Thursday • October 21
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Alternative Medicine for Pets?
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Have you heard of acupuncture for cats or Chinese herbal medicine for dogs? How about underwater treadmill therapy for pet rabbits? My guest is Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM , owner of the Royal Treatment Veterinary Spa and trained in both conventional and alternative veterinary medicine. Well talk about the who, what, when and why of these unconventional treatments, and discuss the circumstances under which your regular vet may suggest them. I was referred to Dr. Royal by my own vet, and Ill tell you what surprised me most when my cat Willie received acupuncture.
Episode Segments:
Acupuncture for Animals!
Dr. Royal explains the basics of acupuncture and how it may help with many illnesses in animals. Susan also shares her personal experience of treating her cat Willie with alternative medicine.
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The Point of Acupuncture
Susan and Dr. Royal discuss the similarities between human and animal acupuncture, and some of he more unusual species she has treated. Dr. Royal also discusses the use of Chinese and Western herbal medicines for pets.
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Underwater Treadmill Therapy
Dr. Royal talks about underwater treadmill therapy and how she uses it to treat animals with joint and arthritis problems. She also talks about wisest the ways to evaluate whether a pet food is healthy or not.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Dr. Barbara Royal
Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM graduated with high honors from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995. Initially, Dr. Royal, like most veterinarians, was skeptical of alternative medicine, but she found conventional medicine to be inadequate to fully meet the needs of her patients. After witnessing the effectiveness of acupuncture and herbal medicines, Dr. Royal decided to become as competent and confident with alternative medicine as she was with conventional medicine and to incorporate both into her own practice. To this end, she completed training in Acupuncture at the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1998, Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine at Tufts University, and Animal Physical Therapy and Healing Techniques at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Royal has been trained to work with many species of animals, including exotics and zoo animals, and she consults with the local zoos for alternative treatments on their animals and lectures nationally and internationally. She has a strong success record with her patients, and she is as fiercely loyal to them as they are to her. Most of her patients are referred by word-of-mouth recommendations from other clients. She feels very lucky to do what she loves every day. Dr. Royal writes a regular Pet Rx column for the Pioneer Press and is a regular contributer to the Greyhound Magazine, The Skinny.

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