist (one who studies the Shroud of Turin). He has researched, written and lectured extensively on the Shroud since 1977. He currently works at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. .....more»

Wrapped Up in the Shroud

2019-07-08: Wrapped Up in the Shroud

Judith White
Judith White is a professional musician who composes, performs and teaches, primarily on piano. She also plays pipe organs and harpsichords and studied flute performance for many years. Judith has a Master's degree and three years towards a PhD in music. In 2013, Judith presented this program at the International Association of Near Death (IANDS) conference in Washington D.C. and to the Seattle Chapter of IANDS .....more»

2014-06-16: Music from Beyond

Kim Peralta
Kim Peralta began practicing Iyengar yoga in 1987 under the late senior Iyengar teacher Mary Dunn. She began training in Pune, India at the Iyengar Institute in 1989 and was Iyengar certified in 1991. In 1992 she and a handful of teachers co-founded the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York and in 1996 was granted permission by B.K.S. Iyengar to open the Iyengar Yoga School of Northern New Jersey, where she was director for 12 years. Her teaching certificate was upgraded to Intermediate lll in 1997 .....more»

Iyengar Yoga Center

2018-12-17: Spirituality Through Yoga

Kimberly Clark Sharp
  • Author of “After the Light: The Spiritual Path to Purpose” (Wm. Morrow & Co. 1995); audio (HarperCollins 1995); paperback Avon 1996); Literary Guild Alternate Book of the Month

  • Founder of Seattle International Association of Near Death Studies, the world’s oldest and largest support group for near death experiencers, since 1982

  • Named one of the forty most influential people under the age of 40 in the Pacific Northwest, 1987

  • Founder of the De .....more»

    Seattle International Association for Near-Death Studies

2015-11-23: The Spiritual Path to Purpose

Laura Dunham
Laura Dunham is a retired Presbyterian minister, now Catholic, and a Benedictine oblate. She holds a BA in social sciences and an MA and PhD in English. Following careers in higher education and financial planning, she felt God’s call to ministry and attended Columbia Theological Seminary. She received an MDiv and later a Certificate in Spiritual Formation from Columbia.

Before retiring, Laura served as a pastor of churches and a governing body and held leadership positions on nonprofit .....more»

She invites inquiries about her work and visits to her website, www.laura-dunham.com.

2018-08-20: Extraordinary Time

Lawrence Furman
Lawrence Furman returned from his journeys into the afterlife craving more experience in this one. His desire to fulfill the visions he'd gained in the spirit world began in the '60s in San Francisco. During a fifteen-year stint in a spiritual community, his exploration into healing modalities led him to become a deep-tissue bodyworker and counselor, as well as a male midwife. As an actor, director, and writer, Lawrence toured the country with several theater companies, and he's traveled the glo .....more»

Memoir of a Slightly Mad Mystic

2017-03-13: Memoir of a Slightly Mad Mystic

Lee Lawrence
Lee is an experienced and enthusiastic presenter whose education and research in religion, psychology, and neuroscience brings these three fields together in one unified body of knowledge. Many describe Lee as a mystic, a soul reader or a miracle worker. He insists, that is not the case, but that we are all equal and anyone can do the things he does. According to Lee, miracles are merely science that most do not understand yet. His goal is to teach people the science through his workshops and .....more»

The Science of the Soul

2014-07-07: The Science of the Soul

Lib Liberatore
Dr. Lib Liberatore, is a retired specialist in orthodontics. He graduated from St. Michael's College in Vermont, and from the University of Pennsylvania as a D.M.D and established a private practice in Brewer, Maine in 1973. Eight years later he went to Boston University and completed a two-year residency in orthodontics. He returned to Maine, and established a specialty practice in orthodontics.

Lib married his wife, Jeanne, in 1974, and they have four grown children. He became inv .....more»

2017-03-27: The NDE of Dr. Lib Liberatore

Linda Anderson
Linda Anderson is a member of the ECKANKAR clergy and author of 35 Golden Keys to Who You Are & Why You’re Here. She has been a speaker and presenter on numerous spiritual topics including out-of-body and near-death experiences, profound dreams, reincarnation, spiritual guides, and the levels of heaven. Her book tours have taken her to serve as keynote speaker at spiritual seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Africa.

Linda .....more»

Linda's Website

2015-08-31: Animals and the Afterlife

Marcy Neumann
Hi. I'm Marcy Neumann, Rev., RN, CHT, RMT . I’m a professional Energy Healer, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Spiritualist Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. My story may sound familiar to you. I was stuck in a life I didn't even know was that bad...not until it started manifesting itself in various ways like early arthritis, digestive problems, recurring panic attacks and nightmares, anxiety, headaches and so many other health problems I can't begin to list them all here. more»

The HeartShift Coach website

2017-10-09: The HeartShift Coach

Matt DeBow
Matt DeBow is an author, inventor, public speaker and innovative leader. Much of his career has involved marketing, business development and management. Most recently he has moved into medical device design and manufacturing. With his recent release of LuxWaves photobiological light therapy devices, a naturopathic healing system. He was a columnist for the Psychic Reader monthly newspaper in California. DeBow has been involved with coordination of conventions, symposiums and produced a monthly l .....more»

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2016-04-04: Soul Code

Mindy Speranza
Mindy C. Speranza is a hair stylist in Staten Island, New York. She was born in Brooklyn in 1961 and had an amazing near-death experience that changed her life forever.

Speranza is also the proud single mom of two children. .....more»

Visit to Heaven: What I Learned on the Other Side

2016-12-05: Visit to Heaven

Mitchell B. Liester
Mitchell B. Liester received his M.D. from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1985. He completed a psychiatric residency at the University of California, Irvine where he co-authored a study investigating the phenomenology and sequelae of MDMA. He has published in the fields of transpersonal psychology, near-death studies, and psychedelic medicines. He has lectured at universities, medical schools, and international conferences on shamanism, visionary experiences, near-death expe .....more»

2014-04-21: Dr. Mitchell B. Liester

Nancy Clark
Nancy Clark, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist, medical intuitive as well as an international lecturer and workshop facilitator on a variety of subjects. She is a certified neurolinguistic programmer and hypnotherapist. Her doctorate is in Philosophy and she is presently a candidate for ND (naturopathic doctor). Nancy has authored several books (published in several languages) plus CDs and DVDs.

In 1991 Nancy spontaneously began to see inside the body. (At that time, she had never heard the ter .....more»

Nancy's Website

2014-12-22: The Energy Healer

Nancy Evans Bush
Nancy Evans Bush has been affiliated with the International Association for Near-Death Studies since 1982 – first as the Executive Director, then as long-term Board member and President, and now as the leading researcher on distressing near-death experiences. She is the author of a key book on the subject, Dancing Past the Dark. Nancy was the guest on this program’s second show, back on Sept. 16, 2013; that interview is available at the Past Shows button on the TalkZone NDE Radio website. .....more»

Nancy's Website- Dancing Past The Dark

2015-06-29: Distressing NDE's

Nancy Rynes
While Nancy started out her education as an artist (at Chicago's American Academy of Art), she went on to earn a degree in geology from Northern Illinois University, then attended the University of Colorado, Boulder, for Masters-level geology coursework. The sciences taught her to base her views on things she could measure, and since spiritual matters were not measurable, for her they did not exist.

The skepticism remained until January of 2014, when Spirit gave her a wake-up call in th .....more»

Nancy's Website

2015-09-14: Awakenings from the Light

Neil Helm
Neil R. Helm is the Deputy Director of the Institute for Applied Space Research and a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The George Washington University. From 1984 to 1991, Prof. Helm was the President of Helm Communications, a Washington, DC consulting firm which provided technical systems and services, primarily in the satellite communications field. One 18-month project included being the Principal Investigator for the final integration, tes .....more»

2015-08-03: Edgar Cayce and NDE?

Paula Lenz
Paula has been a speaker for many years, including presentations at Sam Houston State University and University of Houston Clear Lake, Huntsville Rotary Club, Air and Waste Management Association Conference, International Association of Public Participation Practitioners Conference, and Women in Transportation State Conference. She is also the author of published articles in the Houston Business Journal and Houston Now, Fort Bend County Community Newspaper and National Association of Profession .....more»

Paula's Website

2017-12-04: Driving Into Infinity

Penny Wilson
Penny Wilson is the mother of three, and has three beautiful grandchildren. Recently retired from nursing, she lives in Kentucky with her husband Don, and their two eccentric cats. In 2002, she began her professional career after earning her Associate Degree in nursing from Eastern Kentucky University. She went on to enter the fields of cardiothoracic and critical care nursing. In 2011, her practice expanded, allowing her to care for terminally ill and actively dying patients. This gave her .....more»

She also has a blog on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/writingasfastasIcan/

2017-11-20: Near Death Experience from A Christian Perspective

Peter Pangore
Reverend Peter Baldwin Panagore is a native New Englander, born and raised in Massachusetts, and a graduate of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut with a Masters of Divinity. Rev Panagore earned his B.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He attended Montana State University for one year as an exchange student, from where he performed nationally in the Theater of Silence and graduated from the Catholic prep school -- Saint John’s High School in Shrewsbury, Massachu .....more»

Daily Devotions

2014-03-31: Peter Panagore

Rebecca Austill-Clausen
Rebecca has been an Occupational Therapist, entrepreneur, and businesswoman for over forty years. She is a hospice volunteer and Reiki Master Teacher. She graduated summa cum laude from the Master of Science Occupational Therapy Advanced Master’s program at Boston University in 1981 and received her Bachelor of Science degree in OT from Utica College of Syracuse University in 1976.

Rebecca is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She teaches self-empowerment in all classes, spirituality conce .....more»

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2019-06-03: Rebecca Austill-Clausen: Change Maker

Rich Kelley
Rich was born in Dearborn Michigan, moved to Los Angeles when he was 8 years old. He's made his living playing guitar and singing, and doing puppet shows. In the middle of that, he also had his own business installing home theater systems in many of the stars of the day and ventured into video productions. .....more»

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2016-02-01: Rich Kelley: Life is a Stage Play

Robert Kopecky
Robert Kopecky survived a traumatic childhood and traveled extensively as a young man, living a variety of lives as a ski bum, a martial artist, a factory welder, a monumental sculpture fabricator, an underground cartoonist; and finally as an award-winning illustrator, art director, and animation designer. His journeys – from the Mayan underground to remote South Pacific islands, to the capitals of Europe, to the deserts of Arizona and the canyons of New York City – were punctuated by three dram .....more»

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2014-10-20: How to Survive Life and Death

Robert Tremblay
I recently moved to Mesa, Arizona with my fiancee and her three wonderful children. I was born August 7, 1968, in Vermont, and grew up in the small town of Jericho outside of Burlington, Vermont. In 1986, after graduating high school, I joined the US Army where I became a combat medic for the 18th Airborne Corp in Georgia, and then later a Helicopter Paramedic where I was decorated with a Good Conduct Medal, Army Achievement Medal and the Army Commendation Medal for Valor, as well as the AMED .....more»

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2014-11-10: Robert Tremblay's Remarkable Journey

Robert Davis
Robert Davis, PhD is an internationally recognized scientist in his field, and served as a professor at the State University of New York for over 30 years. He graduated with a BA and MA from the City University of New York and with a PhD in Neuroscience and Hearing Science from The Ohio State University. Dr. Davis has published over 40 articles in scholarly journals and several book chapters on various topics in neuroscience, and hearing science/audiology. He has also lectured on these topics at .....more»

Life After Death

2017-12-18: Life After Death- An Analysis of the Evidence

Robert Caplan
Robert Caplan studied and trained in secular psychotherapy, pastoral counseling and hospice service and has taught at all levels from kindergarten through college. He was a communications trainer for a national company, working with parents, teachers, clergy, therapists, law enforcement personnel and executives in the United States and Canada. Robert has also owned and managed several businesses.

From 1992 to 1996, Robert taught Adult Development in the Transpersonal Counseling Psychol .....more»

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2019-02-04: Life after Breath

Robert And Susan Mays
Robert received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the MIT and worked in software development at Eastman Kodak and later at IBM for more than 30 years, where he achieved the level of Senior Software Engineer. In retirement, he taught high school chemistry for several years at different Waldorf schools in the U.S.

Suzanne received an Associate in Arts degree in medical secretarial science from Alfred State College. As a Certified Music Practitioner, she provided palliative ca .....more»

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2016-02-08: Research Into NDE's

Roberta Moore
Filmmaker, writer, and speaker, Roberta Moore is a partner in Blue Marble Films LLC, a film production company specializing in spiritual topics. She has studied near-death experiences since the 1970s and is a long-time, professional member of The International Association for Near Death Studies. She is a former professor of English at Florida Southwestern College, where she taught for 20 years. She lives with her husband in Southwest Florida. .....more»

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2014-12-15: Filmmaker Roberta Moore

Robin Landsong
Robin Aisha Landsong is a multiple Near-Death Survivor who's experiences opened her creativity, and empathic knowing. She is a Visual artist, Medicine Singer, Craniosacral Therapist, and Health Intuitive. She has given over 9,000 healing sessions, and lives in the beautiful Washington State. .....more»

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2017-03-06: Robin Landsong

Robin Richardson
Robin Douvre-Richardson is a FL licensed psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She is a FL Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC. Her FL license number is MH 13874. Additionally she holds certifications as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is a member of the National Board for Clinical Hypnotherapists. She is certified in hypnosis by Resolution Today which met the requirements of Rule 64B4-7.002, F.A.C. mandated .....more»

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2018-04-09: Robin Richardson

Roy L. Hill
Roy L. Hill, Psy.D. has worked as a clinical psychologist for over twenty years. During his professional career, Roy supervised prison departments, managed mental health programs, provided general clinical services, and actively participated in crisis management teams. Despite a rewarding career, Roy believes that his most important work lies ahead; lending voice to our ambassadors from heaven. .....more»

Psychology and Near Death Experiences Website

2015-07-27: Psychology and the Near-Death Experience

Russell Ricks
Russell Ricks knew from a very young age that he would be an artist. As early as eight years old, he proclaimed to anyone who would listen, "My name is Russell Ricks and I'm an Artist!" Growing up in a creative household with six imaginative siblings, a musically gifted mother, and having a father that was a fulltime oil painter and art teacher helped Ricks achieve that dream. All four of the Ricks boys have, at one time or another, pursued oil painting as a career. Although, Ricks’ three sist .....more»

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2018-04-30: Remember: A Little Boy’s Near Death Experience

Scarlett Heinbuch
Scarlett L. Heinbuch holds a Ph.D. in public policy from Virginia Commonwealth University and a master’s degree in public health from VCU’s School of Medicine. She is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing. She has studied complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine for more than 25 years and is an energy practitioner/intuitive consultant in the Richmond area. Scarlett has also worked in the financial services field, including several Fortune 500 companies in ban .....more»

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2018-05-21: Waking Up To Love

Scott Taylor
Dr. Scott Taylor has dedicated over 30 years to exploring the field of Near Death Experience. His first-hand encounter with a shared NDE occurred in 1981 and he has been committed to researching others' experiences and raising NDE awareness ever since.

A known researcher and speaker in the field of NDE studies, Scott wrote his doctoral dissertation on Near-Death Experiences: Discovering and living in unity.

Dr. Taylor is a skilled trainer for The Monroe Institute. He .....more»

The Monroe Institute

2015-11-30: Scott Taylor: Into The Light

Sharon Milliman
Sharon Milliman was born in Ohio as the middle daughter of three girls. Currently married, Sharon has two adult daughters and lives in West Virginia. Sharon worked in the banking industry for over 15 years. After she retired from her job, Sharon became involved with the foster care program and has volunteered for many years at area hospitals and churches giving back to her community. She had also spent several years as a home health caregiver, caring for her aged parents, specifically her moth .....more»

A Song in the Wind on Amazon.com

2017-04-17: A Song in the Wind

Stacey Chase
Stacey Chase is an award-winning journalist, writer, and co-poetry editor of a literary quarterly. During her eclectic career, she has worked for a dozen newspapers and magazines in five states but now lives outside Portland, Maine, and primarily covers northern New England — Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Chase serves as a poetry editor at The Café Review, a nationally known poetry quarterly. She is currently at work on a book-length memoir. Chase’s work has appeared in The Boston Globe Mag .....more»

The Cafe Review

2014-04-07: What i Learned from my NDE

Stephanie Banks
Stephanie Banks is an award-winning author who is quickly making her mark as an accomplished author. Prior to Stephanie’s near-death experience she led a life directed by modern day terms that lacked depth and clarity. Immediately following her encounter with death her life transformed to that of an awakened soul. She has now dedicated her life to mastering ancient wisdom and writing candidly about all that she learns through this process. Her unfailing connection to the non-physical realm has o .....more»

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2015-04-13: A Soulful Awakening

Susan Griffith-Jones
Based on decades of research and study with Tibetan spiritual masters in both Nepal and India, as a Creative Innovative Artist, Susan Griffith-Jones’ passion and purpose is to bring the ancient wisdom teachings of the East to a wider modern audience in the English language using different forms of art through varying interfaces. A continual fascination with the Tibetan Book of the Dead, it’s step by step guidance along each and every pathway of existence, as well as its deepest most esoteric mea .....more»


2018-11-26: The Circle of Immortality

Suzie Gowie
Rev. Suzie Gowie holds a BSLS She also holds a Masters in Divinity from Bangor Theological Seminary. She is ordained in the United Church of Christ and is currently the Senior Pastor at Monroe Community Church, UCC. She also volunteers as an on-call chaplain at EMMC.

Suzie was born in Hawaii, but grew up around the world as a military brat and a military wife; this gave her a much wider view of the world and its people. Her interest in cultural religion and spiritual practices has op .....more»

2016-12-12: Empath Suzie Gowie

Thomas D. Abraham
Thomas D. Abraham is a PhD student of Cognitive Neuroscience at the City University of New York where he currently studies motivation, reward, and learning in academic contexts. His previous research has investigated the efficacy of an embodiment visualization technique as a means to reduce the subjective experience of physical pain. Mr. Abraham is also a volunteer and researcher with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC); a research and education based non-profit organization that o .....more»

Here is a link to a full article which is currently in press in the Journal of Conscientiology:

2015-09-21: Consciousness and the Emergence of Form

Tim O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly grew up in Queens NYC, was a NYPD cop for two years. After leaving the police department, Tim followed his true passion and studied oil painting and drawing at the Arts Students League in Manhattan, which lead him to the School of Visual Arts, NYC, where he received a B.F.A. in Film. .....more»

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2016-01-25: Round Trip: The Near Death Experience

Timothy M. Dombek
Rev’d Canon Timothy M. Dombek, is unusual among main line clergy for his understanding of the importance of personal mystical experience, and how it can contribute to the vitality of traditional worship. Timothy became Rector of Advent Episcopal Church in Sun City West, Arizona, in Sept. 2016. Timothy and his family moved to Arizona in late 2007, when Timothy became Canon to the Ordinary for Bishop Kirk Smith. Prior to arriving in Arizona, Timothy served as rector of St. James Episcopal Church .....more»

Vital Congregations.com

2018-03-26: Rev. Canon Timothy M. Dombek

Tina Angeli
Tina Angeli, is a spiritual Psychic/Medium/Channel Healer and the director of the S.O.U.L. (Source of Unconditional Love), a center in Granby, CT. She has been in communication with Spirit, Angels and Guides since she was a toddler, receiving messages from loved ones on the other side. She teaches classes in metaphysics, past-life regression and inner growth and also holds events at her 84\' labyrinth; the second largest in Connecticut. Tina reminds us that using our intuition is the path to inn .....more»

The S.O.U.L. Center

2014-06-09: Energy Healer Tina Angeli

Tricia McCannon
Tricia is the author of 13 online books, five published books, and over 30 DVD’s, including Dialogues with the Angels, Return of the Divine Sophia, Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions, and her latest book, The Angelic Origins of the Soul.

She is the Director of the Phoenix Fire Lodge Mystery School in Atlanta, Georgia, and is an initiate of many ancient streams of knowledge, including mystical Christianity, Celtic, Egyptian and Native Ameri .....more»

She can be reached through her website: www.triciamccannonspeaks.com.

2017-12-11: The Angelic Origins of the Soul

Tricia Barker
Tricia is a graduate of The University of Texas. She also received her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Currently, she teaches English and Creative Writing at a beautiful community college in Fort Worth, Texas. Tricia’s poetry and essays have been published in several publications including The Binnacle, The Paterson Literary Review, and The Midwest Quarterly.

Tricia's Y .....more»

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2018-11-05: Tricia Barker:What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation

Valerie Varan
My life is dedicated to helping others align with their core sense of self, the unique energetic fingerprint that many call the soul, the transpersonal source of wisdom, truth, intuition, and love. For as we come to live from this faster vibrational plane of consciousness that some of us sense as our higher self, we radiate love in a way that is transformative not only for ourselves, but for others. In this way, we evolve.....by quantum leaps of consciousness and into wider and wider spheres of .....more»

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2017-09-18: Living in a Quantum Reality

Yemanya Carey
Yemanya Carey has been working in the field of Education, Health, and Wellness for over 25 years. She is a master healer, international speaker, and workshop facilitator on conscious evolution. At the age of 17 she had an assisted death experience and an NDE experience at the age of 23 that turned her life in a whole new direction. Often referred to as a mystic or shaman she has been walking between worlds for most of her life. She’s studied in numerous philosophies and religions as well as .....more»

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2019-03-25: Walking Between Worlds