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March 25, 2016

Privacy vs National Security & Immigration
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The San Bernardino shooters continue to dominate the news months after their deaths as the FBI and Apple battle over access to an encrypted cell phone, all at the same time that the immigration system continues to be a top concern for Americans. Join Valerie as she talks with Denise Howell, of This WEEK in LAW, about the legal issues behind the privacy vs national security Apple iPhone debate and learn the latest developments in the case. Then Valerie will talk with leading immigration attorney, Diego Galer of Galer Law Firm, about the current immigration system - including what's working and what's not. And don't miss Valerie's clear explanation of the various immigration plans being offered by the various presidential candidates. It's going to be an information episode that leaves you "in the know" so that you can developed an informed opinion!
Episode Segments:
The Apple Controversy
What is more important - National Security or personal privacy? Denise Howell of This Week in Law explains the battle between the Government and Apple about the contents of the phone owned by one of the San Bernadino terrorists.
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Understanding the Immigration Process
Deigo Galer of Galer Law Firm outlines the immigration system, what it takes to become a citizen, and what does and does not work in the current process
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The Candidates and Immigration
Valerie explains key immigration issues and concepts you need to know during this election season.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Denise Howell
Denise Howell is an appellate, intellectual property, and technology lawyer, a blogger and columnist, a podcast host, and is featured in The Huffington Post's “Women in Tech You Need to Follow on Twitter”. Currently she practices appellate and technology law, primarily on a consulting basis. Denise claims that she has more fun than should be allowed hosting This WEEK in LAW and writing the occasional column for The American Lawyer. You can find her particular spin on life and the law on several blogs including Bag and Baggage, Lawgarithms, Between Lawyers, and The Industry Standard.

This Week in Law Podcast

Diego Galer
Diego Galer is a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina as well as Georgetown University in Washington DC and has extensive experience with immigration issues. He has received both the Maryland National Association of Counties Award for his work on the Joint County Gang Prevention Plan and the CALI Award in International Human Rights. A former law professor and Law Program Director at Mexico City’s Center for Economic Research and Teaching, he has also co-authored a book, “Family Law; Cases and Problems for Legal Education”. During his career, Diego has helped hundreds of business owners, investors, executives and workers with their corporate and immigration needs through his work at the Galer Law Firm.

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