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Communicating with Your Animals: What Do You Believe?
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All people who work with animals or live with pets will tell you they experience times when it seems that the animals know what they are saying or thinking. But can we really talk to animals and can they talk back with us? Marta Williams , the author of Ask Your Animal was initially a disbeliever, but she changed careers from working as a wildlife biologist and environmental scientist to a full-time animal communicator based on her own experiments and experiences that convinced her that animal communication is real. She will tell us about the actual steps and experiments we can try ourselves to develop our own "intuitive communication" skills with animals. Will your results be the proof that makes up your mind? Join us for this highly thought provoking episode.
Episode Segments:
Ask Your Animal Part One
Marta tells Susan about how she discovered she could communicate with animals, and explains animal communication and intuitive conversations.
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Ask Your Animal Part Two
Marta tells us how anyone can communicate with their animals, and has a few amazing stories to share about people who indeed have. She also has some basic exercises you can try, and some ways to verify your communication results.
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Ask Your Animal Part Three
Marta explains why dog training is still necessary, even if we are able to communicate with them. She has examples of when animal communication can be beneficial, and has more exercises you can try to communicate with your pet.
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Ask Your Animal By Marta Williams
Ask Your Animal provides a clear, hands-on guide to relating with animals and nature using intuitive communication.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Marta Williams
Marta Williams is a biologist and animal communicator. She is the author of several books on animal communication. She received a BA from the University of California at Berkeley in Resource Conservation and an MS from San Francisco State University in Biology. Marta worked for many years as a wildlife biologist and an environmental scientist before she began practicing as a professional animal communicator in 1991. Marta has written articles for the Whole Horse Journal, Natural Horse Magazine, Ride Magazine, and Healing Garden Journal. She was featured in Intuition Magazine, the Whole Horse Journal and Arthur Myers' book, Communicating with Animals. She lectures, teaches and offers consultations for animals by phone or by email, worldwide.

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