Sunday • October 17
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Time for New Spring Wildlife Babies
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Spring is just around the corner for those of us living in the Midwest, and this means that many wild animals are giving birth or making preparations like building nests to get ready for the new generation. As people and wildlife live in ever growing closer proximity in suburban and urban areas there are times, when you may find that nest built right by your front stoop or a mother animal has actually moved into your attic to raise her young. What are you suppose to do when this happens? How do you protect your property and the lives of these animals? During this week's show, you'll find out how to handle the wildlife that comes a little too close and we'll be taking your calls in order to answer your particular questions.
Episode Segments:
Baby Time!
Stephanie Touzalin lets us know what kinds of babies we can expect to see soon, and what we should do if we have a nest of bunnies in the yard. Plus, handling an injured animal, and how you can combat at chipmunk infestation.
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Squirrels and Other Small Mammals
Stephanie discusses squirrels that may find their way into your attic, and groundhogs that may be tunneling through your yard. Plus, what you should do if you find a baby bird, or have a nest too close to your home.
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Geese and Skunks
Canadian Geese are supposed to be migratory. So why do we have them year round? And what can you do if a skunk takes up residence around your house. We have the answers in this segment!
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Stephanie Touzalin
Stephanie Touzalin is a staff assistant at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center. Primarily, this involves public service by admitting wildlife for treatment to the center, answering phone calls to provide wildlife information and assistance, and interacting with visitors to the center. Stephanie graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana in 2004 and received a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Science with a focus on Fish and Wildlife Conservation. She especially enjoyed her classes on ornithology and loves to bird watch on lunch breaks. Stephanie has her own bird, a 4 year old cockatiel named Iko.

Click here to visit the Willowbrook Wildlife Center Website.