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June 17, 2016

Gun Control Discussion and Transgender issues
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Politicians on the left and right alike are using the horrific Orlando mass shooting to further their own political agenda on gun control, but are stricter laws really the key to preventing mass murders and overall gun violence? And recently a woman militantly paraded up and down the aisles in a local Target denouncing transgender bathroom access claiming that we're on the verge of an epidemic of bathroom sexual assault, but do the facts support her claim? And what about all those pay equity statistics and the war on women? How do we know if women really are paid less than men and what’s the best approach for achieving equitable pay practices? Join Valerie for this special episode where she’ll give you the facts behind the headlines and share her thoughts on a path forward on some of the most controversial topics in the news.
Episode Segments:
Current: Gun Control
The terrorist attack in Orlando has reignited the debate on gun control laws. Valerie will discuss the various laws being proposed and why 2nd Amendment supporters are against them
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Current: Transgender Laws & Rights
Valerie explains transgender and the debate around bathroom access due to a law passed in North Carolina
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Current: Pay Equality
Valerie discusses the wage-discrimination action filed against the U.S. Soccer Federation by five members of the U.S. women's national team seeking fair compensation & the debate over equal pay.
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