Thursday • October 21
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Wild Coyotes in the Cities. True or false: A danger to pets?
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Perhaps you have recently seen a coyote in your city for the first time. Susan speaks with Dr. Stanley Gehrt from Ohio State University who authored a comprehensive ecological study of coyotes living in urban areas. In the Coyote Project, conducted in Cook County, Illinois, he poses all the relevant questions and provides many answers that youll want to know about these seemingly mysterious, little understood yet remarkable members of the dog family.
Episode Segments:
Coyotes in the City?
Dr. Stan Gehrt describes the features and family life of coyotes and explains how to distinguish coyotes from other members of the dog family such as wolves, foxes and German Shepherds.
Coyotes: Not a Good Choice as a Pet
Susan and Dr. continue to discuss some basic facts about coyotes, including why coyotes are not to be considered pets, plus he talks about the "Coyote Project".
Coyotes and Pets
Dr. Stan Gehrt talks about the possible dangers and warning signals when coyotes come in contact with pets or children, and ways to minimize conflict with pets, plus he fields listener calls.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Dr. Stanley Gehrt
Dr. Stanley D. Gehrt is the author of The Cook County, Illinois, Coyote Project. He is an Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at Ohio State University and a Senior Scientist at the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation near Chicago, Illinois. In the photo, Stan Gehrt holds a female coyote temporarily captured in the Chicago metro area, as part of his ecological study. (Photo courtesy of Stan Gehrt)

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